Evening MBA Program Degree Plan by ByronHout


									Evening MBA Program
Degree Plan
                                                       Where Innovation and Education Intersect

This program, designed for fully-                Summer 2010                              Fall 2010
 employed professionals, offers a               A Mod May-June                      September – December
cohort structure which provides a              Quantitative Methods
clear progression of foundational                                                    Managerial Economics
   courses during the first four               B Mod July-Aug                        Financial Accounting
            semesters.                     Organizational Management

          Spring 2011                            Summer 2011                            Fall 2011
        January – April                      A Mod May-June                      A Mod September-October
                                        Socially Responsible Enterprise                 Elective 1
                                          Capstone Strategy Thesis *                    Elective 2
     Corporate Finance
    Marketing Management                                                        B Mod November-December
                                                B Mod July-Aug
                                                                                       Elective 3
                                                Decision Modeling
                                                                                       Elective 4

        Spring 2012                        In the fifth and sixth semesters students choose two elective
  A Mod January-February                  courses in each 8-week module. Students are not required to
         Elective 5                        declare a concentration, but can choose to focus their MBA
         Elective 6                           degrees with electives drawn from finance, marketing,
   B Mod    March – April                 management, operations, real estate and entrepreneurship to
         Elective 7                                support their professional development goals.
         Elective 8

        * The Capstone Strategy Thesis project is completed over the last two semesters of the program

Customize your MBA with Electives

Each elective semester is divided into two eight-week modules. Students will select two, from a
minimum of three electives scheduled in each module. These electives will be offered in an
established rotation, allowing students to plan in advance the specific courses that will best
support their professional goals. In addition, a fourth “wildcard” course could be offered in any
term as faculty members develop new offerings.

Over the span of the two elective semesters, offerings will include courses from each division and
specialty – finance, marketing, real estate management, entrepreneurship, and operations

                                                    Two year commitment – endless opportunity

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