2005 ANNUAL CONVENTION, SAN MATEO

                                   Opening Ceremonies
                                  Thursday, June 2, 2005

        CSFC President Helen Zajac called the 56th and final annual convention of the California
State Federation of Chapters, National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association, to
order at 1:00 p.m., at the Marriott Hotel in San Mateo, California

        President Zajac welcomed distinguished guests, delegates and alternates and then asked
everyone to rise for a moment of silence to reflect on events or people who have touched our
lived, to remember those members who were not able to be with us and particularly our armed
services personnel who are in harms way.

       Presentation and Posting of the Colors was performed by the 23rd Marine Reserve Unit of
San Bruno.

      The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by Past National Field Vice President
Raymond J. Richetti of Napa County Chapter #281 followed by the singing of the National
Anthem and “California Here I Come”, both led by Joan Renner, Indian Wells Valley Chapter

       President Zajac introduced Ben Green, Chairman of the Convention Host Committee and
Past President of the San Mateo Chapter #1317. On behalf of District V Vice President Jim
McClenahen, the officers and members of District V Chapters and the 2005 Convention Host
Committee, Mr. Green welcomed everyone to the convention. He praised the diligent work of
the Host Committee members over the last 15 months who were ably assisted by President Zajac.
He stated their intent was to provide an atmosphere that would be conducive to the conduct of
the convention where all of the goals were met, especially because of the interim between this
convention and the next one in 2007. He stated his hopes that delegates would have good
memories of this last annual convention.

        Introduction of those seated at the head table and special people seated in the audience
was performed by President Zajac: John Beaumont, President of the California State Association
of Letter Carriers; National Treasurer Richard Ostergren and wife Carol; Region VIII National
Field Vice President Forney Lundy and wife Kay; Federation Executive Vice President H. Ray
Harrington, who gave the First Timers Convention Orientation this morning, and the spice of his
life Thea Max; Federation Secretary Joyce Ross and husband Don who is also District X Vice
President; Federation Treasurer Werner Gumpert; Federation Parliamentarian Sam Gales, who
gave a workshop in Parliamentary Procedure Review this morning; Convention Recording
Secretary Dottie Schmidt; Executive Board Recording Secretary Ann McCraw; Immediate Past
President Ken Boffin; and the Chair, Federation President Helen Zajac and First Gentleman Lea
         Stating that no convention could be held without a very good Sergeant-At-Arms
Committee, she introduced the Chief Sergeant-at-Arms, Charles Sprenger, and the Deputy Chief
Sergeant-at-Arms, Al Nygren. President Zajac expressed the appreciation of the Federation for
all the services and support the Sergeant-at-Arms Committee will provide throughout the
convention. All members of the Sergeant-at-Arms Committee rose for recognition as she noted
that these folks would ensure security during the convention and would assist members in need
of help, first aid or emergency treatment. She also pointed out that the Chief and his Deputy are
available 24-hours a day.

        President Zajac recognized the District Vice Presidents (DVPs) as holding ten of the most
important jobs in the Federation. She stated that the DVPs coordinate the various programs and
field operations throughout the state, work long hours without pay and sometimes without proper
recognition. President Zajac called them the backbone of the Federation and said that without
them and the great job they perform, we would all be in trouble. She then introduced the District
Vice Presidents: District I, Robert Davidson; District II, George Bardwil; District III, Andy
Morgen; District IV, Polly Stonich; District V, Jim McClenahen; District VI, Edna Steger
Angove; District VII, Lea Zajac; District VIII, Earl Wilson; District IX, Bob Wheir; and
District X, Don Ross.

                 Letters of Welcome from Congressional Representatives

        President Zajac read a letter from Congressman Tom Lantos, 12th Congressional
District, who applauded NARFE for the wonderful work they have done and offered hearty
congratulations on the convention; a well-deserved tribute to those who chose to pursue careers
in federal service. He was sorry he could not attend and expressed his thanks for NARFE’s
accomplishments, dedication and vision.
        She then read a letter from Congressman Joe Baca, 43rd Congressional District, who
welcomed NARFE delegates to San Mateo. He stated his support for the Government Pension
Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision bill, HR 147 and also for the Premium Conversion
bill, HR 994. Congressman Baca said he would continue to work with his colleagues on a
bipartisan effort to see these bills passed. He extended his best wishes to all for their hard work,
dedication and commitment in making the convention a success.
        President Zajac introduced John Weininger, a staff member to Congressman Baca. Mr.
Weininger was the only Congressional staff person sent to our convention, and both he and the
Congressman are members of NARFE.

                          Welcome by San Mateo Mayor Jan Epstein

        Mayor Jan Epstein noted the critical role that San Mateo city employees have in making
the city run efficiently and smoothly and the great attendance to service to its citizens. She
recognized that all NARFE members also served in that role at the federal level.
        Mayor Epstein said she was interested to learn that NARFE, founded in 1921, was
originally named ARFE – Association of Retired Federal Employees – but the mission remains
the same, successfully fighting for the benefits of retired federal employees. She told the
delegates they had a lot to be proud of and to be grateful for. She mentioned NARFE’s new
name of National Active and Retired Federal Employees and then recognized several active

federal employees who were in the audience. She noted that the organization has tremendous
potential political clout and that members probably know how to exercise it.
         Mayor Epstein then listed several points of interest in the area and invited delegates to
visit them and have a good time.

                                Introduction of Special Guests

       President Zajac introduced very special guest Judy Park, National Legislative Director,
who “we’ve missed during the past two conventions.” She also recognized and introduced
Immediate Past Region VIII National Field Vice President Raymond J. Richetti and his wife
Avis and Past Region VIII National Field President Richard Millington and his wife Marion.
       President Zajac introduced special neighbors attending our California Convention:
Nevada Federation Secretary, Terry Rajewski and her husband Dr. George Rajewski, who is the
Region VIII Federal Employee Education & Assistance Fund (FEEA) Coordinator, members of
Las Vegas Chapter #423. Also attending were Nevada Federation Vice President, Sierra District,
Tom Prettyman and his wife Yvonne, members of Carson City Chapter #1329.
       She also introduced Arizona Federation member Ed Meehan from Sun City West Chapter
#1789, a former member of San Jose Chapter.

                                     Opening Remarks

        President Zajac welcomed delegates, alternates, members and other guests to the 56th
California State Federation of Chapters Annual Convention. She told first-time attendees that
she hoped they would find it worthwhile and plan to attend the next convention.
        She then told attending active federal employees that it was heartwarming to see such
support from members who are currently working; yet have an interest in preserving their earned
benefits. President Zajac told delegates to make it a point to welcome them and encourage them
to maintain their membership in NARFE, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.
        She stated: “It is my intent to make this convention crisp, interesting, educational, but
not boring. So, we’re going to make a lot of changes in this convention, hopefully that will
speed up the process. The Chair has requested that each Federation Officer, each Committee
Chair and each Special Assistant who do not have resolutions or other business to deal with, to
keep their reports brief, interesting and no longer than six minutes. Two timekeepers have been
assigned to ensure we maintain this schedule. The timekeepers are Jane Crognale, Greater
Paradise Oroville Chapter #352 and Molly Lopez of San Bernardino Chapter #73.
        President Zajac pointed out that there are two evening seminars for this convention; one
is Service Officer Training by Mary Venerable and the other is On-line Applications by Don
Ross. A Public Relations Seminar was added by National Public Relations Director, Chuck
Timanus; a Legislative Advocacy Seminar by National Legislation Director, Judy Park; and a
Best Chapter Practices Brainstorming Session to get chapters to share what works in their
chapters with other chapters that appear to be having difficulties.

                                EULOGY CEREMONY
Past Federation President Ken Boffin, Elkhorn Chapter #1680, conducted the Eulogy Ceremony.
Federation President Helen Zajac brought forth the flower arrangement to place on the table in
front of the dais.
        Mr. Boffin stated: The eulogy has been a tradition of the California Federation and is the
opportunity to remember fellow NARFE members who led the way before us and are no longer
with us. California is the largest NARFE Federation. We also have the most members pass on
each year. We, the living, are fortunate to be the benefactors of those members who have passed
on. The names of those members reported deceased in California in calendar year 2004 are
listed alphabetically by chapter on the two display boards in the rear of the room. At this time I
will call on the District Vice Presidents to come forward and light a candle in honor of those
departed members from their districts.
        District 1 – 172 members passed on, Bob Davidson, Vice President. District II – 100
members, Vice President George Bardwil. District III – 61 members, Vice President Andy
Morgen. District IV – 108 members, Vice President Polly Stonich. District V – 100 members,
Vice President Jim McClenahen. District VI – 100 members, Vice President Edna Angove.
District VII – 146 members, Vice President Lea Zajac. District VIII – 70 members, Vice
President Earl Wilson. District IX – 65 members, Vice President Bob Wheir. District X – 53
members, Vice President Don Ross.
        The number of deceased CSFC chapter members in 2004 was 975. President Helen
Zajac lit the California candle. The members stood for a moment of silence in honor of the 975
deceased members.

                            Credentials Committee – First Report
                        Credentials Committee Chair Vivian Nathanson

        Credentials Committee Chair Vivian Nathanson reported:
Delegates – 91; Delegates At Large – 18; Alternate Delegates – 0; National Officers 3;
Visitors/Guest – 8; Total number of people registered - 105. Number of chapters represented by
delegates – 35; Number of chapters represented by proxy – 9; Number of members of Executive
Board (DAL) – 15; Number of California Federation Past President (DAL) – 6. The Credentials
Report was adopted.
        It was determined there was a quorum, because, according to the Parliamentarian, there is
a quorum if half the delegates are present.

    Address by John Beaumont, President and Political Director of the California State
              Association, National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC)

        John Beaumont expressed his pleasure at being invited to speak and said he appreciated
NARFE joining with the U.S. Postal Employees Legislative Coalition. He is a member of
NARFE, too.
        He began by saying that the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) stands up
for the retirees as much as they do for active carriers. The Postal Reform bill, which is crucial to
the survival of the Postal Service, is making its way through Congress. The bills are HR 22
sponsored by Tom Davis, and S.662 sponsored by Susan Collins of Maine. She is a strong
supporter of federal employees and Social Security. We need to remember these friends.

Remember also, we are bi-partisan, we are all members of NARFE as well as the different Postal
Unions and we work together with the different parties to go forward.
         NALC will support anyone who supports their cause and beliefs, no matter what party
they belong to. NALC has friends and allies from both parties because they believe in reaching
across the aisle to make things work. Both of the bills stated above have bi-partisan support.
         These bills will allow more money to be brought into the Postal Service from some of the
extra money in the Civil Service retirement fund – money that is not earmarked for retirement. It
will be earmarked for something else if it is not used to help the Postal Service go forward. It
also will pre-fund health benefits for retirees into the future.
         The Senate will do a “Mark Up” on the bill that will go to the House. It will go to the
Conference Committee because there are some changes between the House and Senate Bills,
especially in Worker’s Compensation. NALC likes the House bill a little better because it has
fewer restrictions on Worker’s Compensation for active members.
         Mr. Beaumont stated that one of the mutual bills we are working on together is
Government Pension Offset/Windfall Elimination Provision (GPO/WEP). The bill was
introduced in January to allow as many co-sponsors as possible to sign on. He said it is
necessary to look at the U.S. economy toward the end of the two-year term to see if it is healthy
enough to support these bills. Lack of money is holding the bills back partly because a lot of the
money is being spent on the war in Iraq. Money was available during the Clinton
Administration, and it should have been acted upon then. Both administrations are at fault for
not taking care of this.
         Buck McKeon, the sponsor of GPO/WEP bill HR 147, which currently has 260 co-
sponsors, has a vested interest in this bill because his wife is a teacher, and California is one of
13 states where teachers are affected by this issue. Mr. Beaumont asked Congressman Berman
in the San Fernando Valley to sign on to all the bills. (Some of the bills are to “reform”
GPO/WEP, while HR 147 is to “repeal”). Congressman Berman suggested that when you’re
bargaining you should ask for as much as you possibly can because you’re not going to get it all.
Why ask for a half-empty glass when you know that by the time you get it, half of what you ask
for is going to be gone. Sensibly, the union is now pushing these “all or nothing” bills: HR 147,
and S.619 (Feinstein). If there are going to be changes, we don’t want changes on something
that is already watered down.
         Premium Conversion is the one bill that looks like it has some life during this session,
Mr. Beaumont stated, because it’s not as expensive as GPO/WEP. It was a mistake that we
didn’t get it for our retirees in the beginning. The Clinton Administration gave it to the active
federal employees. It would have been better given to the retirees first, because they need it
more than current workers. He said that he continues to speak to California Representatives
about the unfairness of the issue.
         Premium Conversion bills, HR 994 (Tom Davis) and S. 484 (John Warner), have quite a
few co-sponsors: 184 on HR 994 and 34 on S.484. If it doesn’t go through this session, we can
make it happen next session. But, we should push it and get as many co-sponsors as possible.
NALC will work to get more co-sponsors as soon as postal reform is accomplished, which
should be shortly.
         Mr. Beaumont then named the legislators who have, and may, support the issue, saying
that one legislator in the Democratic Party who has signed on is George Miller. He’s a tough
Democrat to get signed on, but he’s been a very strong supporter of federal employees over the
years. He said there are three conservative Democrats that we should be working on in the state,

pointing out that these are Representatives who can actually reach across the aisle, shake hands
and pull others across with them. They are: Ellen Tauscher, who is a Blue Dog Democrat and
votes sometimes with the Republicans. Jane Harman, who has LAX and also is on Homeland
Security. She is fiscally conservative and can help us work together. The last one is Ann Eshoo,
who has been able to reach across the aisle, too. She has a 100 percent voting record for Postal
Service issues and for federal employees.
         Senator Feinstein reaches across the aisle very well. You can tell by the number of votes
she gets in the San Joaquin Valley. She gets more votes than any Democrat, so she pulls out the
conservative area of the state.
         On the GOP side, Randy Cunningham from California has signed on. Randy has been
influential in bringing in other Republicans from around the area including two from Northern
California – Wally Herger and John Doolittle. Then there is Gary Miller.
         Congressman Ken Calvert has been moving in our direction. We supported him because
we knew he was going to take his District anyway. Now, he’s come forward and is working
Premium Conversion. Congressman Jerry Lewis is very supportive of federal employees and
very high up on military committees. Mary Bono is on the Windfall bill. Devin Nunes is a new
Congressman and signed onto the Windfall bills quickly, which means he’s being contacted by a
lot of retirees. He has the ear of Bill Thomas who’s not very supportive of us, but because Devin
has signed onto the Windfall bills, it’s worth trying to get Bill Thomas on, too. Of course, there
is Howard McKeon, who helped put the Windfall bills forward. It’s time to talk to him about
these other bills, too. He’s very supportive. The last one might be Darrell Issa because he’s the
only Republican member on the Government Reform Committee. He’s tough, but he may be
able to be moved. These are suggestions that we will be working on with NARFE in the future.
         Mr. Beaumont concluded by pointing out that Social Security is not only for retirees now,
because 75 percent of letter carriers are in the FERS system, which is based on Social Security.

