PubCon Internet Marketing Conference Launches 'PubCon Rewards

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					 PubCon Internet Marketing Conference Launches 'PubCon Rewards' Affiliate Program

PubCon, the Internet Marketing and Search Engine Conference, has launched 'PubCon Rewards'
affiliate program for its Las Vegas Conference November 10 - 14, 2009.

Brett Tabke, PubCon's organizer said, "I'm delighted to announce the launch of PubCon Rewards, our
conference affiliate program, designed to say thank you to partners who help us spread the word and
promote our upcoming PubCon, in Las Vegas, on November 10th through 14th, 2009."

Brett continued, "The PubCon Rewards affiliate program provides participants a full 10 percent of the
registration price of each PubCon registrant referred, offering as much as $100 each for certain early
registration types. I would encourage affiliates to sign up for PubCon Rewards today to begin enjoying
our program. We're pleased to share this exciting new program with you and look forward to mutual
success with what is shaping up to be the biggest and most successful PubCon ever, this November at
the Las Vegas Convention Center."

More information about the PubCon Rewards affiliate program, see the PubCon Conference Blog.
Registration for PubCon is at

About PubCon
PubCon is a multi-track educational conference hosted by SearchEngineWorld and WebmasterWorld.
PubCon events are for thought leaders and professionals in search engine and Internet marketing and
advertising to gather and to share best practices in the design, development, promotion and marketing
of their Internet businesses and brands.

For more information about the conference, contact Brett Tabke at 512-231-8107 or brett at

Jeff Randall 512-231-8107 ext 102 jeff at
In the U.K., contact Neil Marshall at 512-231-8107 ext 106 or engine at

For more details about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, contact Strategic Marketing Director
Joseph Morin at 512-231-8107 ext 104 or joe at