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                                   Princes Risborough Town Council Newsletter                       Issue No. 39 November 2008

    all at            Princes

                                                                   you agree with our non-political stance and we will continue
       CHAIRMAN'S VIEW                                             to work on your behalf for the benefit of the Community.

                          Ever since the Parish (now Town)         As many of you may be aware, Princes Risborough won the
                          Council was formed in 1894 it has        Best Kept Village award this year and on behalf of the Town
                          steadfastly remained a non-political     Council I would like to thank all those individuals who
                          body and I am pleased to announce        helped us achieve this prestigious award with their
                          that following an extraordinary          unstinting efforts, in particular, members of the Best Kept
                          meeting of the Town Council this         Village Committee, the staff of our contractors and, of
                          summer it was unanimously agreed         course, you the residents of Princes Risborough.
                          that this will remain the case. The
                          following public statement was           The Wycombe District Council's SPA, (special parking
                          issued; “ The Town Council               arrangements), have finally been rolled out across the
                          unanimously agreed that it will remain   District and I am sure that many residents have already
non-party-political and will continue to work together for the     noticed the efficiency of the new traffic officers in enforcing
benefit of the Parish .                                            parking regulations within the Town! Only time will tell if
                                                                   this does improve on-street parking in the Town Centre as
As individual councillors, of course we hold our own               hoped. Elsewhere in the Town, inconsiderate parking
personal political views, but we do not believe that political     is still of concern and we will continue to
persuasions have any place in the Town Council tier of Local       work with the Neighbourhood Action
Government. As each year passes, we, as a Town Council,            Group (NAG) to address
face an ever increasing burden of new legislation and              this problem.
regulations, not to mention greater expectations of our

services from residents and visitors. Our aim is to become a       Finally, I wish you all a very merry Christmas
                                                                                                            De s Sw as

“Quality Council” which acts as a bedrock to the                            and a prosperous New Year!
                                                                                                               ht tm
                                                                                                               c it

Community and its aspirations, and we believe that the last

                                                                      Alan Turner, Mayor & Chairman
                                                                                                            Lig is


