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					                                              CFA Review Program
                                            Intensive     Level I     Saturday 24 October and Saturday 7 November
                                            Tailor your preparation for the session you would like to

                                            Kick Start Your CFA Exam Preparation
                                            The CFA Society of Melbourne offers a two-day intensive overview course
                                            for the December Level 1 exam. The course will be held over two
                                            Saturdays at Swinburne University. Each day is structured around four
                                            sessions, taught by a combination of CFA holders and industry
                                            practitioners. Alternatively, if you would like to brush up on a particular
                                            topic, tailor your preparation by selecting an individual session.
                                            The review program provides:
                                       p5       Classroom style ‘workshop’ approach
                                                Worked exam questions designed to help
                                                candidates prepare for the exam and
                                                master key concepts
                                                The opportunity for candidates to have                        Free 1 year Student
                                                their questions answered directly by                          Membership of CFA
                                                experienced practitioners                                    Society of Melbourne,
Course Information                                                                                            normally $100, with
                                                                                                             every two day review
Date Saturday 24 October and                Location: Swinburne University                                     course enrolment
Saturday 7 November                                   Business Centre
                                                      TD Building, Park Street
Time 8.30am to 5.30pm
                                                      Hawthorn VIC 3122
Registration Fee                                      (Melways Ref 45D10)
$550 (inc GST) for full coverage            Cancellation Policy
$300 (inc GST) for one day                  Places will be confirmed by email on
                                            receipt of payment.                            “I found the workshop
$100 (inc GST) per two hour session
                                                                                           format particularly helpful.
How to Register                                                                            I am good at studying by
Complete the form overleaf and return
                                            Last registrations accepted cob
                                                                                           myself, but I often find that
with your payment.                                                                         I can learn much more in
                                            Wednesday 21 October (for 24
What Your Registration Fee Covers           October) and 4 November (for                   much less time by listening
                                            7 November).                                   to an expert.”
Participation in the review program,
and 1 year student membership of                                                                                      Past Attendee
CFA Society of Melbourne.

                                                                              But wait, there’s more!
Level 1 Timetable
TD Building, Park Street
                                                                              Review Course Information
Hawthorn VIC 3122 (Melways Ref 45 D10)                                        Session
Saturday 24 October                     Saturday 7 November                   When: 5.30 pm, Tuesday 13 October

Morning 8.30am – 12.45pm                Morning 8.30am – 12.45pm              Where: Mercer, Level 16, 33 Exhibition Street,
 - Equity Investments                   - Financial Statement Analysis
                                                                              Note: Pre-registration is required to access the building,
 - Quantitative Methods                 - Corporate Finance                   at CFA Melbourne web site address (see over page)

Afternoon 1.45pm – 5.30pm               Afternoon 1.45pm – 5.30pm             Boston Society practice exam
 - Fixed Income                         - Economics and Derivatives           Exam practice is crucial for your preparation! The CFA
                                                                              Society of Melbourne offers the Boston Society practice
 - Ethics                               - Portfolio Management and            exam, to be held under exam questions on Saturday 21
                                            Alternative Investments           November. Watch the CFA Melbourne web site (see
                                                                              over page) for details.
Experienced Practitioners Ready to Answer Your Questions
                                               Gavin Rogers, CFA                              Dr Laurence Irlicht,
                 Ritch Longmire                                                               CFA
                                               Gavin is a proprietary
                 Ritch is a portfolio          trader with Goldman                            Laurence has extensive
                 manager with fund             Sachs JB Were.                                 lecturing experience and
                 manager                                                                      has written many articles
                 BlackRock.                                                                   for international journals.

                 Roger Samuel,                 Rion van Zyl Smit,
                 CFA                           CFA                                            Phil Graham, CFA
                 Roger has worked              Rion works for Vic                             Senior Portfolio
                 in stockbroking with          Dept of Treasury &                             Strategist with Mercer
                 Goldman Sachs JB              Finance and has                                Investments, and has
                 Were, and in                  taught at Monash                               lectured for both the
                 accounting.                   University.                                    CFA and FINSIA

                                            Registration Form
“The review program put me
in touch with other candidates              CFA Candidate No

going through the same
experience as me. These                     Title Dr Mr Mrs Miss Ms          Other
insights and contacts are
invaluable.”                                Name

                           Past Attendee

Please email us if you have any
questions about the review program:
                                            Telephone (H)                   (W)                  (M)

Enrolments                                  CFA Level:            Level I
                                            Payment Details
To enrol send your registration form with
payment details by email to                   $550 (includes GST)            One day: $300 (include GST)             Date:

or by regular mail to:                         Single session: $100 (include GST)             Date and Topic:

Mail CFA Review Program                        Cheque (payable to CFA Society of Melbourne)
     CFA Society of Melbourne                  Credit card (Visa and Mastercard only)
     GPO Box 1243
     Melbourne VIC 3001                     Card No           /         /         /           Expiry      /

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