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									Professor Chris Higgins

A metaphor - Durham as the ‘Princeton of Europe

              Princeton – or Durham?

As a research university, it seeks to achieve the highest levels of
distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge and
understanding, and in the education of graduate students.

At the same time, it is distinctive among research universities in its
commitment to undergraduate teaching.

The University provides its students with academic, extracurricular and
other resources -- in a residential community committed to diversity in its
student body, faculty and staff -- that help them achieve at the highest
scholarly levels and prepare them for positions of leadership and lives of
service in many fields of human endeavor.

“…. to instill in each graduate those qualities of mind and
character necessary for good citizenship and wise leadership.
They include a broad intellectual curiosity that embraces open-
mindedness coupled with critical thinking; respect for our moral
and cultural inheritance coupled with a capacity for innovation and
change; an appreciation of the shared destiny and common
humanity of all peoples; and core principles of responsibility,
integrity and courage.”

“ …what is most distinctive is the emphasis on providing students
with ample opportunity to explore and then deepen their
academic interests. It is not uncommon to hear students talk
about "finding their passion" as a student – and this passion later
informs choices about what to do after graduation”.

Student experience
 Sports and Arts

   Student Experience
Colleges as Communities

Geography and History

Old foundations
Located in small, historic town

“If you have never been to
Durham, go there at once. Take
my car. It’s wonderful”
Bill Bryson,

                  Academic Activities

  Relatively Small and punch well above weight

  Princeton: 850 faculty; 2295 Graduates; 4850 undergraduates
  Durham: 1500 faculty; 3000 graduates; 12000 undergraduates

                 eg. Earth Sciences Research
Arthur Holmes (Durham, 1928) - theory of sea floor spreading with
                       Mantle convection currents
          Harry Hess (Princeton, 1950s) developed idea
        and eventually incorporated in the theory of plate tectonics

                      Cosmology Research
                  Citations per paper 1996-2006
                          1 -Durham 33.7
                     2 Carnegie Institute 32.9
                         3 -Princeton 32.00

              Academic Activities

Strengths across sciences, arts and social science

   Historic/Influential collections and museums

            Interdisciplinary Research


      £6.33B endowment or £47.3M endowment

No annual funding or 40% of funds guaranteed annually

    Endowment interest £300M or £200M turnover

      No Constraints or Government Constraints
                  Why aspire?

Landscape is changing around us…..

Globalisation of Research
Globalisation of Education
Changes in ways of paying for education

……can’t rest on laurels.
If we stand still we will go backwards

We have the fundamental underpinning to aspire
     …..staff, students, ethos, history and place
True international research excellence must underpin all

Many Departments in top 5 in UK equivalent to Oxbridge
English (1); History (2); Chemistry (3); Geography (3);
Physics (4); Engineering (4).

Aim for all Departments in top 5 (5* in RAE terms)
Ensure world-class ‘units’ remain so - don’t spread too thin
Nurture individual research stars
Undertake research which makes a difference
Deliver Interdisciplinarity and Big Ideas
World class Facilities/Libraries to use and to attract visitors
       Learning/Student Experience
•Cradle to Grave
       Excellence in research-led teaching
       Recruit ‘Best and Brightest’ - from wherever
       Develop Future Leaders – people who make a difference
• Postgraduates
       Increase proportion of PGR – from wherever
       Provide Scholarships/Facilities
• Experience
       Excellence in Distinctive College communities, arts, sports
       International, multicultural communities
Sense of Place – County Durham/Teeside
  •Enhance as place to live and work
  •Enhance Economy/Education
  •Enhance Architecture/Events/Facilities/Public Art

     700,000 visitors
     $1.6B to economy

  Durham 60,000 visitors
Identify what is ‘distinct’ about Durham and let everyone
        know – be proud of what Durham achieves

International university, national impact, regional location

Participate regionally, nationally and internationally – make a

Identify activities with Durham – let people know what
        the University does (inside and out)

Use alumni – extremely loyal
From the Duke of Wellington to the British Foreign Office in London

 Whilst marching from Portugal to a position which commands the approach to the French
     forces, my officers have been diligently complying with your requests which have been sent
     by H.M. Ship from London to Lisbon and thence by dispatch rider to our headquarters.
 We have enumerated our saddles, bridles, tents and tent poles, and all manner of sundry
     items for which His Majesty’s Government holds me accountable. I have dispatched
     reports on the character, wit and spleen of every officer. Each item and every farthing has
     been accounted for, with two regrettable exceptions for which I beg your indulgence.
 Unfortunately, the sum of one shilling and ninepence remains unaccounted for in one infantry
     battalion’s petty cash and there has been a hideous confusion as to the number of jars of
     raspberry jam issued to one cavalry regiment during a sandstorm in western Spain. The
     reprehensible carelessness may be related to the pressure of circumstance, since we are at
     war with France, a fact which may come as a bit of a surprise to you gentlemen in
 This brings me to my present purpose, which is to request elucidation of my instructions from
     His Majesty’s Government so that I may better understand why I am dragging an army over
     these barren plains. I construe that perforce it must be one of two alternative duties as
     given below. I shall pursue either one with the best of my ability but I cannot do both:
 - To train an army of uniformed British clerks in Spain for the benefit of the accountants and
     copy-boys in London. Or, perchance
 - To see to it that the forces of Napoleon are driven out of Spain.
Your most obedient servant,
Funding – Social Enterprise
Main difference from Princeton
     Government vs Endowment
     Government constraints

Entrepreneurial - Maximise and diversify income
      Ensure maximum income comes into
Be efficient and effective – ie: in administration
Business engagement
Alumni – 2020 campaign
Pinceton is a wonderful model with same ethos as

More than any other UK University, Durham has the
basis to be an equivalent to Princeton

We have been lulled into ‘comfortableness’, partly
instilled by secure but limited Government

But, really can deliver…over time (and with money!)
What we need to do:
•A focus on true international excellence in
       research, learning, student experience
•Make a difference in all we do – lead; be at the forefront
•Enhance ‘place’ and environment –
       an International University, with National Influence, and Regional Location

How to do this:
•Plan long term, but be proactive in many areas in short term
•A Team. University as a community of communities –
       Departments, Colleges, Support Services, Alumni
• Acquire funds to do what we need to do
• Communicate the difference we make
• Be more entrepreneurial
• Aspire and proud of The University and what it achieves

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