2009–2010 OFFICERS _ COMMITTEE CHAIRS by xumiaomaio


									2009–2010 officerS & committee chairS

      Randall Goddard, Chairman          Ron Montgomery, Transportation Group Chair

      Paul LeFebvre, President           Ronald Schad, Crane & Rigging Group Chair

      William Stramer, Vice President    David Wood, Allied Industries Group Chair

      William Keen, Treasurer            Linda Curran, Ladies Group Chair

      David Lowry, Assistant Treasurer
a meSSage from Joel dandrea, executive vice preSident
It should come as no surprise that most association chief staff executives report that the
deteriorated economy negatively affected their association’s financial position in 2009.

A study held in Spring 2009 showed two-thirds of         Management Forum. Specialized providers of products
executives surveyed by the American Society of           and services continued to rent every available space at
Association Executives (ASAE) predicted revenue          our major meetings’ exhibits centers.
from membership and overall revenues would
                                                         Like our members, we have learned to work harder
decline in the coming year. Those expecting less
                                                         and smarter. Although we have looked for ways to
revenue reported an average decline of 13.4
                                                         pare our expenses, we have gone to great lengths to
percent of membership revenue and 15.7 percent
                                                         avoid sacrificing quality of service.
of overall revenue. ASAE reports issued later in the
year revealed that the actual overall performance of     By and large, our members have remained loyal.
associations was even worse.                             They know we always keep our eye on our mission of
                                                         “providing the unique information and any other lawful
We are pleased to report that SC&RA’s experience
                                                         activities members need to safely, legally, and profitably
in 2009 largely defied the norm. As 2010 begins, we
                                                         transport, lift, and erect oversize and overweight items.”
expect our total membership to be near, or even above,
where we began in 2009. Like most associations,          Earlier this year, I accurately predicted in my column
SC&RA anticipated declines in attendance at meetings.    in American Cranes & Transport that 2009 would not
But the overall drop in number has been modest, and      be a banner year for the industry. As I noted then, I
we noticed no decline whatsoever in the enthusiasm       still believe SC&RA members are better positioned
of meeting participants. Indeed, we experienced the      than nonmembers to survive tough economic times
best attendance ever at the SC&RA Financial & Risk       and emerge stronger than ever.
member companieS in 49 countrieS

Argentina     Colombia      Indonesia    Mexico             Puerto Rico         Tunisia
Aruba         Denmark       Ireland      New Zealand        Qatar               Turkey
Australia     Ecuador       Israel       Nigeria            Republic of South   United Arab Emrates
Austria       Finland       Italy        Norway             Africa              United Kingdom
Bahrain       France        Japan        Pakistan           Romania             United States
Belgium       Germany       Jordan       Peoples Republic   Spain               of America
Brazil        Greece        Kuwait       of China           Switzerland         Venezuela
Canada        Guatemala     Luxembourg   Peru               Thailand
Chile         India         Malaysia     Philippines        Trinidad

                                                                                                                   MeMbership by group

                                                                                                                        Allied 26%               Transportation 15%

Sc&ra ServeS over 1,300 companieS in 49 nationS
Since 1948, the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) has represented                                 Combination
                                                                                                                                                   Crane & Rigging 24%
companies that lift, haul and position huge objects.                                                               & Crane) 35%

They often take on challenges nobody else can             groups. Increasingly, representatives from the
handle. For them, bigger is better. The same attitude     Allied Industries Group share their unique expertise
carries over to their trade association. SC&RA            during major meetings of the other groups.               MeMbership by gross revenue
relentlessly tackles the industry’s biggest challenges.   They frequently serve on Crane & Rigging and
                                                          Transportation committees and present unique,            $5M–$9.9M
Year after year, SC&RA interacts with legislators,                                                                                    $3M–$4.9M
                                                                                                                   9%                                     $1M–$2.9M
                                                          useful information during educational sessions.                             8%
regulators, labor unions and other organizations on                                                                                                       22%
                                                          Furthermore, they contribute thousands of dollars
issues of vital importance to the industry. Much of
                                                          as event sponsors.
that work is accomplished under the auspices of
the Transportation and Crane & Rigging Groups,            Also supporting the other groups is the Ladies
through their various committees and task forces.         Group, consisting of women affiliated with or married
Over a third of the members participate in both           to employees of an SC&RA member company.
                                                                                                                   $10M+                                       $0–$999,999
industry segments and belong to both groups.              Members largely direct their efforts to furthering the                 International
                                                                                                                   11%                                         31%
                                                          SC&R Foundation, which provides industry-related                       17%
The Allied Industries Group provides a gamut                                                                                                      Subsidiary
of products and services for members of these             research and scholarships.                                                              2%

                                                               pulling together for common cauSeS
                                                               Even though the Transportation and Crane & Rigging Groups of SC&RA pursue
                                                               separate agendas, much of SC&RA’s achievements in 2009 were accomplished on
                                                               behalf of all members.

