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					                   GRAVES-ATTEBERRY WATER
                      USERS ASSOCIATION
                                      P.O. BOX 144
                                     Aztec, NM 87410

Commissioners Meeting
March 3, 2009

      Present:        Sav Martinez, President
                       Bill Moss, Vice President
                       Joe Morrison, Commissioner
                       Joe Lewis, Commissioner
                       Mike Johnson, Commissioner
                       Wayne Lemes, member-at-large
                       Darcy Moss, member-at-large
      Call to Order: 7:10 PM, quorum confirmed.
      Wayne Lemes
          o Presented power company proposal requesting written easement on ditch working
               easement for power company to install power poles. Commissioners did not
               approve of plan as proposed and suggested that power company representative meet
               with commissioners to discuss alternate plans. Mr. Lemes to arrange for meeting,
               possibly Saturday when commissioners make annual ditch walk.
          o Requested transfer of water rights that the Office of the State Engineer has on file
               from Cedar Hill ditch to Graves Atteberry ditch. Commissioners advised Mr.
               Lemes that it probably would not be legal if he in fact, has water rights adjudicated
               on the Cedar Hill ditch, but to discuss the matter with the Office of the State
      Miller Wash
          o Bill Moss to contact new US Army Corp of Engineers agent to arrange meeting for
               discussion of action to be taken.
          o Sav Martinez will send a letter to NRCS, Alan Maez, requesting advisement of
               status of projects that have been submitted to them.
      Levying of assessments
          o Discussed point brought up at the December General Membership meeting
               requesting that assessments be decided by membership vote. Commissioners
               decided to continue with existing policy according to Article VII, Section A of the
               association’s by-laws, whereby the commissioners have the responsibility of
               determining and collecting the assessments.
      Work ticket submission procedure
          o Discussed and updated procedure for timely submission and payment of work
               tickets. Darcy Moss volunteered to draft a new work ticket incorporating the points
               discussed and will submit the draft for commissioner approval.
      Ditch crossing highway 550
             o Sav Martinez to contact Randy Crockett, Highway Dept. in regard to grouting
                eroding spillway at the crossing of the highway as he had previously stated he
                would do.
         Annual ditch walk
             o Walk set for Saturday, March 7th at 10 AM, weather permitting.
         Next meeting
             o To be determined and set after ditch walk.
         Adjournment at 8:30 PM


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