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            AQUA VIRGINIA, INC.                            Exhibit No.:
       PROPOSED RATES AND TARIFFS                             Witness : GKO
       FOR THE YEAR ENDED 0613012011                         Schedule 41
           CASE NO. PUE-2011


               The proposed rates and tariffs follow .
                  AQUA VIRGINIA~ INC. -


   For Water and/or Sewer Service in Territories Served by the Company in:

      Albemarle' Botetourt, Caroline, Charles City, Chesapeake, Culpeper,
    Cumberland, .Essex, Fauquier, Fluvanna, Franklin, Frederick, Goochland,
     Hanover, King William, Lancaster, Madison, Mecklenburg, Middlesex,
    New Kent, Northumberland, Orange, Powhatan, Richmond, Shenandoah,
            Spotsylvania, Westmoreland & York Counties, Virginia

Filed :                                                             Effective :

Aqua Vil-gillia, 111C .       Rates, Rules and Regulatiolls
                                                                                      Page I'""

                                   TABLE OF CONTENTS


1. General Nature of Service to be Provided                                 4

U. Schedule of Rates & Fees-
                Miscellaneous Fees & Charges applicable to all Groups 5
                       Transfer of Service Fee
                      Returned Check Fee
                      Private Fire Service Fees
                      (Availability, Connection Fees & other rules- see Appendix A, by Group)
                Water Service Rate Schedule - Group 0                       6
                      Availability of Service
                      Base Facilities Charge
                      Gallonage Charge
                      Flat Rate Charge
                Water Service Rate Schedule - Group 1                       7
                      Availability of .Service
                      Base Facilities Charge
                      Gallonage Charge
                      Flat Rate- Charge
                Water Service Rate Schedule - Group 2                       8
                      Availability of Service
                      Base Facilities Charge
                      Gallonage Charge
                      Flat Rate Charge
                Water Service Rate Schedule - Group 3                       9
                      Availability of Service
                      Base Facilities Charge
                      Gallonage Charge
                Water Service Rate Schedule - Group 4                       10
                      Availability of Service
                      Base Facilities Charge
                      Gallonage Charge
                      Flat Rate Charge

Filed :                                                         E ffect I ve :

                          The Virginia State Corporation Commission
AqUa N/Irginia, Inc.       Rates, Rules and. Regulations
                                                                            Page 2
              Wastewater Rate Schedule - Group I
                    Availability of Service
                    Residential Base Facilities Charge
                    Residential Gallonage Charge
                    Non-Residential Base-Facilities Charge
                    Non-Residential Gallonage Charge
                    Flat Rate Service
                    Sewer Credits
                    Sewer Connection Charge

              Wastewater Rate Schedule- Group 2                        12
                    Availability of Service
                    Residential Sewer Services
                            Base Facilities Charge
                            Gallonage Charge
                    Non-Residential Sewer Services
                            Base.Facilities Charge
                            Gallonage Charge
                    Sewer Credits

111. Rules and Regulations
        Rule # I     Definitions                                      13
        Rule # 2     Se rvice Connections                             15
        Rule # 3     Customers Service Pipes
                        ,                                             15
        Rule # 4     Cross-Connections and Back Siphonage             16
        Rule # 5     Meters and Meter Installations                   17
        Rule # 6     Meter Test and Test Fees                         18
        Rule # 7     Private Fire Service Connections                 18
        Rule # 9     Customer's Deposi ts                             19
        Rule # 9     Availability Fees *                              20
        Rule #10     Discontinuance of Service                        20
        Rule #11     Transfer of Service Fee                          21
        Rule #1 2    Reconnect Fee                                    21
        Rule #13     Bills for Water Service                          21
        Rule #14     Terms of Payment                                 22
        Rule #15     Returned Check Charge                            22
        Rule #16     Late Payment Fee                                 23
        Rule #17     Abatements and Refunds                           23
        Rule #IS     Pressure and Continuity of Supply                23
        Rule#19      Interruptions in Water Supply                    24

Filed :                                                      Effective :

                       The VirgInia State Corporation Commission
Aqua V11-ginia, IRC .            Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                   Page 3

           Rule #20       Grinder Pump Installation & Maintenance             24
           Rule #21       General                                             25
           Rule #22       Extension of Mains                                  26
           Rule #23       Advances for Construction                           26
           Rule #24       Customer Complaint Procedure                        27

IV. System Listing
       Water Systems
                  Group 0                                                     28
                  Group 1                                                     29
                  Group 2                                                     29
                  Group 3                                                     31
                  Group 4                                                     32
           Sewer Systems
                  All Groups                                                  34

V.    Appendix A
         Availability Charges & Other Charges or Rules to Connect to Specific Systems
           All Systems - other than those listed separately below            35
           Lake Holiday                                                      35
           Lake Monticello                                                   38
           Shawnee Land                                                      39
           Campbells Creek                                                   39
           Land'Or Utility                                                   40
           Botetourt & Franklin County Systems                               40
           Lake Wildemess                                                    40

F1 led :                                                            Effective :

                           The Virgin.1a State Coil)oration Commission
AquaVirginia, Inc .             Rates, Rules and RegUlations
                                                                                           Page 4


The primary purpose of Aqua Virginia, Inc. ("Company") is to provide water and/or wastewater
(sewer) service to the areas in Virginia listed in Section IV (System Listing) . The areas supplied
are located 'in 22 counties . These areas consist of year-round residences, vacation homes,
community facilities and conunercial areas.

1 . The utility office is located at:   Aqua Virginia, Inc.
                                        2414 Granite Ridge Road
                                        Rockville, Virginia 23146

2. The telephone number for billing and service questions is 877.WTR.AQUA (877.987.2782).

3 . Water emergencies after hours or on weekends and holidays should be reported to the same
    number (877 .987 .2782) .

Filed :                                                             Effective:

                          The Virainia State Corporation Coninitissioll
Aqua Virginia, Inc .            Rates. Rules and Regulations
                                                                                           Page 5

                               11. SCHEDULES OF RATES & FEES


     When a customer applies to initiate service, a charge of thirty ($30.00) dollars will be
     assessed to cover the cost of activating the service.

    Reconnection charges du n           'I scheduled working hours associated with customer
    requests for temporary service disconnection, seasonal customers, as well as non-
    payment and rules violation situations, will be $50 .00.

    An additional charge of $20.00 will be made for all returned checks tendered .

     The monthly fee charged for each private fire service connection and/or private fire
     hydrant shall be as follows:

                               Connection Size        Monthly Minimum Charge
                                 I     inch                 $      8 .21
                                11/2   inch                 $     16 .41
                                 2     inch                 $     26.26
                                 3     inch                 $     52.51
                                 4     inch                 $    -82.05
                                 6     inch                 $    164.10

          Connection fees for fire and sprinkler connections shall be the actual cost, to Company,
          including overheads .

Availability, Connection Fees & other rules- see Appendix A, by Group :
See Appendix A for the detail of these fees by system.

Filed :                                                            Effective :

                          The Virginia State Coiporation Commission
AqUa N/Irgin .1a, Inc.          Rates . Rules and Regulations
                                                                                      Page 6

                         WATER SERVICE RATE SCHEDULE : GROUP 0

AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE : Applicable in territories served by the Company as Group 0 .
See IV. System Listings on page 28 for specific systems other than customers purchasing water
for resale .

No bill will be rendered for less than the minimum charges set forth below:

                         Meter Size           Monthly Base Facility Charge
           Less than I          inch                S     16 .41
                         I      inch                      32 .82
                         I V2   inch                      65.64
                         2      inch                $    105.02
                         3      inch                $    210 .05 .
                         4      inch                $    328.20
                         6      inch                $    656.40

GALLONAGE CHARGE : Per 1,000 gallons, for all gallons used :              $   3 .86

FLAT RATE SERVICE (Unmetered Service):
                Residential ;                                             $ 45.06
           Non-Residential:                                               $ 113.00

See Appendix A for the detail of these fees and other rules by system. -

Filed :                                                          Effective:

                           The Virginia State Coij)oration Cornmission
Aqua Virginia, [tic.           Rates, lZules and RegUlatiorls
                                                                                        Page 7

                       NAIATER SERVICE RATE SC14EDULE : GROUP I

AVAMABILITY OF SERVICE: Applicable in territories served by the Company as Group 1 .
See IV. System Listings on page 29 for specific systems other than customers purchasing water
for resale.

No bill will be rendered for less than the minimum charges set forth below :

                         Meter Size           Monthlv Base Facilitv Charize
           Less than I          inch                $     16 .41
                         I      inch                      32.82
                         I V2   inch                      65.64
                         2      inch                S    105 .02
                         3      inch                     210.05
                         4      inch                     328 .20
                         6      inch                $    656.40

GALLONAGE CHARGE : Per 1,000 gallons, for all gallons used: -               $   4.79

FLAT RATE SERVICE (Unmetered Service) :
                Residential:                                                $ 45-06
           Non-Residential:                                                 $ 113 .00

See Appendix A for the detail of these fees and other rules by system .

Filed :                                                           Effective:

                          The Virginia State Corporation Coniiii iss 1011
ACjUa Virginia, Inc .
             I               Rates, Rules and Reorulabolls
                                                                                            Page 8 P.,
                        WATER SERVICE RATE SCHEDULE : GROUP 2

AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE: Applicable in territories served by the Company as Group 2.
See IV. System Listings on pages 29-30 for specific systems other than customers purchasing
water for resale .

No bill will be rendered for less than the minimum charges set forth below :

                   Meter Size                Mon th I v B ase Faci I i tv Charize
           Less than I      inch                             16 .41
                       I    inch                             32.82
                       I Y2 inch                      $      65 .64
                       2    inch                      $     105 .02
                       3    inch                      $    210.05
                       4    inch                      $    328 .20
                       6    inch                     $     656 .40

GA-LLONAGE CHARGE : Per 1,000 gallons, for all gallons used :                   $   5.71

FLAT RATE SERVICE (Unmetered Service) :
                Residential:                                                    $,45.06
           Non-Residential :                                                    $ 113 .00

See Appendix A for the detail of these fees and other rules by system .

Filed :                                                              Effective:

                         The Virginia State Corporation Cominissioll
Aqua Virginia, Inc .           Rates, Rules and Replations

                     WATER SERVICE RATE SCHEDULE : GROUP 3

AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE : Applicable in territories served by the Company as Group 3 .
See W . System Listings on page 31 for specific systems other than customers purchasing water
for resale .

No bill will be rendered for less than the minimw-n charges set forth below :

               Meter Size              Monthly Base Facility Charge
                than I         inch                 $      16 .41
                       I       inch                 $      32 .82
                       1 !/2   inch                 $      65.64
                       2       inch                 $     105 .02
                       3       inch                 $     210.05
                      4        inch                 $     328.20
                       6.      inch                 $     656.40

GALLONAGE CEIARGE : Per 1,000 gallons, for all gallons used :               $     6.52

FLAT RATE SERVICE (Unmetered Service):
                Residential :                                                    45 .06
           Non-Residential:                                                     113 .00

See Appendix A for the detail of these fees and other rules by system.

Filed:                                                             Effective:

                          The Virginia State Corporation C01-1111-lission

Aqua Virginia, Inc.              Rates, lZules and Regulations
                                                                                        Page 10

                      WATER SERVICE RATE SCHEDULE : GROUP 4

AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE: Applicable in territories served by the Company as Group 4 .
See JV . System Listings on pages 31-32 for specific systems other than customers purchasing
water for resale .

No bill will be"rendered for less than the minimum charges set forth below:

                                Meter Size            Monthly Base Facility Charge
           Less than I            inch                $    .16.41
                         1        inch                $    32.82 .
                         1 Y2     inch                $    65 .64
                         2        inch                $   105 .02
                         3        inch                $   210.05
                         4        inch                $   328 .20
                         6        inch                $   656.40

GALLONAGE CELARGE : Per 1,000 gallons, for all gallons used :                $   7.04

FLAT RATE SERVICE (Unmetered Service):
                Residential:                                                $ 45 .06
           Non-Residential :                                                $ 113 .00

See Appendix A for the detail of these fees and other rules by system.