                                                               January board & Committee Meetings                         the Annual Awards and Recognition Dinner; the SC&R
                                                               set the stage for success                                  Foundation’s Fire & Ice Biker-themed Gala; golf,
                                                               More than 130 members and guests participated in           tennis and fun run/walk events; and the President’s
                                                               the January Board & Committee Meetings,                    Reception, as well as receptions for international
                                                                                                                          members, first-time attendees and spouses.
                                                               January 4–7, in Midway, Utah. About two dozen
                                                               committees and task forces made significant                As always, SC&RA provided attendees with key
                                                               decisions to shape the Association’s actions for           information to clarify important developments
It’s All About the Economy Panelists from left:
Martin Regalia, Ronald DeFeo and Peter Ruane.                  2009 and beyond.                                           affecting their business. Dr. Peter Ruane, President
                                                                                                                          and CEO, American Road & Transportation Builders
                                                               All Facets of industry show strong presence                Association, moderated a spirited panel discussion,
                                                               at Annual Conference                                       It’s All About the Economy, that featured valuable,
                                                               The need to meet during trying economic times              industry-specific analysis and a broad economic
                                                               was evident during the 2009 Annual Conference              outlook for 2009 and beyond. Joining him on the
                                                               in La Quinta, Calif., April 21–25, which attracted         panel were Dr. Martin Regalia, Vice President and
                                                               585 participating members and guests from nine             Chief Economist, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and
                                                               countries—Canada, Germany, India, Italy, Japan,            Ronald DeFeo, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer,
                                                               Mexico, Puerto Rico (U.S. Territory), the United           Terex Corporation.
                                                               Kingdom and the United States. Participation was
                                                               lively at more than 50 committee and task-force            During his Opening Session presentation, French
                                                               sessions and networking events.                            explorer, author and film producer Jean-Michel
                                                                                                                          Cousteau explained how “going green is a long-term
                                                               In addition to the five educational sessions, highlights   investment ... and environmental practices benefit
                                                               included an array of committee meetings, the               us all.” Fittingly, Cousteau made his Redesigning
Jean Michel-Cousteau opens the conference on Earth Day 2009.   Products Fair with 56 exhibitors; the 21 Rigging and       Our Future: The Business of Nature presentation on
                                                               Hauling Jobs of the Year Competition presentations;        Earth Day.
                                                 nsport Alliance
                               World Crane & Tra

                An Agreement to
                                Establish an Inter
                                                  national Alliance
                                                                    for the
                                                                 t Industries
                                                 ialized Transpor
                              the Crane and Spec
               Advancement of                                             marketplace,
                                                                                                stimulated the global
                                                                       n improvements have                                      the need
                           that transportation
                                                  and communicatio                                    industries understand
                                                                             lized transportation
          the world’s leading
       to establish a steadfa
                               associations servin
                             st collab
                                                    g the crane and specia
                                       orative relationship.
                                                               Members of this allianc
                                                              ers throughout the
                                                                                        e shall continually
                                                                                                               strive to advance safety,

                                 bility of their own memb                                                    ry safety, harmonization of
       productivity and profita                                                efforts to promote indust                        to further
                                                      zations agree to foster                            pertinent endeavors
                                undersigned organi                              trade and any other                          this alliance
        Towards this end, the                           ry best practices, fair                        arise all partners to
                              understanding, indust                        opportunities that may
        standards, common                           new challenges and
                             serve. Regardless of
        the industries they                         good.
                              er for the common                                                                     ex, the alliance shall
         agree to work togeth                                                             small, yet more compl
                                                               that seems increasingly                     e commences at the
                                     to better serve a world                  rs. Fittingly, this allianc
         As our industries expand                          e among its membe
                                 by facilitating dialogu                          in Amsterdam.
          embrace globalization                        it, 22-23 October 2009                                                           will
                               and Transport Summ                                                              that their associations
          of the World Crane                                              members of this allianc
                                                                                                       e avow
                                representatives of   each of the charter
           The duly authorized
                                   of this agreement.
           fully uphold the terms



                                      Transportation                                                    NAME
                                      Association                       SIGNATURE



sC&rA supports First World                                                                                                                     Financial & risk Management Forum
Crane and Transport summit                                                                                                                     shows path to success
The 289 attendees at the inaugural World Crane and                                                                                             To help members navigate through the turbulent
Transport Summit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,                                                                                                economy, SC&RA hosted its 2009 Financial & Risk
October 22–23, included top representatives                                                                                                    Management Forum, in Pittsburgh, Pa., August 19–20.
from crane and transport companies, equipment                                                                                                  The sessions attracted 64 key executives. Among
manufacturers, associations and standards bodies                                                                                               topics covered were succession planning and asset
from around the world. The event was organized in                                                                                              protection, developments and trends in transportation
cooperation with SC&RA by KHL Group, publisher                                                                                                 litigation, capital strategies, and the stimulus plan for
of the Association’s official magazines—International                                                                                          infrastructure investment. However, the focal point was
Cranes and Specialized Transport and American                                                                                                  a full-day session incorporating the most significant
Cranes & Transport. Furthering SC&RA’s impact                                                                                                  findings of SC&RA’s 2009 Financial Benchmarking
at this event were the ten speakers from SC&RA                                                                                                 Study and combining the elements of critical financial
member companies worldwide.                                                                                                                    management with strategic planning.

As part of this event, SC&RA organized the signing                                                                                             Nearly 40 SC&RA members participated in the 2009
of a new World Crane and Transport Alliance.                                                                                                   study, which provided a “snapshot” of the unique
Joining SC&RA were the European Association of                                                                                                 specialized transport, crane rental and rigging
Heavy Haulage, Transport and Cranes; the Crane                                                                                                 industries. By comparing their companies to others
Industry Council of Australia; the New Zealand                                                                                                 of similar size and type, participants gained new
Heavy Haulage Association; and the Crane Rental                                                                                                insights on how to manage their businesses for
Association of Canada.                                                                                                                         improved performance and a stronger future.

Sc&ra recognizeS recruiterS and awardS member loyalty

president’s Award                                     40 years                                                  •  Riggers, Inc., Richmond, Va.
Trevor Pease, KHL Group USA LLC, Phoenix, Ariz.,      •  Dan Barclay, Inc., Franklin, N.J.                      •  Scheuerle Fahrzeugfabrik GmbH, Pfedelbach,
earned the President’s Award for membership           •  E.T. Gresham Company, Inc., Norfolk, Va.                  Germany
recruitment. He enlisted four new members. Of the
                                                      •  Marco Crane & Rigging Co., Phoenix, Ariz.              25 years
176 new members joining SC&RA in 2008, 21 were
recruited by other members.                           •  Midwest Specialized Transportation, Inc.,              •  All Crane Rental Corporation, Columbus, Ohio
                                                         Rochester, Minn.                                       •  Argee Transport Co., Des Moines, Iowa
32 Companies receive
                                                      •  Rigging International, Alameda, Calif.                 •  Continental Machinery Movers, Nashville, Tenn.
Membership Longevity Awards
60 years                                              35 years                                                  •  DFW Movers & Erectors, Inc., Fort Worth, Texas
•  Hennes Services, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis.             •  Anderson Trucking Service, Inc., St. Cloud, Minn.      •  Hampton Roads Crane & Rigging Co., Newport
50 years                                              •  Guy M. Turner, Inc., Greensboro, N.C.                     News, Va.
•  Rogers Brothers Corporation, Albion, Pa.           •  O.B. Hill Trucking & Rigging Co. Inc., Natick, Mass.   •  Industrial Maintenance & Service Corp.,
•  Underwood Machinery Transport, Inc.,               •  R. Litz & Sons Company, Ltd., Winnipeg,                   Richmond, Va.
   Indianapolis, Ind.                                    Manitoba Canada                                        •  Nelson Intermountain Crane, Ogden, Utah