thing we need is to throw politics into the mix. We hope
                                                                       through the year and John and
                  EDITORIAL                                            Sue have always given of their
                                                                       time unstintingly. I hope you will
One-way system for the town
                                                                       join with me and the other
How many of you have been frustrated and angry as you sit
                                                                       members of the committee in
in your vehicles and view the general mayhem that
                                                                       thanking them sincerely for all
commonly occurs in our Market Square with traffic
                                                                       their efforts and wishing them
gridlocked and incapable of moving? How many have seen
                                                                       well for the future. However,
the look of resignation on drivers' faces – especially the bus
                                                                       the show must go on. Don't
drivers' faces – as they sit in a log jam of traffic waiting for the
                                                                       forget the Christmas Lights turn-
road to clear and allow them to continue their lawful
                                                                       on this year will be held on
progress? It's about time such inconveniencies were
                                                                       December 5th.
                                                                                                                       Reg Orsler
Your Town Council wrote about this problem in the
Crosstalk of November 2004 and suggested that a one-way
system might provide the answer. Preliminary discussions                                PLANNING
with Bucks CC staff at the time revealed that it would not be
easy to establish such a system and subsequent progress has            Planning Matters
been slow. However, over the last four years the volume of             Planning rules changed again at the beginning of October. In
traffic through our town has increased considerably such               theory it is now easier to add little bits to your property
that a one-way system through Duke Street and the High                 without necessarily bothering the Wycombe District
Street should be given greater priority. It would certainly            Planning Department with your plans. But of course you
calm tempers and allow an improved flow of traffic through             have to be fully aware of what you are doing and not incur
the centre of our town. It is not only inconsiderate parking           the wrath of the Building Control Officers, nor invoke the
that exacerbates the problem, although this does play a                interest of the storm-troopers from the Planning
part. The main issue is the general layout of our town                 Enforcement Department.
centre. For instance, the turn into Church Street at the               Most of us are law-abiding and play by the rules, but there
Market Square leads to a major residential area and our                are still some who seek loopholes in planning law to exploit
largest car park, yet is given no significance or priority in the      to their advantage. It is even rumoured that, in an extremely
general traffic flow. Consequently traffic coming into the             rare case, the rules were deliberately ignored, the alleged
town via Duke Street and wishing to turn right into Church             miscreant gambling that, some time in the future, planning
Street is unable to do so if the High Street is full of traffic        law might change and 'make him legal'. Or else he could
waiting to leave the town centre via Duke Street. The                  leave the executors of his estate to sort out the mess. If you
narrowness of Duke Street is key in creating such problems             are considering making changes to your house and have
and a one-way system would obviate this.                               access to the internet, its worth looking at
Your Town Council have recently been in discussions with      to get some advice on what
Bucks CC and it has been agreed that an experimental one-              you might, or might not, be permitted to do.
way system could be established next Autumn (2009) as a                Since we looked at Planning Matters in the mid-summer
first step in attempting to improve traffic flow through our           edition of Crosstalk, there has been an application for eco-
town. If successful a permanent system would be installed              friendly building at the Princes Estate on Summerleys Road.
leading to the possibility of other improvements in the town           The design and function of the building is intended to be
centre, for instance better parking facilities, the planting of        'green', but part of the greenness demanded two wind
trees and increased café areas along the High Street. Our              turbines on masts standing 25 metres high. When you add
local retailers, the police, emergency services and bus                the sweep of the turbine blades above the mast, the height
company have all been approached for their views. All are              becomes 29 metres. Naturally there were objections, but
generally supportive. In the general, initial proposals the            these have been set aside and permission given to build in
Town Council anticipate that buses from both High                      the interest of promoting carbon-free technology.
Wycombe and Aylesbury will continue to drop and pick up                Planning officers view applications with dispassionate
passengers in the Market Square.                                       professionalism, measuring them against the legislation and
A special thank-you                                                    directives flowing from central government. There will be
With the last day of the 2008 Town Festival, John and Sue              disappointments amongst the recommendations which the
Coombs stepped down from their membership of the                       officers propose to our elected councillors, because the
Festival Steering Committee. They have both been                       Planning and Appeals system doesn't always guarantee the
important players in the running of the Town Festival and              answer that one might wish to hear.
the Christmas Lights event for many years – John has been              If a 'wrong' decision is made, the result is with us for a long
Chairman on several occasions and Sue was always the                   time.
Secretary. Their dedication should not go unnoticed. Both              Concern has been expressed recently that residents are not
have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure the success            always made aware of the full implication of submitted
of both events. There is a huge amount of work involved in             planning applications, nor have their voices always been
preparing for and arranging these events that runs right               heard.
Wycombe District Council sends letters to the immediate           August, there was a huge problem with bindweed, which
neighbours bordering an application site, but not                  needed addressing.
necessarily, for example, to those living across the street, or   The gates have been recently installed, and the edging
in the house next door but one, who might equally be              around the planting areas, along with special kerbing for
affected. Planning Notices should be prominently displayed        plaques is underway. The turfing and hedging will be
at the application site to alert other residents, but             completed in November. There are a number of other
unfortunately, for one reason or another, this is not always      details which need to be addressed such as the future of the
done. It would be useful to have a data base of e-mail            wooden stables.
addresses to spread planning news around the town. It             Although the Memorial Garden may not be formally opened
would be a little quicker than Crosstalk, but perhaps be          for some time, and although some areas are not yet
constrained by Data Legislation,                                  operational, we are pleased to advise you that we are able to
and be too labour-intensive to be                                 accept burials, so no-one need worry about having to use
kept up-to-date. We shall just                                    the cemeteries in High Wycombe or Aylesbury.
have to rely on the good old                                      The Council has recently held interviews for a part-time
'Risborough Grapevine'.                                           gardener to maintain the
By the time this Crosstalk reaches                                planting areas and other tasks,
you, the planning applications for                                on a regular basis. The security
The Old British School and the                                    of the site [the locking and
property at No 26/28 Wycombe                                      unlocking of the gates] will be
Road will be in the system once                                   in the hands of the overall
again; the Berryfield School site,                                management.
renamed Icknield House, will be                                   We thank you for your
open and possibly re-development at the former Icknield           patience and sincerely hope it
House on Wycombe Road will have started.                          will not be long before we can
Ben Benifer                                                       open the site for public use and
                    Chairman of Planning Committee                that you will be able to
                                                                  envisage what it may look like once it becomes more
 Stratton Memorial Garden                                         established.
                                                                                                          Maggie Wooster
         Sept 2008                                                         Chairman of SMG Management Committee