Filed :                                                           E ffectIve :

                           The Virginia State Corporation Coinniission
Aqua Virginia, Inc.
        Cn                 Rafes, .Rules and Regulations
                                                                                         Page I I

                      WASTEWATER RATE SCHEDULE : GROUP I

AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE : Applicable in territories served by the Company as WW
Group I - Caroline Utilities (Campbell's Creek) Water & Sewer System .

RESIDENTIAL BASE FACILITY CHARGE :                No bill will be rendered for less than the
minimurn charges set forth below:

                             Meter Size                           Base Facility Charge
                           All. Meter Sizes                              $ 31 .45

               Per 1,000 gallons (6,000 gallon maximum)                   $ 10 .28

NON-RESIDENTIAL BASE FACILITY CHARGE :                    No bill will be rendered for less than
the minimum charges set forth below:

                           Meter Size                             Base Facilitv Charee
                           Less than I"                                   $ 31 .45
                                 III                                      $ 62 .90
                                1 V211                                    $ 125.80
                                 21'                                      $ 201 .28
                                 377                                      $ 402.56
                                 4"                                       $ 629.00
                                 6"                                       $1,258 .00

              Per 1,000 gallons, for all gallons used:                    $   12 .34

FLAT RATE SERVICE (Unmetered SerAce):
                Residential:                                              $ 82 .60
           Non-Residential :                                              $213 .97

SEWER CREDITS : No sewer credits will be given to customers for water not directed to the
sewer collection system . Example: water for irrigation

See Appendix A for the detail of these fees and other rules by systern .

Filed :                                                         Effective :

                      Tile Virginia . State Corporation Conim liss 1011

Aqua Virginia, Inc.        Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                      Page 12~A
                      WASTEWATER RATE SCHEDULE : GROUP 2

AVAFLAULITY OF SERVICE: Applicable in territories served by the Company as WW
Group 2 - Lake Monticello, Lake Land Or, Bridlewoods, Countfyside Apartments & Lake
Holiday wastewater systems.

RESIDENTIAL BASE FACILITY'CHARGE:               No bill will be rendered for less than the
minimum charges set forth below :

                             Meter Size                        Base Facility Charg
                           All Meter Sizes                            $ 31 .45

               Per 1,000 gallons (6,000 gallon maximum)               $ 14 .80

NON-RESIDENTIAL BASE FACILITY CHARGE :                  No bill will be rendered for less than
the minimum charges set forth below:

                           Meter Size                          Base Facilitv Charge
                           Less than I"                               $ 31 .45
                                 III                                  $ 62 .90
                                1 V211                                .$ 125 .80
                                211                                   $ 201 .28
                                 Y                                    $ 402.56
                                417                                   $ 629.00
                                672                                   $1,258 .00

              Per 1,000 gallons, for all gallons used                 $   17 .76

FLAT RATE SERVICE (Unmetered Service) :
                Residential :                                         S 82.60
           Non-Residential:                                           $213 .97

SEWER CREDITS : No sewer credits will be given to customers for water not directed to the
sewer collection system. Example: water for irrigation

See Appendix A for the detail of these fees and other rules by system.

Filed :                                                      Effective:

                      Tile Vi-Minia. State Corporation Coin.mission

Aqua Virginia, Inc .                 Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                          .Pacyc 13 0-4

                                111. RULES AND REGULATIONS

The Rules and Regulations as herein set forth, or as they may hereafter be revised with approval
of the Virginia State Corporation Commission ("Commission"), shall govem the rendering of
water and/or wastewater (sewer) services, including the extension of mains and the making of
connections thereto, and every customer upon making application for any service rendered by the
Company, or upon the taking of water service and/or sewer service, shall be bound thereby.


(a)       "Clean Out" as used herein shall mean the access point to the customer's gravity sewer
(b)       "Commercial Usage" as used herein shall mean all non-residential uses .
(c)       "Company" as used herein is Aqua Virginia, Inc.
(d)       "Custom~r" as used herein is any party contracting for and receiving water and/or sewer
          service through a connection .
(e)       An "Equivalent Residential Connection" (ERC) is defined as .400 gallons per day of
          usage which may be served by a 1/4"x 5/8" meter with a nominal peak flow of 20 GPM.
          The number of equivalent units shall be detennined as follows:
                             % x 1/4" Metered Service           I      ERC
                                  I" Metered Service           2Y2     ERC's
                                1 !/2" Metered Service          5      ERC's
                                  2" Metered Service            8      ERC's
                                  3" Metered Service           16      ERC's
                                  4" Metered Service =         25      ERC's
                                  6" . Metered Service =       50      ERC's
          "Inactive Connection" as used herein is any service connection which is not being used
          by the customer to provide service regardless of the reason.
(g)       "Normal Household Requirements" as used herein shall mean indoor water usage for
          non-nal cooking and sanitary purposes only.
(h)       "Owner" as used herein is any party who is the legal owner of the premises ~for which the
          Company is providing water or sewer service. -
(i)       "Premises" as used herein shall mean :
          1 . a single lot; and/or
          2. a building under one roof, owned or leased by one party and occupied as one
             residence or business ; or

Filed :                                                             Effective:

                            The Virginia State Corporation coninlissioll
Aqua Virginia, Tnc.             Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                             Page 14

          3 . a combination of buildings, owned or leased by one party in one common enclosure, I-A
              occupied by one family or business, exclusive of apartment houses ;'or
          4. the one side of a double house, having a solid vertical partition wall ; or
          5 . a building owned or leased by one party, of more than one apartment, and using in
              common one hall and one entrance; or
          6. a building owned or leased by one party, having a number of apartments or offices
             and using in common one hall and one or more means of entrance; or
          7. a building owned or leased by one party, having a number of apartments, offices or
             lofts which are rented to tenants; or
          8. a combination of contiguous apartment buildings owned or leased' by one party
             having a nw-nber of apartments which are rented to tenants; or
          9. 'a public building such as a town hall, school house, fire engine house, etc.; or
          10. a single lot or park or playground; or
          11 . each-building in a row having common walls.
          A "Service Connection" is a pipe used to supply a single prerri~ise only and no premises
          shall be supplied by more than one service connection. unless agreed upon between the
          owners and the Company.
          1 . A water service connection is the water service line and the service outlet connecting
              the Company's water main or lateral to an owner's service line to their premises .
          2. A sewer service connection is the sewer lateral connecting the Company sewer lateral
             to an owner's sewer service ; the Company's sewer lateral shall end at the property
             line .
(k)       "Service Outlet" as used herein shall mean-the yoke, yoke valve (including the meter) or
          curb stop as provided by the Company. Where a yoke, yoke valve or curb stop is not
          provided, then it shall mean the corporation stop at the main.
(1)       "Termination of Service" as used herein shall mean the disconnection and permanent loss
          of service to a premise.
(m)       "Unapproved Source" shall mean any water source or storage facility which is not
          approved by the Virginia Department of Health.

Filed :                                                               Effective :

                           The Virginia State Corporation Commission
Aqua N/Irginia, Inc.             Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                              Page 15


(a)       Before a water or sewer service connection is-provided, the owner of tile premises to be
          supplied, or his duly authorized representative, shall make application for water and/or
          sewer service upon forms prescribed by the Company . Upon approval of the application,
          payment of the connection charges and the providing of any necessary easernents or
          right-of-ways, the Company will install the appropriate residential size %" x 1/4" service
          connection from the main to the service outlet and/or sewer tap from the main to the .
          customer's property line provided additional water connections are allowed on the system
          by the Virginia Department of Health and sewer connections are allowed by the Virginia
          Department of Environmental Quality. All other connections larger than      x 1/4" may be
          constructed by the Company or the customer as a matter ofagreement in accordance with
          the terrns of the Connection Fee Schedule .
(b)       The corporation cock, yoke valve, yoke, meter, meter bo x and service pipe from the
          water main to the service outlet shall remain the property of the'Company'and under its
          sole jurisdiction . Meters will be installed in a: utility easement, provided by the customer,
          whichis adjacent to and parallel to the. water main or highway right-of-way ; or in a
          public right-of-way . The Company reserves the right to determine the location of the
          meter and service connection .and characteristics of any easements if required .
(c)       The service connection from the main, to and including'th~ service outlet, will be
          maintained by the Company at its expense.
(d)       Any damage done to the service connection by the. customer or his agents will be repaired
          by the Company at the expense of the customer. -
(e)       these rules and regulations shall not apply to special connections for fire service and
          services of a temporary nature . Such special connections for fire service and services of a
          temporary nature shall be installed, maintained, replaced and removed at the expense of
          the owner, but such installation shall be subject to approval by the Company-


(a)       The Company will specify the size, kind and quality of the materials which shall be laid
          between the service outlet and the structures on the prernises to be supplied .
(b)       The service pipe from the service outlet to the place of consumption shall be ftirmshcd
          and installed by the customer at his expense and risk.
(c)       The customer's service pipes and all connections and fixtures attached thereto may be
          subject to the inspection and approval of the Company before the water will be turned on.

Filed :                                                                Effective:

                           The Virginia State Corporation Commission

AqL1 .1 Virginia . Inc.          Rates, Rules wid Rec,ulations
                                                                                                Page 16

(d)       The customer's service pipe shall be laid at all points at least three feet (Y) below the
          final surface grade of the ground and shall be installed in a trench at least ten feet (10') if]
          a horizontal direction from any sewer trench and two feet (2') from any other trench
          unless otherwise specifically authorized or approved by the Company . In backfilling the
          trench, rock or ashes shall not be permitted within one foot (P) of the service pipe and
          clean soil shall be filled into a depth of at least one foot (l') over the service pipe. All
          installations shall conform to Commonwealth of Virginia Waterworks Regulations .
(e)       The customer shall install a stop and waste cock for their use of a type approved by the
          Company on the service pipe immediately inside the foundation wall of the building
          supplied, or immediately outside the foundation in a suitable tile or vault, and so1ocated
          as to be easily accessible to the occupants and to provide proper drainage for all of the
          pipe lines in the building and the meter if installed in the building .
          In the event additional equipment .is necessary in order to transmit, transfer or otherwise
          move waste generated by the .prernises to the transmission 'main in the street, the
          customer shall be responsible for the installation, according to Company specifications,
          and shall own alf such equipment The Company reserves the right to determine the
          location of the sewerage service connection, grinder pump locations and characteristics of
          any casements if required . The Company will make all connections to its mains and will
          specify the size, kind and quality of all materials entering into the water service
          connection .
(g)       Any repairs, maintenance, replacement or relocation necessary on the custonier's service
          pipes or fixtures in or upon the customer's premises shall be performed by the customer
          at his expense and risk.


(a)       The plumbing on all premises supplied from the Company's water system shall conforal
          to the Commonwealth of Virginia Sanitary Code, and any county or city sanitary code
          that may be applicable.
(b)       The Company will operate a continuing cross-connection control and backflow
          prevention program as required by the Commonwealth of Virginia Waterworks
          Regulations. Upon request the customer shall furmsh the Company pertinent infori-nation
          regarding the piping system on the premise. If this information indicates a possible
          source of contamination, the customer shall have installed at his expense the proper
          cross-connection and backflow prevention assemblies . The custorner shall submit proof
          satisfactory to the Company that this has been done. Failure to install appropriate cross-
          connection and backflow prevention assemblies may result in termination of water

Filed :                                                                 Effective:

                           The Virginia State Coij)orattion Conifiiiission
AqUil Vil-(Iillia 111C .        I~ates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                             Page 17

(c)       Each customer who has installed a backflow prevention device or low pressure cut-off
          device shall submit proof annually or as requested by the Company that the device has
          been thoroughly inspected and tested for proper operation in accordance with approved
          methods . Failure to provide satisfactory proof may result in ten-nination of water service .
(d)       No water service will be provided to a premise to which an unapproved water source is or
          may be connected . If reasonable cause exists that an unapproved source is connected to
          an existing custorner's water service, then upon notification by the Company to the
          customer water service shall be terminated to the premises unless the customer certifies
          to the satisfaction of the Company that there is no unapproved source or the unapproved
          source has been disconnected . The Company may request that the Owner or Customer
          allow company personnel to inspect the premises to detennine that appropriate action has
          been taken. Refusal by the customer or owner to allow an inspection will result in
          ten-nination of water service.
(e)       Where the customer is not the owner of the premises, then documentation may also be
          required from the owner in addition to the customer.