45 years                                              30 years                                                  •  S.K. Rigging Company, Cincinnati, Ohio
•  George Young Company, Swedesboro, N.J.             •  AME, Inc., Fort Mill, S.C.                             •  Selinsky Force, LLC, Canton, Ohio
•  Halbert Brothers, Inc., City of Industry, Calif.   •  Crane Rental Service Inc., Orange, Calif.              •  The Paramount Transport & Trading Co.,
•  McLeod Trucking & Rigging Co., Charlotte, N.C.     •  JC-Duggan Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y.                            Marabella, Trinidad

                                                      •  Miller Truck & Storage Company, Jackson, Mich.         •  Trans American Trucking Services, Inc., South
                                                                                                                   Plainfield, N.J.

                                                                     Accepting the award was his son Scott Bragg (far right), a member of
                                                                     SC&RA’s Board of Directors, joined by George’s wife, Marilynn, son Chris and
                                                                     daughter Suzanne (far left).

50 Year Longevity Award Winner: Jay Kulyk (Right), VP and General
Manager and Mark Kulyk, President, Rogers Brothers Corporation.     golden achievement award goeS to
                                                                    the late george m. bragg

                                                                    George M. Bragg, long-time President of Bragg                      or where he went in business or life, he earned
                                                                    Crane Service, Long Beach, Calif., was the                         and commanded respect and treated all those
                                                                    posthumous recipient of the Golden Achievement                     who know him with the same degree of courtesy
                                                                    Award on April 25 during the SC&RA Annual                          and respect.”
                                                                    Conference. He passed away on Saturday
                                                                                                                                       George Bragg was active in the crane & rigging
                                                                    morning, March 28. This coveted award pays
                                                                                                                                       and specialized transportation industry for over
                                                                    tribute to the individual who has made an
                                                                                                                                       40 years. He rose through the ranks at the
                                                                    outstanding contribution to the specialized
                                                                                                                                       Association from Chair of the Crane & Rigging
                                                                    carriers and rigging industry. Because of the
                                                                                                                                       Group to become SC&RA Chairman for 1990-
                                                                    award’s significance, the Association does not
                                                                                                                                       91. In recent years, he had been active on the
                                                                    issue it every year.
                                                                                                                                       Association’s Board of Directors, the Insurance
                                                                    “George Bragg has made countless industry                          Committee and the EN13000 Task Force. He
                                                                    contributions throughout the country and abroad.                   was also a very active leader with the Southern
                                                                    His contributions to SC&RA are extensive,” said                    California Crane Owner’s Association and a
60 Year Longevity Award Winner: (L to R)                            Randy Goddard, SC&RA Chairman. “The winner                         very active contributor to his home community
Dave Johnson, Vice President, Cynthia Hug,                          has been known as a tough negotiator, a stickler                   in Santa Ana. Accepting the Award was his son
Corporate Secretary, Michael Lang,
                                                                    to details, and a very successful individual in his                Scott Bragg, a member of SC&RA’s Board of
President, Hennes Services, Inc.
                                                                    business and, more importantly, with his family,                   Directors, joined by George’s wife, Marilynn, son
50 Year Longevity Award Winner: K. Clay Smith, President,           friends and colleagues ... No matter what he did                   Chris and daughter Suzanne.
Underwood Machinery Transport, Inc.

                                                                                crane & rigging group

                                                                                The Crane & Rigging Group covers rigging, crane           tons and exemplifies the trend toward larger, more
                                                                                rental and millwright work and addresses such areas       sophisticated equipment to tackle increasingly
                                                                                as labor relations; safety legislation, regulations and   ambitious jobs. Many of the participants were equally
                                                                                standards; trends in technology and equipment;            impressed with the increasingly efficient production
                                                                                permit policies and procedures for transporting           techniques pursued by Manitowoc as it adjusts to
                                                                                cranes; and loss prevention, accident investigation       the economic downturn.
                                                                                and litigation management.
Charlie Moorcraft, speaker for the opening session, captured the
                                                                                                                                          new Training Course eliminates
audience with his real life stories on the importance of safety in our lives.   Crane & rigging Workshop indicates                        uncertainty from signals
                                                                                industry’s upward Direction                               SC&RA and Equipment Training Solutions, LLC
                                                                                The group’s major annual event is the Crane & Rigging     (ETS) rolled out a comprehensive signal person
                                                                                Workshop. More than 425 people participated in            training course for crane operations in autumn
                                                                                the dynamic SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop,               2009 during the Crane & Rigging Workshop. Larry
                                                                                in Milwaukee, Wis., September 17–19. Attendees            DeMark Sr., President of ETS, conceived the course
                                                                                gathered from 11 nations—United States, Australia,        after witnessing dangerously incorrect signals during
                                                                                Austria, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Mexico,         his 36 years in the construction industry, including
                                                                                Puerto Rico (U.S. territory), United Arab Emirates,       18 years as a long-boom crane operator.
                                                                                and United Kingdom. Energizing the workshop were
                                                                                                                                          The program features an interactive CD-ROM with
                                                                                80 first-time attendees.
                                                                                                                                          videos of signal persons correctly demonstrating
                                                                                In addition to eight well-attended educational            22 standard hand signals, according to American
                                                                                sessions, the workshop featured productive                Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards
                                                                                meetings of the Crane & Rigging Group’s Safety            B30.5 and B30.3. Simultaneously, computer
                                                                                Education & Training Committee, Labor Committee           animations clearly portray the corresponding crane
                                                                                and Governing Committee. The sharing of knowledge         action. Also succinctly described and animated are
                                                                                continued informally throughout the Workshop,             11 crane operations and limitations associated with
                                                                                particularly during receptions, refreshments breaks       the crane to be signaled.
                                                                                and the 55 booths in the Exhibit Center. The
                                                                                                                                          sC&rA Fights for viable Crane
                                                                                Workshop concluded with a tour of the Manitowoc
                                                                                                                                          and Derrick safety standards
                                                                                Crane Group facilities in Manitowoc, Wis.
                                                                                                                                          In March, SC&RA staff and representatives from
                                                                                Nearly 200 tour participants were treated to the          seven member companies provided testimony
Larry DeMark highlighted specific elements that companies should include
                                                                                unveiling of the Manitowoc Model 31000 heavy              before the Department of Labor’s Occupational
in their signal person training during the Crane & Rigging Workshop.
                                                                                lift crawler crane, which has a capacity of 2,535         Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) concerning

