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                                        Little Gasparilla Property Owners Association
                                                                         PO Box 3643
                                                                    Placida, FL 33946


                                 September, 2009 Coconut Telegraph

First, a reminder: The LGI Advisory Committee will meet on Friday, October 9 at 1PM at Cedar Point
Park on Placida Road. On the agenda will be the final form of the fire and EMS survey that will be sent
to all island property owners.

The Advisory Committee held an on-island meeting on September 5th to discuss the proposed “Useppa
Model” for fire and EMS. About 50 people attended. Chairman Bob Hill led the discussion, and took a
straw vote at the end of the meeting. All but 3 or 4 of those present approved of the Useppa Model for
on-island fire and EMS. More information is available on our website,

Labor Day Weekend Events were enjoyed by all. The Fishing Tournament was a great success with
55 anglers competing. Here’s a list of the lucky (or should we say “skilled”) winners:
      Fred Baruth: First Place, Grouper
      Kyle Fleming: Second Place, Grouper
      Bruce Woithe: First Place, Snapper
      Kevin Whispell: Second Place, Snapper
      Jordan Frisbee: First Place, Redfish
      Katie Rigot: Second Place, Redfish
      Jordan Frisbee: First and Second Place, Snook
      Charles Copeland: First Place, Trout
      Fred Lastinger: Second Place, Trout
      Matt Rigot: Junior Biggest Fish
      Matt Rigot, Kristen Paskert, and Eva Erhardt: three-way tie for Junior Smallest Fish
      Emily Thompson: Junior Ugliest Fish
There was a potluck dinner and awards ceremony after the tournament. Sam and Suzanne Dixon did a
fish and hushpuppy fry, Bob Hill cooked hamburgers, everyone brought a dish, and a grand time was had
by all.
LGPOA hopes to make the Tournament an annual event, and it got off to a great start, thanks to
committee members Pede Fraser, Brenda Lovell, David Haynes, Janet Stanke and Robert Hill.

Fire and EMS: If the Useppa Model for on-island fire and EMS is approved by LGI property owners in
an upcoming survey and the Charlotte County Commission agrees to make a contract with the island,

                          Be a part of your future! Be an LGPOA member!
LGIFR will amend its bylaws to make all property owners members (one member per parcel), the current
board will resign, and a new board will be elected by all members. Each new board member will
represent a specific district on the island. LGIFR is starting the process of amending its bylaws, and the
changes will be discussed and voted on at its annual meeting on December 5th. If all goes according to
plan, the new board of directors, elected by all property owners will take office on February 27, 2010, and
present a budget to the County Commission in March. See LGIFR’s website: for more
details. The Useppa Model fact sheet and sample budget are on LGPOA’s website also.

If you want more information, have questions or opinions about any of these subjects, email the
following people. They welcome your input. Remember, your opinion can never be counted if you don’t
make it known!

             LGPOA Board members:
     David Haynes, President, representing District 3:
     Tom McCoy, Vice President, representing District 8:
     Paul Holmes, Treasurer, representing District 7:
     Sharon Belcher, Secretary, representing District 4:
     Phyllis NeSmith, representing District 1:
     Brenda Lovell, representing District 6:
     Cindi Farmer, representing District 5:
     Ginger Reeves, representing District 2:

            Tri-Board Committee on Fire and EMS
     Tom McCoy:
     Brenda Lovell:
     Midge O’Hara:
     Ron Watson:
     Bob Hill:
     Barry Hurt:

             LGIFR Board Members
     Midge O’Hara:
     Chuck Soderquist:
     Ron Watson:
     Susan Leydon:
     Phyllis NeSmith:

            LGI Advisory Committee Members
     Bob Hill:
     Paul Holmes:
     Barry Hurt:
     Carolyn Dupree:
     Don Oleson:
     Carey Beychok:

                          Be a part of your future! Be an LGPOA member!

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