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									The Tales of Daisy Moo-Cow

        Lettuce’s story
        By A. Collison
Once upon a time, there was a big, big field.
And in the middle of the big, big field…
There was a big, big moo-cow
        called Daisy
And she had a friend who was a teeny, weeny little mouse
                    called Bramble.
And they lived with their friends Lettuce the rabbit and Pollen the
   Hedgehog, in the field next door to Mr McGregor’s Farm.
One morning, Lettuce woke up very early.
        “I’m hungry”, he thought.
So whilst Daisy, Bramble and Pollen were all sleeping, Lettuce
               hopped away to find some food.
Lettuce hopped right across
the field until eventually, he
came to a fence. On the other
side of the fence were some
delicious carrots and lettuces
“Mmmm”, he thought “I’m so
hungry. I might have some”.
Then Lettuce remembered
that these vegetables were
growing in Mr McGregor’s
“He won’t mind if I just nibble
on a few of them”, thought
So Lettuce hopped through the fence, and started nibbling. First he
   nibbled on some Lettuce. Then he nibbled on some carrots.
Suddenly, from out of nowhere appeared Mr McGregor!
“What are you doing you pesky rabbit!?” he exclaimed.
Mr McGregor got out his sack. “Come here you!” he shouted.
Lettuce started to run, but Mr McGregor was too fast for him.
  Mr McGregor caught Lettuce in his bag and took him to his shed.
“Mmm… I will enjoy some rabbit stew for my tea tonight” he said, and
                   threw Lettuce into the shed.
Meanwhile, back in the field, Daisy, Bramble and Pollen had all woken up.
“Where’s Lettuce this morning?” asked Daisy.
“I saw him leave very early this morning”, replied Pollen. “I think he was heading
over to Mr McGregor’s farm”
“Shall we go and have a look?” asked Bramble.
So off they all went.
Daisy Moo-cow, Bramble and
Pollen all arrived at the fence.
“Look” said Pollen “A lot of the
carrots and lettuces have been
eaten. I wonder if Lettuce has
been here?”
“Well if he has, he’s very
naughty” said Daisy Moo-cow.
“He shouldn’t be eating Mr
McGregor’s food”
              “Help help”

“What’s that!?” asked Pollen.
“It’s Lettuce!” exclaimed Daisy
“I will go and find him” said
Bramble, and off he scuttled.
He scuttled past the vegetables, and past the farm…
And soon he arrived at the shed.
“Lettuce?” he whispered “Are you there?”
“Bramble? Is that you? I’m inside! Please help me!!”
Bramble saw a small hole in the side of the shed, and squeezed through it.
Bramble hurried over to the sack, that was wiggling about.
“Lettuce! Are you alright?” he asked
“N..n…no!” sobbed Lettuce. “Mr McGregor says he’s going to turn
m…m…me into r…r..rabbit STEW!!”
“It’s ok, I’ll get you out!” replied Bramble, and started chewing through the
Soon enough, Lettuce was out of the bag. “Oh THANK YOU” cried Lettuce.
“Come on” replied Bramble. “Let’s leave before Mr McGregor gets back”.
So off they ran.
They ran out of the shed….
…past the farm yard….
…and soon arrived back at the
“Oh Lettuce. What HAVE you
been doing?” asked Daisy Moo-
“I’m so…so…sorry” replied
Lettuce. “I was so hungry, and
then Mr McGregor threw me in
the shed to make me into rabbit
“Well… that just shows you
Lettuce. You shouldn’t go
stealing what isn’t yours.”
“I know. I promise I will never
ever do it again.”
“Ok” said Daisy. “Let’s go
And soon, Daisy Moo-cow, Bramble, Pollen and Lettuce all arrived back home to
                             the big, big field.
         And do you know what?
Mr McGregor never got his rabbit stew after all!

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