                  Keynote Speaker National Treasurer, Richard Ostergren

        The National Office is one of the best offices you could work with or for. There is not
one person in that office who is not for you 100 percent, whether they are a member of NARFE
or not. I would like to see a resolution changing the Bylaws to allow every person in that office
to become a member of NARFE. One gentleman, who is in charge of membership records, has
been working for NARFE for 13 years and has more of our interests in mind that his own. And,
he’s not a member of NARFE.
        Now, for the bad and the good news: Concerning membership, during the first quarter
chapters recruited 1,338 members and National recruited 2,227. In April chapters recruited 441
members and National recruited 3,887. NARFE gained 471 Current Federal Employees (CFEs),
but 113 CFEs left NARFE.
        I talked to some of the recruiters at Pre-Retirement Seminars and they said that they
didn’t tell the new members about mandatory chapter membership; that they would find out
about that during the first year. That’s a good way to lose those members.
        I found a few errors in the database and started a new project called “Verification”. More
than 1,300 people were added to the various databases, i.e., calendar and greeting card databases.
Another 13,000 were added which are known donors, and then cards were promptly sent out to a
lot of deceased personnel. Corrections have since been made. The only database we use now is
NARFE’s own and it is reviewed prior to sending and again after mailing.

         Getting information from chapters is a problem, as well as members who don’t inform
their chapters of their change of status. In March and April over 1,000 people who were
deceased were deleted from the database. That information was gathered from every Field Vice
President throughout the United States. There were over 1,300 names to check out, altogether,
because of these erroneous reports. A lot of deceased members were found on the rolls and they
were cleared off. The database was “purified”, but seven “deceased” members renewed their
         The database is fairly pure now, and three large servers will be installed that will be able
to handle the entire NARFE network of membership, the office – everything in the near future.
The web page will be embedded with the Oracle software that is residing in ISI, which is our
database keeper at the present time. By August membership changes should be able to be made
         Regarding mandatory chapter membership: Delegates who were at the National
Convention last year mandated the National Executive Board to view how the mandatory chapter
membership should be handled. Grass does not grow from the top down – it grows from the
roots up. And, I was told that this is a grassroots organization, so how can we grow grass upside
down. It’s not National’s job to do yours. If mandatory chapter membership is done away with,
I am preparing a way to make it easier on chapters. I will propose to the Board that they rebate
at least five (5) percent of all dues of all members in any chapter, whether they are national
members or chapter members. That will reduce the chapter loss of dollars.
         Another way to go is state chapters. At the present time there are five of them. When a
chapter in a large geographic area closes, and members have to travel long distances for chapter
meetings, they’re put into a state chapter. We will be there for the chapters.
         Then there’s unified chapter dues. I don’t think unified chapter dues will be
implemented. Some chapters would have to pay chapter dues of $23, Federation dues of $11,
and National dues of $29—that would be more than $60 a year. The chapter that now pays $5
for chapter dues, $0.25 to $1 for Federation dues, plus $29 for National dues won’t like that. It
will result in another dues increase about $40 higher than it is today. The loss will really kill us.
Delegates will have to look seriously at this issue during the convention next year and determine
which way to go, because mandatory chapter membership isn’t really working, especially for
CFEs. The first time you mention that you have to belong to a chapter, or not join NARFE,
they’ll take the alternative. It’s going to be hard for chapters to accept the fact that they’re going
to lose members. But, who are they losing—the members who do not show up for the meetings.
And, I bet not one delegate here would drop out of these chapters.
         Ken Glass, NARFE Pre-Retirement Seminar Program Director, and Dr. Galvan, National
Vice President, have gotten together and are spending a lot of money for these Pre-Retirement
Seminars. I just signed the paperwork for the computers and the projectors for those seminars,
and they should be in full swing in about three to four months. NARFE is presenting Pre-
Retirement Seminars right now through a contractor who is getting us started, and the seminars
are going very well.
         We have to stay on top of membership. One way or the other, we have to make it work
for our survival. We have about 365,000 members right now, and there are many people who do
a lot of recruiting. All California members who have dropped over the last two or three years
and beyond will be contacted. Virginia contacted 1,500 people who dropped, and more than 170
members came back.

        Some changes have been made in the organization, i.e., the F-38 has been changed to
incorporate the two and three-year memberships. We need to get rid of some of these categories.
        IRS paperwork for the name change has been completed, so the name is officially
changed. NARFEMART is changing their logos and the banners have been changed. The new
banners cost $122 plus tax.
        The treasury was audited and auditors found nothing wrong. The audit was 100 percent
and was published in the last NARFE magazine (June).
        If you have any membership questions, or changes that need to be done, National will
take care of it—that’s guaranteed.
        President Zajac presented Mr. Ostergren with a small gift and a Certificate of

                               Rules Committee Report
                                 Bill Emmons, Chair

        Chairman Bill Emmons and the Rules Committee reviewed and approved all the rules of
last year, plus a new one.
        Mr. Emmons reported that the Rule that was not in the book is Rule 24. He said that
when the folks were preparing the resolutions to be presented to the delegates, the people who
did this probably did not have a copy of the three sentences that were added to Section 3 of the
Bylaws, following the Visalia Convention. Because of this, it was found that none of the
resolutions met the Bylaws change. To avoid throwing out all the proposed resolutions, Rule 24
was proposed, which reads:
        “For this convention only, the resolutions presented by the chapters shall be
        accepted for discussion by the delegates as written. Let it be known that most
        of the resolutions presented to this convention were not prepared in accordance
        with the details required by an adopted resolution at the convention in Visalia,
        which became a change to the Bylaws, Article VI, Section 3.a. Not only did
        the authors of the resolutions overlook the new requirements for preparing
        resolutions, but the reviewing authority also overlooked this new requirement.”

        Chair Emmons moved that Rule 24 be adopted for this one time only. President Zajac
reminded delegates that adoption of these rules require a 2/3 vote. The motion to adopt
Rule 24 was approved.
        Chair Emmons then moved that all 24 of the rules be approved for use at the Convention.
All 24 rules were approved.

       President Zajac stated that the delegates were being given notice that the Executive Board
had met and determined that there are eight (8) additional resolutions affecting the Constitution
and Bylaws regarding mainly the convention. These resolutions need to be dealt with during this
convention, because they affect the way the 2007 Convention will be handled. Some items deal
with the fact that no chapters or districts bid on hosting the 2007 Convention. Being without a
host committee, the Executive Board, as required by the Bylaws, will need to host the
Convention. There are other portions of the Bylaws, which preclude the Executive Board from
doing things, because they specify that a Convention Host Committee will do certain things.

        The eight resolutions, which are to be considered by this delegation, need to be voted on
and resolved before the close of Convention business.
        President Zajac announced that State Senator Jackie Speier would not be able to appear
on the following afternoon as scheduled, but, instead, will speak at the Saturday evening
banquet. Changes of rooms for luncheon and committee meetings were reported.

                             Approval of the Printed Program

       Jim Sword, Chapter 400, moved to approve the subject matter as printed and as amended
through the changes presented by President Zajac. It was seconded and the motion was carried.

                                         Roll Call

       Joyce Ross, Federation Secretary, called the roll. All Federation Officers were in
attendance. Eight (8) Federation Past Presidents were in attendance. Eighty-eight (88) of the
Federation’s 98 chapters were represented—67 by delegates and 21 by proxies.

                             Approval of Convention Summary

       The Summary of Proceedings of the 55th Annual Convention, held in Visalia in 2004, and
published and distributed to all chapters, was approved as printed.

       President Zajac said that to ensure the Summary of this Convention is correct as
published, rather than wait two years to make corrections, she has appointed a Convention
Summary Approval Committee to review the Convention Summary before it is issued to the
chapters. The Chair appointed Glen Boire, Grass Valley Chapter 1335, Ann McCraw,
Saddleback Chapter 1689, and Dottie Schmidt, Grass Valley Chapter 1335, the Recording

                            President Helen Zajac

        This has been another fast paced year with many communications throughout the
federation, both formally documented in “Points to Ponder” as well as just general information
being provided to all members with e-mail by our very capable NARFE-NET Coordinator Carl
Bailey, ably assisted by Tony Pizza, both of Ventura County Chapter #190. Unfortunately, the
concept of the Chapter NARFE-NET Coordinator to receive the information from the federation,
and pass it along to the Chapter President, has not been working as well as we had anticipated.
There are still presidents within the federation who are not receiving this information from their
Chapter NARFE-NET Coordinators. This is a big issue that Chapter Presidents need to work on
– especially since there is no longer any federation publication which is distributed to federation
members due to excessive cost to print and distribute – the NARFE-NET remains the most
feasible and economical method to distribute this information. The

e-mail address for distribution of NARFE information has been changed to NARFE-, to ensure that all members know that this is official information being
distributed by the Federation for the benefit of all members. It is further hoped that the chapters
will make an effort to pass this information along through their newsletters, so that all members
of every chapter can be informed.
        Your Federation President attended the National Legislation Conference in Washington
DC, and was part of an effort, organized by National Headquarters, to actually visit the offices of
each member of Congress, who are members of important Congressional Committees such as
Ways and Means, Budget, and Government Reform, to leave point papers with them in support
of our top legislative priorities – Government Pension Offset/Windfall Elimination Provision and
Premium Conversion. As an added benefit, NARFE membership materials were left with each
staff member encouraging them to join with us in our efforts to retain our earned benefits.
        Your Federation, for the first time, has entered into two coalitions in California - with the
California Postal Employees Legislative Coalition (which encompasses seven different postal
unions) and the California Retired Teachers Association. We share information with these
organizations to gain support for repeal/reform of Government Pension Offset/Windfall
Elimination Provision. The Federation is going to be working with other groups in California
trying to establish more coalitions, which will be of mutual benefit to both groups, targeting
GPO/WEP, and working toward Premium Conversion with those other groups who could benefit
from that legislation. The more people working on a concentrated effort, the more chance we
have to gain the attention of Congress and hopefully see positive changes.
        Your Federation began the year with 98 chapters and ended the year with 98 chapters
(due to the fact that one chapter, Amador Chapter 2074, paid their per capita dues prior to
closing, thus were counted as a chapter at convention). There are actually 97 active chapters
today, some which have difficulties, but are persevering. Membership numbers are on the
decline – 35,726 members as of July 1, 2004 to 33,650 as of June 1, 2005. In the past these
declining numbers have been touted as members who have passed away, due to the age of our
members. Your Federation President has taken reports from National and actually put them
together into one report which would indicate that is not the case for our declining membership.
Year to date average loss of members from death is 69 per month, while loss of members from
non-renewal averages 350 per month – each month - while the average gain of new members is
175 per month. Something is wrong with this trend, and it needs to be reversed as soon as
possible. Since chapters are the closest to their members, this is where it needs to begin.
 Chapters need to work with their members, provide them with information and urge them to
continue their membership in the ONLY organization that fights to keep their earned benefits. In
light of what is happening in private industry, just keeping your retirement annuity and your
health care is something quite worthwhile and something worth the price of membership.
My thanks to all members at the chapter meetings (41of 98), and district meetings (8 of 10), that
I have attended this year for their many courtesies extended to me during this past year. I am
very appreciative of the efforts that each of you make in your chapters and ask that you try to
encourage others in your chapters to make every effort possible to join with us in
‘Communicating a Positive Attitude for Participation’.

                    Executive Vice President H. Ray Harrington

         This has been a very interesting year for the California Federation and your Executive
Vice President.
         Following the convention in Visalia, I did all the housekeeping required of the Federation
Secretary to inform National Headquarters on Convention Resolutions, Federation Officers
Report, and Summary of Convention.
         In July every Chapter was mailed a survey requesting their input on what they desired
from the California Federation in regard to training, and membership recruiting and retention.
The Executive Board brainstormed the replies from the Chapters, and a Training Outline and
Membership Campaign were developed from the analysis of the Chapters’ input.
         The dues withholding program again has been extremely successful. During the last two
years over 875 members have received $10.00 rebates for signing up for dues withholding. Past
President Don Ross of the Feather River Chapter instituted this program. I have some good
news: the CSFC Membership Campaign was very successful this year with 508 new members
recruited by members of the California Federation between April 1, 2004 and March 31, 2005.
Seventy-four chapters recruited at least one new member during the 2004-2005 Fiscal Year. The
bad news is, twenty-four chapters did not recruit one new member during this time period. I
expect in this next year that every chapter will recruit new members to make our grass roots
stronger. I will follow up with each Chapter President to help them to recruit, recruit, and
         Super Recruiters: This year we had Sixty-Five members who became Super Recruiters by
recruiting at least two new members to NARFE. The following nine individuals have earned a
check for $75.00 for recruiting 10 or more new members: George Bardwil (0465), 10; Erin Lyles
(0004), 11; Doris Clements (0706), 12; Gladyce Nelson (0046), 12; Sophia Butram (0004), 15;
Forney Lundy (1496), 16; Evelyn Hatfield (0046), 20; Judy Lynn (1317), 22; and Gale Fullerton
(0052), 49.
         I traveled to many Chapters for their anniversaries, holiday celebrations and to revitalize
chapters. I attended Districts I, II, III, V, VI, VII, VIII, X district meetings and seminars.
         This year we have entered into coalitions with the California Postal Employees
Legislative Coalition and the California Retired Teachers Association. We have mutual
legislative concerns that we are pursuing with these organizations, with Congress and the
California Legislature.
         We have attended Expos with the Forest Service, National Association of Postal
Supervisors, Bureau of Land Management, National Association of Postmasters United States,
and Sacramento Federal Court House. At each of these expos, a free membership drawing was
held. We had over two hundred individuals that showed an interest in joining NARFE. I sent a
personal letter to each potential member and then sent the names and addresses to their
respective District Vice Presidents.
         The CSFC is gaining positive momentum and with your help and the help of each chapter
we can exceed all of our goals this next year. Thank you for letting me serve you.

                               Membership Awards
                    Executive Vice President H. Ray Harrington

        Vice President Harrington noted that all members are recruiters and applauded those who
raised their hands as being Super Recruiters.
        He then awarded Super Recruiter pins to those members who recruited more than two
members between December 31, 2004 and March 31, 2005.
        Those in attendance receiving Super Recruiter pins were:
                Herman Bracey, Chapter 0065, San Francisco, 2 members
                Clarence Howard, Chapter 1674, Town & Country, 2 members
                Richard Champion, Chapter 0281, Napa County, 2 members
                Vaudis Pennell, Chapter 0073, San Bernardino, 3 members
        Awards for $75 checks for their hard work went to:
                George Bardwil, Chapter 0465, South Bay, 10 members
                Erin Lyles, Chapter 0004, San Diego, 11 members
                Doris Clements, Chapter 706, Oceanside, 12 members
                Gladyce Nelson, Chapter 0046, Sacramento, 12 members
                Sophia Butram, Chapter 0004, San Diego, 15 members
                Forney Lundy, Chapter 1496, Salinas, 16 members
                Evelyn Hatfield, Chapter 0046, Sacramento, 20 members
                Judy Lynn, Chapter 1317, San Mateo, 22 members
                Gale Fullerton, Chapter 0052, Palo Alto, 49 members

       The membership contest will run from April 1, 2005 through March 31, 2006. Vice
President Harrington said that he would deliver the Super Recruiter pins to members’ chapters
next year because there will be no convention.

                         Federation Secretary’s Annual Report
                                     Joyce Ross

        I officially took office as CSFC Secretary November 1, 2004, having vacated the
secretary position two (2) years prior. It was a challenge to meet the demands put upon the
secretary at this busiest time of the year.
        I completed all the duties assigned, and in addition, with the help of NARFE-NET
Coordinator, Carl Bailey, we redesigned and produced a new Directory of Chapters, which was
well received.
        The Secretary position, Duties & Responsibilities, have been added to each year, until it
was a full time job. The position was becoming a very difficult one to fill. So one of my main
objectives was to divide the secretarial duties into several positions, with the secretary having
oversight. The position was divided as follows:
        Administrative Assistant to Secretary
        Executive Board Recording Secretary
        Convention Recording Secretary
        Data Base Manager
        I also assisted in rewriting CSFC Guidelines, which will be completed next year.