This year has been rather frustrating. Progress with some
aspects of the Memorial Garden is disappointingly slow                         STOP PRESS
 although we are nearer to completion than at the time of my
last report. Because of the heatwave [do you remember we
                                                                   Stratton Memorial Garden
 did have a burst of summer during May and June?] we were         The Town Council is pleased to announce the opening of
using all the bore water to keep the plants alive and the         Stratton Memorial Garden.
turfing had to be postponed until the autumn. Whilst we had       For further information, please contact the Town Clerk on
the opportunity to have it laid during the wet weather of         01844 275912 or visit the Town Council offices.

                   Ariel view of Stratton Memorial Garden
                                                                   individual number to make life easier when reporting faults.
  HUMAN RESOURCES &                                                When reporting faults by email please use the
                                                          address as we have had
   ADMINISTRATION                                                  problems recently with website referrals to our office. Very
                                                                   shortly new columns will be appearing in some very dark
     COMMITTEE                                                     spots in Mill Lane, Summerleys Road and Eastfield Road
                                                                   making dark winter nights slightly more bearable for many
Due to the disastrous distribution problems of the last            people. When reporting faults in Risborough a simple rough
edition (approximately 70% of residents did not receive a          guide to ownership and
copy) this article is basically repeat information for all those   responsibility is - black
who were left in the dark! Apologies to those lucky few who        columns are owned by
may suffer a moment of déjà vu!                                    PRTC and grey columns
Our new IT equipment has been installed and it is already          by BCC along with the
proving to be a real benefit to the efficiency of the office. As   lights in the High Street
previously mentioned, we have now employed two part-               and Duke Street. Once
time clerical assistants (job sharing one position) and this       again I must stress that
has allowed greater flexibility with staff duties.                 no street lighting is being
Furthermore, it also means that for a trial period we are          turned off in Princes
now able to open the office to the public on Saturday              Risborough as an
mornings between 10.00am to 12.00 noon as part of our              energy-saving measure.
ongoing commitment to be more accessible to the                    The 'switch-off'
community. During this period a town councillor will also          experimental scheme is a
be in attendance. So if you do need to talk to us face to face,    Bucks County Council initiative and is on rural stretches of
but don't have the time during the week, here's your               road only.
chance! We hope that you will find this a useful addition to
our service.                                                       CCTV continues to be invaluable in helping to fight crime
                                                Alan Turner        and keep order in the town. Since January there have been
                   Chairman HR & Admin Committee                   250 occasions where requests have been made to track or
                                                                   locate individuals with the cameras, resulting in 8 arrests.
  TOWN AND LIGHTING                                                There are no hiding places in the town centre.
                                                                   On-street parking is now de-criminalised and so no longer a
This year in the Best Kept Village competition, we won the
                                                                   Police matter. Parking regulations are now being enforced
                                                                   by Wycombe District Council wardens under the Civil
                                                                   Enforcement Area (CEA) regulations. Many people have
                                                                   become accustomed to parking illegally and unchallenged
                                                                   on yellow lines. Be warned, that will no longer be the case
                                                                   in Princes Risborough.
                                                                                                                   Gary Hall
                                                                             Chairman of Town & Lighting Committee

