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									                                       OASIS EMPOWERMENT CENTER
March 2012 Vol.9—Issue 3                     Setting People Free!                             An Outreach of Elim Pacific Ministries

Have you ever wanted more? Not                        A Great Coach!                       have really captured my heart, and Guam
just a second helping of dessert       Olivia D’Cruz is the Vocational Coordinator         really has become my home away from
but to be able to do more in life?     at the Oasis. Olivia arrived in August, last year   home.” With many friends, a challenging yet
I was praying about the promise        after graduating from                                        rewarding job, and a family-centered
God made that He would open            Goshen College with                                          church where she plays the piano on
the windows of heaven and pour         a BA in Social Work.                                         the worship team, Olivia is really
out blessings more abundant            When asked why                                               thriving in Guam. She is excited
than we can contain. So much           Olivia wanted to                                             about the future at the Oasis Empow-
                    more that we       work at the Oasis                                            erment Center and looking forward
                    have to share      Empowerment Cen-                                             to all the activities. “I am excited to
                    with others! It    ter she said after                                           see what this year brings,” she said.
                    all starts with    knowing and going to                                         “I feel like it’s going to be a year of
                    being gener-       school with one of                                           breakthrough, more opportunities for
                    ous & giving.      the Zimmerman’s daughters (Heather) that she        the women to have their lives transformed,
                    This       leap    had found out about the Oasis and was really        and I anticipate God to open many more
                    year, we end-      interested in the ministry work. Being en route     doors of tangible hope for everyone involved
ed February with an extra day.         to her former residence in Malaysia, Olivia         in Oasis.” Olivia is truly a blessing at the
Many now are turning their             decided to check it out for herself! “I have        Oasis Empowerment Center and Zion Fel-
clocks forward to enjoy what           always wanted to work with women who are            lowship Church. We look forward to contin-
seems to be longer days. Here at       struggling with addictions and to help break        ue to see her growth in all areas of her life!
Oasis, we are seeing God in-           that cycle, to empower them to be the women                 Dancing the Night Away
crease both faith and vision                               of God that they were cre-      Who doesn’t love the ballet? On Guam it is
for ways we can be a bigger
blessing in our island. With God reveals His also have a passion for
                                                           ated to be.” D’Cruz said. “I    few and far between that we get to see a live,
                                                                                           professional dance troupe take center stage
Guam’s high poverty and
unemployment rates, so
                                nature best when working with clients with                 and put on a ballet. We have great news,
                                                           disabilities as I have          though! From August 3rd until August 5th
many are hopeless and just          He provides            watched my father in Ma-        the Oasis Empowerment Center will host a
try to cope as best as they
can. But we know we are in above & beyond
                                                           laysia go through a stroke      fundraiser that will star musicians and danc-
                                                           nine years ago. I watched       ers from the Philippines, Guam, and the U.S.,
a perfect place to see God
make miracles happen. He          what we even him go through using a                      with an emphasis on ballet. These perfor-
                                                           wheelchair, loosing mobili-     mances will benefit the programs at the Oasis
has the answers and is not
limited by the current econ-
                                  ask or imagine! ty and speech, and experi-               and highlight local professional artists. This
                                                           encing dementia. It made        will be an exciting summer event that you
omy nor any state of affairs.
                                       me a compassionate person and I want to use         won’t want to miss! Tickets go on sale soon!
That’s why we are excited about
the Dream Project. We are look-        my experiences to reach out to others strug-
ing forward to opening more            gling with various disabilities.” Olivia is en-
doors of hope and opportunity to       joying Guam immensely and has fit right in
people. We can’t be passive and        with all the local experiences from fiestas,
just wait. We must cooperate           hiking, to recently running the Guam Hafa
with God and start taking some         Marathon. She says it best herself when she
steps. He is leading us into a life    talks about Guam. “ I love the people!” she
of miracles and we would love          said with much enthusiasm. “The island is
you to join us! Come join us at        gorgeous, the food delicious, and it truly is a
Oasis and be part of a miracle!        beautiful place to be in. But, it’s people who

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