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Aloha Milkcaps News
August 15, 2007
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Get Aloha Milkcaps
At the following locations:
• Shirokiya
  Ala Moana Center
• Dottie’s Retail
  Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
  Row D, Section 2-3

Only at Shirokiya
Bumbucha Rolls
Distributed by Aloha Milkcaps
Pepsi Bumbucha Rolls                                                                     CONGRATULATIONS CHAMPIONS!
Licensed Pepsi milkcaps                                                                  After slamming through Qualifying Rounds… One
                                                                                         Slam Jam Contests... our First Team Challenge...
Milkcaps-The Game
The complete game kit includes                                                           and our First Adult Slamo-Rama! The BIG
a “pocket slam board,” container,                                                        August Aloha Slamo-Rama! Champions were
milkcaps and a slammer!                                                                  crowned! Congratulations 16-year old Kamaile
                                                                                         Ching who won the BIG Aloha Championship
Mahalo to our Sponsors                                                                   prize of collectible milkcaps and POG collectible
• Aloha Marketing International                                                          prizes! Congratulations to Jerrie Torres, age 9
• Aloha Stadium Swap Meet                                                                for winning second place, and 8-year old
• The International Licensing                                                            Nathaniel Keohuhu-Goldson in third place.
• Shirokiya, Ala Moana Ctr.                                                              In the Adults Aloha Slamo-Rama! Congratula-
• ISLE Computer Consulting                                                               tions to Francine Poopualii who won the Adults
• Cutty - Cookin’ with Cutty                                                             Championship! Sorry, Francine about the award
• Dottie’s Retail                                                                        and prize mix-up :(. Slamming in second was Kui
• Global POG Association                                                                 Iona, third place was Bob Gishi, and Garrett
• Asahi Grill                       On August 12, 2007 Aloha Milkcaps hosted the         Young finished in fourth place! Mahalo to all the
• El Burrito                        BIG AUGUST ALOHA SLAMO-RAMA MILKCAP                  adults who participated, we appreciate your
• Walter & Helga                    TOURNAMENT at the Aloha Stadium Swap                 support in having fun and spreading Aloha!
• Heather‘s Inflatables             Meet! A BIG mahalo to Farah Cabrera and the
• Hawaii All-Collectors Show                                                             Mahalo to all contestants and parents,
                                    Management Team, and Boyd and his crew at
• Hawaii Parent Magazine                                                                 we are very proud of you! Many of you just
                                    Centerplate, for their support in the Aloha
• Hawaii Military Guide                                                                  learned how to play the Aloha Milkcap Game and
                                    Slamo-Rama Tournaments and attraction for keiki
                                                                                         did super! We encourage you to keep practicing
                                    and families attending the swap meet. And BIG
Aloha Milkcaps’ mission                                                                  and teach others how to play for fun, “Aloha
is to spread Aloha around           mahalo to Henry & Arlene Ribac and their
                                                                                         Style.” It‘s all about fun, friendship and fair play.
the world! Aloha Milkcaps-          Ohana from Heather’s Inflatables for providing
                                                                                         We hope to see you ALL at our next Aloha
Hawai‘i’s Best, is Hawai‘i’s        the fair rides, jumpers and climbing rock wall for
                                                                                         Slamo-Rama! Championship at the State Capitol!
premier company for milkcap         the keiki to enjoy! Mahalo to Aunty CC & Keith
tournaments, promotions and         Uyehara and David & Robyn Furuya from the
products. Teaching kids to          International Licensing Group, LLC for the           Aloha and Keep On Slammin’
play the milkcap game, Aloha        generouse prize donations. BIG mahalo to all         Kid Slamm! Cap’ette, Baby Cappett,
Style... for fun, friendship and    kids, parents, grandparents and adults who           Pogy, Aunty CC, Keith, David, Robyn,
good sportsmanship.                 particpated in the milkcap fun and Aloha Spirit      Jase, Jacianne, Jazzy, Irwin, Clay
                                    while playing the milkcap game, Aloha Style!         and Cutty
                         SHAYNE, AGE 10
                       ALOHA STADIUM CHAMPION
                               JULY 2007
        APRIL 2007

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