the urgent need to update the Crane and Derrick       to an article on June 12 that highlighted New York        pointing out the need for standardization among
Safety Standard. This standard has not been revised   City’s development of a tower crane database led          crane manufacturers regarding the development
since 1971 and no longer affords the protection       to an October 13 meeting in Washington, D.C.              and usage of these devices. The letter also
workers in the industry need—and deserve. The         involving SC&RA’s Tower Crane Committee and               included a series of questions whose answers will
testimony came two months after SC&RA submitted       representatives of the New York City Department           help SC&RA gain a better understanding the uses
comments in response to a Notice of Proposed          of Buildings.                                             and capabilities of the data recorders. This area
Rulemaking concerning the standard.                                                                             will be part of ongoing discussions between crane
                                                      As a follow up, SC&RA submitted extensive comments
                                                                                                                manufacturers worldwide.
Representatives from several SC&RA member             to the Department of Buildings in December,
companies served on a panel of 23 experts from all    addressing concerns about Int. No. 1061, “a Local         sC&rA helps iron out european
facets of the industry appointed by OSHA on July      Law to amend the administrative code of the city of       Crane Design standard issues
2003 to develop a recommended proposal for the        New York, in relation to crane safety.”                   In conjunction with the inaugural World Crane and
standard. These experts met nearly every month                                                                  Transport Summit, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands,
                                                      SC&RA hopes to build on its relationship with officials
before reaching a final consensus, yet the industry                                                             October 22–23, representatives from SC&RA
                                                      in New York City to enhance crane safety there and
continues to anxiously await implementation of a                                                                met with other organizations around the world to
                                                      throughout the nation. SC&RA members also have
final standard.                                                                                                 continue ongoing discussions about the safety
                                                      been actively involved in the implementation of viable
                                                                                                                aspects of EN13000, the European standard for
Over the years, SC&RA has written numerous letters    tower crane regulations in Florida, Maryland, North
                                                                                                                the design of mobile cranes. SC&RA has taken
stressing the importance of updated safety rules to   Carolina and Pennsylvania.
                                                                                                                the position that delivering cranes outside Europe
Congress and the Labor Department and testified
                                                      Association Keeps an eye                                  built according to the EN13000 amendment could
before the White House Office of Management and
                                                      on Crane Data recorders                                   cause legal difficulties for crane rental companies
Budget. SC&RA continues to monitor the progress
                                                      SC&RA continues to monitor developments                   acting worldwide.
of this proposed standard.
                                                      concerning crane data recorders, also known as
                                                                                                                The Federation Europeene de la Manutetention (FEM),
Tower Crane Committee Works                           black boxes. These devices record crane actions.
                                                                                                                which formulated EN13000, had intended to develop
with Legislators, regulators                          In theory, they can be accessed for accident
                                                                                                                a common safety standard under which mobile
A year after several fatal crane incidents in New     investigation, maintenance or troubleshooting
                                                                                                                cranes can be marketed and operated worldwide.
York City, the SC&RA Tower Crane Committee            breakdowns. There is growing concern that
                                                                                                                Having learned from SC&RA about the contrast in
finalized its Proposed Tower Crane Safety Bill        the litigious nature of American society could
                                                                                                                safety philosophies between the European point of
Language. The intent is to target regional OSHA       ultimately lead them to be used for the wrongful
                                                                                                                view and those reflected in U.S. Occupational Safety
offices and provide the language for inclusion in     punishment, perhaps even conviction, of innocent
                                                                                                                and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, FEM
any new legislation and regulations.                  crane executives.
                                                                                                                acknowledged in an October 5 letter that “there is
Additionally, SC&RA’s letter to The New York Times    In November, SC&RA sent a letter to all of the            still a need for improvement.”
and New York City Mayor Bloomberg in response         Association’s members that manufacture cranes,

                                                                                                                      Bechtel equipment OperatiOns
rigging JobS of the year provide inSpiration

•  Over $750,000: Fagioli SPA, S.Ilario D’Enza, Italy, for a three-year project that involved transporting, lifting
   and installing more than 400 modules of various sizes (including 11 main modules and six tanks with
   weights up to 4,000 tons) for the first offshore liquefied natural gas regasification terminal in the world.
•  $150,000–$750,000: Process Group, Inc., Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, for rigging and removing
   an existing Ball mill 17 feet in diameter by 6 feet long, weighing upwards of 92,000 pounds from an
   operating cement plant.
•  Under $150,000 Bechtel Equipment Operations, Milwaukee, Wis., for the installation of four feed-water
   pumps at the Oak Creek power plant in Wisconsin, using an alternative plan to hold down costs.

Bechtel equipment OperatiOns

FagiOli spa

                               FagiOli spa

prOcess grOup, inc.            prOcess grOup, inc.

                                                                                                                   In addition, the Group continued to recognize the
                                                                                                                   annual safety records of member companies.