                                                                                 STOP PRESS
                                                                            Free Parking For
                                                                           Christmas Shoppers!
                                                                   Free parking will be available in both The Mount and
                                                                   Horns Lane car park over the festive season.
award for the best small rural town in Bucks. The judges           All charges will be waived on the following Saturdays
noted, in particular, our immaculate public garden areas so        only:
our thanks to contractors Surecare and Windowflowers
for all their efforts; we really do appreciate what they do for        6th, 13th & 20th December
Winter planting is now underway and already looks quite
impressive. With the planting contract in place, next spring
we should see a smooth transition from winter to summer            We were all very proud to learn that the town had won its
bedding plants without the fiasco last June when flowers           class in this year's 'Best Kept Village' competition. This is the
were dying and the beds were overgrown with weeds, and             third time we have won, and our parks received a very high
we had no-one in place to maintain them.                           commendation in the points system toward earning this
All the lighting stock is now painted and all lamps will get an    award. I must say our parks in and around Princes
Risborough are looking
exceptionally good at the moment,
and they are something we should all
be proud of, thanks to our
hardworking team of contractors,

Our parks are for the benefit of the
whole town so may I remind you
folks that should you wish to hold an
event in any of our parks, please do
approach us (the Town Council)
through the town clerk as we are
only too pleased to see the parks
beings used for recreational use of
any kind within our community. As
an example, I expect a good many of
you know that Monks Risborough
Horticultural Society held their
yearly event at the Ridgeway field in
Askett this summer. Unfortunately,
it was a very wet day, but was, none
the less, enjoyed by all.                                       organizing these popular
                                                                events, car boot sales have
It was very unfortunate that several of our Car Boot sales      been held regularly every
(held in the Ridgeway field in Askett) had to be cancelled,     three weeks (weather
due to wet weather. We have to be very careful not to mess      permitting).       Although
up the football pitch on                                        profits are not large, the
which this event is held,                                       money raised in this way
for fear of receiving the                                       does go towards reducing
wrath of the football                                           the precept we ask of you in
team. The events that                                           order to maintain the town.
did go ahead, however,
were hugely successful,                                         The car boot sales are held in
and it really does appear                                       the “Ridgeway Field”, which is located on the right-hand side
to bring the locals                                             of the A4010 just before the Askett roundabout as you leave
together to have a good                                         Princes Risborough towards Aylesbury. There are always
laugh. I, for one, despite                                      bargains galore to find, as well as the opportunity to take a
the hard work involved,                                         pitch and get rid of those “bits and bobs” that you no longer
always enjoy this event -                                       use. Do come along and support your Town Council and, at
most particularly, helping to pack up and seeing who can get    the same time, enjoy a pleasant day out.
down to the local first to get the drinks in!                    Wally Woolf
                                              Eunice Clifford
                         Chairman of Parks Committee
                                                                    CHRISTMAS LIGHTS
         CAR BOOT SALES                                                SWITCH-ON
When your Town Council took over the Ridgeway field two            DECEMBER FRIDAY 5
years ago it needed considerable improvement, not least to
the pavilion, which was in a poor state of repair.
Unfortunately, unless reserve funds were used, no money
was available to make these improvements. Then one of
our number suggested the council might try car boot sales
to raise funds. This was approved by the Council and a
group of volunteers from within the Council agreed to
organise and run them. Those early sales provided the funds
to bring the Ridgeway field facilities up to the standard
necessary for local football league matches.
Since then, the success of those early sales and the            As is usual, the Festival Committee will be arranging
enjoyment and camaraderie the volunteers get from               celebrations in the Market Square for the switching on of the
the Christmas Lights. Things will kick-off at 6.00 pm with
seasonal songs and carols presented, amongst others, by               GRAFFITI REMOVAL KITS
choirs from our local schools. Father Christmas will be
there and stars from the Wycombe Swan pantomime will
switch on the lights. A background of seasonal stalls and
late-night opening by the shops will add to the festivities. I
hope you can all come along and join in the fun at this special
time of the year.
                                              Trevor Fitch
                              Chairman, Festival 2009

Dedicate a light on Princes Risborough's Tree of Light. The
Tree of Light in Duke Street Gardens on the corner of New
Road and Duke Street provides an opportunity to honour,
remember or celebrate the life of someone special by
                                                                  Are you fed up of seeing graffiti in your community?
sponsoring a light on the tree.
                                                                  Would you like to help tackle it?
                                                                  Graffiti Removal Kits are available to you!
                                                                  Graffiti can make an area look run down and feel unsafe.
                                                                  Graffiti Kits have been issued to several local communities
                                                                  and have been successful in the removal of graffiti and
                                                                  identification of offenders. Kits have also been used by
                                                                  groups of residents for quick and effective graffiti removal.
                                                                  If you are interested in helping us and your community
                                                                  please contact Natalie Magowan, Anti-Social Behaviour
                                                                  Support Officer on 01494 421087 or e-mail them at this
                                                                  address for further information.