       I have enjoyed working with the members of the Executive Board and many more in the
Federation. I will continue to serve where needed.

                                Audit Committee Report
                                 Vito Magiliano, Chair

        Audit Committee Chairman Magiliano introduced the Audit Committee: Vice Chair
Alice Falls, District IX Chapter 0045, Fresno; Emil Tremillos, District III Chapter 1497, Mt.
Baldy; Margaret Woodford, District IV Chapter 1875, Hayward; and Susan Armington, District
X Chapter 1655, Red Bluff.
        The appointed Federation Audit Committee examined the financial reports and data as
required under Article II, Section 2c(5) of the Federation Bylaws for the Fiscal Year ended
March 31, 2005.
        The Audit was conducted as outlined in the Federation Guideline Chapter 11, and
consisted of testing revenue transactions, expense vouchers and bank account reconciliation’s for
the period April 1, 2004 to March 31, 2005. The audit showed that the results of the operations
from April 1, 2004 to March 31, 2005, adequately reflected the operations and financial
statements. The Balance Sheet and Income statement are as follows:

                                     Balance Sheet
                                 As of March 31, 2005
        Cash and Bank Accounts
                 Field & General Checking Account                   $53,732.00
                 CSFC NARFE Monthly Savings CD                         7,166.00
        Total Cash and Bank Accounts                               $60,848.00
        Other Assets
                 Field & General Accounts Receivable                   1,000.00
        Total Assets                                                $61,848.00
Liabilities:                                                                0
        Equity                                                      $61,848.00
        Total Liabilities & Equity                                   $6 l,848.00
                          Field & General Funds Income Statement
                       For the Period April 1, 2004 to March 31, 2005
        Field Fund                                                  $77,307.00
        Per Capita Dues                                               29,932.00
        Interest                                                          104.00
        Other Income                                                   2,053.00
                 Total Income                                      $109,396.00
        Field Fund                                                $ 74,479.00
        General Fund                                                 28,346.00
                 Total Expenses                                   $102,825.00
        Income in Excess of Expenses                              $ 6,571.00
        The Audit Report was adopted.

               Ken Boffin, Region VIII Pre-Retirement Seminar Coordinator
   Note: The text of this report is posted on the CSFC Web Site,, for
   reference and easy access.

       President Zajac declared the convention in recess until Friday, June 3, 2005, at 9 a.m. in
the Bay Bridge Rooms.

                               OPENING CEREMONIES
                                 Friday, June 3, 2005

        President Helen Zajac called the convention to order at 9:15 a.m. A moment of silence
was observed followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Past Federation President Don Ross,
Feather River Chapter #2236. Joan Renner, Indian Wells Valley Chapter #748, led the
delegates in singing “America the Beautiful” and “Ain’t We Got Fun”.
        President Zajac stated that there was a clarification that needed to be reported regarding
resolutions. Delegates were informed the previous day that some additional resolutions would be
discussed during the convention. The resolutions were a result of discussions held by the
Executive Board regarding the fact that no district or chapter submitted a bid for the 2007
Convention. In accordance with Federation Bylaws the Executive Board must take over the
planning and organization for the convention. To do so, it’s necessary to change some of the
Bylaws in order to make that happen. Specifically, a couple of these address the need to give
real power to the Executive Board to plan that convention.
        It was noted that in trying to obtain bids for the 2009 convention, hotels are not willing to
bid a price. They’re giving us today’s price and a caveat of an increase of a percentage per year,
so a final amount cannot be determined now. Also, because no district or chapter is willing to
do this, we need to address that old Civil War issue of north and south. It’s very important to all
of our members to be able to afford to attend a convention; however, if the Executive Board is
constrained to having conventions in a certain geographic location, then that does not allow us
the ability to obtain the best price for the convention. That and other minor housekeeping
details that have been overlooked in the Bylaws are what these eight resolutions involve.
Delegates were asked to consider the eight resolutions and to invoke Standing Rule 12, which
requires a 2/3 vote of the assembly to vote on these resolutions.
        Gordon Triemert, Vallejo Chapter 16, moved that EB 1-8 be considered at this
convention. The motion was seconded. Secretary Joyce Ross confirmed that a quorum was
present. The motion was adopted with six delegates in opposition.

                                         Roll Call

       Secretary Joyce Ross continued the roll call. Additional chapters present were: District I
Chula Vista Chapter 0940; District IV San Joaquin Chapter 0049; District V Redwood City
Chapter 0544; District VII Redwood Chapter 0608 and Mendocino Chapter 1841; District IX
Lompoc Chapter 1087 and Mariposa Chapter 2208; and District X Red Bluff Chapter 1655.
        President Zajac reported that a daily summary of this convention was being
e-mailed to all members who are on GEMS by assistant NARFE-NET coordinator Tony Pizza,
who is president of Ventura Chapter 190 .

                         Credentials Committee Second Report

        Credentials Committee Chair Vivian Nathanson reported, as of 8 a.m., Friday, June 3:
Delegates – 261; Delegates-at-large – 20; Alternate Delegates – 5; National Officers – 3;
Visitors/Guests – 12; Total number of people registered – 284. Number of chapters represented
by delegates – 72; number of chapters represented by proxy – 22; Number of members of
Executive Board – 15; Number of California Federation Past Presidents – 8; Total number of
potential votes present are 1126. The second report of the Credentials Committee was adopted.

                PUBLIC RELATIONS – How YOU Can Make a Difference
                      Public Relations Director Chuck Timanus

Note: The text of Chuck’s speech has been placed on the Federation Web Site for reference and easy access.

                         National Legislation Committee Report
                                 Chairman Lea Zajac

         National Legislation Chair Lea Zajac introduced the National Legislative Committee:
Helen Williams, District IV; Lenore Manak,, District III; Frank Impinna, District II; David
Janott, District X; Bernie Ruth, who was unable to attend the convention, District IX; Tom
Buggie, District I and Charles Lewis, also from District I; Leo Boyd, District V; and Mae
Harper, District VIII, who also was unable to attend the convention; and Robert Smith, District
VI. Chair Lea Zajac also represented District VII as a member of the committee.
         Chairman Zajac reported that President Helen Zajac had sent an e-mail message
requesting that members push to get co-sponsors for HR 994, the Premium Conversion Bill. The
letter identified those Congressmen who had sponsored the bill in the last Congress, twenty-two
(22) of whom have not yet co-sponsored the same bill for the current Congress. The message
requested members to contact their respective Congressmen asking them to co-sponsor HR 994
and to make the request before the convention so that the delegates could be told at the
convention that their Congressmen had signed on.
         Lea Zajac then gave the delegates a toll free number to call: 1-866-220-0044. NARFE
pays for the toll-free number to Capitol Hill. Members who call should ask for their Senator or
Congressman and they will be put through to that office.
         He stated that NARFE’s focus is on Premium Conversion and Government Pension
Offset/Windfall Elimination Provision (GPO/WEP) during the 109th Congress. NARFE is not
focusing on Social Security at this time because there is no plan, yet, that has been put forth by
the President; so the only thing NARFE can say right now is that we don’t agree with
privatization of Social Security.
         The two bills on Premium Conversion are HR 994 and S. 484. On Government Pension
Offset/Windfall Elimination Provision, the two bills are: HR 147 and S. 619. Both bills would
entirely repeal GPO and WEP. Senator Feinstein introduced S.619 and Senator Boxer has just
co-sponsored that bill, too.

                          NATIONAL LEGISLATIVE REPORT
                          National Legislation Director Judy Park

Note: The text of Judy’s speech has been placed on the Federation Web Site,, for reference and easy access.

                      The convention recessed for the Recognition Luncheon.

                                  Recognition Luncheon

         Entertainment during the Recognition Luncheon was by “Broadway by the Bay.” A
total of 255 delegates, members, and guests honored the Past Federation President.

        Federation Immediate Past President Ken Boffin was Master of Ceremonies for the
President’s Recognition Luncheon:
        “This luncheon is a long-standing tradition of the California Federation, which honors
Federation Past Presidents.
        For many of them this is a chance to see old friends. For some of you, it is an
opportunity to meet some of our leaders you may have heard about, but don’t know. Each of
them had an impact on the development of the California Federation and where we are today.
        There have been 52 elected Presidents of our Federation, starting back in 1950. Eighteen
of them are still alive and kicking and eleven of them are present today. I would like to
introduce them to you.
         Rolland Hamilton with his son-in-law, Bill Hansen. Rolland was our Federation
President from July 1983 to June 1984 and is from Mt. Diablo Chapter 531. He was our 33rd
President at a period when the Federation had 116 chapters and 52,094 members.
        Richard Millington with his wife, Marion. Dick was our 37th President serving from
July 1987 to June 1988. He was from Oroville Chapter 1711, which has since merged with
Greater Paradise Chapter 352. Dick went on to lead us as our Region VIII National Field Vice
President, and has played an active role at many National Conventions.
        Willamae Heitman with her daughter, Loma DeSantis, who is also a NARFE member.
Willamae was our 40th President from July 1990 to June 1991, and is from San Diego Chapter 4.
Willamae was my mentor in NARFE. At my first convention I was a Sergeant-at-Arms and
barely had any idea of what was happening. Not to fear, for sitting next to me was Willamae,
who explained everything to me as it occurred, including who the good guys were, why some
resolutions were needed, and others that didn’t have a chance. She was 100% on point. Thank
you, Willamae.
        H. Rodney Peery with his wife, Leona. Rod was our 43rd President from July 1993 to
June 1994, and is from San Jose Chapter 50. Rod has chaired many activities at National
Conventions and meetings, and we were fortunate to also have his counsel recently as DVP from
District V.
        Raymond J. Richetti with his wife, Avis. Ray was our 45th President from July 1995 to
June 1996, and is from Napa County Chapter 281. Ray’s motto was “A Strong Voice for
Retiree’s Rights.” Ray also led us as Region VIII National Field Vice President.
        Donald Ross with his wife, Joyce. Don was our 47th President from July1997 to June
1998, and is from Feather River Chapter 2236. Don is an amazing person who started the

California NARFE-NET and built it to the many thousands of members we now have. Joyce has
been our Federation Treasurer, Federation Secretary several times, and Federation Historian.
This is truly a dedicated NARFE family.
        Josephine Murphy with her friend and fellow NARFE member, Lu Johnson. Jo was
our 48th President from July 1998 to June 1999, and is from Oceanside Chapter 706. Jo is an
amazing lady who lives and breathes “service”. Her picture was in the April 2005, issue of
NARFE magazine for recruiting probably the youngest NARFE member, a current federal
employee, age 21.
        Forney Lundy with his wife, Kay. Forney was our 49th Federation President from July
1999 to June 2001, and is from Salinas Chapter 1496. Forney is our current Region VIII
National Field Vice President.
        Lea Zajac with his wife, Helen. Lea was our 50th Federation President from July 2001
to June 2003, and is from Vallejo Chapter 16. Lea has remained active with the Federation and
is our current District VII DVP, as well as our National Legislation Committee Chair. Helen is
our current Federation President and you’ll have the opportunity to hear from her many times
during this convention.
        Finally, I’m your Immediate Past President, Ken Boffin. I was your 51st Federation
President from July 2003 to June 2004, from Elkhorn Chapter 1680. I am also the Region VIII
Pre-Retirement Seminar Coordinator.”

                         Convention City Committee Report
                              Chair Barbara Davidson

        Bob Davidson, Chapter 0455, presented the Convention City Committee Report in lieu of
his wife Barbara. Bob introduced the Convention City Committee: Chair Barbara Davidson,
Chapter 0455; Renate Idelshon, Chapter 1689; and Sonne Idelshon, Chapter 1689.
        Bids were received on the 2007 convention from approximately a dozen hotels. The
committee visited the facilities and they recommended that our 2007 convention be held the last
week in May at the Costa Mesa Hilton. Bob introduced Scott Bruno, Senior Sales Manager for
the Costa Mesa Hilton, who told delegates about the facilities. The Costs Mesa Hilton has
committed to the maximum price, including everything, of $117.72 per night per room. Parking
will be $3 extra per night with in and out privileges.
        The hotel offers complimentary shuttle service to the Orange County Airport. There are
many restaurants within walking distance, as well as restaurants in the hotel.
        The hotel has 486 rooms, all with balconies. It has undergone a recent $16M renovation
and has 50,000 sq. feet of meeting space. The newest addition to the hotel is the renovation of
the Catalina Ballroom, which will be used for our general sessions.
        The convention is tentatively set for the week of May 24-29.
        Robert Smith, Golden Harvest Chapter 2139, moved to accept the recommendation of the
Convention City Committee. It was seconded and adopted with five delegates opposing.

        Delegates were reminded that CSFC By-laws require us to also select a convention site
for the 2009 convention. Following introduction of the members of the 2009 Convention City
Site Committee, Federation Vice President Ray Harrington reported on the properties.
Committee members were: Lea Zajac, Vallejo Chapter 16 and Don Ross, Feather River Chapter

       The 2009 Convention City Site Committee sent out over 40 requests for bids from hotels
and convention bureaus throughout the state. Some of the bids received were:
       Red Lion Inn, Sacramento, $103.25
       Marriott Hotel, San Mateo, $110.20 per room.
       The Hilton, SFO, $124
       The Riviera, Palm Springs, $133.51
       The Crown Plaza, Foster City, $138
       The Hilton of Palm Springs, $139.41
       La Quinta Resort, Palm Springs, $147.55
       Weston Rancho Mirage, $159 - $239
       Fairmont, San Jose, $170.28
       The Hyatt Regency, San Francisco, $232.70

        A site was not recommended for this body today, because of Resolutions EB 1 - EB 8,
and CBL 15. The resolutions offered at this convention will determine the scope of our site
selection procedures. The committee will do its best to find an outstanding site for the 2009
convention. Therefore, the selection of the 2009 convention site was postponed, pending the
outcome of Resolutions EB 1- EB 8, and CBL 15.

                             Nominating Committee Report
                                Chair Delphine Tobias

         Parliamentarian Sam Gales was introduced and he read Article I, Section 1, Paragraph b:
eligibility of members to hold office in the Federation.
         Delphine Tobias reported that the Nominating Committee reviewed the resumes of the
candidates and found that everyone was qualified to run for the positions. Most of the nominees
are members who currently hold Federation offices. Of the District Vice Presidents, all
nominees except one currently hold DVP positions. Candidates for DVP will be elected at the
         Those running for Federation offices are:
         Helen Zajac, President; H. Ray Harrington, Executive Vice President; Vivian Nathanson,
Secretary- there were two candidates for secretary, but Nick Shestople withdrew; and Werner
Gumpert, Treasurer.
         President Zajac asked for nominations from the floor for each office. None were offered.
Nominations were closed by a vote of the delegates.
         Joan Renner, Chapter 748, Indian Wells, moved that all candidates nominated for their
respective offices be elected. The motion was seconded and approved unanimously.
         Executive Vice President H. Ray Harrington, Secretary Vivian Nathanson, and Treasurer
Werner Gumpert, gave short acceptance speeches.
         The installation ceremony will take place at the banquet on Saturday evening.

                         Constitution and Bylaws Committee Report
                                     Chair Bob Sunkler

      Chairman Bob Sunkler, District X Chapter 1245, Chico, introduced the Constitution and
By-Laws Committee: Vice Chair Harvey Tobias, District III Chapter 73, San Bernardino; Bob

Davidson, District I Chapter 455, Palomar; Richard Champion, District VII Chapter 281, Napa
County; Helen Ouellet, District VIII Chapter 59, Glendale/Burbank; Diana Motta, District V
Chapter 1496, Salinas. An additional member of the committee, who couldn’t attend, was
Rolland Hamilton, District IV Chapter 53, Mt. Diablo.
        Chairman Sunkler advised that convention delegates would vote on the following
resolutions as a group:
CBL 01, CBL 02, CBL 03, CBL 13, CBL 15 and CBL 17. The committee recommended
adoption of those resolutions.