                                                                                                                   Crane & rigging safety Award
                                                                                                                   •  All Carolina Crane & Equipment LLC, Raleigh, N.C.
                                                                                                                   •  AmQuip Crane Rental LLC, Philadelphia, Pa.
                                                                                                                   •  Bigge Crane and Rigging Co., San Leandro, Calif.
                                                                                                                   •  Bollmeier Crane, Madison, Ill.
                                                                                                                   •  Bragg Crane Service, Long Beach, Calif.
                                                                                                                   •  Buckner Companies, Graham, N.C.

crane & rigging group expandS Safety awardS program                                                                •  Connelly Crane Rental Corp., Detroit, Mich.
                                                                                                                   •  Crane Rental Corporation, Orlando, Fla.
The Crane & Rigging Group has always emphasized safety through its awards program.                                 •  Creative Enterprises Crane Rental, Inc.,
                                                                                                                      Rockford, Ill.
In 2009, the group geared up for two new awards.          The Crane & rigging group project safety
                                                                                                                   •  Dawes Rigging & Crane Rental, Milwaukee, Wis.
Although SC&RA presents most of its safety awards         Award salutes the bond that grows from the
on an annual basis, there are now two noteworthy          mutual efforts of SC&RA company members and              •  Emmert International, Clackamas, Ore.
exceptions—the Crane & Rigging Group Project              their clients to ensure that safety truly comes first.   •  Essex Crane Rental Corp., Buffalo Grove, Ill.
Safety and Crane Rental Safety Awards. SC&RA              Projects with zero recordable injuries/illnesses         •  Gatwood Crane Service, Inc. Arlington Heights, Ill.
issues both of these awards every month in which          are eligible. Shortly after SC&RA notifies both
                                                                                                                   •  W.O. Grubb Crane Rental, Inc., Richmond, Va.
at least one submitted project meets eligibility          the members and their clients that their projects
requirements. SC&RA members may apply for                 have been designated an award winner, members            •  Install, Inc., Sanford, N.C.
multiple awards throughout the year, but only one         present the award itself to the client.                  •  Magnum Crane Service, LLC, Auburn, Wash.
award will be issued per project.                                                                                  •  M&R Constructors, Inc., Richmond, Va.
                                                          Winners to date, including 2008
The Crane rental service safety Award is available        •  Atlas Industrial Contractors, Ltd.,                   •  Mighty Crane Service, Las Vegas, Nev.
in two categories. The Maintenance Work category             Columbus, Ohio                                        •  Mountain Crane Service, Riverton, Utah
requires 1,500 hours of ongoing maintenance work in       •  Barnhart, Memphis, Tenn.                              •  Mr. Crane, Inc., Orange, Calif.
a single location. The Single Project category requires
                                                          •  Buckner Companies, Graham, N.C.                       •  OCS Industries, Inc., Middletown, N.Y.
1,500 hours during the length of one project for the
same client. Members present the award to their           •  George Young Company, Swedesboro, N.J.                •  Shelby Mechanical, Inc., Pennsauken, N.J.
client, signifying to the client that the member and      •  H.W. Farren Company, Inc., Randolph, N.J.             •  Stevenson Crane Service, Inc., Woodridge, Ill.
SC&RA are committed to safety and efficiency.             •  Hawaiian Crane & Rigging Ltd., Honolulu, Hawaii       •  Turner Bros. Crane and Rigging, LLC,
Winners to date, including 2008                           •  Install, Inc., Sanford, N.C.                             Oklahoma City, Okla.
•  Turner Industries Group, L.L.C., Jefferson, La.        •  International Industrial Contracting Corporation,     •  United Crane & Rigging Company, Baltimore, Md.
                                                             Sterling Heights. Mich.                               •  George Young Company, Swedesboro, N.J.
                                                          •  PSC Crane & Rigging, Piqua, Ohio                      •  George Young Installations PR Corp., Humacao,
                                                          •  Shelby Mechanical, Inc., Pennsauken, N.J.                Puerto Rico
Sc&ra workS for Stronger inSurance
programS for memberS

Following several months of intensive research and       cargo/transit, inland marine, excess/umbrella, and
development, SC&RA and NBIS, in the 12th year of         workers compensation.
industry partnership, announced a valued alliance
                                                         Tower is a leading insurance and risk-related services
in June with Tower Group Companies of New York
                                                         company based in New York City. Tower provides
City, New York. NBIS undertook this new initiative
                                                         property and casualty insurance to underserved
with Tower Group to enhance its leadership position
                                                         markets and has different market facilities tailored to
in the heavy construction and transport insurance
                                                         meet the needs of its producers in order to attract
marketplace and provide additional, quality benefits
                                                         a wide range of segments in the market, from
for SC&RA member companies.
                                                         preferred to non-standard including excess and
NBIS is a hybrid Managing General Underwriter (MGU),     surplus lines. Tower Group Companies has earned
specializing in insurance program administration         an A-(Excellent), IX, A.M. Best rating.
for the heavy construction equipment and related
                                                         Also in 2009, The NBIS Board agreed to the
transport industries and in the residential builders
                                                         formation (and risk capital allocation) for the
and contractors marketplace. With operations
                                                         new NBIS Heavy Equipment Operators Captive
strategically located in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago
                                                         Program, and NBIS is fully engaged with three top
and San Diego, NBIS provides program underwriting,
                                                         “Fronting Markets”—Tower, Zurich, AmTrust—and
policy issuance, claims adjusting and customized
                                                         Camelback Captive Management Services in this
risk management services as a specialty insurance
                                                         new program development initiative in collaboration
provider for the construction and transport industry
                                                         with NBIC (NBIS wholly-owned reinsurance
sectors to retail producers nationwide.
                                                         company subsidiary).
As SC&RA’s exclusively endorsed insurance
                                                         A task force formed in January within the SC&RA
program underwriters, NBIS works directly
                                                         Insurance Committee issued a request for proposals
with members’ agents/brokers to deliver highly
                                                         to build a new health insurance program for
competitive rates, broad industry-specific coverage
                                                         SC&RA members. An in-depth review of potential
and truly differentiated claim adjusting and risk
                                                         opportunities continued throughout the second half
management services. Coverages include: truckers
                                                         of the year.
liability, contractors auto, general liability, custom

                                                                 tranSportation group
                                                                 The Transportation Group encompasses the various special carriers and addresses
                                                                 such areas as federal regulations involving hours-of-service, electronic on-board
                                                                 recorders and load securement; regional permitting of oversize/overweight loads;
                                                                 pilot car practices; anti-terrorism; and litigation concerns.

