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						 Scout	Program	Reservation	Form

Program	          Fee/Scout	 Length	of	Program                        	 Checklist
❍ Daisy                 $7                  45 minutes                Check only one of the following:
                                                                      ❍ My group meets the minimum requirement of 10 scouts.
❍ Brownie               $9                   2 hours                  ❍ My group does not meet the minimum requirement of 10
                                                                        scouts, but will pay the required minimum charge for my scouts.
❍ Junior Girl          $11                   3 hours
                                                                      Lunch plan:
❍ Sr./Cadette          $14                  61/2 hours                ❍ Purchasing Catered lunches from the Zoo
                                                                         (call 412-365-6003 for more information)
❍ Tiger                 $9                   2 hours                  ❍ Bringing lunches
                                                                      ❍ Concession stands
❍ Wolf                  $9                   2 hours
                                                                      ❍ Not having lunch
❍ Bear                  $9                   2 hours
                                                                      Souvenir shopping:
❍ Webelo                $9                   2 hours                  ❍ Will be visiting gift shops
                                                                      ❍ Will not be visiting gift shops
❍ Boy Scout            $10                  11/2 hours                ❍ Purchasing souvenir bags (call 412-365-6003 for more info.)

Troop/Pack Number__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Leader’s Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Street Address _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

City _________________________________________________________ State ___________________________________ Zip ________________________

Leader’s Daytime Phone Number ________________________________        Evening Phone Number _________________________________________

E-mail (must be legible!) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Class Choice(s) ___________________________________________________________________________________ Grade Level ____________________

Date of Reservation:

1st choice _________________      2nd choice _________________ 3rd choice _______________ 4th choice ___________________

Preferred Time(s) of Program ____________________________________________________________________________________

____________      Number of Scouts ($ __________ /each)

____________      Number of Complimentary Scout Leaders (Registered)

____________* Number of Extra Adults (ages 19+) that are touring the Zoo on their own ($7 each)

____________* Number of Extra Children (ages 2-18) that are touring the Zoo on their own ($7 each)

* Do not count Zoo Members in these numbers. Zoo Members should use the Members Gate with
their membership card and appropriate identification.

Educational programs are very popular. Reservations are assigned in the order they are received. Please try to make
your reservation well in advance.

Please allow 7 days for processing. Do not fax AND mail your form as this will cause you to be double-booked.
Do not send money with this form. This form will be processed by the Reservations Office and you will be e-mailed a confirmation
of your trip and an invoice or contacted for completion of your reservation. Reservation’s fax number is 412-365-2523.

 For Office Use Only
 Date Received ______________________________________                 Reservation Number Assigned ___________________________