 (a)      The Company shall approve the type and size of any meter to be installed.
(b)       Meters, except those installed on private fire connections will be ftirnished, installed and
          removed by the Company and shall remain Company property.
 (c)      Where meters are installed within the building, the customer shall provide at his
          expense, a readily accessible and protected location for the installation of the meter at
          such a point as will control the entire supply to the premises, which location must be
          accessible to the Company as most convenient for its service. The customer must
          maintain the area around the meter location for ready access by the Company .
(d)       Meters will be maintained by the Company at it~ expense, except damage to any meter
          due to causes arising out of or caused by negligence or carelessness of the customer or
          his agent shall be paid for by the customer.
(e)       The Customer shall promptly notify tile Company of any defect in or damage to the
          meter or its connection .
(f)       If tile Customer requests a larger size meter than would ordinarily be installed, tile
          Company will comply, provided the customer pays the additional cost of installing the
          larger meter plus the incremental connection f~e cost between the requested size and the
          ordinary sizes as deten-nined by maximum theoretical meter flow rates (ERC).

FIlcd :                                                              Effective :

                           The Virginia State Coiporation Commission
Aqua Virginia . hic .          RatCS, RUIes and Regulations
                                                                                            Page 18H


 (a)      All meters are accurately tested before installation . Meters shall also be periodically
          tested in accordance with the Commission's Regulations. The Company may, at any
          time, remove any meter for routine tests, repairs or replacement.
 (b)      The Company shall, upon written request of the customer, and if he desires in his
          presence or that of his authorized representative, make without a charge, a test of the
          accuracy of the meter in use at his premises, provided that the meter has not been tested
          by the Company or by the Commission within a period of one year previous to such
          request, and that the customer will agree .to abide by the results of such test in the
          adjustment of disputed charges. A written report of the results of the test shall be
          furnished to the customer.
 (c)      Whenever a test of a meter reveals it to have an average error of more than two percent
          (2%), the Company shall bill or refund to the customer, as the case may be, such
          percentage of the amount of bills, covering the consumption indicated by the meter for
          the previous six (6) months, as the meter was f6und to be in error at the time. of the test.


 (a)      All applications for private -fire service connections and private fire hydrants shall be
          made in writing on application forms provided by the Company.
 (b)      The size and location of the private fire service connection must be approved by the
          Company as well as all backflow prevention equipment.
 (c)      The entire private fire service system shall be subject to the review and approval of the
          Company and satisfactory inspections and tests before service is made effective. The
          Company shall have the right to enter the premises at any reasonable time for the
          purpose of making an inspection of the entire fire service system . Any irregularities
          disclosed shall be cause for discontinuing service unless corrected by the customer
          within ten (10) days after written notice is given by the Company.
 (d)      No water shall be taken or used for any purpose other than for extinguishing fires, except
          for the purpose of testing firefighting equipment. Such test as mentioned above may be
          made only under special permit fi-om the Company, and the Company may require that
          its representative be present at such test .
(e)       Hydrants and other fixtures connected with a private fire service connection may be
          sealed by the Company and such seals shall be broken only in the case of fire or as
          specially permitted by tile Company, and the customer must immediately notify the
          Company of the breaking of the seal .

Ffled :                                                              Effective :

                          The Virginia State Corporation Coni.misstion
Aclua Virginla, Inc .           Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                              Page t9H

 (f)      The Company shall not in any way or under any circumstances, be held liable or
          responsible to any party for any losses or damage resulting from fire or water or other
          agency that may occur due to the installation or presence of a private fire service
          connection, or any pipe or fixture connected therewith; or for any losses or damage
          resulting from any leakage or other flow of water from said private fire service
          connection or any of the pipes or fixtures connected therewith; or for any losses or
          darnage'reSUlting from any excess or deficiency in pressure or supply of water due to any
          cause whatsoever.
 (g)      The Company may require metering of the fire line and or a detector check valve with
          by-pass, including meter installed on such by-pass, to .be installed by the customer just
          inside the building wall or other approved location on the customer's premises .
 (h)      The entire cost and expense of installing a private fire service coninection or a private fire
          hydrant shall be paid for by the customer, and any work done by the Company in
          connection therewith shall be at the expense and risk of the customer. The customer
          shall deposit with the Company, in advance, the appropriate fire service capacity fee in
          accordance with the terms outlined in schedule of rates and fees. The Company may, at
          the expense of the customer, make the tap at the main for its actual costs plus overheads .


 (a)      The Company may at any time require of any customer a cash deposit or other suitable
          guarantee to secure the performance by the customer of the terms and conditions of the
          Company under which service is supplied . The amount of the deposit shall be
          deten-nined in the following manner:
                An amount equal to the estimated bill for one regular billing period .
 (b)      The deposit will be refunded after final settlement of the customer's account and interest
          on the deposit will be paid as determined by the Commission annually from the date of
          the deposit receipt to the date the customer discontinues the use of water service.
(c)       Whenever the Company has determined that a customer's credit has been satisfactorily
          established for a one-year period, it shall apply the deposit to the customer's account
          with interest .
(d)       If the customer fails to maintain satisfactory credit with the Company, it may require a
          deposit from the customer which will be held until the customer has established
          satisfactory credit for a period of not less than one year.

Filed :                                                               Effective :

                          The Virorintia State Corporation Commission
                                                                                                       I   .~

Aqua Virginia, Inc .           Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                           Page 20


Where water service is available to lots serviced within the communities known as Lake Holiday
(The Summit), Lake Monticello, Lake Land 'Or and Shawnee Land, each of the owners of which
is obligated to pay a service availability fee. Accordingly, the owner shall pay a service
availability fee to the Company for each parcel (as detennined by the recorded subdivision plat).
Service shall be deemed to be available from the dates mains operating or ready for operation are
located adjacent to .or in the in-u-nediate vicinity of a premise, whether or not any connection has
been made.
As soon as sewer service is actually available to a parcel of real estate within areas where the
owner of which is obligated by contract, deed restriction or otherwise pay a service availability
fee, the owner shall pay a service availability fee to the Company as designated in Appendix A
for the particular system name . The period of time covered by these bills will be detennined by
the Company and shall be no less than one month.


 (a)      Service may be discontinued (tumed off) by the Company after ten (10) days written or
          printed notice for any of the following reasons :
          1.   For molesting or tampering by the customer, or others with the knowledge of the
               customer, with any meters, connection, service pipe, meter cock, seal, or any other
               appliance of the Company controlling or regulating the customer's service.
          2. - For failure to provide the Company's employees free and -reasonable access to the
               premises supplied, or for obstructing the way of ingress to the meter. or other
               appliances controlling or regulating the .customer's water supply.
          3.   For non-payment of any account ten (10) days past due for water supplied, or for
               any fee or charge accruing under these Rules and Regulations and the effective
               Schedule of Rates.
          4.   For violation of any rule or regulation of the Company.
          5.   For failure to comply in any way with the Company's cross-connection and
               backflow prevention control program.
(b)       Water service may be discontinued immediately and without notice at the sole discretion
          of the State or local Health Department or the Company if there is a potential or existing
          health risk to the system's customers .
(c)       Discontinuing the supply of water to a premises for any reason'sliall not prevent the
          Company from pursuing any lawftil rernedy by action at law or otherwise for the
          collection of moneys due fi-orn the customer .

Filed :                                                             Effective :

                          The Virainia State CotI)oration Commissioll
Aqua Virginia, hic.             Rates, lWes and Regulatiolis
                                                                                            Page 21

 (d)      When service to a premises has been discontinued for any of the above stated reasons, it
          will be renewed only after the conditions circumstances or practices which caused tlie-~~
          water service to be discontinued are corrected to the satisfaction of the Company, and
          upon payment of all charges against the premises due and payable in accordance with
          these Rules and Regulations and the effective Schedule of Rates.
 (e)      The customer shall notify the Company when the premises are vacant and the water
          service discontinued . Minimum Charges to retain water service as outlined in the Rates
          Section will not stop unless the owner requests that water service be discontinued .


When a new customer requests that an account for water service be transferred into their name,
then a service charge stated in the Schedule of Rates will be applied to the new account to cover
administrative costs . This fee is notA pplicable to new connections .


(a)       When it has been necessary to discontinue water service to any premises because of a
          violation of these Rules and Regulations, .or because of non-payment of any bill, or when
          water service has been discontinued at the request of the customer, the charge stated in
          the Schedule of Rates will be required during normal scheduled working hours; and this
          charge, together with all other amounts which may be due the Company by the
          customer, must be paid before the water will be restored .
(b)       If, at die tirne of such discontinuance of service for nonpayment of bill, the customer
          does not have a deposit with the Company, the Company may require a deposit as a
          guarantee of the payment of future bills, as set forth in Rule No. 8, before the water will
          be turned on.
(c)       Reconnection. charges during normal scheduled working hours associated with customer
          requests for temporary service disconnection, seasonal customers, as well as non-
          payment and rules violation situations, will be*$50.00.
(d)       Turn-on or turn-offs for reasons other than nonpayment of a bill requested by the
          customer after 4 :00 p .m. on weekdays, or during nonscheduled working hours will be
          paid by die customer at a cost of $ 100.00.


(a)       Customers are responsible for furnishing the Company with their correct address. Failure
          to receive bills will not be considered an excuse for non-payrnent nor permit an
          extension of the date when tli~ account will be considered delinquent .

Filed :                                                             Effective :

                          'rhe Virginia State Corporation Commission
                                                                                                         l~ .~
                                                                                                         1~ k

Aqua Virginia . Inc .           Rates, I~ules and Ikegulations
                                                     Z-                                                  p4
                                                                                            Page 22
                                                                                                   ,~ .A
(b)       If bills are to be sent to an address other than the premises served, the Company should o~
          be notified in writing by the customer of any change of address.
(c)       If requested in writing by the owner (in a form acceptable to the Company), the
          Company may send bills to, and may receive payments fi7om, agent or tenants. However,
          this accommodation will in no way relieve the customer of the liability for all charges,
          and the Company shall not be obligated to notify the customer of tile non-payment of
          bills by such agents or tenants.
(d)       Payment shall be made by mail or through other Company authorized payment locations .
(e)       The Company reserves the right to correct any bills rendered in error as to service
          supplied .
(f)       Each "Premises" as described in Rule No. I shall be billed separately for service.

(g)       If the meter shoOld fail to register for any reason, or if the meter reader should be unable
          to. gain admittance to the premises at the . time the meter is due to be read, an estimated
          bill will be submitted.
(h)       Meters will be read and bills issued . in arrears of Water usage. Tile period of -time
          covered by these bills will be determined by the Company and shall be no less
          than one month. .
(i)       'Water for building purposes will be furnished by meter measurements only, and
           all water for building purposes must pass through one and the same meter. A
           suitable* deposit, the amount to be determined by the Company, may be required .


(a)       Bills for service shall be due and payable 20 days from the date on which bills are
          mailed or hand delivered.
(b)       If a bill is not paid within 10 days after written or printed notice properly given by the
          Company to the customer of record, the account - w ill be delinque'nt, service may be
          discontinued and the meter removed by the Company, and the deposit, if any, may be
          applied against such bill and any other arrears due by the customer:


Whenever a check tendered by a customer in payment of his bill is returned by the bank on
which it is drawn unpaid, for any reason, the additional charge stated in the Schedule of Rates
shall be added to the customer's bill .

Filed :                                                              Effective:

                          The Virginia State Corporation C011111"Itssion
Aqua Virginia, tric.            Rates ., Rules and Regulations
                                                                                           Page 23, .


If a bill is not paid by the due date as indicated on the water bill, the Company will charge one
and one-half percent (1-1/2%) per month late payment charge on the unpaid balance .
Appropriate calculation of this late payment charge shall be made at the time of each successive,
usual billing date, and the amount of such charge included as a separately identified item upon
the current bill. The charge for late payment shall be calculated from the billing date. Payments
will be applied to Late Payment charges first.


