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									Cloud Solutions for Your Business

1,100 cloud-based software solutions that let you run your business with the touch of a button from
almost anywhere for a fraction of what you pay for your monthly cell phone bill.

San Jose, CA, March 10, 2012 --( Have you been looking for the perfect tool to more
efficiently manage your business? Are your IT costs spiraling out of control? If so, check out how SaaS
Markets can help provide cloud-based solutions though Appmerica ( and Appclick

Appmerica ( and Appclick ( feature over 1,100 cloud-based
software solutions that let you run your business with the touch of a button from almost anywhere for a
fraction of what you pay for your monthly cell phone bill.

Some of SaaS Markets business app solutions include:

Clicktale - Maximize conversion rates and improve your online user experience. See everything visitors
do on your website, every mouse move, hover click and scroll. Find videos of visitors who experienced
errors, abandoned your shopping cart, or could not find what they were looking for. Discover what page
elements, images and content your visitors like and engage with. Set up takes less than five minutes. Just
insert their JavaScript code into your HTML page. The recording starts instantaneously. Sign up and start
heat mapping today. Try it for as little as $99 per month. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Liquid Planner - Try this online project management software for planning, tracking, and collaboration.
Whether your team is working on big projects or small ones, LiquidPlanner makes scheduling a breeze.
Just assign responsibility and estimate timing for your tasks, identify priority and presto! LiquidPlanner
tells you when you're likely to complete the work. Start managing your projects today at just $24 per
month. At this level, you can run unlimited projects, share files and store up to 50GB. Try it free for 30

ClickStreamTV - Looking for a way to deliver video to your online viewers? Whether it's video on
demand, live event streaming, Pay Per View or subscriptions. ClickStreamTV provides the tools
necessary for the most reliable delivery at an affordable price. It's the only streaming video service that
enables your video to be seen not only on any computer but on any smartphone or mobile device as well.
Start streaming your online content today for $59 per month.

SurveyGizmo - Get more from your online surveys. SurveyGizmo gives you complete branding control.
Engage your respondents with custom question types and advanced logic. Worry less about response rate,
and more about what to do with all the data. Try it free for 14 days. When you realize your company can't
function without it, register for an unlimited plan starting at $50 per month.

“What we are doing in the Software as a Service Market is facilitating the wholesale shift away from the
old model of buying software, to the subscription economy. The economic and productivity

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improvements can be measured in the billions of dollars when you think about the contribution that the
small and medium-sized businesses around the world make. We are at the center of that change and we
are only just starting to scratch the surface,” notes Ferdi Roberts, CEO/founder of SaaS Markets.
“Working with partners such as 'SurveyGizmo' and 'LiquidPlanner', helps us achieve these ambitions.”

Maximize your business opportunities while saving time and money. With SaaS Markets easy to use
business app store, you can find the online software tool that is right for your business.

About SaaS Markets
SaaS Markets, based in San Jose, California and Dublin, Ireland, designs and delivers App Stores for the
Software as a Service (SaaS) market. Through relationships with major Financial Institutions, Retail
Brands, Technology Companies, Small Business Associations and leading Brands, SaaS Markets is
bringing Software as a service to millions of small and medium sized businesses across the globe.

For more information:

Carrie Smith
Marketing Manager, SaaS Markets
408-961-7516 or


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