       CBL 01: Article II, Section 1.j – Federation Publication
       CBL 02: Article VI, Section 2.a – Nominees for Convention Committees
       CBL 03: Article VI, Section 1.c – Federation Conventions
       CBL 13: Article I, Section 2.g – Employment of Secretarial Services
       CBL 15: Article VI, Section 1.a – Federation Conventions
       CBL 17: Article VI, Section 2.c – Delegates
       All of the resolutions were adopted unanimously.

       Chairman Sunkler presented resolutions for consideration that were amended by the
        CBL 07: Article I, Section 5.b - Duties of the Treasurer – Resolving to send to the
president and secretary of each chapter, the past president, each standing committee chair and
each incoming and outgoing officer a copy of audited financial statements for the previous fiscal
year and a copy of the approved budget for the current fiscal year, within 60 days of approval.
       The Committee proposed amending the resolution eliminating “the past president”,
which referred to the Federation Past President.
       An amendment to CBL 14: Article 1, Section 2.h – Appointment of Assistants - was
considered. The committee recommended changing the word “or” to read “and/or” with the
sentence reading: “…to assist the secretary and/or treasurer.”
       The Committee recommended adoption of both Resolutions as amended.
        Amendments to CBL 07 and CBL 14 were adopted unanimously.
        Resolutions CBL 07, as amended, and CBL 14, as amended, were adopted.

       The Committee recommended non-adoption of: CBL 04, 05, 06, 08, 09, 10, 11,
12, and 16.
       CBL 04: CSFC Bylaws Article II, Section 1.d – Vacancies in the Executive Board
       CBL 05: CSFC Bylaws Article II, Section 1.j – Federation Publication
       CBL 06: CSFC Bylaws Article I, Section 5 (New) – Security of Check Book
       CBL 08: CSFC Bylaws Article I, Section 4.g – Duties of the Secretary
       CBL 09: CSFC Bylaws Article I, Section 3.f – Duties of the Executive Vice President
       CBL 10: CSFC Bylaws Article I, Section 2.e – Duties of the President
       CBL 11: CSFC Bylaws Article I, Section 1.a – Officers Taking Office
       CBL 12: CSFC Constitution, Article I – Organization Name
       CBL 16: CSFC Bylaws Article I, Section 1.a. – Officer Titles
       The resolutions were voted on as a group and were rejected unanimously.

       Chairman Sunkler reported that Resolutions EB 1 - EB 8, would be voted on as a group.
       EB 1: CSFC Bylaws Article I, Section 2.d – Duties of the President
       EB 2: CSFC Bylaws Article II, Section 2.a – Standing Committees
       EB 3: CSFC Bylaws Article II, Section 2.c.(8) – Standing Committees
       EB 4: CSFC Bylaws Article VI, Section 1.a – Federation Conventions – Place and Date
       EB 5: CSFC Bylaws Article VI, Section 1.b – Federation Conventions – Place and Date
       EB 6: CSFC Bylaws Article VI, Section 1.c – Federation Conventions – Place and Date
       EB 7: CSFC Bylaws Article VI, Section 1.d – Federation Conventions – Place and Date
       EB 8: CSFC Bylaws Article VI, Section 1.e – Federation Conventions – Place and Date
       Resolutions EB 1 – EB 8 were adopted with one opposing vote.


Note: “Brainstorming” session responses were recorded by Thea Max, Greater Paradise-
Oroville Chapter 352. This information was placed on the Federation Web Site,, for reference and easy access.

        President Zajac declared the convention in recess until Saturday, June 4, 2005, at 9:00
a.m. in the Golden Gate Room.

                               OPENING CEREMONIES
                                Saturday, June 4, 2005

        President Helen Zajac called the third and final business session of the 2005 last Annual
Convention of the California State Federation of Chapters to order. She asked for a moment of
silence to reflect on what really matters in our great country, and how it came to be such a great
country through the dedication and the efforts of those hard working individuals. She asked us
to think about this quotation from Walt Disney: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”
        Past Region VIII National Field Vice President Richard Millington, Chico Chapter 1245,
led the delegates in the renewal of our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of
        Joan Renner of Indian Wells Valley Chapter 748 led the singing of “God Bless America”
and “Happy Days are Here Again.”

                             Credentials Committee Final Report

        Chair Vivian Nathanson reported: Delegates - 279; Delegates-At-Large - 20; Alternate
Delegates - 5; National Officers - 4; Visitors/Guests - 13; Total Number of People Registered -
304. Number of chapters represented by delegates - 75; Number of Chapters represented by
proxy - 23; Number of members of Executive Board - 15; Number of California Federation Past
Presidents - 8; Total number of potential votes present - 1,268 out of a possible 1,289.
        Chair Nathanson introduced the Credentials Committee: Dottie Frischerz, District X
Chapter 1655; Dolly Morgen, District III Chapter 397; Phyllis Johnson, District VI Chapter
1658; Mary Jo Smith, District VI Chapter 1503; Gary Langhorst, District V Chapter 50. The
final Credentials Report was adopted.
         Each member of the Committee received a certificate for Distinguished Service.

                                        Final Roll Call

       Secretary Joyce Ross resumed the roll call – Chapter 970 Laguna Woods answered as
proxy. All 98 chapters for this final annual convention were present.

                               Ballot and Tellers Committee

        Because the Ballot and Tellers Committee was discharged at an earlier time, Ballot and
Tellers Committee Chair, Clarence Howard, asked for a Point of Personal Privilege to introduce
the members who served on his committee.
        Chairman Howard introduced committee members: Betty Hicks, District IV Oakland;
Ann McCraw, District I Saddleback; Spence Sutherland, District VII Marin; Flo Arnoldy,
District VI Town & Country; Polly Cowles, District V San Mateo; Loretta Edminster, District IX
Fresno. Each member of the Committee received a certificate for Distinguished Service.

                          District Vice President Election Results

        Nominating Comittee Chair Delphine Tobias introduced members of the Nominating
Committee: Vice Chairman Tom Collins, District VI Calaveras; Barbara Davidson, District I
Palomar; Margaret Bunyard, District II Long Beach; Fil Fong, District IV Mt. Diablo; Judy
Lynne, District V San Mateo; Janet Triemert, District VII Vallejo; Judith Mayora, District IX
Visalia; Chuck Falls, District IX Fresno; Barbara Pipari, District X Clear Lake. Each member of
the Committee received a certificate for Distinguished Service.
        The results of the District Vice Presidents election that took place the previous evening,
Friday, June 3, 2005 are:

                              District I             Robert Davidson
                              District II            George Bardwil
                              District III           Andy Morgen
                              District IV            Polly Stonich
                              District V             Jim McClenahen
                              District VI            Dottie Schmidt
                              District VII           Lea Zajac
                              District VIII          Earl Wilson
                              District IX            Robert Wheir
                              District X             Don Ross

           How You Can Be An Effective Advocate With Your Congressman
Note: The text of this workshop has been placed on the Federation Web Site,, for reference and easy access,

                              National Bylaws Committee Report
                                    Louis Burgelin, Chair

         Chairman Burgelin introduced the National Bylaws Committee: Joaquin Lopez, District
III; Joffre Longoria, District III; Charles Hedrick, District IX; and Dick Millington, District X.
         Three resolutions were received. The Committee was unanimous in its
recommendations to not adopt all three resolutions.
         NBL 01: NARFE name change. The resolution was rejected.
         NBL 02: Return to original NARFE name. The resolution was rejected.
         NBL 03: Spousal members dues.
         There was a motion to amend NBL 03 by retaining proposed spousal half-dues and
allowing all rights and privileges without exception. The amendment was rejected.
         NBL 03 as originally proposed was rejected.

                               General Resolutions Committee
                                  Gordon Triemert, Chair

        Chairman Triemert introduced the General Resolutions Committee members: Barbara
Davidson, District I; Rayfield Ozier, District III; Everett Renno, District III; Dennis Dyrud,
District V; Ossie Richardson, and Dr. Anastasios Piliotis, District IV. Each member of the
committee received a certificate for Distinguished Service.

        GEN 01: Certification of Death of Annuitant. The author, Bob Davidson, amended the
resolution removing some difficult verbiage and clarifying some points. Copies of the amended
resolution were distributed to delegates the previous day. The General Resolutions Committee
recommended adoption of GEN 01 as amended by the author.
        GEN 01 was adopted as amended.
        GEN 03: Proposal to have a line for e-mail addresses on member Dues Renewal Notices.
The Committee recommended adoption. GEN 03 was adopted.
        GEN 02 - Resolutions. Proposed that resolutions rejected at State Federation
Convention NOT be brought before National Conventions. The Committee recommended non-
adoption. The Committee’s rationale was that it is an infringement on speech; they thought that
as a resolution is first taken up at a Convention there may be new ideas that come up and
modifications made to the resolution. Also, it is a National Bylaws requirement that resolutions
pass through.
        Andy Morgen, District III, Palm Springs Chapter 587, raised a Point of Order. He
requested that GEN 02 be considered separately from GEN 04 and GEN 05.
The request was voted on and approved. GEN 02 was considered separately and rejected.
        GEN 04: Membership Communications. NARFE would provide chapter membership
databases to chapters and designated representatives, on request, in computer disc and
downloadable formats, etc., at no charge. The Committee recommended non-adoption.
        NOTE: This information is currently available on the Web Site,; both the
M114 and M112 can be downloaded for use by the chapters.

        GEN 05: Membership Communications. That NARFE inform chapters at least monthly
of roster changes submitted at the National level due to deaths or address changes, in the
chapter’s preferred format, at no charge. The Committee recommended non-adoption.
        GEN 04 and GEN 05 were rejected.
        NOTE: Subsequent to the convention, it was learned that National would generate a new
report, M115, which will provide the monthly updates of roster changes and will be posted on
the NARFE Web Site.

                                   State Legislation Committee
                                       Joanna Selby, Chair

         Chair Joanna Selby reported on AB 654, California Compassionate Choices Act: called
Physician Assisted Suicide. For those who are terminally ill and under hospice care, if they want
to terminate their life, they can go to two physicians who agree to the request. That person must
be sound of mind and will then have ten days to think about whether to take his or her own life.
If that individual does not change his or her mind within the ten-day period, then he/she may go
to the physicians and if they agree to the procedure, they will give the individual life-ending
          This bill was copied out of Oregon law, which was enacted in 1996. In looking at the
data, not many people have chosen to end their lives. This is strictly the individual’s choice.
          Chair Selby related her concern of how the situation would be handled if a person were
comatose. If the individual has a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, it is filed with the
physician’s office, and that physician will follow the individual’s wishes. If a person becomes
comatose without a Durable Power of Attorney, that person has no way to handle the situation -
it will be left to their loved ones. This Compassionate Choices Act is totally different from what
a person needs if he or she is comatose. The fulfillment of a person’s wishes is most important.
          SB 840, Sheila Kuehl’s bill, Single Payers (Health Care for All): Single Payers is where
everybody in the state pays into the system. The law will affect everyone living in California.
Chair Selby stated that when she went to the coalition meeting to speak on behalf of NARFE
members, she said “no” to the proposal, because NARFE’s FEHBP is a very good plan. But, if
she were to go with a different hat on, she would be for it. She reported that all of these bills are
in the discussion stage and we don’t need to worry about them right now.

         Clair Smith, Bakersfield Chapter raised a question regarding State Legislation: Last year,
Senator Hollingsworth introduced a bill that would reduce the amount of income tax that’s
assessed on our retirement. Has that been introduced again, and what is the status of that issue?
        Joanna Selby: I will never ask him to sponsor the bill again. The reason is the state has
such a bad deficit situation – no Senator or Assembly Member will touch that kind of bill. If the
bill is introduced and goes into committee hearings, it will shut down on the floor. But that
doesn’t mean that in the future we’ll not have any chance at all.
        Clair Smith: My position is to introduce it anyway; to keep it on the board because, if one
year you don’t introduce it, then it may be forgotten for another five or ten years. There are 26
states that don’t tax or have tax relief for federal annuitants. California is not one of them.
Whether or not it will pass, I believe that bill ought to be introduced and out on the floor.

                                       Lunch Recess

                               Convention Call to Order

       President Helen Zajac called the afternoon session to order at 1:30 p.m. The Chair
recognized a Point of Privilege to the State Legislation Chair, Joanna Selby, to introduce the
State Legislation Committee: Vice Chair George Bardwil, South Bay Chapter 465; Doris Lowe,
Barstow Chapter 1564; Barbara Sanford, San Leandro Chapter 511; Robin Leong, Vallejo
Chapter 16. Each member of the committee received a certificate for Distinguished Service.

    President Zajac recognized Trudy Prater from the Sacramento area. Trudy has been a part of
our conventions for many years and we continue to see her wonderful craftwork in the Sergeant-
at-Arms vests, and the covers for the Sergeant-at-Arms chairs. She can no longer be at our
conventions, but Kaye Brown, Sunrise Chapter 1658, circulated a card for delegates to send good
wishes to Trudy.

                           Region VIII Annual Report
                 Forney Lundy, Region VIII National Vice President

         Thank you to President Helen Zajac, the Executive Board and the delegates for inviting
Kay and I to join you this week, and for giving me an opportunity to talk with you about NARFE
and issues that we might face in the coming months or years. It’s always nice to come to the Bay
Area and see so many old friends and hopefully meet some new ones.
         Hot off the press are the latest figures for our 2006 COLA. Currently it is 2.8% and we
still have almost five months left on compiling the data that determines the final COLA figure.
         You’ve heard from Judy Park, Chuck Timanus, H. Ray Harrington and Helen Zajac.
They all took the words out of my speech. So, I’m not going to address any of the legislative
issues, except for one thing. At the last National Executive Board (NEB) meeting the Legislative
Committee gave us a report and they told the Board that anything that costs money in the 109th
Congress would be very, very difficult to get through. Now that’s not earthshaking news.
         But, I do want to talk about Membership. For those of you who know me, you know how
I feel about Membership. Everybody got an application? I’m like anybody else – When I go
into K-Mart I go up to somebody who has white hair; and when I’m in the airport going through
the security check - all of those people are federal employees. Just carry your applications and
hand them out.
         You know about membership and our problem in retaining members. You also heard
Ray Harrington say that we’ve done a pretty good job in recruiting new members, and we have.
In 2004 we recruited over 27,000 new members and over 10,000 have become reinstated. Now,
the other shoe - in 2004 over 9,000 members passed away and we lost close to 40,000 for non-
payment of dues. Chuck Timanus gave you a different figure than that, but I’ve looked it up and
it’s closer to 40,000 than it is to 32,000. What’s the answer to that?
         Dues withholding would fix some of it, but there are a lot of other problems we’re
having. Some members of the NEB are discussing and proposing different ideas of what the
problem is and how we might solve it. We have to ask ourselves why such a large number of
members are not staying with NARFE. Is it possible that we’re not making NARFE membership
sufficiently appealing to retain our members? Are we doing something to drive them away?

