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					                                                  DRAFT - FIXTURE LIST 2012
                                                             Revised - 6 January 2012
 Thursday   2-Feb-12                     ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING                         Upminster                          Club
   Sunday   11-Mar-12                    THE COUNTY v CAMBRIDGESHIRE                    Upminster               County Friendly
   Sunday   25-Mar-12                    THE COUNTY v ESSEX LADIES                      Burnham-on-Crouch       County Friendly
   Sunday   25-Mar-12                    LF Wood Championship - Preliminary Round                                   Club-Team
  Tuesday   27-Mar-12                    Junion Organisers Meeting (7.30pm)             Chelmsford-TBA                     Club
   Sunday   1-Apr-12                     Thornton Cup - Preliminary Rd                                              Club-Team
Wednesday   4-Apr-12                     THE COUNTY v ESSEX PROFESSIONALS               Frinton                 County Friendly
Wednesday   4-Apr-12                     U16 v Kent/Sussex                              Haywards Heath          U16 League Match
 Thursday   5-Apr-12                     Mighty Masters                                 Epping                             Club
 Saturday   7-Apr-12                     Youth Shield - League Match                                                  Club-Team
 Saturday   7-Apr-12        TBA          Essex Colts v Romford                          Romford                   Colts Friendly
  Monday    9-Apr-12     13-Apr-12 Essex Seniors Team Championship - Rd 1                                           Club-Team
  Monday    9-Apr-12     15-Apr-12 Norman Plum Trophy - Rd 1                                                        Club-Team
  Tuesday   10-Apr-12                    U14 v Kent/Sussex                              Eltham Warren        U14 League Match
  Tuesday   10-Apr-12                    U16/18 v Hertfordshire (Cheshunt Salver)       Brickendon Grange    Boys County Match
 Thursday   12-Apr-12                    U18 Boys v Kent/Middlesex                      Bush Hill Park       Boys County Match
 Saturday   14-Apr-12   Change to 14th   KEATING TROPHY - Qual. Round                   Crondon Park             Order of Merit
   Sunday   15-Apr-12                    LF Wood Championship - Rd 1                                                Club-Team
 Thursday   19-Apr-12                    U16/18 Boys v Suffolk                          Warley Park          Boys County Match
  Sat-Sun   21-Apr-12    22-Apr-12 KEATING TROPHY FINAL                                 Crondon Park             Order of Merit
 Saturday   21-Apr-12                    THE COUNTY v KENT                              Park Wood               County Friendly
   Sunday   22-Apr-12                    U18 Boys v The Warren                          The Warren           Boys County Match
 Saturday   28-Apr-12                    Youth Shield - League Match                                                  Club-Team
   Sunday   29-Apr-12                    Thornton Cup - Rd 1                                                        Club-Team
   Friday   4-May-12                     Threadgill Trophy                              Orsett                   Order of Merit
   Sunday   13-May-12                    LF Wood Championship - Rd 2                                                Club-Team
   Sunday   13-May-12                    LF Wood Plate - Rd 1                                                       Club-Team
   Sunday   13-May-12                    THE COUNTY V MIDDLESEX                         Highgate                    SE League
  Monday    14-May-12    18-May-12 Essex Seniors Team Championship - Rd 2                                           Club-Team
  Monday    14-May-12    20-May-12 Norman Plum Trophy - Rd 2                                                        Club-Team
 Saturday   19-May-12                    Youth Shield - League Match                                                  Club-Team
  Sat-Sun   19-May-12    20-May-12 Eastern Counties Foursomes                           Seacroft                        County
  Monday    21-May-12                    Essex Seniors v BB&O                           Maidenhead          Seniors - SE League
   Friday   25-May-12                    CHIGWELL BOWL & Colts Championship             Chigwell
   Sunday   27-May-12                    Thornton Cup - Rd 2                                                        Club-Team
   Sunday   27-May-12                    Thornton Cup Plate - Rd 1                                                  Club-Team
   Sunday   20-May-12                    U14 v Kent/Surrey                              Pyrford              U14 League Match
   Sunday   3-Jun-12                     THE COUNTY v HERTFORDHIRE                      Rochford Hundred            SE League
  Monday    4-Jun-12      8-Jun-12       Essex Seniors Team Championship - Rd 3                                     Club-Team
Wednesday   6-Jun-12                     U16 v Surrey/Sussex                            Benton Hall             U16 League Match
 Thursday   7-Jun-12                     EGU SE Group Boys Qualifying                   Royal Mid Surrey               SE Boys
 Thursday   7-Jun-12                     U14 v Hertfordshire                            Epping               Boys County Match
 Saturday   9-Jun-12                     Youth Shield - League Match                                                  Club-Team