There shall be no abatement of the minimum water or sewer rates, hi whole or in part, by reason
of the extended absence of the customer, unless the customer has requested that such service be
discontinued . No abatement shall be made for leaks or for water wasted by improper or damaged
service pipes or fixtures belonging to the customer; except for the following cases:
(a)       In the residential and commercial classifications, a onetime adjustment will be considered
          for an underground leak. This adjustment will be based upon fifty percent (50%) of the
          excess in billed amounts as calculated from the previous three (3) consecu tive billing
          periods. Adjustments will not be .considered for new cQnstruction where the' permanent
          resident has occupied the property for less than one (1) year. '
(b)       In the residential classification, a onetime per five (5) year period adjustment will be
          considered for a leaking toilet fixture. This adjustment will be based upon fifty percent
          (50%) of the excess in billed amounts as calculated from the previous three (3)
          consecutive billing periods. Adjustments will not be considered for new construction
          where the pem-ianent resident has occupied the property for less than One (1) year .
In each case where an adjustment is considered, satisfactory proof of repairs must be provided by
the customer prior to processing such adjustment .


(a)       The Company does not guarantee a sufficient or uniforrii. pressure, or an uninterrupted
          supply of water, and customers are cautioned to provide sufficient storage of water
          where an absolutely uninterrupted supply must be assured .
(b)       In high level sections where pressure is low the customer shall, if lie desires a higher
          pressure than that furnished at the mains of the Company, install at his own expense a
          tank and/or booster pump, of a type and installation approved by the Company. This

 i led:                                                             Effective :

                           The Virgintia . State Corporation Coniiiiission
MILIa VII-01nia, 111C .           Rates. Rules and Regu lati oils
                                                                                               Page 24,

            equipment shall be installed in such a rnarmer that a negative pressure cannot be induced ;,
            on the Company's facilities at any time.

(c)         Where the pressure to a customer's premises is greater than he wishes, it shall be his
            responsibility to install the proper regulating device to reduce the pressure to the extent
(d)         The Company is not responsible for any damage caused by the customer's failure to
            protect his installation against the potential dangers of water under pressure .
(e)         The Company is not responsible for damage to the customer's property caused . by
            freezing of water in the pipes .


(a)         The Company may at any, time shut off the water in the mains in case of accident, or for
            the purpose of making connections, alterations, repairs, changes, or other reasons, and
            may restrict the use of water to reserve a sufficient supply for public fire service or other
            emergencies whenever the public welfare may require it.
(b)         While it is the intention of th e- Company to give notice in advance of any -work which
            must be done that will necessitate any prolonged interruption of the supply, such notice
            is to be considered an accommodation and not a requirement on the part of the
            Company. Owners must so regulate their installations connected with the water supply
            system that damage will not occur if water is shut off without notice.
(c)         The Company will undertake to use reasonable care and diligence in order to prevent
            an d avoid interruptions and fluctuations in the service, but it cannot and does not
            guarantee that such will not occur.
(d)         The Company is not respon~ible for any darnage to the custorner's property caused by
            interruptions in the supply of water.
(e)         The Company is not responsible for any damage to the customer's premises or .property
            due to emergency work or natural upset on the system which may result in discolored
            water or the transport of foreign matter into a customer's plumbing.


      (a)     Where the Company is the owner of the sewer collection system, the Company shall
              review and approve the entire grinder pump system from the grinder pump to tile
              Company's sewer main or manhole, including the location of any grinder pump to be

Filed :                                                                EffectiVe :

                            'rhe Virginia State Corporation Conlillissioll
Aqua Virginia, hic .             1.1ates, Rules and Re21,11MI011s
                                                                                            Page 250-'
               installed. No Grinder pump shall be located inside a building.        The custorner isk"
               responsible for the proper operation of the grinder purnp system .
      (b)      fn the event a grinder pump is not working properly (including overflow at the purnp,
               a back-up in the line, or the sounding of an alarm connected to the grinder pump
               system), the owner(s) shall advise the Company of that fact, in which case the
               Company will respond to grinder purnp alarms or calls. The Company will'then
               assess the situation and take actions to protect the area from contamination.
      (c)      There will be no charge for the Company's initial response to a customer call or
      (d)      The Company shall be entitled to charge a fee to each customer that owns a grinder
               pump who wishes to have the Company perfon-n repair or replace the grinder pump.
               This fee shall be the actual cost to the Company for the repair or replacement and
               shall include overheads . This fee may be added to the regular utility bills.


(a)         The service pipes, meter and fixtures on the customer's premises shall be accessib.le to
            the Company for observation or inspection at reasonable hours.
(b)         No person shall turn the water on or off at any street valve, corporation cock, meter cock
            or other connection, or disconnect or remove any meter or disturb any connection pipe or
            service line without the consent .of the Company . Penalties provided by law for any such
            unauthorized action will be rigidly enforced. Charges for estimated waier use,
            investigation costs and administrative charges may also be ' applied and required to be
            paid prior to water service being reinstated .
(c)         Employees of the Company are expressly forbidden to demand or accept any
            compensation for any service rendered to its customer except as covered by its Rules and
            Regulations and effective Schedule of Rates . '
(d)         No employee or agent of the Company shall have the right or authority to bind it by any
            promise, agreement or representation contrary to the letter or intent of these Rules and
            Regulations .
(e)         There shall be no sewer billing credits or adjustments made for the use of water for
            purposes other than non-nal household requirements.
(f)         Failure of the Company to enforce any provision of this tariff does not affect the
            enforcement or legal status of any other provisions of this tariff.
(g)         Any complaint against the service or employees of the Company should be made at the
            office of the Company and preferably in writing .

Filed :                                                               Effective :

                            The Virainia State Corporation Commission
Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Rates, Rules and ReGulations
                                                   n                                                  H
                                                                                          Page 26


The Company will extend its water distribution systems of mains and laterals to supply
consumers, where application for service has been made, under the following terrns and
conditions :
(a)       Where the cost of the extension does not exceed* three and one-half times the estimated
          non-nal annual consumption revenue from bona fide applicants whose service pipes will
          be directly connected to the extension and from whom the Company has received
          applications for service upon forrns provided by the Company for this purpose, the
          Company will install, at its own cost and expense, the necessary extension .
(b)       Where the cost of making an extension exceeds three and one-half times the estimated
          normal annual"revenue, the applicant or applicants shall deposit with the Company the
          excess cost of the extension, that is, the difference between the estimated cost of the
          extension and three and one-half times the estimated non-nal annual revenue from the
          applicant or applicants and other persons whose applications are received on or before
          the work of making the extension has begun .
(c)       Any deposit so made shatl remain without interest, in the possession of the Company,
          subject to refands as follows : After the completion of the extension when and as
          additional bona fide consuiers are secured whose service lines are directly connected to
          such extension, the Company will refund to the original depositor or depositors an
          amount equal to three and one-half times the estimated annual revenue from such
          additional consumers . Refunds will be made for a period of ten years only from date of
          original deposit, and the total of such refunds will in no event exceed the amount of the
          original deposit. All or any part of the deposit not refunded within said ten year period
          shall remain the property of the Company .
(d)       The ownership of the extensions installed under this rule shall at all times be the
          Company, its successors and assigns .
(e)       The Company reserves the right to determine the design necessary in making such
          extension including future growth potential .
(f)       The costs for making such extensions shall include but not be limited to legal,
          administrative engineering, easement acquisition, taxes and construction costs including
          any assessments for facility upgrades .


This rule applies in particular to new connections such as subdivisions, apartment buildings and
large commercial establishments, or extensions that will require a substantial increase in

Filed :                                                            Effective:

                          The Virginia State Coil)oration Commission .
Aqua Virginia, Inc .         Rates, Rules and RCgUlatlons
                                                                                       Pagc 27'~

waterworks or sewer works infrastructure or capacity. The installation of the system upgrades ;
and expansion shall be a matter of agreement between the Company and the custorner . (Ex, see
Lake holiday, Appendix A) The Company may require a new customer to deposit with the
Company an advance for construction in addition to payment of the connection fee. Tile size of
the deposit and the details of repayment shall be a matter of agreement between the Company
and the customer. The deposit shall remain without interest, in the possession of the Company,
subject to refunds in accordance with the agreement between the Company and the Customer.
Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, refunds will be made for a period of three years
only from the date of the original deposit, and the total of such refunds will in no event exceed
the amount of the original deposit.


a) Customer service representatives are available to answer questions weekdays between 7 :30
   a.m . and 5 p .m. at 877 .WTR .AQUA or 877.997 .2782 . For emergencies, after hours and
   holidays customers can reach the Company using the same number.

b) The Company will maihtain a record of the types of complaints received i n its Customer
   Information System (CIS). When an inquiry, service request, or complaint' is received in
   verbal form the Company shall record the contact in CIS and retain all information for a
   minimum of two years.

c) If the customer is not satisfied and wishes to pursue the complaint further, they shall be
   advised that they may contact the State Corporation Commission via telephone (1 -800-552-
   7945) .

Filed :                                                          Effective :

                        The Virginia State Corporation Commission
Aqua Virginia, Inc .            Rates, Rules and Regula6ons
                                                                                           Page 28

                                          W. System Listing

                                            Water Systems

                                                Group 0

      System Name              Town/Subdivision       Company Name                  Coun

  I   Dutch Hollow             Dutch Hollow           Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc.   Culpepper
 2    Avondale                 Avondale               Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
 3    Avondale                 Robin Ridge            Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
 4    Avondale                 Swannanoa              Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
 5    Cherrydale               Cherrydale             Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
 6    Cherrydale               Cherrydale West        Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
 7    Cherrydale               Liberty Hall Hills     Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
 8    Colonial Forest          Colonial Forest        Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
 9    Columbia                 Town of Columbia       Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Fluvanna
10    Country Club Estates     Country Club Estates   Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Spotsylvania
II    Highpoint Farms          Highpoint Farms        Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
12    Hollyridge               Hollyridge             Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
13    Lively                   Lively Oaks            Sydnor Hydrodynam=ics, Inc.   Lancaster
14    Lively                   Town of Lively         Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Lancaster
15    Lucy's Cove              Lucy's Cove            Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Middlesex
16    Mayfore                  Franklin Acres         Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Franklin
17    Nelson Park              Charleston Heights     Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    York
18    Raineer Estates          Raineer Estates        Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
19    Raineer Estates          Studley Farms          Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
20    Rivers Bend Estates      Rivers Bend Estates    Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Northumberland
21    Spring Meadows           Bell Creek Estates     Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
22    Spring Meadows           Bell Creek North       Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
23    Spring Meadows           Meadowgate             Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
24    Walnut Grove             Walnut Grove           Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover

Filed :                                                             Effective :

                             The Virginia State Corporation Commission
Aqua Virginia, Inc.
         C)                    Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                             Page 29

                                                Group 1

     System Name             Town/Subdivision          Company Name                   Coun

1    Apple Tree Village      Apple Tree Village        Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Botetourt
2    Apple Tree Village      Highland Manor            Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Botetourt
3    Apple Tree Village      Hunters Green             Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Botetourt
4    Apple Tree Village      Orchard Hill              Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Botetourt
5    Apple Tree Village      Runaway Village           Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Botetourt
6    Apple Tree Village      Steeple Chase             Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Botetourt
7    Apple Tree Village      Tinkerview                Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Botetourt
8    Brookwood Manor         Brookwood Manor           Aqua Virginia, Inc.            New Kent
9    Manakin Farms           Cedar Grove               Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Goochland
10   Manakin Farms           Hillside Estates          Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Goochland
     Manakin Farms           Manakin Farms             Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Goochland
12   Manakin Farms           Park at Manakin Wds       Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Goochland
13   Powhatan Courthouse     Powhatan Courthouse       Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Powhatan
14   Shawnee Land            Shawnee Land              Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Frederick
15   Gwynnfield              Gwynnfield                Sydnor Hydrodynamics,   Inc.   Essex
16   Mallard Bay             Mallard Bay               Sydnor Hydrodynamics,   Inc.   Northumberland
17   Maryfield               Maryfield                 Sydnor Hydrodynamics,   Inc.   Essex
18   Mill Qtr Plantation     Mill Quarter Plantation   Sydnor Hydrodynamics,   Inc.   Powhatan
19   Millers Square          Millers Square            Sydnor Hydrodynamics,   Inc.   Essex
20   Pagebrook               Pagebrook                 Sydnor Hydrodynamics,   Inc.   Goochland
21   Queenslake              Parkway Estates           Sydnor Hydrodynamics,   Inc.   York

                                        Group 2

     System Name             Town/Subdivision          Company Name                   County

 I   Blue Ridge Heights      Blue Ridge Heights        Aqua Virginia, Inc             Botetourt
 2   Campbell's Creek        Campbell's Creek          Aqua Virginia, Inc             Caroline

Filed:                                                                Effective :

                           The Virginia State Corporation CoiTu-nission
Aqua Virghila, Inc.          Rates, Rules and Re-Ulations
                                                                                       Page 30

                               Group 2 (cont.)