                                                                         NEWS FROM YOUR
                                                                          LOCAL POLICE
                                                                  Hi, my name is Claire and I am a new Police Community
                                                                  Support Officer for Princes Risborough. I have worked in
                                                                  Princes Risborough for just over three months now and I
                                                                  am enjoying every minute! Since being here I have spent a
                                                                  large amount of time patroling the streets, getting to know
                                                                  the area, the people that live here and the people who work

The dedication ceremony will take place at 4.00 p.m. on
Sunday 30 November. The names of those being
remembered will be recorded on display boards close to
the Tree of Light, and will be published in the Bucks Free
Press. Lights on the Tree will remain lit until the end of the
All proceeds will be shared between the Iain Rennie
Hospice at Home and Rotary charities.
Further information and sponsor forms are available from
David Griggs on 01844 345554 or Malcolm Barker on                 The big project that I am currently working on is
01844 344554. Sponsor forms are also available from the           “ShopWatch”. After speaking with many businesses I
Princes Risborough Information Centre. The Tree of Light          realised that although there was a system in place where the
is organized by the Rotary Club of Princes Risborough.            shops call each other when there is crime, it was out of date
                                                                  due to shops closing and retailers moving on. I am now in
the process of setting up meetings to try to get all the
retailers involved in ShopWatch. I hope to have this in place       PRINCES RISBOROUGH
by the end of November at the very latest so that we can be
ready for the Christmas period. ShopWatch will work in
conjunction with CCTV to deter and detect crime.
I am looking forward to working with the shops and local              Enriching student's lives
residents to make Princes Risborough a safe and enjoyable
place to be.                                                      At Princes Risborough School we believe that learning
If anybody wants to contact me, please feel free!                 experiences outside the conventional classroom setting can
I can be contacted on 0845 8 505 505 or by email                  be as important as formal lessons in helping our students to                           develop skills for life. As a result of this philosophy we have
                                                                  devised 'PRS Enrichment Hour'. This is the third year of this
                                                                  highly successful enterprise, which offers an opportunity for
      BAB NEEDS                                                   all our students to take part in fun, and engaging and
                                                                  educational activities. There is a great deal of initiative
   VOLUNTEERS IN THE                                              shown by the youngsters who set about their tasks with
                                                                  tremendous enthusiasm.
   WYCOMBE HOSPITAL                                               The sessions run from 3.00 – 4.00 pm every Wednesday, and
                                                                  are compulsory for all students. They are asked to sign-up
                                                                  for activities each half term. This means that each student
                                                                  gets the opportunity to undertake six activities of personal
                                                                  interest during the academic year. The only difficulty for
                                                                  them is choosing the pursuit in which to take part.

Bucks Association for the Blind (BAB) is the county
organisation that provides help and an extensive range of
services to anyone with serious sight loss within Bucks.
BAB needs volunteers for their Hospital Information
Service based in Wycombe Hospital Eye Clinic.