         Some say that compulsory chapter membership is causing a lot of the problem. I don’t
have the answer, but I need your input to assist me in discussions that will occur at the July NEB
meeting in Alexandria. My job is to be your eyes and ears, as well as your voice, at the NEB
meetings. I need to know how you feel about mandatory chapter membership. My e-mail
address and phone number are published in the NARFE magazine, so you can send it to me, or
send it to Helen and she’ll forward it to me, or send it to your DVP and they’ll forward it to me.
I need that by July 10th, so I can compile it before I go to the Board meeting on July 14th.
         I also need to know how you feel about unified dues. That’s going to come up. Unified
dues are a tricky, sticky situation. In fact, in my opinion, it would resolve a lot of our problems,
but there’s no way, in my opinion, to tackle it without hurting somebody. So, it’s an issue that
we’re going to talk about, and I need to know how you feel about it. Maybe unified dues would
be the answer, but we shouldn’t implement it for several years because of the recent dues
         NARFE is not alone in this situation. Every organization that I belong to or probably that
you belong to is having the same problem. Some say that new people coming along are not
joiners. I think they’re just busy. I think the secret to getting the young person involved is to get
them in the first six months of their retirement. If you don’t, they’re going to be tied up with the
Cancer Society, the Meals on Wheels and 15,000 other organizations and you’re going to be too
late. So, that’s the time to grab them and put them to work. Get them involved in Telephone
Tree or something - just get them involved.
         Some say that if we don’t turn this thing around, NARFE will not be here in 10 or 12
years. I don’t know about that, but I expect to see some proposals down the road that will
attempt to address this sticky issue.
          In Reno, the Executive Board was given a task to come up with a resolution at the
Albuquerque Convention. But, we want to address that issue the best way we can. Some on the
Board think we should do it in increments, maybe do a referendum to see how we feel, then take
the top issue and write a resolution for that. But, I still need to know how you, the members, feel
about these issues.
         If we do away with chapter membership, the first thing you’re going to think is – “What’s
going to happen to my chapter?” You’re going to lose income. But, if you look on the positive
side, some feel that will increase our membership. I’m not sure I feel that way. The members
that I talked to who dropped out didn’t drop out because they had to pay chapter dues. I’ve never
run across one who told me that. I’ve read it in a few places. So, we just need to address these
issues. When we get to Albuquerque in 2006, we’ll have a resolution, I assure you. And then
you, as delegates, will get to vote on it.
         If we do increase membership by doing away with chapter membership, the National
office has made a commitment to take part of that increased revenue and give it back to the
chapters in some form or another. But, that’s a long way away and we don’t really know how
that will work.
         On the NARFE name change, since we’ve been at this convention, we just got the last
piece of literature on the IRS notification, so now we’re truly within inches of completing the
name change. We have until September 2006 to get it done, but we would like to see you use the
new name, get the new logos going, and new stationery can be ordered from National. The
acronym NARFE is still here.
         Judy talked about some of our legislative bills and they were all published in the January
issue of NARFE magazine. I hope you’ve read the article on pages 10 and 12 entitled, “Federal

Deficit Threatens Existing Benefits.” If you read that, you can see what we’re up against in the
109th Congress. With the federal deficit and the war in Iraq, you can see why Congress and the
Administration might come after us. Remember, we have over $611 billion in our CSRS/FERS
retirement fund. Please note that it is the same fund. That’s like putting a bowl of candy in front
of kids and telling them to leave the candy alone. It’s a huge temptation. So, now is the time to
be prepared to fight that battle.
         Be sure your Telephone Committee is up and operating. We expect several legislative
alerts in the coming months. We call ourselves a grassroots organization; now we must ensure
that we respond when called upon. Frankly, we do a very poor job of responding to any kind of
a legislative call - less than one (1) percent.
         I send out a quarterly report on the NEB meeting, which is published by GEMS; I mail
out copies to people who are not on GEMS. I urge all of you to share this information with your
         NARFE-PAC pins are available –it’s the white flag. It has the old NARFE logo because
they were ordered before the name was changed. NARFE receives more requests for funds than
we can accommodate. But, for the most part, funds are distributed based on the candidate’s
voting record, not on their co-sponsorship of pending legislation. California continues to be the
highest contributor in the nation to NARFE, and I’m positive that Judy Park and Vaudis Pennell
will be available to take your checks and will have pins available.
         Membership, PR and Retirement Benefits Service Committee reported that we had a very
successful OPM blind mailing in the fall. Because of the Privacy Act, we can’t get names and
addresses, so we contract through a third party. This third party makes up packets and they get
names from OPM. They mail out the packets and we pay for that service. These are recently
retired government employees - within the last six months, I think. The blind mailing consisted
of 65,000 names and we got an 8.2 percent return rate, which is a very good return rate. We also
mailed out 25,000 packets to dropped members with a 4.7 percent return rate, which is also not a
bad return rate.
         The names of recruiters are published in a Quarterly Journal and California did fairly well
in 2004. I want to point out that 224 Federation members recruited 545 new members. If you
are not one of those 224, it is very easy to become one. Some say they don’t know how to
recruit. How about this? The holidays will be upon us soon and instead of giving your letter
carrier a box of candy or a bottle of whiskey, buy him or her a membership in NARFE. It will
cost you $25. We all know that government employees can’t accept gifts; so if they balk at that,
just say it is an award for excellent service. You can get the name of NARFE floating around in
the workplace and maybe they’ll take the magazine there. The point is, it’s not nearly as
expensive as buying a tank of gas.
         Dues withholding – in the last 15 months we’ve had 7,746 people go on dues
withholding. Today we have 53,406 on dues withholding that belong to chapters and another
4,000 that are National only. It’s a good deal, and the best way to go for member retention.
         Every year we spend about $100,000 on 1st, 2nd and 3rd dues notices. That’s your money
that we’re spending. If everyone were on dues withholding, we wouldn’t have that expense; we
could spend it on something else. We have 1,145 Honorary Members in California as well as
3,494 Life Members.
         Chuck Timanus talked about matching funds. He has a nice budget for matching funds
and that money is just sitting there. The Board allocated it for him to use for that purpose and

rarely do I know of anyone who has been turned down for matching funds. It’s another way to
get the word out about NARFE.
         Ken Boffin was appointed as the Region VIII representative on the Bylaws Revision
Committee. That committee met and has made recommendations, which we’ll talk about at the
meeting in July. I appreciate Ken’s work.
         National is having problems with bad e-mail addresses. It is your responsibility to notify
NARFE when you change servers. It’s really simple to do; send an e-mail to Carl Bailey, or an
e-mail to
         The NARFE Code of Ethics has been approved and distributed and the committee
recommended the widest possible distribution, and I think I saw it in one of the publications; so
all the chapters have that.
         The Regions VIII and IX Symposium will be held in Reno, September 28-29, 2005, at
the Peppermill Hotel. Cost is $50 registration and $30 for spouses. That registration includes
two lunches. The room rate for the Peppermill is $58.36 plus tax. You can extend the room rate
two days before or two days after. On September 27, there will be an evening reception.
Application forms were published in the April and May issues of NARFE magazine and again in
the June magazine.
         We’ll talk about four topics at the Symposium: Recruitment and Retention,
Officer Leadership and Development, Chapter Communications, and Chapter Meetings.
All of those are to help you, as chapter leaders and Federation officers, to do a better job.
Any member can attend who wants to learn more about NARFE.
         This is the first combined conference on the West Coast, and we hope the chapters and
Federations would offer some financial assistance to help the delegates go. The California
Federation voted to pay one-half of the registration fees for the first 90 to sign up for this
Symposium. There are about 50 – 60 slots left.
         The next National Convention will be in Albuquerque, September 10-14, 2006. Because
we are not going to have a 2006 State Convention, I would like to announce that I am a candidate
for re-election for Region VIII Field Vice President.

                        REGION VIII NFVP ANNUAL REPORT
                             JUNE 2004 – JUNE 2005
                               FORNEY A. LUNDY

JUNE 2004: In mid June attended and presented 25th Anniversary certificate to three chapters
in the Honolulu, HI area. They had a larger turnout than they normally get to the Federation
Convention. In late June attended a picnic of chapter #2167 in Nevada, as well as a chapter
meeting in Lake Tahoe.

JULY 2004: Attended a chapter meeting at Oceanside #0706 in Mid July, stopping at Visalia
on the way back home.

AUGUST 2004: Attended a National Executive Board (NEB) meeting at the Hilton Hotel
Casino in Reno, NV August 25-27, 2004. Attended the NARFE National Convention August 29-
31, 2004 at the Reno Hilton.

SEPTEMBER 2004: Continued attending the National Convention September 1-2, 2004.
Missed the post convention NEB meeting because of family illness. Attended San Mateo chapter
#1317 annual luncheon on 9/9 and my home chapter picnic on 9/11. Vacationed in Louisiana
9/24 – 10/8.

OCTOBER 2004: Attended the Nevada Federation Executive Board meeting in Tonopah
10/11 – 13/04. Attended a going away luncheon for newly elected National Treasurer Dick
Ostergren in Fresno on 10/16. Attended and made a presentation at Livermore chapter #0397’s
50th Anniversary luncheon in Pleasanton on 10/23. Attended the District VI meeting in Angels
Camp on 10/26. Attended and rode on the Stagecoach in the Nevada Days Parade in Carson City
on 10/30.

NOVEMBER 2004: After attending the CSFC board meeting (11/3-4) in Salinas, I attended
the NEB committee meeting and the NEB meetings 11/8-11/10 at NARFE HQs in Alexandria,
VA. Assisted Salinas chapter #1496 work a table at a Career Expo for the USDA Forest Service
in Monterey on 11/15, obtaining over 30 names and addresses of potential members. Attended a
Town Hall meeting with Congressman Sam Farr (California 17th Congressional District) in
Salinas, CA on 11/17.

DECEMBER 2004: Attended and installed new officers at my home chapter meeting on 12/1.
Attended and installed new officers at San Jose Chapter #0050’s luncheon on 12/3. Travel to Las
Vegas on 12/8, attending and installing new officers at the Lake Meade District luncheon on
12/9. Attended and installed new officers at Monterey chapter #0579’s luncheon on 12/13.
Travel to Los Angeles on 12/14. Attended and installed new officers at Saddleback Valley
Chapter #1689’s luncheon on 12/15. Attended and installed new officers at Pasadena Chapter
#0010 luncheon on 12/16. Attended South Bay chapter #0465’s 50th Anniversary Luncheon on
12/17 and presented a 50th Anniversary Certificate. Attended a luncheon for Alameda chapter
#1272 on 12/23, but had no officers to install.

JANUARY 2005: Attended home chapter meeting on 1/5. Attended a breakfast for
Congressman Sam Farr (California 17th Congressional District) and other elected officials in
Salinas, CA on 1/7. Attended meeting of Golden Harvest chapter #2139, enroute to Red Bluff,
CA on 1/11. Attended and made presentations to District X Annual meeting in Red Bluff on

FEBRUARY 2005: Attended and made a presentation at San Fernando Valley chapter #0061
on 2/2.. Attended and made presentations at the District III Annual meeting in San Bernardino on
2/3. . Attended and made presentations at the Districts II and VIII combined annual meeting in
Buena Park on 2/5, traveling home that afternoon and evening. Attended the NEB meeting 2/23-
25 and the National Legislative Conference 2/26 – 3/1 in Arlington, VA.

MARCH 2005: Attended home chapter meeting 3/2. Attended Santa Cruz chapter #0054’s
luncheon meeting 3/9. Attended San Leandro Chapter #0511 luncheon and meeting to celebrate
their 50th anniversary on 3/11. Attended the District IX meeting in Bakersfield on 3/16, returning
home that evening. Attended the District V annual meeting in San Jose on 3/17. On 3/31
attended the CSFC Executive Board meeting in Salinas.

APRIL 2005: Attended part of the second day of the Executive Board meeting on April 1st.
Attended home chapter meeting on April 6th. Attended and made a presentation to the CSFC
District VII annual meeting in Santa Rosa on April 7th. April 20-26, was on vacation in Hawaii.
April 27-29, attended and made a presentation at the Hawaii Federation convention in Honolulu,
HI at the Ala Moana Hotel.

MAY 2005: Traveled to Reno, NV on May 2, renting a car and driving to Carson City to attend
an afternoon meeting of the Nevada Federation Executive Board. On May 3-4, attended and
made presentations at the Nevada Federation Convention, held at the Nugget in Carson City. .
On May 15th, traveled to Grand Rapids, MI, staying at the Amway Grand Hotel. May 16 – 17
completed a site inspection of hotel and city bidding on the 2010 National Convention. . NOTE:
This trip was at NO expense to NARFE. On May 30th traveled to San Mateo, CA. Attended the
first day of the CSFC Executive Board Pre-Convention meeting on May 31st at the Marriott.

JUNE 2005: Attended the second day of the CSFC Executive Board meeting on June 1st. On
June 2-4, attended and made presentations to the last annual convention of the California
Federation held at the Marriott in San Mateo, CA. On June 5-6, attended the Post Convention
meeting of the CSFC Executive Board at the Marriott in San Mateo..

When not on the road, continued doing normal NARFE business, i.e., answering emails, letters,
phone calls, etc. As well as address changes, death notifications and handling changing chapter
requests. Have received new cards, letterhead and envelopes from the National office with the
recent name change.

During this time frame, continued working with Don Brown, Reno Chapter #0142; NFVP Lanny
Ross and National office in preparation of the September 27, 28 and 29, 2005, Region VIII and
IX symposium being planned at the Peppermill Hotel Casino in Reno, NV. The FEHBP Health
Care providers are now showing some interest in attending the symposium.

                           Public Relations Committee Report
                                     Michael Pringle

        The California Federation Public Relations Committee was very active this past year. I
am impressed with the number of chapters they have visited, the district meetings they
participated in, their willingness to share information and the interaction that went on between
the DVPs and the District Public Relations Chairs. I’m very proud of the things they’re doing
and the things they’ve done. I’m going to ask the Public Relations Chairs to stand and be
recognized: Vice Chair from District VI Clarence Howard; District I Pat Barrett-Reising;
District II Velma Ashford; District III Norma Hoskins; District IV Margaret Woodford; District
VI Dick Walker; District VII Larry Jean; District IX Signe Nakashima; District X Millie Rogers.
        Our goal last year was to promote NARFE in our communities. Our Public Relations
objectives were as follows:
        1. To protect the interests and advance the causes of federal employees, retirees
            and survivors, in Congress.
        2. Increase NARFE membership and revenue.

        3. Build public appreciation for current and retired federal employees and their
        4. Increase the public stature of our NARFE chapters and Federation as a
            community and issues leader.
        5. Make known the contributions of NARFE members in their communities.
        6. Inform local and state officials of NARFE’s interest and position on issues
            affecting our members.
        7. See that newspapers, radio and television editors understand the NARFE
           position on controversial issues.
        8. Work with NARFE officers to teach Congress and the public that the well
           being of public employees has a direct effect on the quality of our
        I am proud to report that we have met our goal, and we continue to carry out our
objectives. With the hard work of the Public Relations Committee, we carried out our objectives
by using numerous platforms.
                a. We participated in Federation district training programs.
                b. We participated in community outreach programs.
                c. We provided information and material by setting up NARFE
                    booths where appropriate.
                d. We made presentations at district meetings, Presidents Council
                    meetings and chapter Meetings.
                e. We communicated our public relations message through all available
                That is:
                        1. Print media
                        2. TV and Radio
                        3. The Internet
                        4. Personal contact
                        5. And all other forums deemed appropriate.