     System Name           Town/Subdivision         Company Name                  County

3    Cedarbrook            Cedarbrook               Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Culpeper
4    Five Lakes            Five Lakes               Aqua Virginia, Inc.           New Kent
5    Indian River          Indian River             Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Chesapeake
6    Lake Land'Or          Bridlewoods              Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Caroline
7    Lake Land'Or          Countryside Apartments   Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Caroline
8    Lake Land'Or          Lake Heritage            Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Caroline
9    Lake Land'Or          Lake Land'Or             Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Caroline
10   Lake Monticello       Acres                    Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Fluvanna
II   Lake Monticello       Lake Monticello          Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Fluvanna
12   Lake Monticello       Nahor Village            Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Fluvanna
13   Lake Monticello       Piedmont Village         Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Fluvanna
14   Lake Monticello       Sycamore Square          Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Fluvanna
15   Lake Wilderness       Lake Wilderness          Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Spotsylvania
16   Oakwood / Parkview    Cobblestone              Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Botetourt
17   Oakwood / Parkview    Oakwood / Parkview       Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Botetourt
18   Rainbow Forest        Clearview                Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Botetourt
19   Rainbow Forest        Rainbow Forest           Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Botetourt
20   Stratford Place       Stratford Place          Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Botetourt
21   White Oak             Thorriblade              Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Botetourt
22   White Oak             White Oak                Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Botetourt
20   Windy Gap             Windy Gap                Aqua Virginia, Inc.           Franklin
21   Crossroads            Crossroads               Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc.   Orange
22   Merrimac South        Merrimac South           Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc.   Culpeper
23   Black Creek           Black Creek              Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    King William
24   Carver Gardens        Carver Gardens           Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    York
25   Churchill             Churchill                Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Culpeper
26   Cobbs Shores          Cobbs Shores             Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Mathews
27   Hanover Farms         Hanover Farms            Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Hanover
28   Kinsale               Kinsale                  Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Westmoreland
29   Nelson Park           Nelson Park              Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    York
30   Queenslake            Queenslake               Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    York
31   York Terrace          York Terrace             Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.    York

Filed :                                                           Effective :

                          The Virginia State Corporation Commission
Aqua Virginia, hic.          Rates, Rules aiid Re(yUlatiO11S                                       PA
                                                                                         Page 31

                                     Group 3

     System Name          Town/Subdivision         Company Name                   Coun

I    Achsah Acres         Achsah Acres             Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Madison
2    Alonzaville          Alonzaville              Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Shenandoah
3    Ashmore/ Rixlcy      Ashmore/ Rixley          Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Culpeper
4    Back Road            Back Road                Aqua Virginia, Inc .           Shenandoah
5    Catalpa              Catalpa                  Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Culpeper
6    Edinburg Extended    Edinburg Extended        Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Shenandoah
7    Gravel Town          Gravel Town              Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Shenandoah
8    Heritage Estates     Heritage Estates         Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Culpeper
9    Holler               Holler                   Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Shenandoah
10   Lake Shawnee         Lake Shawnee             Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Powhatan
11   Masscnutten View     Massenutten View         Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Shenandoah
12   Northtown Village    Northtown Village        Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Culpeper
13   Oak Park/Leon        Oak Park/Leon            Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Madison
14   Ryan                 Ryan                     Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Shenandoah
15   Smith Creek          Smith Creek              Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Shenandoah
16   Summit               Lake Holiday (Summit)    Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Frederick
17   Swover Creek         Swover Creek             Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Shenandoah
18   Valley View          Valley View              Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Madison
19   Westover             Westover                 Aqua Virginia, Inc.            Culpeper
20   Forestview           Forestview               Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
21   Lewis Mountain       Lewis Mountain           Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc.    Culpeper
22   Poplar Comers        Poplar Comers            Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
23   Salem Woods          Salem Woods              Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc.    Culpeper
24   Wildwood Forest      Wildwood Forest          Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc.    Culpeper
25   Cedar Pointe         Cedar Pointe             Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.     Middlesex
26   Oak Springs          Oak Springs              Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.     King William
27   Oak Springs          Parkwood Estates         Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.     King William
28   Oak Springs          Rose Garden Estates      Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.     King William
29   Oak Springs          Rosewood Estates         Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc.     King William
30   Whitestone           Rivers Landing           Sydno.r Hydrodynamics, Inc.    Lancaster
31   Woodruff             Woodruff                 Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    King William

Filed :                                                          Effective :

                         The Virginia State Corporation Conunission

Aqua Virginia, Inc .           Rates, Rules and R.C111.11aflons
                                                                                        Pa ge 32
                                                                                           4       ~A

                                      Group 4
     System Name            Town/Subdivision          Company Name                County

I    Ball Point             Ball Point                Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
2    Bell Acres             Bell Acres                Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Richmond
3    Black Stump            Black Stump               Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
4    Bon Harbor             Bon Harbor                Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
5    Brown's Store          Brown's Store             Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
6    Bunker Hill            Bunker Hill               Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Richmond
7    Burgess                Burgess                   Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
8    Bushfield              Bushfield                 Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Westmoreland
9    Chesapeake Bay Est.    Chesapeake Bay Estates    Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
10   Churchfields           Churchfields              Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
II   Cove Colony            Cove Colony               Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
12   Daingerfield           Daingerfield              Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Essex
13   Earlysville Forest     Earlysville Forest        Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Albemarle
14   Elsinore               Elsinore                  Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Caroline
15   Foxwells               Foxwells                  Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
16   Glebe Point            Glebe Point               Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
17   Glendale Acres         Glendale Acres            Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Charles City
18   Granite Hall Shores    Granite Hall Shores       Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Mecklenburg
19   Indian Creek           Indian Creek              Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
20   Tartan                 Kingsland                 Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
21   Lancaster Shores       Lancaster Shores          Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
22   Luttreville            Luttreville               Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Richmond
23   Peete River            Peete River               Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Mecklenburg
24   Pleasant View Estates Pleasant View Estates      Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Richmond
25   Reedville              Town of Reedville         Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
26   School Hse Meadows     School House Meadows      Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Richmond
27   Tartan                 Tartan                    Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
28   Tartan                 The Greens                Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
29   Weems                  Weems                     Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Lancaster
30   Wicomico Church        Wicomico Church           Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
31   Wicomico Ridge         Wicom~ico Ridge           Aqua Virginia, Inc.         Northumberland
32   Windsor Park           Windsor Park              Aqua Virginia, Inc.         New Kent

Filed :                                                             Effective :

                           The Virginia State Corporation Commission
Aqua Virginia, Inc .
         0                     Rates, Rules and Re-,Ulations
                                                                                            Page 33

                                     Group 4 (cont.)
     System Name             Town/Subdivision          Company Name                   County
33   Drysdale                Drysdale                  Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Fauquier
34   Gibson Mills            Gibson Mills              Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
35   Hazel River             Hazel River               Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
36   Mountain View           Mountain View             Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
37   Norman Acres            Norman Acres              Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
38   Overlook Heights        Overlook Heights          Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
39   Pelham Manor            Pelham Manor              Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
40   Springwood              Springwood                Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Culpeper
41   Wolftrap                Wolftrap                  Skyline/Aqua Virginia, Inc .   Orange
42   Academy Road            Academy Road              Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Powhatan
43   Callao                  Callao                    Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Northumberland
44   Chesapeake Shores       Chesapeake Shores         Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Mathews
45   Corbin Lewis            Corbin Lewis              Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Lancaster
46   Crozier                 Crozier                   Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Goochland
47   Heathsville             Heathsville               Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Northumberland
48   Irvington               Town of Irvington         Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Lancaster
42   James River Estates     James River Estates       Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Goochland
43   Lakeside Village        Lakeside Village          Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Cumberland
44   Lancaster Courthouse    Lancaster Courthouse      Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Lancaster
45   Lottsburg               Lottsburg                 Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Northumberland
46   Non-dni Bay Farrns      Nomini Bay Farrns         Sydnor Hydrodynan-dcs, Inc .   Westmoreland
47   Palmyra                 Palmyra                   Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Fluvanna
48   Rural Point             Breckenridge              Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Hanover
49   Rural Point             Greywood                  Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Hanover
50   Rural Point             Hartford Oaks             Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Hanover
51   Rural Point             Shelton Point             Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Hanover
52   Mayfield Farms          Burnside Farms            Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Hanover
53   Mayfield Farrns         Ellerson Farrns           Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Hanover
60   Mayfield Farrns         Mayfield Farms            Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Hanover
61   Spring Meadows          Spring Meadows            Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Hanover
62   Saluda                  Town of Saluda            Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Middlesex
63   Whitestone              Town of Whitestone        Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Lancaster
64   Whitestone              Wh~testone Beach          Sydnor Hydrodynamics, Inc .    Lancaster

Filed:                                                                Effective:

                            The Virginia State Corporation Commission
    Aqua Virgi~nia, Inc.       Rates, Rules and Re-Ulations
                                                                                        Page 34   $4

                              SEWER SYSTEMS

                                  Group 1

      System Name           Town/Subdivision         Company Name                 County
I      Campbell's Creek     Campbell's Creek         Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Caroline

                                  Group 2

      System Name           Town/Subdivision         Company Name                 County
I      Lake Land ~Tr        Bfidlewoods              Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Caroline
2      Lake Land Or         Countryside Apartments   Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Caroline
3      Lake Land Or         Lake Heritage            Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Caroline
4      Sununit              Lake Holiday             Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Frederick
5      Lake Monticello      Acres                    Aqua Virginia, Inc .         Fluvanna
6      Lake Monticello      Lake Monticello          Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Fluvanna
7      Lake Monticello      Nahor Village            Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Fluvanna
8      Lake Monticello      Piedmont Village         Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Fluvanna
9      Lake Monticello      Sycamore Square          Aqua Virginia, Inc.          Fluvanna

    F1 led:                                                         Effective :

                           The Virginia State Corporation Commission
 A(jUa Virginia . hic .           Rates, Rules and Re1YU I at Lions
                                                                                                Noe 35

                                            V. APPENDIX A

       Availability Charges and Other Fees Including Rules to Connect to Specific Systems

CONNECTION FEES - For all systems other than those listed separately below:
  Service Connection Fees:
       1 .   Service Connection
             1/4"                                                      $1,995 .00
       2. Connection fees .for larger meter settings will conform to Rule No .5

LAKE HOLIDAY - Lake Holiday, Summit System.
  Availability Fees for Vacant Lots :
  1 . A water availability fee of $10 .00 per month applies to all owners of lots serviced by
  2 . A sewer. availability fee of $10.00 per month applies to all owners of lots serviced by

       Water Service Connection Fees .
       1 . Single Family Dwelling:'                                      $5,000.00
       2. Connections other than single residential              Actual cost, but in no event
                                                                 less than $5,000 .00 .