   Sunday   10-Jun-12                    LF Wood Championship - Rd3                                                   Club-Team
   Sunday   10-Jun-12                    LF Wood Plate - Rd2                                                          Club-Team
  Monday    11-Jun-12    17-Jun-12 Norman Plum Trophy - Rd 3                                                        Club-Team

 Thurs-Fri   14-Jun-12   15-Jun-12 SENIORS CHAMPIONSHIP                                       Chelmsford                                 Seniors
   Sunday    17-Jun-12               Essex Colts v Hertfordshire Colts                        Brookmans Park                    Colts SE League
  Tuesday    19-Jun-12   20-Jun-12 EGU Seniors County Qualifying                              Moor Park                         EGU SE Seniors
   Sunday    24-Jun-12               Thornton Cup - Rd 3                                                                              Club-Team
   Sunday    24-Jun-12               Thornton Cup Plate - Rd2                                                                         Club-Team
  Monday     25-Jun-12               Essex Seniors v Hertfordshire                            Letchworth                     Seniors - SE League
  Monday     25-Jun-12               VETERANS TROPHIES                                        North Weald                                    Club
  Saturday   30-Jun-12               Youth Shield - League Match                                                                        Club-Team
   Sunday     1-Jul-12               Essex Colts v Middlesex Colts                            Stapleford Abbotts                      SE League
   Sunday     1-Jul-12               LF Wood Championship - Quarter Finals                    Neutral Courses                         Club-Team
   Sunday     1-Jul-12               LF Wood Plate - Quarter Finals                                                                   Club-Team
  Tuesday     3-Jul-12               HERBERT BISHOP VASE                                      Orsett                                         Club
   Sat-Sun    7-Jul-12    8-Jul-12   COUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP                                      Canons Brook                        Order of Merit
  Saturday   14-Jul-12               EGU Men's County Qualifying                              Crowborough Beacon                 EGU SE County
  Monday     16-Jul-12   20-Jul-12 Essex Seniors Team Championship - Quarter Finals                                                   Club-Team
  Monday     16-Jul-12   22-Jul-12 Norman Plum Trophy - Quarter Finals                                                                Club-Team
  Tuesday    17-Jul-12               EGU SE Junior Championships                              John O'Gaunt                              SE Boys
 Thursday    19-Jul-12               CLIFFORDS TROPHY                                         Channels                            Order of Merit
  Saturday   21-Jul-12               Essex Colts v Bedfordshire Colts                         Theydon Bois                      Colts SE League
   Sunday    22-Jul-12               Thornton Cup - Quarter Finals                            Neutral Courses                         Club-Team
   Sunday    22-Jul-12               Thornton Cup Plate - Quarter-Finals                                                              Club-Team
  Monday     23-Jul-12               Essex Seniors v Bedfordshire                             The Essex                      Seniors - SE League
  Monday     23-Jul-12               U16 boys v Beds/Norfolk/Suffolk    G Skevington Trophy   Leighton Buzzard                   Boys County Match
Wednesday    25-Jul-12               U16 v Kent/Surrey                                        Woodlands Manor                    U16 League Match
 Thursday    26-Jul-12               FALDO WEDGE                                              Nazeing                         Boys County Comp
    Friday   27-Jul-12               Sir Michael Bonnallack Trophy                            Thorpe Hall                         Order of Merit
   Sunday    29-Jul-12               Youth Shield Quarter-Finals                              Neutral Courses                         Club-Team
  Tuesday    31-Jul-12               U14 Boys v Beds/Norfolk/Suffolk ( Keith Bass Trophy)     Bawburgh                        Boys County Match
Wednesday    1-Aug-12                BOYS FOURSOMES                                           Gosfield Lake                   Boys County Comp
 Thursday    2-Aug-12                Romford Scratch                                          Romford                             Order of Merit
   Sunday    5-Aug-12                LF Wood Championship - Semi Finals                       Neutral Courses                         Club-Team
   Sunday    5-Aug-12                LF Wood Plate - Semi Finals                                                                      Club-Team
  Monday     6-Aug-12                Essex Seniors Team Championship - Semi-Finals            Neutral Courses                         Club-Team
  Monday     6-Aug-12    12-Aug-12 Norman Plum Trophy - Semi-Finals                                                                   Club-Team
  Monday     6-Aug-12                U16 v Bedfordshire                                       Toot Hill                       Boys County Match
  Tuesday    7-Aug-12                U14 Boys v Norfolk / Cambridgeshire                      Weston Park                        Boys County Match