                                                                 specialized Transportation symposium Moves              Associations, Federal Motor Carrier Administration,
                                                                 ahead on Major issues                                   the law firm of Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein
                                                                 More than 250 participants at the group’s main event,   LLP, several SC&RA member companies and
                                                                 the 22nd Specialized Transportation Symposium, at       transportation officials from six states. Punctuating
                                                                 the Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, in Albuquerque,          the prevailing mood of cautious optimism was a
                                                                 N.M., March 11–13, gained fresh perspectives            stock market that showed daily gains from the
                                                                 on major challenges and opportunities created by        beginning of the pre-symposium events until the
                                                                 significant changes in many areas. These included       symposium’s conclusion.
The panel on meeting reusable energy demands exemplified         economic conditions, state and federal regulations
                                                                                                                         sC&rA promotes uniform pilot Car Training
SC&RA’s efforts to bring transportation officials and industry   in the U.S., infrastructure funding, environmental
                                                                                                                         SC&RA continues to lead in the ongoing effort to
representatives together to work on issues of mutual             concerns, and safety issues. The event attracted
interest. SC&RA Transportation Vice President Douglas Ball                                                               develop uniformity in pilot car training by states.
                                                                 participants from the United States, Canada
introduces, from left, Ted Coulianos, Minnesota Department of                                                            An SC&R Foundation-funded research project
Transportation; Doug Miller, Burkhalter; and Mark Eyer, Daily
                                                                 Germany, Italy, Mexico, the U.S. territory of Puerto
                                                                                                                         to develop a model for states to use in setting
Express, Inc.                                                    Rico and the United Kingdom.
                                                                                                                         up certification processes was presented to the
                                                                 Thoughtful discussions of challenges and                American Association of State Highway and
                                                                 opportunities facing the industry and the regulators,   Transportation Officials (AASHTO) conference in
                                                                 legislators, and enforcement officials who interact     June. Copies were sent to each state and AASHTO.
                                                                 with it began in the educational sessions and flowed
                                                                                                                         As states develop pilot car certification, SC&RA
                                                                 over into the breaks, receptions and the 21 booths
                                                                                                                         urges them to avoid continued fragmentation, which
                                                                 at the Exhibit Center. Presenters included senior
                                                                                                                         is unproductive for everyone involved. The Best
                                                                 executives from the American Association of State
                                                                                                                         Practices Guidelines developed several years ago
                                                                 Highway and Transportation Officials, American
                                                                                                                         by SC&RA, in cooperation with the Federal Highway
                                                                 Highway Users Alliance, American Trucking
                                                                                                                         Administration and the Commercial Vehicle Safety

Alliance, was expressly designed to encourage             the U.S. by causing lost productivity, higher prices   was the 150 billion dollar investment in new
sound, uniform practices. SC&A continues to               and diminished opportunities. SC&RA members and        infrastructure. This is the largest increase in funding
promote this tool and make it readily available to        staff continued efforts to enhance safety, mobility    of U.S. roads, bridges, and mass transit systems
all states. These pilot car efforts are another step in   and efficiency across the nation.                      since the creation of the national highway system in
promoting uniformity of the permitting process and                                                               the 1950s.
                                                          A key component of these efforts was the
movement of oversize/overweight cargo.
                                                          participation of SC&RA members and staff at            Funding was always meant to supplement the
ohio Asks for sC&rA’s help in rules                       meetings of the Southeastern Association of State      federal highway bill, which is now tied up in
for Mobile Crane Movement                                 Highway and Transportation Officials (SASHTO),         Congress. The current authorization, provided 286
In June, a working group from SC&RA began drafting        the Washington Association of State Highway            billion dollars for the nation’s roads, rails and transit,
a document to help Ohio remedy confusing and              and Transportation Officials (WASHTO), and the         and its next incarnation is expected to top 400 billion
inconsistent enforcement of unreasonable divisible-       Missouri Valley Conference of State Highway and        dollars. Congress was unable to come up with an
load requirements for the movement of mobile cranes       Transportation Officials (MVC).                        agreement, and approved a three-month extension
within the state. The group agreed to undertake this                                                             on September 25. SC&RA amplifies its voice on
                                                          For example, SC&RA met with MVC members in
important assignment after two productive meetings                                                               this crucial issue by working with other influential
                                                          October and presented an overview of weekend
with Ohio Department of Transportation officials and                                                             organizations, particularly the American Trucking
                                                          travel provisions within this region. Based largely
enforcement representatives from state and local                                                                 Associations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
                                                          upon this presentation, SC&RA gained an
jurisdictions since May.
                                                          enhancement of weekend travel in Illinois, Indiana,    Financial benchmark study offers
As part of this effort, the SC&RA working group           Michigan and Wisconsin.                                Lessons for haulers
documented categories that could be readily                                                                      Among specialized transport companies surveyed,
                                                          Additionally, SC&RA hosted meetings of the
recognized by visual means as exempt from divisible                                                              the top half of companies had 13.3 percent in profit
                                                          regional groups prior to the Association’s Annual
load requirements in the interest of practical,                                                                  before tax, plus owner compensation of 1.1 percent,
                                                          Transportation Symposium and continued a tradition
economical product use. SC&RA recognizes                                                                         for total profit to owners of 14.4 percent (compared to
                                                          that began over 20 years ago of including these
the importance of establishing sound, uniform                                                                    10.3 percent for all specialized transport companies
                                                          officials in panels during the Symposium.
procedures that could be adopted by other states.                                                                surveyed). Multiplying this 4.1 percent difference by
                                                          sC&rA and Allies Fight for viable Levels of            the median sales for all companies of $13,882,466
sC&rA represents Members before
                                                          Transportation Funding                                 results in more than $569,000 in additional profits
regional Transportation groups
                                                          A major component of the 748 billion dollar stimulus   for those who can match the expense controls of
A system of fragmented, disjointed and restrictive
                                                          package passed by the U.S. Congress in February        the top half.
regulations for oversize/overweight hauling hurts