       Sewerage -Service Connection Fees:
       1 . Single Family Dwelling :                                      $7,000.00
       2. Connections other than single residential              Actual cost, but in'no event
                                                                 less than $7,000 .00

1.     Main Extensions - General

The following terms and conditions shall govern the extension of water mains and the extension
of sewer mains in the Lake Holiday Development :
(a)     An application for an extension ofthe Company's water or sewer mains must be made
        by a bona fide applicant ("Applicant"), meaning a person or entity that owns one or
        more lots that desire to take service directly from the main for which extension Is
        requested. The Company may require the Applicant to complete application forms and
        agreements which the Company shall provide for this purpose .
 (b)         The Applicant must initially pay for the main extension and associated inspection costs .
             This requirement can be accomplished, at the election of the Company, by having the
             Applicant either :

Filed :                                                                Effective :

                             The Vir(l),inta State Corporation Coninitssion
ACILia Virginia, hic .         Rates, Rules and Regulatiolls
                                                                                            Page 36


         I . Pay a deposit to the Company in an amount sufficient to cover the cost of the work
             estimated by the Company, subject to a true-up provision that will equalize the final
             payment with the final cost; or
         2 . Retain a qualified contractor, approved by the Company, to construct the extension
             pursuant to the conditions and specifications of tile Company, along with the
             requirement that the contractor, upon completion of the work, will provide the
             Company with a certification confirming the payment of all fees due and owing and a
             certification of the actual cost of the work. Once installed, the extension shall be the
             property of the Company.

(c)      The Company- reserves the right to determine the size of the pipe necessary in making
         such extension.
(d)      The cost of a sewer extension shall include any grinder pumps or lift stations associated
         with that extension, as determined by the Company .
(e)      The cost of a water extension shall include any booster stations associated with that
         extension, as deterrilined by the Company.
(f)      The cost of the water extensions shall include the water service line that runs from
         the main to the curb, along with the curb stop and box. The Company shall
         provide and install the water meter . The Company shall install a meter pit, if a pit
         is specified by the Company; otherwise the lot Owner shall provide a proper
         bridge area (including inlet and outlet valve) along the internal piping in the home
         for the instatlation of the meter.
(g)      The cost of the sewer extension shall include the sewer lateral from the main to the curb .
(h)      Where the main or extension is to be installed in a private street, if applicable, the owner
         thereof shall provide, free of cost to the Company, an easement and a free, unobstructed
         and uninterrupted right of way for the installation, maintenance and extension of the
         main in such private street .

(i)      If the lot is not located in an area where a road is established, the'Company may require
         that a road be installed in connection with, and as a prerequisite to, the extension of tile
         main and the provision of service .
         When a lot is ready to take set-vice from the main extension, and as a prerequisite to the
         provision of service, the lot owner must pay the tap fee in the Company's tariffs that is
         effect at the tirne of construction .
(k)      When the main is extended in front of, or abutting, other lots that are not owned by the
         Applicant (herein called "Intervening Lots"), those lots shall become Availability Lots

Filed:                                                               Effective:

                          The Virottlia State Corporation Conimissi1011
                                                      I         1
Aqua Virginia, hic.              Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                              Page 37,~,


(1)        and shall be required, commencing when the . main is place in service, to pay the
           Availability Fee set forth in the tariff of the Company, as that fee is in effect at the time
           and from time to time thereafter .
(m)       When an Intervening Lot (or Lots) takes service, provided such service commences
          within 5 years of the date that the main extension is-placed in service to the Applicant,
          the utility shall make a payment to the Applicant in the amount of $1,000 per each
          Intervening Lot that connects to the main extension and takes service .

          Extension of Mains (Sections I A, 5B ; 5C, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12)

The terms and conditions set forth above as. Main Extensions - General shall also apply to the
installation ofmains in Sections IA, 513, 5C, 7, 9, 10, 11 and 12 of the Lake Holiday
Development, with the exceptions noted below. These exceptions and rules shall apply to the
Lake Holiday LLC and Lake Holiday Land, Inc and Miller and Smith (herein called the
"Established . Applicant") and any successor o r assigns taking title from the Established Applicant
or any other entity applying for a main extension in these specified areas:

(a)       The Established Applicant will not be entitled to any payment when Intervening Lots
          connect to the main extensions installed 'in these isections, nor will payments' for
          Intervening Lots be made in connection with the main extension that will extend service
          form Section 8A to Section 9, nor for the extension that will extend service from Section
          5B to 5C.
(b)       The Established Applicant shall .install the mains with a qualified contractor, subject to
          the conditions and specification of the Company that require installation in a
          workmanlike manner in accordance with good utility practice.
(c)       The Established Applicant will be required to provide reasonable land sites to the
          Company (in open space owned by the Established Applicant, as negotiated by the .
          parties in good faith) for the development of wells and the installation of treatment
          buildings, tanks, and lift stations, consistent with the Company's plan for expansion into
          the various quadrants of the development . It is recognized that the failure to provide
          land sites or delays in providing those sites, may affect the ability of the utility to
          provide service to new areas requesting main extensions.

      In addition, the Established Applicant owns certain lots in Sections ]A and 7, and shall
      commence paying Availability Fees and any applicable Utility Assessments on June 1, 2006,
      for any lot listed below, unless a dwelling has been substantially completed on the lot and is
      connected to the system :

Filed :                                                               Effective :

                           The Virginia State Corporation Commission
ACILia Virginia ., hic .           Rates, Rilles and Regulations
                                                                                             Page 38H


          Section 7        Lots   1167   through   1171
                           Lots   1172   through   1174 + 1133 + 1134
                           Lots   1135   through   1139
                           Lots   1140   through   1 142 + 1154 + .1155
                           Lots   1156   through   1160
                           Lots   1163   through   1166

          Section I        Lots 1248 through 1252
                           Lots 1253, 1256 through 1259

LAKE MONTICELLO - Lake Monticello, the Acres, Nahor Village & Sycamore Square .

     Availability Fees:
     1 . Charge - A total of $90 for the availability of water and sewer facilities will be assessed
         annually for each unimproved lot within Lake Monticello .

    2 . Credit - A prorated credit will be deducted from the one time application fee for the
        Service Company's administration cost if the applicant for customer. service is the same
        applicant that has' already paid the Annual Availability Fee.

    New Development Fee
      This fee is a one-time fee and will apply only to reserved areas and expanded areas to
      accommodate up to 5,000 lots at Lake Monticello where future development is anticipated.
      The fee will not be due until such time as the proposed development receives all necessary

          The new development fee is based on Equivalent Residential Connections (ERC).
                           New Development Fee (Water) : $427 .00 per ERC
                           New Development Fee (Sewer) : $694 .00 per ERC

    One -time Contribution to Capital
    1 . Single-Family -Each owner of a parcel of land located in the area to be served by the
        Company and designated for use by zorung, restrictive covenants or otherwise for a single-
        family residential structure, shall pay to the Company for a one-time contribution to capital
        the following amounts:
            a . $1,180 for the water system, payable upon correction to the water system, or earlier
                if required by written contract ; and

Filed :                                                                   Effective :

                            The Virainia State Corporation Commission
                                                                                                      k. ~

Aqua Virginia, Inc .            Rates, Rules and Regulations
                                                                                           Page 39


             b. $1,694 for the sewage system, payable upon connection to the sewage system, or
                earlier if required by written contact.

             In the event such contributions to capital are paid by A customer prior to actual
             connection to the water and/or sewer system either pursuant to written contract or
             otherwise, such contributions shall be in lieu of any connection charge and no
             additional contribution's to capital shall be required subsequently upon actual
             connection .

     2. Other than Single-Family Customers may connect to the water and sewer systems at Lake
          Monticello for commercial rates as follows :

                 5/8" Metered Service    $2,874          I " Metered Service = S .7,185
                 1 1/2" Metefed Service $ 14,370         2" Metered Service = $ 22,902
                 3" Metered Service =   $43,110          4" Metered Service =. $ 71,850
                 6" Metered Service = $ 143,700


    Availabili!y Charges - Availability charge shall be $18 .00 per year, payable in advance semi-
    annually. Payment shall begin on the first of the month following the installation of a service
    line to the lot and shall be prorated to the balance of the year .

    Connection Fees- (For th6 rightto connect to the main) shall be $395 .00 plus the cost of
    materials and labor to install the water line from the main to the property line, which costs
    shall not be more than $125 .00.

CAMPBELL'S CREEK- Campbell's Creek System

    Water Service Connection Fees :
    1 . Single Family Dwelling :                                $4,500.00
    2. Residential, Multiple Unit Dwelling:                     $4,250.00 per ERC
    3. Connection fees for larger meter settings will conform to Rule No.5

    Sewerage Service Connection Fees:
    1 . Single Family Dwelling :                      $ 1,000.00 Plus county costs
    9 Residential, Multiple Unit Dwelling:            $ 1,000.00 per ERC plus county costs
    3 . Connection fees for larger services will conforrn to Rule No .5 plus county costs

Filed :                                                              Effective:

                          Tile Virginia State Corporation Commission
ACILIa Virginia, In.c .        Rates, Rules and Regulat.1011s
                                                                                           Page 40

LAKE LAND 'OR - Lake Land Or, Bridlewoods & Countryside Apartments

     Availability Fees :
     1 . A water availability fee of $10.00 per month applies to all owners of lots with service.
     2. A sewer availability fee of $10.00 per month applies to all owners of lots with service.

    Water Service Connection Fees :
    1 . 3/4" Service Connection                                       $1,180-00
    2. Connections over 3/4 ", Actual cost,
                 to the Company but in no event less than:            $1,180 .00

    Sewage Service Connection Fees :
    1 . Single Family Dwelling :                                      $7,000 .00
    2. Connection fees for larger services, actual cost,
                to the Company but in no event less than :            $7,000.00

    New Development Charges
      (Reserved/Expanded areas)
             Water:         $330 .00 per ERC
             Sewer:          $460 .00 per ERC


    Service Connection Fees:
    1 . 3/4 inch service connection                                   $932 .00
    2 . Commercial connections or any connection over 1/4 inch:
           Actual cost. to company but. in no event less than         $932 .00

LAKE WILDERNESS - Lake Wilderness water system

    Service Connection Fees :
    I . 1/4" Residential Service Connection:                        $3,000.00
    2. Connection fees for larger meter settings will conform to .Rule No.5

Filed :                                                             Effective :

                          The Virginia State Corporation Commission
                                                                                  9 10 L Oftd 'm-mZt, ainpoLpS

