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									What Is Affiliate Marketing?

For anyone who is interested in starting an online business it would definitely make sense to at least
consider an affiliate marketing business. This is one of the easiest online businesses to start, it has
minimal start up costs, yet the amount of money you can make is virtually unlimited and you can set
your business up so that a lot of the work is done on auto pilot.

Affiliate marketing is simply when you promote items for sale and you make a commission on each
sale. It is done largely with the help of a website which most companies will provide you with when
you sign up with them to become an affiliate. You can choose to promote physical items that will
need to be shipped, or you can promote digital items that can be instantly downloaded.

While it is very possible to have enormous success with this type of business, it important to
understand that none of this success is going to happen overnight or without effort on your part.
That is one of the biggest mistakes so many people seem to make when it comes to affiliate
marketing. For some reason common sense seems to fly out the window when people start looking
at an online business.

Here is a brief overview of the steps you will need to take to set up your affiliate marketing

1. Decide if you want to sell physical products, digital products or both. Then decide what specific
products you want to promote. A good place to start is to promote a product or service that you
know a lot about. Once you've got some idea of the type of product you want to promote, do a
search for a company that sells that product and has an affiliate program. Almost every company
will have some sort of affiliate program. For digital products a great place to start is at

2. Once you've signed up to become an affiliate you need to start driving traffic to your website.
There are two major methods you can choose: free and paid. The free methods will generally take a
little longer to get off the ground but since they are free it won't cost you anything while you are
learning. Plus, the free methods don't have a very steep learning curve, they're quite easy to do.

The paid methods do tend to have a much higher learning curve especially Pay Per Click or PPC. For
most people just starting out, it would be best to hold off on using PPC until you're starting to make
money and until you have the time to take a course on PPC. There are many variables with PPC and
if you rush in and set up an account without knowing what you are doing, you will lose a lot of

3. Get an autoresponder and start building a list. Since the vast majority of people who visit your
website won't buy anything it's important to be able to contact them again. Only in this way will you
be able to convert a higher percentage of your website visitors into paying customers.

Affiliate marketing is a great online business for anyone who is willing to invest the time to learn all
the skills needed to be successful. If you are, then the sky really is the limit and you can make more
money every single month than you ever thought possible. It's all up to you.

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