                                                                   energy transpOrtatiOn, inc.
hauling JobS of the year
Show induStry at itS beSt

•  Moving (using specialized equipment, such as
   self-propelled transporters, dollies and crawler
   assemblies): Barnhart, Memphis, Tenn., for
   providing feasibility planning, engineering,
   lifting and transportation services to allow the
   construction of two Electrostatic Precipitator
   units offsite and then move them into position
   and set on foundations within an oil refinery in
   California; the design weight of the units was
   approximately 2,000 tons.
•  Trucking (over 160,000 pounds net): Energy
   Transportation, Inc., Casper, Wyoming, for
   loading and hauling three dehydrators, weighing
   540,000 pounds each and measuring 45 feet
   long by 16 feet in diameter from Rock River,
   Wyoming to Rio Blanco, Colo.
•  Trucking (under 160,000 pounds net):
   Tradelossa, Durango, Mexico, for moving four
   large vessels weighing between 58,000 and
   100,000 pounds and up to 90 feet long from

   Mexico to Costa Rica.

energy transpOrtatiOn, inc.

                                           Scott Anderson (left) and Randall Goddard (right) congratulate
                                           Rudy Moreno.

                                         rudy moreno named Sc&ra
                                         truck driver of the year

                                         Rudy Moreno, SC&RA’s Truck Driver of the
                                         Year, has long been known as Mr. Wind by his
                                         colleagues at Anderson Trucking Service, Inc.
                                         (ATS) because of the expertise he has gained
                                         while transporting components for more than
                                         400 wind towers. As one of the first drivers
                                         entrusted to deliver wind-tower components for
                                         ATS about a dozen years ago, he has witnessed
                                         the phenomenal growth of both the wind towers
                                         and the industry itself.

                                         Despite hauling some of the industry’s largest,
                                         most cumbersome loads, he has driven over
                                         1.4 million accident-free miles as a professional
                                         driver during 17 years with the company, while
                                         maintaining a top-notch work ethic. Known for
                                         his willingness to train new drivers, he offers this
                                         advice for anyone breaking into the business:
                                         “Be a perfectionist. Pay attention to the details
                                         because it’s the details that can get you in
                                         trouble. One bad load will mess up the reputation
                                         you built with 1,000 good ones.”

tranSportation group recognizeS Safety accompliShmentS
As always, the Transportation Group demonstrated its commitment to safety in 2009 by
presenting annual safety awards to companies and drivers.

Fleet safety Award                                            Fleet safety improvement Award                             •  Landstar Inway Inc., Jacksonville, Fla.:
•  Over 50 Million Miles: Landstar System, Inc.,              •  All Sunshine Crane Rental, Orlando, Fla.                   Duane J. Vorst
   Jacksonville, Fla. (799.3 million miles)                   •  Bennett Transportation, McDonough, Ga.                  •  Landstar Ligon Inc., Jacksonville, Fla.: Jennings
•  20 Million to 50 Million Miles: Bennett                    •  Dan Barclay, Inc., Franklin, N.J.                          Franklin Neal
   Transportation, McDonough, Ga.                                                                                        •  LeFebvre & Sons, Inc., Elk River, Minn.: Greg
                                                              •  Diamond Transportation System, Inc., Racine, Wis.
•  5 Million to 20 Million Miles: Miller Transfer & Rigging                                                                 Vorderbruggen
                                                              •  George Young Company, Swedesboro, N.J.
   Co., Rootstown, Ohio                                                                                                  •  Midwest Specialized Transportation, Inc.
                                                              •  Landstar Express America,Jacksonville, Fla.
•  1.5 Million to 5 Million Miles: White Brothers                                                                           Rochester, Minn.: Jon Harrington, Scott Ronken
   Trucking Company, Wasco, Ill.                              •  Landstar Gemini, Jacksonville, Fla.                        and Robert Flath
•  100,000 to 1.5 Million Miles: George Young                 •  McTyre Trucking, Orlando, Fla.                          •  Riechmann Transport, Inc., Granite City, Ill.:
   Company, Swedesboro, N.J.                                  •  Midwest Specialized Transportation, Inc.,                  Mike Foster
                                                                 Rochester, Minn.                                        •  Robinson Cartage Company, Grand Rapids,
Zero Accident Award
•  Dawes DST, Milwaukee, Wis.                                 •  Miller Transfer and Rigging Company,                       Mich.: Donald Boutwell,
                                                                 Rootstown, Ohio                                         •  Stanley Harjes and Michael Sharp
•  Emmert International, Clackamas, Ore.
                                                              •  Riechmann Transport, Inc., Granite City, Ill.           •  Whitewood Transport Inc., Billings, Mont.:
•  George Young Company, Swedesboro, N.J.
                                                              •  Turner Bros, LLC, Oklahoma City, Okla.                     David J. Stanley
•  George Young Installations PR, Humacao,
   Puerto Rico                                                •  White Brothers Trucking,Wasco, Ill.                     The application form, rules and regulations for
•  KMX International, Hamburg, Pa.                            •  Whitewood Transport Inc., Billings, Mont.               Transportation Awards have been posted on the
                                                                                                                         SC&RA website at www.scranet.org/awards.
•  Landstar Gemini, Inc., Jacksonville, Fla.                  Million Miler Award for safety excellence
•  Miller Transfer and Rigging Company,                       •  Dan Barclay, Inc., Franklin, N.J.: Fred Archibald and
   Rootstown, Ohio                                               John Soni

•  White Brothers Trucking Company, Wasco, Ill.               •  Keen Transport, Inc.: New Kingstown, Pa.: Kenneth
                                                                 A. Wilker and David L. Shields, Jr.
Sc&r foundation SupportS reSearch and education