LOT9                                  L9L'O L          09           699'C             oz                                                                     aiij ILIolqnS          LC
906'9                 OV179L          LLVL             9c           Z617'Z            Zt            OLIOZ      OL*LOZ          9      iIj    (1, w!J9lul)'Z JO JaleM VAV            9C
M                     LTZ9 .          96L              ZI,          99Z               t,            917*99     9117,99        C       J!d    (i,wij9jul)'ZdnoiE)jajeMVAV            gC
696'l,                01,1791,        Z6VZ             ZI,          M                                                         .9      iIj
                                                                                      17            OL*LOZ     OL'LOZ                        (i,wiiajul)'LdnoiE)iajeMVAV            VC
                                                                                                                                                       uoi)oalojd aiij 9)eA[Jd      CC
LLL'9179'Z                            CZV96C'Z         0917,89 1,   99Z,9cg,z         ozz 139 L                                                                   0=19 jeloj~-nS    LE
069'LE                I, t7,9 1,      66 I,'tIC        L6Z'Z        01,17,C9          L6Z'Z         .69171,    00,9C          l. >   Sam     (C W!Jalul) t7, dnojE) jaleM VAV       OC
t76C                  Z9,ZC           L9C              Z!,          91,117            Z!,            9L'6Z     179, 1,17        1,   woo     (C wijalul) 't7 dnojE) jaleAA VAV      6Z
t76C                  1, 17,9 1,      t9c              17Z          999               VZ            69't, L    00'sc          L>     LU00    (C u-i!jalul) 't, dnojE) jaleM VAV     gZ
L99,t,                90,9t,          809' L           got          C99,z             K 1,          69171,     00,9Z         ~jj     S98     (Z wijalul)'t, dnojE) jaleM VAV        LZ
C09, L                Z9,ZC           9C9,L            99           9sq, L            99            9L*6Z      J79, 1, 17      j,    Sam     (Z w!ja)ul) 'jp dnojE) jaleM VAV       9Z
t,Lt7'Lt7Z            I, V9 I,        Z99,VZZ          Leo's i,     o8c,sez           L I, L'S 1,   68171,     00*9Z          L>     Sam     (Z wijalul)'f7 dnojE) i9leM VAV        9Z
09C, L                ZC*C I, I,      Ut               Z I,         6CZ               Zt            6817 L     00,9Z         mJ      WOO     (Z w!jalul)'t7 dnojE) jaleM   VAV      t7Z
069'L                 Z0,901.         GLL'I,           9 1,         Z60'Z             91.           GZ'96      C67CI,         Z      woo     Q wpalul) It7 dnojE) J9leM    VAV      CZ
9Zo,C                 Z97C            W'Z              Z6           Z9 L,C            C6            9L'6Z      1791V          1,     woo     (z wpalul)',p dnojE) jaleM    VAV      ZZ
96Z'C L               LV91,           C9o,ZI,          ots          W,'91,            Me            69't, L    00,9Z          L>     woo     Q wpalul) 't, dnojE) jaleM    VAV      LZ
                      90*90                                         C9C               LL            68"VI,     LL'OZ         mj      Sam     (i, wijejul)'C dnojE) jaleMVAV         OZ
699'CGZ               Ltr,91,         docclez          C9117,9t     ZC'9'89Z          MV91,         69171,     LL*OZ         L>      Sam     (L W!ja;ui)'C dnojE) i9jeM VAV        61,
o9z, L                z0*901,         Ct7 L, L         Z!,          ZCC, L            Z I,          OZ'96      C67C I.        Z      woo     (L wijalul)'C dnojE) jaleM VAV        81,
C69                   1,V91,          M                9C           LZ9               9C            691P I,    LL*OZ          L>     woo     (i, wpajul)'C dnojE) jaleM VAV        LL
V6C                   zg,zc           L9C              Z I,         9LI7              Z!,           9L*6Z      179117          1,    Sam     (i, wpalul)'Z dnojE) i9jeM VAV        9L
                      Lt7*91,         Z99'ng'l,        60VI,0 L     CtZ'Zl,9'I,       CZG'tO I,     68-K                      L>     Sam     (L wijalul)'Z dnojE) ialeM VAV         9L
zt?g,t,               90,02           9t76'C           ZZ           99g,t,            ZZ            99'9L I,   99*99Z         C      woo     (L wplul) IZ dnojE) i9jeM VAV          17L
ZVVIR                 Z0,901,         999'L            6L           06L'O             6L            9Z*96      C6'ZC V        Z      woo     (i, wpalul)'Z dnojE) i9leM VAV         C!,
t7GC'Z                179,99          9C L,z           9c           99t7,Z            9c            99,69      Wee           g-L     woo     (i, wlialul)'Z dnojE) ja)eM VAV        ZL
1,179,117             Z9*ZC           LZL,v            M            LU't,             KI,           9L'6Z      tG, H7          I,    woo     (i, wijalul)'Z dnojE) i9jeM VAV        LL
ZZt?, LZ              Lt"9 I,         LC17'6 1,        soc, I.      0Z9,ZZ            Lzc, 1,       69171,     LL*OZ          L>     woo     (L W!jalul)'Z dnoiE) jaleM VAV         0 1,
                      90*9`17                                        L69              09            69*t, I,   LL'OZ         ~JJ     Sam     (i, wijalul)'L dnojE) i9jeM VAV         6
09Z, I,               Z0,901,         Ct7 L'],         Z I,         ZEE' I,           Z I,          SZ'96      C6'ZC I,       Z      Sam     (i, wpajul)'l. dnojE) jaleM VAV         9
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        L9             Z9,9                           OL                          OL               -          -              WOO                                6U!PUel SJOARI
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         99L            ZG,9                            Vz                         17Z                                 Ls    LUOO                                            1IMPOOM ZCL
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         VLV9L          99T                             ZtZ'tl                     917z,t?        -                    Ls    S98                                         aAOJE) InuleM 9ZL
         zes,           9Q,C             96C'Z          0~ V          86C'Z        OL17        99'9       99,91        zs     WOO                                        9AOJE) InuleM LZL
                                                                                                  -          .  .                                                        OAOJE) InuleM 9ZI
         OLZ            99T                             tG                         ts                                  Ls     WCO
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                                                                                                  alBld      aleu
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               40           (o 0             (6)            (9)              W          (9)        (9)       (W        (C)     (Z)                           W

                                                 WaLi Aidde saouajajj!p ou upolul paleln6aH ol Aidde Z pue I SPOPad)                              -
                                                                                                                                                        I.tOZ-3nd'ON 3SVO
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                        :*ON llqlLl)(3                                                                                               SWOISAS U3 .LVM ejojAew I? s :)IweuApojpAH JOuPAS
111110111                                                                                Z jo L 95ed IsZt, ajnpaLjoS

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        OL 6'ZL t7        OSA7L          LOVSD7           L96'LE        I .C117U17         LL6'I.C       L9171.        6VU          1,S     sq~j     (L    wpolul)    C dnojE) jameS VAV         9L
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                             -                                                                                            -                          (l,   wpajul)    Z dnojE) jamaS VAV
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        L60'96L'Z         09171,         gtz'zgt"z        SZ6'99 L      861l7'l,6C'Z       017 V69 I.    96*ZL         61,71,       LS      sou      (i,   wijalul)   Z dnojE) J9maS VAV         91,
        LU'LE I,          9L*LL          Lt,17'00 1,      6CL'L         Z1,9'LOL           KWL           96'Z L        S917L        Ls      woo      (L    wpajul)    Z dnojE) iamaS VAV         t7l,
                                                          t7go                             11799                                    zs      sq~j     (l,   wpajul)    i, dnojE) jamaS VAV        Cl,
        ezt,'cg           9z,ol,         t7817'6t?        OL l,'9       9ZI7,09               Z0,8
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        6L0'CG            917'LC         CZ6'6t?          989' L      ECO'89               969'L         89*6Z         LL'0117       L>     Sa8      (t    wpajul) L     dnojE) jamaS VAV           i,
         PGsOdOJd         aje~j 3 :19                     SUOW Pile      punjaU               suovy        ajeH           aje~j      zs                                                           'ON
           le Aa8          pasodOJd              PzlWJN    PzlwJN #   -aid AOU Aj
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                                                                                                          0 :18 Zd      0J8 Ld     JaI8VY   sselO               8weN dnojE)                      au!-l
             M)               (00                (6)           (8)  -      W                   (9)           (9)          (t,)       (C)      (Z)                   (0

                                                                                                                                      ~ m-aind 'ON 3SV3
                     sZj? alnp94oS                                                                                        mvoc/go a3aN3 bV3A 3HI bOA
                     jia :ssoui!m                                                                                      s3nN3A3H (13SOdOHd (INV iN3S3Hd
                          :*ON llql4x3                                                                               sdnojE) 9juH pojelnBaM - 113M3S - VA enbV
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            (L 0           (o 0          (6)           (8)                       (9)         (G)           (0      (C)     (Z)

                                                                                                                      ~M-3nd *ON 3SVO
                   sZV ojnMOS                                                                                 WVOC/90 a3aN3 UV3A 3HI 110:1
                   :Ila :ssaul!m                                                                          S3nN3A3U 03SOdOUd CNV IN3S3Hd
                            llq!4)c3                                                                    sdnojE) ojeU pajeInSoU - U3M3S - VA enbv
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                                                                                                         , L dnojE) aje~j juasaid uet4j sajej jamol le si 0 dnojE) aje8 jaieAA pasodoid
                                                                                                   -§uo1je6 ooo'g )e deo jeijuaps98 juaiinD aq) Ljj!m aie a6esn 6AV PUB sa)ej James
                                                                                                                                -aje~j jej=j aie elep e6esn a6ej9AV OU QM SUJaISAS
                                                                                                                                                   ,seouemolle pasodoid ou we aiat4i 'DION

%~         LS, L           60'90 L         69'90 L   0814     St71C       C       I L914       99*6Z                      61-t'g         James                    C dnojE) James VAV LZ
%LL        09'L            LZ'LL           t L'69    0814     9t?* LC     z         06*ZL      99'6Z                      MOT            lamas                    Z dnojE) James VAV 9Z
%6L        LC'CL           9t?,c9          LVOL      9Z,oL    919' VC               Zo,9       99'6Z                      tgo,g          James                      dnojE) James VAV 9Z
%CL-       (ze,g)          c9,9t7          9c,c9     VUL      Lt7,9L               Lt?*ZL      00,0                       gzz,p,         Jejem        spooM dejjjjoM - jaqa~j/auilAms          cz
%L          99'Z           9017V           09' ~V    Z9,9     L 17,9 L             L9'6        00*0                       zoc,ft         Jolem       jsejo=j poomppM - j9q@~j/auij/,)jS        ZZ
%9z-       (09,C0          9c*t7c          96'Lt7    VUL      L t7'9 L    V        W,S~        00,0                       &WZ            iolem             poom6uudS - loqa8pu0n               LZ
%CL        90,9            90,917          oo*ot7             90'gt7                           00,017                                    i9jem          Spoom wales - jaqa~j/auijANS           OZ
%CL        90*9            90,9t7          oo,ot7             90*917                           00,017                                    Jejem         sjaujoo jeld0d - laq@d/@UIIANS          6L
%K-        (gt7*L)         90,9t7          t9,z9              90'Str      19                   ~979                                      Jejem          JOue1N we'419d    - j@q98/ou!jANS      9~
%t?L-      (0t,*L)         OZ'Lt7          99179     t7O'L    ~V*!)L      V                    00,0                       gqc,l~         Jolem       SIq6l0H MOOIJOAO     - j9q98/aUl1AMS      LL
%U-        (~v,q)          66'gt?          OV Z9 .   i7O'L    Lt,,9~               Lt7'Z       00,0                       zoz'o          Jolem          SOJOV ueLUJON     - j9qa8/au!jANS      9L
%[Z-       (Wg)            69'OC           LZ*6C     t7O'L    ~V,9L                M*6~        00,0                       990,z          Jejem          ma!A uielunoVq    - jaqa~jjeuijANS     gL
%9          9z,c           MTV             99,ot7    Lfg                  z        t?t7,9      00,0                       8kq,p,         Jejem        qInoS oe wijj@Vq    - jaqaH/ouijA~S      j7 L
%C-        (Lo,            66'SC           00'017    z9,9                 c        OTC         00*0t,                     cgt"c          Jalem         uielunoV4 simal    - jaqe~j/ouijANS     CL
%LC-       M,qz)           90,9t,          XLL                90,9V       V                    LE'LL                                     Jejem             JDAI?j lazeH - jeq98/ou1AS          z~
%ZL-       (Lg*9)          Lz,zg           V V69     170' L   ~V,9~                ~9, L ~     00,01                      P,6059         JBIBM            sjj!N uosq!E)   -   jaq98/9uijA)jS   LL
%CL         90*9           90'gt7          oo,ot,             90'st,                           00*0t,                                    Jolem            ma!A Isajoj     -   jaq9H/auijANS    0L
%t7[-      (Cg'L)          9VLt,           96'tg     t,O*L     H7,9L      V        LVU         00*0                       60P,'P         Jolem                alepslu(]   -   j9qaH/9u!jANS     6
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%9          LTZ            gt7* L t7       GTOC       LL*g    ~t7*9~      z        09,9        00,0L                      Z80,           Jejem             speoissojo - laqa?j/au!IAMS          L
%L          Mo             Zo,9t?          69'Lt7     ~fg     L J7'9 ~    z        ot7,9       6C*9Z         000,E        9cg,g          Jejem                             @Noojqjepeo          9
%LZ         LTL            C9,9C           961Z      6L*t7    ~ t7'9 ~             0917        00,0L                      k66'E          Jolem                        JoUeN poom~oojq           9
%Z          69'0           60'6C           oG*8c     t7O*L    W9~         10       SVL         6917 L                     tzz,c          J9IeAA                    t7 dnojE) jejeM VAV          V
%8         ZOT             99' H7          Z9,9c     ZG,9     0,9L        c        CV9         69't, L                    998T           Jolem                     C dnojE) J8IeM VAV           C
%CL        Z917            6C'OC           Lg*CC     LL*9     ~V,9~       z        C617        6914                    6t,8'C            Jejem                     Z dnojE) J9IeM VAV           Z
%LZ        ML              9Vzt7           t7q*t1C   6L't7    ~ 17'9 L             LLT         6914                    LLC'9             JBIBM                       dnojE) jejeM VAV           L
                                                                                                               (05)       (06)
8Se9J3U1    TS-MOUI        SW8 aOJd ~-WHSWd Twe-sn            t-es-eo i5jo
                                                                        -Dieo      Kbwe--sn    T'es L,8      80UemOjjv affe-s-n 76A-V-   0771          WaISAS Jo c1nOjE) ajeH                   'ON
IU83J9d     IM3 UOIVY      MO 11!9 UOVY @ 11!9 UOVY pasodOJd PaSodOJd Pasodoici    IUBSBJd     juesaid        IU9S8Jd  eLUJOJ Old                                                              Gull
  (c 0        (z 0         - (L 0         (o 0         (6)      (9)      W            (9)        (9)            07)         (C)           (Z)                    W