The volunteers talk to the patients, offer useful information
about the help that BAB can provide and generally be a
helping hand to people who may be struggling to learn how
to live their everyday lives whilst suffering from some loss of
Could this be you?                                                Some activities may have limited places or involve a weekly
                                                                  fee to cover the cost of transport, specialist equipment or
 q      good listening skills                                     facilities. Currently students are able to select from 43
                                                                  activities. Some of the classes we offer are Falconry, Fun
 q      comfortable talking to new people                         Shakespeare, Jog Club, The Duke of Edinburgh Award
                                                                  Scheme, Designing and Making Jewellery, Karaoke, Spanish
 q      sensitive to patients' needs                              Cartoons, Ten-Pin Bowling, Eco School, Fun French, Online
                                                                  Poetry Anthology and Bee-Keeping. There are also
 q      2 hours per week to spare                                 community-based projects that benefit our local
If so, we would love to hear from you.                            One such project is Log-Craft, which involves a group of
                                                                  students travelling to Downley to make a seat from a fallen
Full training and support is given.                               tree.
Travel expenses are reimbursed.                                   We are always looking to expand the number of activities
For more information, please contact – Jane Diggory               that are available. If anybody would like to lead or help run an
Hospital Information Service Co-ordinator                         activity then we would be most interested to hear from you.
01296 487556                                                      You would be working with a teacher to assist you and be
                                                                  required to have a CRB check.
                                                                                            Princes Risborough School continued over
    Please contact Mr Green at school at the following email         33,000 hours of computer use and saving nearly 2 tones of
    address.                  carbon dioxide emissions. Prepare to see changes in PRS,
                                                                     and remember we are the MEAN CLEAN
        PRINCES RISBOROUGH                                           ENVIRONMENTAL MACHINE!!

    The Government aims are that all schools in England should
    be sustainable schools by the year 2020. Ahead of the game
    PRS has formed the schools first eco-action team dedicated
    to making the school greener. This is a big challenge for
    students and an important one for their future. Every effort
    is being made and every avenue explored to see where we
    can make changes for the benefit of all. Meeting once a week
    in enrichment hour the team has already identified many
    areas of the school that could be changed to make the
    school greener.
    We are already in the process of applying for £20,000 worth
    of solar panels from the CO-OP supermarket Eco scheme,
    if successful these will produce 3,300KWh, enough for

                                     How and Who to Contact
            Princes Risborough Town Council, 1, Tower Court, Horns Lane, Princes Risborough, Bucks, HP27 0AJ,
                                 (01844) 275912 or e-mail
     Mayor & Chairman of the Council:                            Cllr. Alan Turner
     Deputy Chairman & Chairman of Finance Cttee:                Cllr. Reg Orsler
     Chairman of Memorial Garden Management Cttee:               Cllr. Maggie Wooster
     Chairman of Parks Cttee:                                    Cllr. Eunice Clifford
     Chairman of Planning Cttee:                                 Cllr. Ben Benifer
     Chairman of Public Relations Cttee:                         Cllr. John Coombs
     Chairman of Town and Lighting Cttee:                        Cllr. Gary Hall
     Cllr. Bill Bendyshe-Brown                 Cllr. Carl Etholen                Cllr. Will Streule
     Cllr. Pam Summerbell                      Cllr. Pamela Williams             Cllr. Wally Woolf

     Clerk to the Council:                                       Mrs. Sue Griffiths
     Assistant to the Clerk:                                     Mrs. Kirsty Pope
     Clerical Assistants:                                        Mrs Janice Meade and Miss Nikki Bedwin
                                                    Office Opening hours:
                    Tuesday 10.00am – 3.00pm Thursday 10.00am – 3.00pm Saturday 10.00am – 12.00pm
                                  Please visit our website;
     The full Town Council meets at 7pm on the last Tuesday of each month at Lincoln House, New Road. There is a
     10-minute slot at the beginning of each meeting when the public can express a view or concern relating to town
     matters. Please check the website to confirm time and venue. The next meetings are:
     Tuesday November 25th                     Tuesday January 29th                      Tuesday February 26th

                                           The Town Council aims to be as accessible as possible, and welcomes the views,
                                           comments and concerns of the Princes Risborough electorate. Although the views
                                           of the whole Council are given wherever possible, for constitutional and legal
Ch Lig Dec

                                           reasons we must state that the views expressed here in Crosstalk, and in any
  ris hts S . 5

                                           personal correspondence received from individual Councillors, are those of the
                                           author concerned and do not necessarily express the opinions or policy of PRTC
     tm witc !

                                           unless explicitly stated.
         as h On

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