During the SC&RA Annual Conference, the SC&R                  semester, the Mechanical Engineering major             recipients of $1,500 grants for vocational/
Foundation introduced its new Major Benefactor                assisted engineers at WE Energies with the             technical school education were:
Awards to four corporate donors making a gift of              operation and maintenance of natural gas               •  Brittani Lynn Evans, for the pursuit of an
$20,000 and higher—Anderson Trucking Service,                 distribution networks throughout the state of             Associate of Arts degree in accounting in
Kobelco, Link-Belt and XL Specialized Trailers. The           Wisconsin. He plans to graduate in May 2011.              August 2010 from Florida Community College of
trailer raffle generated $60,000 for the Foundation.          His father, Joseph Asma, is a senior engineer at          Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Fla. Her stepmother,
Tickets continue to be sold for the custom-built              Manitowoc Crane Company, Manitowoc, Wis.                  Ginger A. Evans, is the Lead Representative-
chopper motorcycle, which will be raffled off at the        •  William George Besser, a senior, double majoring         Revenue Processing, Landstar in Jacksonville.
SC&RA 2010 Annual Conference in March. The Ladies              in Mechanical Engineering and Business                •  Steven Darrell Martin, a draftsman at Barnhart
Group also contributed significantly to Foundation             Administration at the University of St. Thomas,          Crane & Rigging, Memphis, Tenn., plans to earn
funding by raising more than $32,000 through its biker-        St. Paul, Minn. His mother, Mary R. Besser, is the       a Bachelor of Science degree from the University
themed Fire & Ice Gala during the Annual Conference.           Administration Manager at Anderson Trucking              of Memphis, Memphis, Tenn. in Fall 2012.
The Foundation put the money to good use. The new              Service, Inc., St. Cloud, Minn. He received the
                                                                                                                     •  Frederica Nicole Neal, Accounts Receivable
Moving the World career brochure outlines the industry,        Richard Conkling Memorial Scholarship.
                                                                                                                        Analyst at Landstar, is working towards a degree
sample jobs in the industry and provides resources for      •  Matthew Blaine Crawford, a senior, double                in accounting from Florida Community College of
those interested in seeking more information about             majoring in Business and Mass Communications             Jacksonville, Jacksonville, Fla.
working in the specialized carrier and rigging field. The      at Houston Baptist University, Houston,
                                                                                                                     •  Craig Thomas Summe plans on earning an
brochure can be used by SC&RA members to help                  Texas. His father, Darwyn Crawford, is a Sales
                                                                                                                        associate of arts degree in accounting in
interest potential employees in pursuing a career in the       Representative at American Mat & Timber
                                                                                                                        June 2010 from Cincinnati State Technical &
industry.                                                      Company, Houston, Texas.
                                                                                                                        Community College, Cincinnati, Ohio. His father,
The SC&R Foundation awarded $3,000 scholarships             •  Michael N. Eff, , a junior, majoring in Welding          Thomas E. Summe, is a crane operator with,
for 2009–2010 to five students preparing for careers           Engineering at Ohio State University, Columbus,          Evers Equipment Co., Inc. in Cincinnati.
related to transportation or construction management.          Ohio. His father, Gary Eff, is a Quality Control
                                                                                                                     •  Paul Brian Szafranski, Jr. expects to graduate in
Additionally, the Foundation awarded five $1,500               Specialist, at GEM Industrial, Inc., Toledo, Ohio.
                                                                                                                        January 2010 from Universal Technical Institute,
grants for the pursuit of industry related technical           He received the Christopher Lorenz Memorial
                                                                                                                        Glendale Heights, Ill., where he is studying Diesel
degrees or certificates.                                       Scholarship.
                                                                                                                        Mechanics. His mother, Karen Szafranski, is an
                                                            •  John Dakota Thacker, a senior, majoring in               Accounting Assistant at Gatwood Crane Service,
recipients of $3,000 scholarships were:
                                                               Psychology, at the University of Kentucky,               Arlington Heights, Ill.
•  William M. Asma, an enrollee in a Cooperative
                                                               Lexington, Ky. His father, William H. Thacker, Jr.,
   Education Program, which requires alternate                                                                       For more information about the Foundation and its
                                                               is a Superintendent Subcontract Negotiator at
   work and school terms, at Marquette University,                                                                   programs, go to www.scranet.org/foundation.
                                                               Link-Belt Construction Equipment, Lexington, Ky.
   Milwaukee, Wis. During the spring 2009
thank you to our 2009 event SponSorS

Diamond ($20,100 +)                    silver ($1,000–$5,000)

platinum ($10,100–$20,000)

gold ($5,100–$10,000)

2010 eventS                                 Sc&ra Staff
January board & Committee Meetings          The Association staff in the Washington, D.C. area specializes in association management,
Westin Aruba                                government and regulatory affairs, and general business practices. SC&RA members
Palm Beach, Aruba                           continue to use these professionals as virtual extensions of their own offices when
January 6–9                                 industry issues or technical questions arise.

specialized Transportation symposium        Joel M. Dandrea—Executive Vice President
Intercontinental Dallas                     Douglas ball—Vice President
Addison, Texas                              beth o’Quinn—Vice President
March 3–5                                   Matt baehr—Director, Industry Affairs & Foundation Manager
                                            Katie Cosgrove—Manager, Membership
Annual Conference
                                            sharon Follin—Director, Information Services
Omni Hotel at Champions Gate
                                            Lisa Lieu—Director, Finance & Administration
Orlando, Florida
                                            Christine Montgomery—Meetings Coordinator
April 6–10
                                            Jackie roskos—Director, Marketing
Crane & rigging Workshop                    Amy vailikit—Assistant, Finance & Administration
Hilton San Diego Bayfront                   Terry White—Communications Manager
San Diego, California                       Tali Whittemore—Executive/Meetings Assistant
September 22–24

For additional information about upcoming
meetings, visit www.scranet.org/events.

                                                                                             endorsed partners
Specialized carrierS & rigging aSSociation
   2750 Prosperity Avenue, Suite 620 Fairfax, VA 22031-4312
   T: (703) 698-0291   •   F: (703) 698-0297   •   www.scranet.org

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