        NARFE National Headquarters provided matching funds for projects carried out by the
Public Relations Committee. These projects were many and varied. Matching funds were used
for buying NARFE paraphernalia for exhibits; placing newspaper ads; and renting booth space at
many civic and social events.
        The activities of the Federation’s Public Relations Program are many. These activities
are highlighted in our quarterly Public Relations Newsletter.
        The publication of the Federation’s Public Relations Newsletter continues to be a
success. It has been well received in the State of California and Nationally. The articles that are
written quarterly by the District Public Relations Committee Chairs are interesting and timely.
The newsletter is distributed to NARFE Headquarters; every chapter in the California
Federation; all Federation Officers, and to others that express an interest.
        The Federation’s Public Relations Committee has a Web page. There you will find the
names and contact numbers of the Public Relations Committee members; press releases; the
Public Relations Newsletter; information on how to request Matching Funds; Public Relations
program development information and many other useful items to assist in carrying out an
effective Public Relations Program at the district and chapter level.

        I am pleased to report that this past year was a success for the Federation’s Public
Relations Committee. As a result, Public Relations in the California Federation is well
positioned to continue its journey into the future.
        Thank you for trusting the Public Relations Committee with your time, funds and
support. We will never lose sight of our promise to promote NARFE in our communities. We
will continue our work to ensure that NARFE is here to serve you today, tomorrow and for years
to come.”
                                 Service Committee Report
                                   Mary Venerable, Chair
                        Report given by Vice Chair Duane Peterson

          President Zajac reported that Service Committee Chair Mary Venerable had to leave the
convention to drive home one of the delegates who became ill. In her place, the Service
Committee Report was presented by the Committee’s Vice Chair, Duane Peterson, Mt. Diablo
Chapter 531.
         He reported that it has been over five years since Mary Venerable became Chair of the
Service Committee. Mary’s report, in her words: “During this time, I have conducted training
workshops and briefings at various chapters in my area. Accomplishments have continued over
the years and I am proud about some of the examples which include: a larger number of Service
Officers trained on federal retirement benefits; improvement in the use of the SOS Newsletter;
the inclusion of the content of the Newsletter for chapter newsletter articles; more benefit
presentations at chapter meetings; and an increased awareness that there is no question that can’t
be answered by phone, Fax or Internet.
         I am still trying to publish four quarterly newsletters that are entitled: S.O.S. Newsletter
– “Service Officers for Service”. This newsletter has opened up new communication
opportunities between Service Officers and me. In the California Federation, we have been able
to keep over 113 individuals as volunteers to be designated as Chapter Service Officers.
         Unfortunately, there are still fewer Service Officers at conventions and at the annual
district training sessions. Reasons range from no money available from the chapter to help pay
for attendance, to lack of interest or medical reasons. Because I receive reports from only a
handful of Service Officers, I still have limited information on how effectively the Service
function is being performed. I, therefore, must hold the presidents of our chapters (some of
whom are wearing the second hat of Service) responsible to assess the value of some Service
Officers and see to it that they receive the necessary training.
         Service Officers have the opportunity to provide service and to be recruiters for NARFE.
In 2004, I took advantage of an opportunity to provide “Pre-Retirement training” to the Social
Security Administration office in Hemet, to EEOC in Los Angeles and San Diego, and to
Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Many employees were within five years of
retirement; others had a number of years to go. I prepared the presentation with handouts on
subjects important to both groups. The information was well received and appreciated because it
was “FREE”. It gave me the opportunity to let them know about the benefits of belonging to
NARFE. It also resulted in me becoming a member of the “super recruiter” program and
resulted in me gaining $8 per new member. Anyone interested in getting involved in conducting
pre-retirement counseling can benefit in doing it and will have prepared material to help them do
the training.

        We could easily become NARFE recruiters. Many of the individuals we help are
annuitants or spouses of annuitants and are not members. They look at our call with relief that
we can provide assistance and not interfere or “get into their business.” Helping them get
through their loss, assisting in completing forms, or preparing letters to OPM will ultimately
result in appreciation and, in some cases, an offer to pay for the service. This has been the
opportunity I have used to get spouses to join NARFE especially since my service is FREE
through NARFE.
        I want to emphasize that Service Officers who go the extra mile to get answers for both
members and non-members are a walking advertisement for others to find out the benefit of
joining NARFE. Service Officers can also help in recruiting new members by participating in
Health Insurance Seminars or Pre-Retirement Seminars using the Pre-Retirement packets that
NARFE provides FREE.
        Service Officers need to be involved in the recruitment activities now going on with
special enrollment fee for current federal employees. Service Officers must be available other
than by telephone. They need to be visible. Service Officers are needed as volunteers at Service
Centers in their area.
        I am still concerned about the number of Service Officers who have not received the last
three SOS Newsletters. The Newsletter comes out quarterly and is being sent to your chapter
NARFE-NET Coordinator. I remind you that all of the SOS Newsletters can be downloaded
from the Federation Web Site, I want all Service Officers to USE the
information in these Newsletters to conduct training sessions or to prepare newsletter articles.
        Finally, I would like to close by asking chapter presidents to use your Service Officers to
make your meetings interesting and to attract new members.
        Remember “Service Officers for Service”.

       The Service Officer Committee Members are as follows:
       Mary Venerable, Chair, District III Chapter 1662; District I Bertram Zucker, Chapter
1689; District II Jeannie Sprenger, Chapter 21; District III Vaudis Pennell, Chapter 73; District
IV Deanna Smith, Chapter 531; District VII Sammy Brick, Chapter 903; District VIII Walter
Washington, Chapter 10; District IX Joanne Rowles, Chapter 68; and District X Chet Olson,
Chapter 1655. Each member of the committee received a certificate for Distinguished Service.

        Bob Baron, Antelope Chapter 877: We passed a resolution earlier about checking on
annuitants who have not passed away. A gentleman back there had a great source of information
about either the Service Officer, or someone at the Headquarters level, checking with the OPM
to see exactly what their processes are.
        President Zajac replied that it is currently being done. Mr. Bob Davidson has been
speaking with Jo Murphy who is one of NARFE’s long-time Service people and, also Ken Glass
head of Retirement at Headquarters. The dialogue has been established and is working. Your
Chair will follow up and make sure something comes back from that, is distributed to the
members of this Federation, and that it will hopefully cover this issue if it ever occurs again.”

                             NARFE-PAC Coordinator Report
                                 Vaudis Pennell, Chair

         Chair Pennell introduced her staff: President Helen Zajac and Judy Park, stating that
without them we wouldn’t have NARFE-PAC.
         “This whole thing is a real challenge to me. One of the things I’m learning is NARFE-
PAC is in a two-year cycle. You have to do things by the Congressional years. Another thing
that has come up is about the money. When you collect your money, and some chapters do it
inadvertently, you do not put any NARFE-PAC money in your treasury. If you do, you better
get it out fast, because it’s never to be there. We are a non-profit, non-partisan organization and
we have to stay that way.
         We’ve had some recent events with Doris Matsui, Bob Filner, Mike Thompson, Lucille
Roybal-Allard and Joe Baca. We’ve had requests from these people, we’ve given them money
already this year, and we’re working really hard.
         Now, collections – yesterday I was really amazed. I was up all night counting money. I
collected $1,245 yesterday - we had 37 contributors. And, I was also selling the Congressional
         I appreciate some of the things the DVPs have been doing; some have sent me copies of
reports they’ve sent in. I think that’s great. I don’t necessarily need all the checks that go with
them, but, if you send me a copy, that lets me know what you are doing in your Districts. I want
people to know I have extra forms that you need for your individual chapters. I have a few extra
pins and I also think we have to remember these things and work on them really hard.
         I have a couple of things you need to think of—if you want to get somewhere you have to
know where you want to go and how to get there, and never, never, never give up. That’s what
we have to do with our legislative issues. And, you never use the word “impossible”. Seriously,
toss it into the verbal wastebasket. So, I want to thank everybody, I want you to remember that
you have to be persistent, tenacious, be positive, persevere, never give up and always think
positive. We’re going to have a great year. California’s got a good start and we’re going to keep
on going.
          Note: By the conclusion of the convention, contributions for NARFE-PAC amounted to

                                 ALZHEIMER’S REPORT

        President Zajac noted that the Alzheimer’s Committee Chair is not present at this
Convention. Therefore, the Chair has been accepting the contributions from the various
chapters. Charlotte Paulsen resigned her position because they are going on a three-month
vacation. We were very fortunate to have a volunteer from the Oceanside Chapter, Patricia
Kyger, and she is now the Alzheimer’s Chair. So far today, at this Convention we have received
checks in the amount of $3,983.50, and they were from the Fresno Chapter No. 45 for $1,500;
the Vallejo Chapter No. 16 for $1,133.50; the El Cajon Chapter, No. 669 for $750 and the
Redwood City Chapter, No. 544 for $600. Alzheimer’s checks from other chapters are welcome.
The checks will be given to Jo Murphy to hand deliver to Pat Kyger to make sure they get there
in time.

        Note: By the conclusion of the convention, President Zajac announced that she had
received two more checks for Alzheimer’s: $225 from Chapter 877 in Lancaster, and $180 from
Chapter 188 Riverside, making the grand total of Alzheimer’s contributions $4,071.
        A report received from Region VIII Alzheimer’s Coordinator, Loretta Krall, indicates
that for Fiscal Year 2005, (7/1/04 – 6/30/05), California has contributed a total of $17,579.86 to
Alzheimer’s as of 4/30/05. NARFE’s total contribution to Alzheimer’s as of 4/30/05 is

                       NARFE-NET COORDINATOR REPORT
                            Carl Bailey, Coordinator

         I was appointed the Region VIII NARFE-NET Coordinator on April 1, 2004, just before
the May 2004, Visalia Convention. My assistant is Tony Pizza, President of Ventura Chapter
#190, who is doing the daily minutes. I replaced Don Ross who had performed this position for
many years. Don excelled in this position and I will do my best to do the same.
         For the last year, the California State Federation of Chapters (CSFC) e-mails have been
sent using software and server service provided by a friend of Tony’s. This is being done
because our Internet Service Provider, like a lot of yours, limits the number of
e-mails you can send at one time and per hour. We have Verizon, so we can only send 100
e-mails at a time and 500 in an hour or you get cut off. Tony’s friend has some software that he
set up for us. Now, we can send unlimited e-mails at one time and you don’t have all the cc and
bcc in the e-mails – it’s to “To”. It sends 4,000 in the “To” line but you only see the one name –
yours. The only drawback to this software is that you’re unable to send attachments. The way
it’s been working is, if you want an attachment, you can send it to Werner and he can post it on
the Federation’s website, and I can send a mass e-mail to anyone you want and tell them to go to
the Federation website and download the file that Werner posted on it. Tony and I looked at
some other services for the mass e-mails but, like everything, they cost money and Tony’s friend
set us up for free; so, the price was right.
         The April 2005, California M114 reflects 33,576 members for California, of which
29,666 are Federation members. The database that I use for these mass e-mails is downloaded
from National. National posts this on the Federation’s website and they’re accessible by the state
password and name. The monthly download is usually a month behind, so the current database
that is posted on the website is dated April 2005. There are a lot of duplications because there is
a separate line for each position code that you occupy; so after all the duplicates have been
weeded out for the April download, there are 3,764 members who have e-mails that are enrolled
in Global Electronic Messaging System (GEMS). If you want to get Federation e-mail, you have
to be enrolled in GEMS, because that’s the database I use.
         So, this comes to about 13 percent of our members with e-mail addresses that National
knows about. I’m sure that number is off by who knows how many, because most everybody
has a computer and e-mail access now.
         But, besides the 3,764 that are sent out at one time, the bounces due to bad
 e-mail addresses are about 25 percent. Out of the 3,764, about 600-700 bounce every time.
But, Tony and his friends have it set up so that they bounce into a folder where they are deleted
automatically. After the Federation directs me to send out these e-mails, it seems like there are a
few e-mails I get from members who want to be deleted, which personally I don’t understand,
because the e-mail system is the best way to receive instant messages for whatever cause we’re

trying to promote. I’ll usually forward that on to National, to one of Dick’s people, Bryant
Dorsey. That young man is outstanding. He will do anything instantly and he’ll respond back to
you and tell you he’s done it.
        If anyone needs help in enrolling in GEMS, let me know. If you’re not receiving GEMS
e-mail, I’ll try to help you; but ever since Tony and I switched to high speed DSL through
Verizon, we have not been able to receive any e-mail from GEMS; so I’m not sure how much
help I can give you. But, Tony has another e-mail that will be accepted by some other speeds so
he forwards them to me.
        Yesterday, Helen asked me to come up with a new e-mail address that is more
recognizable by what we are doing. I created a new e-mail address yesterday, but instead of my
personal e-mail address it has another e-mail address called
So, from now you’ll see my name on that as the sender.

       President Zajac recognized Tony Pizza, assistant to the NARFE-NET Coordinator. Tony
is composing and distributing the Convention Daily Summary.

       Going hand in hand with their efforts is that of our Webmaster, Werner Gumpert, who
maintains the Federation Web Site.


         This has been another fast paced year with many communications throughout the
Federation, both formally documented in “Points to Ponder” as well as just general information
being provided to all members with e-mail by our very capable NARFE-NET Coordinator Carl
Bailey, ably assisted by Tony Pizza, both of Ventura County Chapter #190. Unfortunately, the
concept of the Chapter NARFE-NET Coordinator to receive the information from the Federation
and pass it along to the Chapter President has not been working as well as we had anticipated.
There are still presidents within the Federation who are not receiving this information from their
Chapter NARFE-NET Coordinators; and this is a big issue that Chapter Presidents need to work
on. Since there is no longer any federation publication, which is distributed to Federation
members, due to excessive cost to print and distribute, the NARFE-NET remains the most
feasible and economical method to distribute this information. The distribution name for this
information has been changed to to ensure that all members know
that this is official information being distributed by the Federation for the benefit of all members.
It is further hoped that the chapters will make an effort to pass this information along through
their newsletters, so that all members of every chapter can be informed.
         Your Federation President attended the National Legislation Conference in Washington
D.C., and was part of an effort organized by National Headquarters to actually visit the offices of
each member of Congress who are members of important Congressional Committees such as
Ways and Means, Budget, and Government Reform to leave point papers with them in support of
our top legislative priorities – Government Pension Offset/Windfall Elimination Provision
(GPO/WEP) and Premium Conversion. As an added benefit, NARFE membership materials
were left with each staff member encouraging them to join with us in our efforts to retain our
earned benefits.
         Your Federation, for the first time, has entered into two coalitions in California - with the
California Postal Employees Legislative Coalition (which encompasses seven different postal

unions) and the California Retired Teachers Association. We share information with these
organizations to gain support for repeal/reform of Government Pension Offset/Windfall
Elimination Provision. The Federation is going to be working with other groups in California
trying to establish more coalitions, which will be of mutual benefit to both groups; targeting
GPO/WEP and working toward Premium Conversion with those other groups who could benefit
from that legislation. The more people working on a concentrated effort, the more chance we
have to gain the attention of Congress and hopefully see the positive changes.
        Your Federation began the year with 98 chapters and ended the year with 98 chapters
(due to the fact that one chapter, Amador County #2074, paid their per capita dues prior to
closing, thus were counted as a chapter at convention). There are actually 97 active chapters
today, some of which have difficulties, but are persevering.
        Membership numbers are on the decline – 35,726 members as of July 1, 2004 to 33,650
as of June 1, 2005. In the past, these declining numbers have been touted as members who have
passed away, due to the age of our members. Your Federation President has taken reports from
National and actually put them together into one report which would indicate that is not the case
for our declining membership. Year to date average loss of members from death is 69 per
month, while loss of members from non-renewal averages 350 per month – each month – while
the average gain of new members is 175 per month. Something is wrong with this trend – and it
needs to be reversed as soon as possible. Since chapters are the closest to their members, this is
where it needs to begin. Chapters need to work with their members, provide them with
information and urge them to continue their membership in the ONLY organization that fights to
keep their earned benefits. In light of what is happening in private industry, just keeping your
retirement annuity and your health care is something quite worthwhile and something worth the
price of membership.
        My thanks to all members at the chapter meetings (41 of 98) and district meetings (8 of
10) that I have attended this year for their many courtesies extended to me during this past year.
I am very appreciative of the efforts that each of you make in your chapters and ask that you try
to encourage others in your chapters to make every effort possible to join with us in
“Communicating a Positive Attitude for Participation”.


