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					Veins popping out simply mean visible veins. This is a condition wherein
the outline of veins is seen on the surface of skin and gives a slightly
greenish hue to that part of the skin. Many people consider veins popping
out of arms, especially in the region of the biceps and triceps to be a
very desirable quality. Some people also believe that veins popping out
is a sign of being thin, or fit and lean. Thus, it is quite a desirable
trait for a good chunk of the population. However, some people are also
wary of this. So what does visibility of veins through the surface of
skin signify? Given below is the answer to this elusive question...

Why do Veins Pop Out?

There are many reasons for popping out of veins in the body. Basically,
there are two important factors that contribute towards popping out of
veins. The first is genetics. Genetics plays an important role in
determining whether or not there will be popping out of veins visible on
the surface of skin. The other factor is having a low body fat percentage
and high muscle mass. Lowering body fat greatly helps in leading to veins
popping out of legs and arms. By dieting, lowering the amount of body fat
and following a high protein diet, the chances of developing arms and
legs that have veins popping out is higher.

Do Veins Pop Out After Workout?

Many people think that veins are especially seen to pop out after
rigorous workouts. Hence, it is believed that when a person does any kind
of rigorous exercise, the veins tend to get filled up and so are visible
through the skin. This is, however, a misconception. When a person
exercises, or does any other physically demanding activity, the heart
rate and strength of contraction of heart muscles increase and blood is
quickly pumped into the arteries. The venous volume and pressure thereby,
actually decreases and so, filling up of veins with blood is not the
basis for veins popping out.

On the contrary, the process that occurs in the capillaries as a result
of a rise in the arterial blood pressure during exercise causes the
plasma fluid, which is otherwise resting in small tributaries, to be
forced out through the thin vessel walls and into compartments
surrounding the muscles. This process, which is known as filtration,
leads to swelling and hardening of the muscles, which is quite noticeable
during exercise. As a result of this swelling, the cutaneous veins, that
is, veins that are present in the skin and closer to the surface of skin
are pushed further towards the skin surface. They thus, flatten to some
extent, and appear to bulge out. Such veins are more visible in people
who obviously have less subcutaneous fat and more of lean muscle mass. It
is also a myth that popping of veins during exercising is a sign of
overexertion of muscles and hence, exercising should be stopped at this
stage. However, as explained above, this popping of veins is neither good
nor bad, but simply a result of normal physiological mechanisms that
occurs as a result of rise in arterial blood pressure during any kind of
physical exertion.

This was all about how veins pop out and what it actually means. Though
many people find it a desirable trait, it may not always be a sign of
attractiveness. Veins popping out of hands is also considered to be a
sign of aging, because as a person ages, the skin of the hand becomes
loose and the veins of the hand then become more visible on the surface
of the skin. Hence, it is best to try to concentrate on keeping the body
fat content under control and stay healthy rather than concentrating on
getting your blood vessels to come closer to the surface of your skin!

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