                                                                                                                               L Loz-3nd 'ON 3SV3
                     U-EV ainpe4oS                                                                                    MVOC/90 (33(IN3 UV3A 3HI HOA
                     =11(3 :SS8UHAA                                                                                          ON11111a 31dWVS
                           :'ON jjq!4)(3                                                                        swalsft PUB sdnojE) ejeU pajejn6a8 - VA enbV
111110111                                                                      z 10 L '6a~JUOWEV appaLloS
                                                           99,C                0                                            ,
    %LC           ZZ's           L17*OC         6VZZ                L t7,9 L          ST9       6VZZ        000,        9Z9 c         Jalem                              BAOZ) s,4z)n-I CC
    %9           LL*Z            00'st7         cz,917     001      L t7,9 L          Ot?*S     001Z                    zgt"p         Jolem                                 6inqsllo-I ZC
    %ZC          9t7'L           Zt?'OC         967Z       98T      L V9 ~     0      17L*g     967Z        000,0,      ocg,c         jajeM            AjaAI-j JO umo_Lg s~eo 419AI-I     LC
    %C           CC' L           ce, Lt7        09,0V      tro, L   LV,9~      10     OVS       00* LZ                  ttg,c         jajeM                    asnoqljnoo 191seouel       OC
    %9-          (gz,z)          6C'9Z          99,8z      t7O'L    L17*9L      V     ot"s      00' 2                   sto"t         Jalem              Z uOI)3aS - G6eII!A @P!SaNe-1    6Z
    %c-          (66'0)          LOIC           997C       VO'L     W9L         V     00*9      00' 2                   96t,z         Jajem              L uo!P9S - 8681PA apsaNe-j       9Z
    %9            99' L          t7e,cc         66* K      LL'S     Lt7*9L      z     09T       00' 2                   zgo,c         Jejem                                    alesul~i   LZ
    %OL           W9             t7o*89         C679       VOI      Ltp,9~      17    OV's      00' 2                   Pt6'9         jajeM                              J6AI~j SaLUer    qz
    %9           17VZ            6Z'gt7         9VCI7      1701     L 17,9 L   V      017,9     00' 2                   Z01,P         jejeM                                   U016UIAJI   9Z
    %6Z          CC'L            887C           t7s,9z     99T      LV,9L      0      66'9      96TZ        ooo,ft      ggz,p,        Jajem                               96pqj AIIOH     17Z
    %9z           86'9           8917C          OL*LZ      99,C      V9        0      99*9      H7,cz       000,        pcz,t,        jajeM                         sLujej juiodt46'H     CZ
    %L-          (qz,o)          69'K           SV9C       V01        17*9     t,     oi7,9     00*2                    9z9,z         jajeM                                @11!ASL41eaH   ZZ
    %U            oz,v           6 V00          66*9C       LL*G    L 17,9 L    z     09T       00' 2                   P,gt,p        jejeM                           swje=l J@AOUeH      LZ
    %t7c          ZC*6           69'9C          LZ*LZ      U37      L 17,9 L          Lt7*9     69*SZ       000,        ctz,p         Jejem                                pialjuu4mo     oz
    %L           ZC,o            6t7'LC         L VLC      tI0'L    LV,9L             017*9     00' 2                   P,66'Z        jejeM                                    J@IzOJQ    6L
    %GZ          ZVL             L9*9c          9 V6Z      99T      H7,9L      0      99,9      CE,zz       000,        ZZZ'9         jajeM                              qnjo Aijunoo     9L
    %9           CZ,Z            L9'gt,         917,C11    VOI      L17,9~     17     ot7,9     00' 2                   L90,          jejeM                              simal uiqjOD     LL
    %zt7          LZ'6           9z, ~c         66'2       99,C     Lt,,9~     0      U*g       66'2        000,P,      ZP8,c         jaleM                                  eiqwnloo     9L
    %ZZ           C17,9          GL'SC          ~C'R       99*C     L17,9~     0      99*9      L17Tz       000,        600,9         i9jem                           Jsajo=j Jeluoloo    G~
    %L            6 VZ           LEVE           L9*ZC                                                                         ,       jajeM
                                                            LL'S    ~17,9L      z     09T       00' 2                   9tz c                                           ajoqs sqqoo       17L
    %LL           t7c,t7         69't,17        t7C*Ot7     LEG     ~V,9~       z     09*9      W9C         000,        z-r,6,t,      jejeM                                   ll!qojnqo   CL
    %C-          (69*0)          6Z*ZC          9VCC       170*L    ~V,9L      V      017*9     00' 2                   9jrz,z        jejeM                        sjqS a~eadeseqo        ZL
                                                                                                                                                                              SIM HeH
    %LZ          6Z'L            9o,t7c         6L'9Z      99T      L17*9L     0      go's      LtITZ       000,P,      &9't,         JaIeM    Aljaq!l 'IsoM alepAiiat4o 'alepAiiat4o     LL
    %LZ          ZVL             LCTC           sz,9z      99T      Lt,*9~     0      L6*9      06TZ        000,        060,          Jalem                          s16H uolsaljeqo      OL
    %CL          CL'9            OL'617         170't7t7   z9,9     ~17*9L     C      Z17,9     86*LC       000,0,      9t 09         Jalem                               IuIOd JeP@0      6
    %L           9z7             96*VC          697C       LL'S     Lt7'9~      z     WE        001Z           -        8PVC          Jejem                          suapieE) jameo        9
    %9            J7Z'Z          CL'gt7         617TV      170*L    L17*9~      V     OV9       00' 2                   99t,p         Jalem                                     oelleO     L
    %S           ML              ot7*t7t7       L17'Zt7    VOI      Ltl*9L      tr    017,9     00' 2                   9L6'C         i9jem    swje=l pleVeVq lp'uOsJaII3 'apsuing         9
                                                                                                                                                                        lud uOIIaqS 2
    %t7 L        6Z*6            96'GL          OL,99      t,O*L    ~V*9~      17     017*9     00*2                    z9k,9         J9IeM   WO PJOJIJeH'POO"aJVa5P!Jua~09J9              9
    %CL          9t"t7           LL'9C          K,tlc      U'G      W9L         z     XG        LEW         ooo,p       9t6'C         iglem                               Naajo ~oejq      j7
                                                                                                                                                                       Peovq I? swje=l
    %OC           ZL'L           OZ'CC          zg*gz      99T      LtI,9L     0      99,9      H7,Cz       000        ogc,p          j9jeM     q)JON NOWO 1180 'SOIels] NaWD HaG          C
    %SZ           Z6'9           09,17C         991Z       99,C     Ltr,gL     0      99*9      LtITZ       000,       .99L't,        i9jem    eoueuuemSR aBp!U uiqo8 'alepUOAV            Z
    %LZ-         (6CI 0          z V i7t7       ~9,99      170'L    L17*9L     t,     176*9     L9,99       000,       LC6'C          j9jeM                           peo~j AwopeoV        L
                                                                                                               (06)        (sleB)
    5-s8_9JOUI    Ts--eBJOul     -SOFe-87-Wd T9-IeHs9Jd Peue--s-n Pe-see ajooieu Tbue-sn         Toses      eouemoFiv- affe-s-nTA-V
                                                                                                                       -              80771           WaISAS jo dnojE) a)eH          -    'ON
     )U83J9d       we uOvq       @ we UOV4 @ we uOvq posodOJd p9sodOJd pasodOJd lu9s9ld         luasWd       luas9Jd 8WJOJ OJd                                                            aull
       (C 0          (z 0            40         (o 0       (6)      (9)    W        (9),          (9)           (0          (C)        (Z)                      W

                                                                                                                                WZ-3nd *ON 3SVO
                          NN-Etr einpaq :)S                                                                           MWE190 (130N3 HV3A 3HI 80 :1
                            Ala :Sseulim                                                                                     DNI-1-11e 3-1dWVS
                                 :*ON I!q!4x3                                                                     swojsAS ajojAeWg sc)iweuApojpAH joupAS
                                                                                Z 10 Z 'BaNuON-Et, alnpaqoS

                                                                                                                dnojE) aleU juasaid ueqj salei jamol le si 0 dnojE) eje~j jeleM posodOJd
                                                                                                                                                     *saouemolle pasodoid ou aie aiat4j. :a)ON

    %LL          66T           C9'6C       V9,9c        U'S        Lt7,9L        z       09T         00' ~z                990,P,       Jelem                              aoeiiai Ajo), t7g
    %U           179,g         00,99       99,09        ZG,9        L17,9~          c    C&S         WLE       000,ft      cct,g        Jolem                               jjnjpoom       Eg
    %t7           Z9* L        90TV        C17, Lt,     i7O*L       Ltl,9L          V    ot,*g       bo*Lz                 s,8zc        lalem        t4oeaq 9uojS al!qMg auojS al!qM       Zg
    %oc           t79*L        6C*CC       9 L'SZ       99,C        Ltl,9L          0    99,9        H7*cz     ooo,p       oop"p,       jaleM                          aAOJE) InuleM       Lg
    %9            17L*Z        L8117       c L 19V      t7O'L       ~V,9L           V    ot7,9       oo* ~z                69t,'P       jolem                         epnjeS jo umo_L      og
    %G            6 L'Z        Z9,917      cc,ct7       t7O'L       Lt?,9L          17   Meg         00' LZ                qct,ft       jalem                        smopeaV4 BuijdS       6v
    %gL-         (06*9)        Lt7TC       LV6C         ZG,9        H7,9L           c    Z9,9        LC*6C     o0o'k       ztgz         jaleM                            6ujpuel smAl~j    9V
    %9L           9Vt7         LL :LZ      69TZ         99T         Lt7*9L          0    06'9        69TZ      000't,      P06Z         jaleM                      sajejs3 pUag SJ9A!u     Lt7
    %9~           t79,9        8ZIC        t79, ~c      99T         ~V,9~           0    99,9        L17,cz    000'tl      900 9        joleM           swie.1 Aalpn)Sp sajejs3 Jalue8     9t7
    %9L           9Z*L          gt7'gt7        zz* Lt7    L L'9     L17*9~          z    09,C        00' LZ                gtg,g        jeleM                             aNel suaanC)     gt7
    %LZ          LZ*L           L ~'t7C        178,9z     6L*t7     LV,9L            L   LL*9        n,9z      o0o'k       069'C        jaleM                          s818IS3 AemVed      17t7
    %0           LO'O           LOW            tlc*9c     170'L     LV*9~           V    OV9         00*LZ                 ZPG'Z        jaleM                                  ejAwAled    Ct,
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                                                                                 -aleN   Tuue-s-n-   Ta-s-ee   zu-emoiiv a-Fe-s-nWA-V   a-u-,            WaISAS jo anoJE) aleU          'ON
     IU93Jad      110 uOV4     @ 11!q uOVq @ ll!e -uOjN pas.odOJd pa sodoid pasodOJd     luasaid     lu9saJd    lu9saJd   ewjozl OJd                                                    aull
       (c 0         Q0               WO           (o 0        (6)       (9)       W         (9)         (g)        (17)        (C)        (Z)                     W

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Description: Caroline County Aqua Virginia Water Increase