                               District 1 – Robert Davidson

        New leadership, recruitment drives, youngest CFE member, newspaper letters, pizza
luncheons, pressing the flesh at health fairs and civic activities, all have happened in this past
year. All ten chapters are still alive. Two are having problems but will survive because someone
        Fifty members made it to the District Annual meeting and took away what they were
willing to listen and learn about. From Saddleback Valley to San Diego our chapters have
worked to get NARFE recognized. Letters to the editor get callbacks and members. Dates and
figures, frankly, are not enough to express the spirit of our chapter leaders. I have visited every
chapter in this district, except one, and find that while each has had luncheons, or picnics, or pot
lucks, fancy meetings or plain and serious ones, the one common thread is the interest and faith
each attending member exhibits when discussing NARFE activities. We’ve heard about FERS,

Omaha Beach, elder abuse, health plans, you name it and our chapters have had programs on
every subject possible.
        District I has its cynics, but they are far outweighed by those who believe in the goals and
mission of NARFE and are willing to give of their time and labor to make this organization
work. The people you see here are the heart and soul of this organization and they exist in our
chapters—not in Alexandria. I, as DVP, am proud to serve them. (By the way, who is that lady
in the wheelchair? She’s everywhere.)

                              District II – George Bardwil

        Most of the chapters in District II were closed for the summer, July and August.
        June '04: I attended the following: Chapter 333 Summer Luncheon and Chapter 462
Summer Luncheon
        August'04: Chapter 3 had their gala Summer Luncheon and Chapter 482 had a NARFE
table at the Long Beach Auto Show. Recruited one new member
        September '04: I attended: National Convention in Reno, Nevada; District VIII District
meeting in Burbank, and South Bay Chapter 465 meeting
        October '04: I attended Lakewood Chapter 2025 meeting; we had our first President
Council Meeting and I attended South Bay Chapter 465 meeting.
        November '04: I attended: Long Beach Chapter 21 meeting; Dominguez Chapter 2323
meeting; South Bay Chapter 465 meeting and the Executive Board meeting in Salinas, CA
        December '04: Installed officers at the following chapters: South Orange County Chapter
1266; Los Angeles Chapter 3 and Lakewood Chapter 2025. Attended Golden West Chapter 333
Christmas Luncheon and South Bay Chapter 465 50th Anniversary and was installed as
        January '05: Most of the month was occupied with preparing for Districts II and VIII
Training Session. Attended and conducted South Bay Chapter 465 meeting; attended President's
Council Meeting hosted by Charles Sprenger, President Long Beach Chapter 21.
        February '05: Co-sponsored Annual Training Session with District VIII; attended Long
Beach Chapter 21 meeting. Feb. 25 thru March 2 attended National Legislative Conference,
Washington D.C.
        March '05: Attended Long Beach Chapter 21 meeting; Southeast Chapter 482 50th
Anniversary and presented NARFE National and Federation 50th Anniversary Certificates;
attended and conducted South Bay Chapter 465 meeting; attended Quarterly Executive meeting
Salinas, Ca.
        April '05: Attended Long Beach Chapter Executive Committee meeting;
South Bay Chapter 465 and Dominguez Chapter 2323. Attended President's Council Meeting
chaired by Bob Knerr, President Southeast Chapter 482.
        May '05: Attended chapter meetings at Long Beach Chapter 21, Dominguez Chapter
2323, and South Bay Chapter 465. Prepared for Executive Committee meetings in San Mateo.
Drove to San Mateo
        Throughout the year I answered many phone calls and e-mails.

                                  District III – Andy Morgen

         As a second term District Vice President, I have noticed that some of our District
chapters are being held together by bailing wire and by one or two key persons who do not want
to see their chapters go the way of the dinosaurs.
         These persons are usually the Chapter Presidents and some officers who believe strongly
in NARFE. Time after time they have come through to save their chapters. About half of the
District chapters are in that mode. The others, having a larger membership, have more members
to draw on for future officers.
         As most NARFE chapter members know, the biggest chapter meeting draw is December
due to the gala atmosphere and the fact that new officers are installed at that time. Naturally, it is
well attended, and attendance drops during the following months to a lower level, and continues
its usual cycle.
         The second most social event our chapters stage is their annual picnic. These are also
well attended by those who are still spry and in good physical health, which leaves many at
home, unfortunately. As DVP, I find it the best place to talk to chapter members in an informal
         This year, I hosted my second annual district meeting in San Bernardino. Vaudis Pennell,
former District III VP, was a great help in arranging this meeting. As it is centrally located in the
District, it makes an ideal District meeting place. We were fortunate to have Forney Lundy,
Helen and Lea Zajac, H. Ray Harrington, Joyce and Don Ross attend and pass on their NARFE
knowledge to all.
         Hemet-San Jacinto Chapter 0478 is being held together by Walt Shirley, who by the way,
is at least 93 years of age. There are overtures being made by Elsinore Valley Chapter 1662 to
merge and meet at Sun City, which is about half way between the two chapters.
         I expect the other district chapters to continue as they have for another year.

                                   District IV – Polly Stonich
       May 7-15 - Executive Board meeting, Visalia, Ca. followed by the NARFE CSFC
Convention and followed by the Post Board meeting.
       June 7 – Meeting Delta Chapter 1718
       June 15 – City Hall “State of the City” meeting
       June 18 – Set up meeting at Coco’s Livermore for CSFC President’s visit to Chapter 397.
       July 9 – Chapter 511 Delegates Report
       July 18 – Took pizza and pamphlets to VA hospital, met with eight nurses to discuss
Premium Conversion and try to get them to join as current employees.
       Aug 7-8 – Tracy, Ca – had 1/4 table, gave out NARFE pamphlets at Bean Festival.
       Aug. 21 – Tracy, Ca. – met with Rep. Pombo, wore NARFE badge, (Farming Picnic).
       Aug. 29 – Sep. 2 – Attended National NARFE Convention, Hilton, Reno, Nevada.
       Sep. 5 – Set up table with NARFE information at Tracy Depot area (information given
during high school career day).
       Sep. 21 – Attended VAVS meeting at VA hospital, Livermore. Gave handouts on
Premium Conversion, 109th Congressional bills; left applications for membership.
       Oct. 7 – San Joaquin Chapter #49 – Attended meeting with CSFC President Helen Zajac
and National Legislative Chair Lea Zajac.

         Oct. 13 – I visited Oakland Chapter #40.
         Oct. 14 – Visited Livermore Chapter #397.
         Oct. 16 – To Fresno luncheon for newly elected National Treasurer Dick Ostergren and
wife Carole, who were moving to Arlington, Va.
         Oct. 23 – To Livermore Chapter #397 for 50th Anniversary celebration. Region VIII
Field Vice President Forney Lundy and wife Kay; State Treasurer Werner Gumpert and his wife
Delores; Margaret Woodford, District IV Public Relations, also attended. Entertainment was
provided by six over-65 women who belong to a dancing group called “Rockettes”. 50th
Anniversary certificates were presented (National Certificate by Forney; State Certificate by
         Oct. 28 – To Hayward Chapter #1875 with CSFC President Helen Zajac and National
Legislation Chair Lea Zajac.
         Nov. 2-5 – Executive Board meeting in Salinas, Ca
         Nov. 12 – San Leandro Chapter #511 Installation
         Nov. 18 – To Modesto Chapter #74
         Dec. 2 – To San Joaquin County Chapter #49 Installation and Dinner.
         Dec. 11 – To Oakland Chapter #40 Christmas party at St. Francis restaurant in Oakland.
         Dec. 15 – To San Leandro Chapter #531 - Christmas Luncheon.
         Dec. 16 – To Hayward Chapter #1875 – Christmas Dinner.
         Dec ? - To Mt. Diablo Chapter #531- Installation by H. Ray Harrington, Executive Vice
         Dec. 23 – To Alameda Chapter #1272 – Installation and Christmas Luncheon.
         Jan 3 – To Alameda Chapter #1272 – Board meeting. Federation Executive Vice
President H. Ray Harrington and I visited.
         Jan. 11 – VA Hospital, Livermore – Polly and Vivian Nathanson visited with Chapter
397 member and delivered lap robes and books, left NARFE PAMPHLETS WITH recreation
Director Robert Walker.
         Jan 13 – To Livermore Chapter #396 – Installation Luncheon.
         Jan 19 – To Modesto Chapter #74 – picked up Treasurer’s books for audit.
         Jan. 25 – To Albany Chapter #1285 – Installation with Federation President Helen Zajac
and National Legislation Chair Lea Zajac.
         Jan. 27 – To Alameda Chapter #1272 – General meeting with Federation President Helen
Zajac and National Legislation Chair Lea Zajac.
         Feb. 7 – To Alameda Chapter 1272 – attended board meeting.
         Feb. 17 – To Modesto Chapter #74 – attended meeting with Federation President Helen
Zajac and National Legislation Chair, Lea Zajac.
         Feb. 24 – Hayward Chapter #1875 - Installation.
         Spent several days phoning between Modesto and San Joaquin chapters to set up a
facility to hold a training session. Information sent to H. Ray Harrington, Executive V.P. for
         Made several reminder calls to chapters for late F-7’s and lists of deceased for the prior
         Mar. 10 – To Livermore Chapter #397 – presented Super Recruiter pins to Anita
Haraughty and Vivian Nathanson.

        Mar. 11 – To San Leandro Chapter 511 – 50th Anniversary celebration. Joyce Barfus
orchestrated the function. Representatives from the offices of Peter Stark presented a plaque and
certificate from the Mayor of San Leandro, Shiela Young; congratulatory letter from Gov.
Swartzenegger; large plaque presented by Assemblyman John Klehn, Dem. 18th District. Forney
presented a National Certificate of Appreciation; Helen presented a certificate from the State
Federation; Polly presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Joyce Barfus for all her good work.
        Mar. 30 - Apr. 2 – Executive Board meeting in Salinas.
        Apr. 4 – To Delta Chapter #1718. Attended problem-solving session, with Helen Zajac,
Werner Gumpert, Lea Zajac.
        Apr. 6-8 – District VII Annual Meeting – Santa Rosa.
        Apr. 25 – Mt. Diablo Chapter #531 – Luncheon and meeting attended by Helen Zajac,
Lea Zajac.
        May 12 – Livermore Chapter #397 – Luncheon meeting and discussion resolutions.
        May 20 – Mt. Diablo Chapter #531 – Four members attended Rep. George Miller’s town
hall meeting at Pleasant Hill.
        May 30-31 – Federation Executive Board meeting, San Mateo.
        I visited all ten chapters in District IV, some several times depending on the situation;
attended town hall meetings presented by representatives of Tauscher, Pombo, Lee, Stark,
Torkelson and Figuera.
Did not have a District IV meeting/training this year. Instead, CSFC President Helen Zajac,
National Legislation Chair Lea Zajac and myself visited all ten chapters. Executive Vice
President H. Ray Harrington, Federation Treasurer Werner Gumpert attended when needed.
Chapter attendance averaged 22-38 members per chapter visit – 22-38x10 chapters = 220/380
members heard the latest NARFE news, membership and legislation, great question and answer
periods. Instead of the 40-48 members that attended the District meeting, a greater number by
far attended their home chapter meeting. Most of the members have not been to a
training/meeting session or convention for 10-15 years, and some - never. It’s a great way to get
to the majority of the membership.
        Hopefully, we will get a President’s Council meeting started. I have sent to each
President in District IV a list of all the Chapter Presidents including name, phone # and address
and a sample of District X’s Presidents Council Guidelines.
        It’s been a very busy and productive year. We have not lost any chapters in District IV
and kudos to the members of these chapters who are keeping them alive.

                               District V – Jim McClenahen

         This report covers only the period that I have been District Vice President (DVP). I took
over the responsibilities of the position from the previous DVP in November 2004. I have
fulfilled the duties of DVP to the best of my abilities and by the guidelines set forth for the
position by the Federation. This has been a learning experience and the help from Region VIII
Field Vice President, the CFSC Board and District V Chapters has been outstanding.
         Many rewarding events have taken place in the district starting with the installation of
officers in my home Chapter Salinas #1496, followed by San Jose #50, San Mateo #1317,
Monterey #579 and Santa Cruz #54. Next, a successful District V Annual meeting was held in
San Jose on St. Patrick’s Day and was attended by forty-seven members who represented all but
one chapter. The attendees were entertained by excellent speakers and learned lots of history

about this special day. I also had the pleasure of attending Tri-City #1494 annual potluck
meeting where I was the guest speaker. During this period, I have been able to continue support
of my home chapter #1496.
         There have been many challenges to District V this last year and one of the biggest has
been hosting the CSFC State Convention being held June 2-4, at the Marriott Hotel, in San
Mateo. I am very proud of San Mateo #1317 who took on the responsibilities of hosting this
event. I commend Ben Green, Chairman of the Host Committee and his fellow team members
including many from other chapters, who have worked hard attending monthly meetings,
providing effort to ensure this last annual convention will be successful and one of the best ever.
District V is proud to have a chapter of this caliber dedicated to completing this monster task for
CSFC. Thank you, 2005 Convention Host Committee for a job well done.
         Presently one of the biggest chapters, San Jose #50 is without a president. This chapter
has had a hard time finding a replacement due to many factors that include personal, age and
health. One member came forward and volunteered but declined after meeting with the chapter
board. However, the chapter is actively searching for a replacement. Monterey #579 is
struggling but has generated new members who are willing to accept leadership responsibilities.
Daly City #1539 has not participated in any district functions this last year but is actively holding
monthly meetings.
         However, the greatest challenge in the district is membership. All but three chapters
continued to experience declining membership this last year. San Mateo #1317, Tri-City #1494
and Salinas #1496 were the only chapters to increase their membership. The greatest increase
was experienced by San Mateo #1317 and they are to be congratulated on their successful
         In summary, I am sharing statements from an email message written by a Chapter
President from Southern California. She stated that her chapter was about ready to fold and it
was very discouraging to continually have to pump the people up. Most of the members are
getting very old, most in their 80’s and the president has major health issues too. Does this sound
familiar? Yes, this is happening in District V too! I know NARFE National is working on
answers as to how to gain new members and find and train new leaders. But, we members and
leaders of NARFE in California need to continue to find answers, too. One fact known about the
current federal workers and recent retirees is that they do not appear to be joiners. We, and I
mean all, members of NARFE, need to come up with the answer(s) to what it takes to make these
people step forward and join this great organization.

                           District VI – Edna Stegner Angove

        All chapters were visited at least once this past year. I conducted five (5) formal
installations and three (3) for officers who came forward after the regular elections and
installations had been held.
        I attended five (5) President’s Council meetings. At the January session officers were
elected for 2005 and it was decided to hold regular meetings on a quarterly basis. All chapters
except Sonora have online presidents and most business can be conducted by
        In August, District VI hosted another successful breakfast honoring newly elected and
installed CSFC President Helen Zajac. Many Federation officers attended and there was a good
turnout of district members.