Wednesday    8-Aug-12                U18's Middlesex/Sussex                                   Weald Park                      Boys County Match
 Thursday    9-Aug-12                Under 12 Championship - Brian Fuller Trophy              Crowlands Heath                 Boys County Comp
   Sunday    12-Aug-12               Thornton Cup - Semi-Finals                               Neutral Courses                         Club-Team
   Sunday    12-Aug-12               Thornton Cup Plate - Semi-Finals                         Neutral Courses                         Club-Team
  Monday     13-Aug-12               U16 Boys v Norfolk                                       Clacton-on-Sea                  Boys County Match
  Monday     13-Aug-12               SE Counties Seniors Foursomes - Pre. Rd                  Brookmans Park                         SE Seniors
  Tuesday    14-Aug-12               Under 14 Championship - Fred Stillwell Trophy            Maylands                        Boys County Comp
 Thursday    16-Aug-12               BOYS CHAMPIONSHIP                                        Colne Valley                    Boys County Comp
    Friday   17-Aug-12               Oliver Fisher Shield                                     West Essex                          Order of Merit
    Friday   17-Aug-12               U14 Boys v Suffolk (Anglian Shield)                      Waldringfield                   Boys County Match
  Sat-Sun.   18-Aug-12   19-Aug-12 EGU Gold Medal                                             Woodhall Spa                                  EGU
  Saturday   18-Aug-12               THE COUNTY V BEDFORDSHIRE                                South Beds                              SE League
  Monday     20-Aug-12               U14 v Surrey/Sussex                                      Ilford                          U14 League Match
Wednesday    22-Aug-12   23-Aug-12 SE Group Junior Foursomes                                  Sandford Springs                         SE Group
 Thursday    23-Aug-12               U13 v Surrey                                             South Essex                     Boys County Match
   Sat-Sun   25-Aug-12   26-Aug-12 EGU Junior Champion Club Tournament                        Woodhall Spa - Braken Course                  EGU
   Sunday    26-Aug-12               Youth Shield Semi-Finals                                 Neutral Courses                         Club-Team
  Monday     27-Aug-12               Essex Seniors v Middlesex                                Wanstead                       Seniors - SE League
Tues-Thurs   28-Aug-12   30-Aug-12 English Boys County Finals                                 Cotswold Hills                                EGU
   Sunday    2-Sep-12               LF Wood Championship Final                   TBA                        Club-Team
    Friday   7-Sep-12               ROMFORD TROPHY                               Romford                 Order of Merit
   Sunday    9-Sep-12               THE COUNTY v BB & O                          Romford                    SE League
   Tuesday   11-Sep-12              Essex Seniors Team Championship - Final      TBA                        Club-Team
   Sat-Sun   15-Sep-12   16-Sep-12 English Champion Club Tournament              Stoneham                         EGU
   Sunday    16-Sep-12              Thornton Cup - Final                         TBA                        Club-Team
  Saturday   22-Sep-12              UPMINSTER TROPHIES                           Upminster               Order of Merit
   Sunday    23-Sep-12              Norman Plum Trophy - Final                                              Club-Team
   Sunday    23-Sep-12              English County Champions of Champions        Woodhall Spa                     EGU
    Sunday   23-Sep-12              Youth Shield - Final                         TBA                          Club-Team
   Sunday    23-Sep-12              Allan Lockwood Trophy - Finals               TBA                        Club-Team
Weds-Thurs   25-Sep-12   26-Sep-12 SE Seniors Championship - (A.Hobson Trophy)   Felixstowe Ferry           SE Seniors
   Fri-Sun   28-Sep-12   30-Sep-10 English County Finals                         Bueu Desert                      EGU
   Sunday    30-Sep-12              ESSEX FOURSOMES CHAMPIONSHIP                 Thorpe Hall                       Club
   Sunday    7-Oct-12               MULLIS FOURSOMES                             Weald Park                        Club
   Sunday    7-Oct-12               SE League Final                              Ashford Manor         EGU SE County
   Sunday    14-Oct-12              Thornton Cup Plate - Final                   Crondon Park               Club-Team
   Sunday    14-Oct-12              LF Wood Plate - Final                        Crondon Park               Club-Team
   Sunday    14-Oct-12              SE Colts League Final                        Royal Black Heath       EGU SE Colts
   Tuesday   16-Oct-12              SE Seniors League Final                      Denham                   EGU Seniors
  Thursday   25-Oct-12              Essex Boys v Professionals (D. Bailey Cup)   Braintree           Boys County Match
    Friday   26-Oct-12              Boys Coaching Squads Competition             The Warren                       Boys
   Tuesday   6-Nov-12               2010 Club Match Play Competitions Draw       County Office                     Club
   Tuesday   27-Nov-12              County Delegates Meeting                     Chelmsford                        Club
    Friday   23-Nov-12              ESSEX GOLF UNION - Annual Dinner             Colne Valley                      Club


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