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									How To Choose The Right Size Breast Implant For Your Breast Augmentation:

Every year several women choose to have their breasts lifted or enlarged to help boost their self
confidence and happiness with their body. If you have decided that you want to undergo breast
augmentation Beverly Hills patients say that the next hardest step is deciding what size implant
to choose.

                                                                   The answer to this hard
                                                                   question will come from
                                                                   not only how your body is
                                                                   built, but from what your
                                                                   goals for having breast
                                                                   implants are. Having a
                                                                   clear understanding of what
                                                                   size implant you want will
                                                                   add to your overall
                                                                   satisfaction of your breast
augmentation Los Angeles doctors say. This decision is a personal one and it is important that
you choose what is right for you and not what everyone else chooses, or what others say is right
for you.

First and most important, you need to choose an implant that is right for your body. Your
surgeon will need to take detailed measurements to see how broad your chest is and the width
between your breasts to most accurately choose what would look best. It is also extremely
important to determine the skin laxity or looseness. There needs to be enough tissue to cover the

The breast size that you choose also should coincide with your goals. The best way to figure out
what you want is by collecting several pictures and then individually pointing out what you like
about each. Being specific as possible will help your surgeon understand what you are looking
for. They will also be able to give their input about what breast sizes would look good with your
body type, and what would be too much.

Also, you need to know how to talk to your doctor when explaining what size breast you want.
Simply saying a C-cup or D-cup does not give an accurate gauge. All bras are made differently
and therefore a size C could mean several different things. Giving examples such as full, natural,
and attractive cleavage line will help to give a proper gauge. By asking for big breasts also does
not help. When you ask for big breasts and then come out of surgery and notice that your
cleavage is not the way you want that is because bigger breasts do not always mean more
cleavage. Cleavage is determined by the width between the breasts. The closer the breasts are
together the more cleavage.

Once you and your doctor have agreed on the best size breast implant, you can feel more
confident in what to expect after surgery. You can get an idea of what your breasts will soon
look like even before surgery to ensure your happiness in the procedure.

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