        I also helped staff a NARFE booth at an informational seminar sponsored by the U.S.
Forest Service during August.
        Jack and I attended the National Convention in Reno in September.
        We had another successful Annual Meeting in Angels Camp in October. We had the
largest attendance in the past several years. Our outside speaker was from PAWS (Performing
Animal Welfare Society).
        My legislative activities included attending a re-election fundraiser for Representative
Robert Matsui of California Congressional District V. He was re-elected by a large margin.
Unfortunately, Congressman Matsui died suddenly January 1, 2005. He had been a strong
supporter of NARFE issues.
        I was honored with an invitation to represent NARFE at the private funeral service for
        I also attended a fund raising reception for his widow, Doris Matsui, who was running to
replace her husband in Congress. She was elected by quite a majority, and we’re hoping to have
her as a NARFE supporter also.
        I attended a training session with the California Postal Legislative Coalition and spent a
day at the State Capitol with them. I was also part of a group of 10 NARFE members from
Districts VI and X and the Nevada State Federation President who met with the Field
Representative for Congressman John Doolittle on Lobby Day.
        Clarence Howard (President of Town & Country Chapter) and I were invited to have a
NARFE booth at a health fair at the Sacramento Federal Courthouse. We spoke with about 50
current employees and handed out magazines, literature and applications. With Jeri Benson
(President of Elkhorn Chapter) and Phyllis Johnson (President of Sunrise Chapter), staffed a
booth at AARP’s Senior Rally Day at the Capitol. We spoke with a few federal retirees who
seemed interested in learning more about the organization.

                                   District VII – Lea Zajac

       The most significant event this past year is the fact that District VII did not close any
chapters. All nine (9) chapters; Vallejo #16, Santa Rosa #53, Napa County #281, Marin County
 #400, Redwood #608, Cecil LaMar #903, Petaluma #1077, Fairfield-Suisun #1529 and
Mendocino Coast #1841 have officers, particularly a president, are healthy and are strongly
working to preserve the retirement benefits we were promised. I particularly applaud Shirley
Boarder of the Marin County Chapter #400 for assuming the role of President after the chapter
had gone two years with only an “Acting” president.
         The first annual District Meeting in the past two years was conducted in April 2005. All
chapters participated and voted to schedule a District meeting again in 2006. Previous years the
annual meeting was devoted to training of officers as suggested by the Federation Executive
Vice President. In so doing, the annual meeting lost some of its luster in that the Chapter
Presidents did not get the opportunity to speak about their chapters, outside speakers on topics of
membership, public relations, legislation, regional activities, state of the federation, etc. were
       During the year the District Vice President visited every District VII Chapter at least
once; attended fund raiser events for Congressmen George Miller, Mike Thompson and Lynn
Woolsey; worked at a NARFE booth, three days at the Solano County Fair, representing the
Chapters of Vallejo #16, Fairfield-Suisun #1529 and Cecil LaMar #903; represented District VII

at the Federation Presidents’ Breakfast in Sacramento; attended the National Convention in
Reno, Nevada; attended the National Legislation Conference; attended the Annual Meetings of
Districts II, III, V, VI, VIII and IX, and, of course, attended four Executive Board meetings and
the state convention in San Mateo.

                                District VIII – Earl Wilson

         It was a great opportunity and rewarding experience to visit each Chapter at least one
time this year. Some of the Chapters were visited two and three times during the past year. All
District VIII Chapters have elected officers in place and performing as expected. Meetings are
being conducted as scheduled and performing the various activities expected from each Chapter.
The Chapters continue to take a strong interest in Legislative and Alzheimer’s activities.
Chapter #190 once again made a donation of $200.00 to the NARFE/FEEA Scholarship Fund
         The celebration of Chapter 556, West San Gabriel Valley’s 25th Anniversary was an
exciting event. Our Federation President, Helen Zajac, and a member of Representative Adam
Schiff’s Staff presented certificates in recognition of the occasion. This was one of the major
highlights of the year. The members of the Chapter were truly excited about the event and made
all visitors welcome. I am always happy to participate in these events.
         We held three District VIII Meetings where the various members shared activities and
concerns about their Chapters. Low attendance of members at the meetings was one of the
major concerns expressed in the discussions. Various ideas for recruiting new members were
high on the priority list for discussion. We acknowledged the super recruiters at each District
         A successful training program was conducted with District II. The objective of the
program was met and the attendees were pleased with the manner in which it was conducted.
         District VIII will have excellent representation at the Federation Convention in San
Mateo. Seven Chapters will have members attending and two Chapters are sending proxies.
         The next year should be very exciting and productive.

                               District IX – Robert A. Wheir

        Communications were maintained with District IX chapters throughout the year
providing pertinent information and obtaining needed data. Chapter Secretaries were included in
the communication to ensure a double point of contact within the chapters. Input was requested
relative to chapter needs and desires and eight of the nine chapters were visited during the year.
        District IX Presidents’ meeting was held July 16, 2004, in Visalia. Not all presidents
were able to attend and the agenda covered a host of subjects. The Federation Public Relations
Chair, Michael Pringle, attended and provided handouts for the chapters. It was agreed that the
District’s Annual Meeting be held in Bakersfield during the February-March 2005, time frame.
        A Premium Conversion meeting was held September 15, 2004, in Bakersfield at the
office of Congressman Thomas. Those in attendance were Congressman Thomas’ staff assistant
Mr. Fong, Lea Zajac, Clair Smith, Louis Renner, and David Janott. It is doubtful that anything of
significance was accomplished.
        Attended the October 16, 2004, going away luncheon in Fresno for Dick and Carole

        NARFE material and assistance was offered for a Pre-Retirement Seminar held
November 9/10, 2004 at the Radisson Hotel in Visalia. Neither material nor assistance was
        Installation of 2005 officers was performed for chapters 0045, 0068, 0748, 1028, 1087,
and 2208. A replacement officer for chapter 1330 was installed at a later date. NARFE officer
pins were presented to officers installed and distributed to those chapters not visited.
        District IX Annual/Training Meeting was held March 16, 2005, in Bakersfield at Hodel’s.
Presenters were Federation President Helen Zajac, Region VIII National Field Vice President
Forney Lundy, Federation National Legislation Chair Lea Zajac, and Federation Public Relations
Chair Michael Pringle. Members from seven of the nine District IX chapters attended.
        Coordinated with the California President of the National Association of Postal
Supervisors for NARFE to be represented at their State Convention held April 28-30, 2005, in
Buellton. Arrangements were for a NARFE material display table and a 15-minute presentation
to the convention body. The Federation Executive Vice-President represented NARFE.
        CSFC Policies & Guidelines were reviewed with comments submitted. They are
currently being revised.
        All District IX chapters will be represented in San Mateo at the 2005 Federation
        Attended the CSFC post-convention Executive Board Meeting at Visalia, the November
2004 and March 2005 meetings at Salinas, and pre-convention meeting at San Mateo.

                                  District X – Don Ross

        Participated in three (3) President’s Council meetings and held one (1) Annual District
Meeting/Training event during this period. Prepared folders for key positions and distributed
handouts on legislative priorities, membership and other subjects. Scheduled Standing
Committee representatives to present updates in their specific program disciplines. Awarded
certificates of appreciation to district members as appropriate.
        Attended National Convention (Sep 2004), during which I had the honor of making
nominating speeches for National Secretary (David Sullivan) and NFVP Region VIII (Forney
Lundy) both were re-elected. Appointed to serve on the National Communications Advisory
Committee (NCAC) and developed guidelines & procedures for its operation. Also, served on
the National Membership Committee at the convention.
        Attended CSFC President’s Breakfast in Carmichael honoring Helen Zajac’s election.
        Visited the Nevada State Annual Convention in Carson City, (May 2005).
        Conducted presentations via computer using Power Point software entitled “Navigating
NARFE Web Sites” online at: (1) Tonopah, NV during the NSFC Executive Board Meeting (Oct
2004); (2) District III in San Bernardino; and (3) District II in Buena Park both in (Feb 2005);
and (4) during the CSFC Annual Convention in San Mateo (June 2005).
        Made presentations at two (2) AARP Chapters (Greenville-Quincy) regarding the
proposed reform of Social Security.
        Attended U.S. Forest Service retiree picnic held annually in Quincy, making a brief
presentation on NARFE goals, objectives, legislative victories and other organizational attributes
in an effort to recruit new members.
        Visited nine (9) chapters in the district to distribute materials and encourage them to
write, call, e-mail and visit their elected officials during the designated NARFE Lobby Day

effort. All three (3) Congressional Representatives in the district and both Senators (CA)
contacted by groups of constituents. Sent thank you messages to those who cosponsored
legislation supported by NARFE.
        Acted as spokesman for a group of ten members from four (4) chapters assigned to
Districts VI and X to lobby Representative Doolittle (R-CA-4) to support: Premium Conversion
legislation; Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision (repeal). Presented
the Congressman’s staff (Christopher Parilo) with a folder containing Talking Points, NARFE’s
109th Legislative Agenda and other pertinent materials. Arranged to have articles printed in local
newspapers about the visit. A photo opportunity followed the meeting.
        Was unsuccessful in seeking a candidate to replace me as District X Vice President.

                                      OPEN FORUM

        Panel members consisted of: National Treasurer Richard C. Ostergren; Region VIII
National Field Vice President Forney Lundy; Judy Park, National Legislation Director; Helen
Zajac, Federation President, and Lea Zajac, Federation Past President, who served as Moderator.

Note: The text of the Open Forum has been placed on the Federation Web Site,, for reference and easy access.

                              COURTESY RESOLUTIONS

        Secretary Joyce Ross read one Courtesy Resolution:
        There are seven similar resolutions. Six will be mailed.
        This resolution is to District V Vice President Jim McClenahen and all chapters within
District V: San Jose Chapter 50, Palo Alto Chapter 52, Santa Cruz Chapter 54, San Francisco
Chapter 65, Redwood City Chapter 544, Monterey Chapter 579, San Mateo Chapter 1317, Tri-
City Chapter 1494, Salinas Chapter 1496, and Daly City Chapter 1539.

       WHEREAS: We have enjoyed your hospitality and nice weather, and
       WHEREAS: We have appreciated the tremendous effort expended by the
             Convention Host Committee Chair Ben Green and the members of
             the Convention Host Committee, as well as all the District V chapters
             in the preparation and administration of the last annual Federation
       BE IT RESOLVED: That the delegates assembled for the Annual Convention
             of the California State Federation of Chapters in San Mateo, June 2-4,
             2005, do express their appreciation for the time, effort and resources of
             each of you, and do commend you for the outstanding manner in which
             you have hosted this last Annual Convention.

       Other Courtesy Resolutions will be mailed to Forney Lundy, Region VIII National Field
Vice President; Judy Park, National Legislative Director; Chuck Timanus, Director of National
Public Relations; the San Mateo Marriott Hotel Staff; Richard Ostergren, National Treasurer;
and Jackie Speier, State of California Senate District 8.
       The Courtesy Resolutions were approved by a vote of the Delegation.

      President Zajac recognized special members who had been working throughout this
convention but have not been previously recognized:

Timekeepers: Molly Lopez and Jane Crognale
      Parliamentarian: Sam Gales
      Chief Sergeant-at-Arms: Charlie Sprenger
      Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms: Al Nygren
      Sgt.-at-Arms Committee Members:
      Joseph Glasper
      Amador Guerrero
      James Crandall
      Ray Sitton
      Vern Escobar
      Loretta Groulx
      Emily Nygren
      Jim Sword
      Milton Kraus
      Louis Renner
      Andrew Farrar
      Art Crognale
      Each member received a certificate for Distinguished Service.

         President Zajac also introduced members of the hotel staff: Megan Fuente, Events
Manager for the convention; Carlos Hernandez, Head House Person who made the arrangements
for all the tables, podiums, etc.; Jose Verrientos, Banquet Manager who arranged for meals,
water and coffee; and Andrew Nailor who prepared the meals. They received certificates for
Distinguished Service.

       The following people have spent the last two years working to get this convention to run
as smoothly as it has run. President Zajac recognized and presented certificates to:
       Chairman Ben Green
       Entertainment and Budget: Colleen Clark
       Delegate Packets: Ellen Culver and Joy Bryant
       Meals: Robert Piper
       Program Books: Arland Sponsler
       Secretary: Polly Cowles
       Decorations: Cheryl Casey
       Facilities Coordinator: Sam Murray
       Hospitality: Betty Clark assisted by Debbie Reed
       Member at Large: Judy Lynn
       Publicity: Mike Pringle
       Vice Chair: Barbara Vollendorf
       Treasurer: Wally Vollendorf
       Registration: Herman Bracey
       Information: Josefina Smith
       Ways & Means: Loretta Groulx

         Auditor: Leona Peery
         Host & Hostess: Jim and Leann McClenahen

         The Host Committee was roundly applauded and praised for their wonderful job.

                                   CLOSING REMARKS
                                   President Helen Zajac

         President Zajac expressed her thanks to her Logistics Manager and First Gentleman, Lea
        “I want to thank all the members of the chapters and the district meetings that I have
visited this year for their warm reception and friendship. I hope that I was able to provide you
with some ideas, inspiration, enthusiasm that you could try in your chapters.
        I met a lot of very dedicated members and some new members who would really like to
get more involved with the chapters. I can only hope that you dedicated veteran members will
willingly share some of your knowledge and expertise with those new members who have the
energy and enthusiasm to make NARFE even stronger and a recognizable household word.
        A great man once said that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and we need to
take that advice to heart. The members with differing viewpoints within the chapters have to
work together to find a happy medium to make ALL the members willing to work together in
unison to achieve the one goal of NARFE and that is to retain our earned benefits. NARFE is the
only organization we have that solely supports the federal community, and as members of that
community, we must stop the trend of membership loss – we need to grow. At this convention
we have had some excellent speakers on public relations and how to work with our congressmen;
who have given us more ideas to use as we leave this convention and go back to our chapters.
Please don’t let those ideas stay here. Take them back, spread them around throughout your
chapter and your community. With the next convention two years away, we need to take this
time to rebuild our chapters into stronger advocates for fairness and equality while still retaining
our earned benefits.
        The future of NARFE and its goals are in your hands – whether you believe you can
achieve those goals or not is strictly up to you, the members. I can only hope that you will all be
going back to your chapters ‘Communicating a Positive Attitude for Participation’.”

      The colors were retired by the Color Guard of the 23rd Marine Reserve Unit of San
Bruno. President Zajac presented the 23rdMarine Reserve Unit a Certificate of Appreciation.

      President Zajac declared the 56th Annual California State Federation of Chapters
Convention adjourned, sine die, at 3:45 p.m.

       Drawings were held following the convention. Host Committee Ways & Means Chair
Loretta Groulx conducted the drawings.
       Gift certificates and other prizes were raffled and the tickets for cash prizes were drawn:
               $2,005 – Curt LeBlanc, Chapter 1662, Elsinore Valley
                   500 – Clair Smith, Chapter 68, Bakersfield
                   250 – Frank LaSchao, Chapter 1077, Petaluma
                   100 - Ingrid & Matt, Fremont, Ca.
                   100 – Cheryl Casey, Chapter 1317, San Mateo
                    50 – Augusta Hopkins, Oakland

               50-50 Drawing for $233 – Forney Lundy, Chapter 1496, Salinas


        The final evening of the Convention began at 6:00 p.m. with a No-host Social Hour with
violin entertainment provided by “A Beautiful Violin” Tibor Horvath, accompanied by Yelena
Savchenko on the piano. Federation Past President Lea Zajac was Master of Ceremonies. The
dinner speaker, who began the evening, was District 8 State Senator Jackie Speier. Region VIII
National Field Vice President Forney Lundy conducted the installation of Officers for the 2005 –
2007 term. One hundred and ninety-six (196) banquet guests enjoyed the music and dancing to
DJ Sounds provided by Tibor Horvath and Yelena Savchenko.


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