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How Do I Decide Which Products To Promote by tibinet1


How Do I Decide Which Products To Promote

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									How Do I Decide Which Products To Promote?

Obviously when you're starting your affiliate marketing business, one of the first things you'll need
to consider is what product(s) you will promote. For the most part, you should consider promoting
several different products, but only start with one, then when you are making money and getting
traffic for that site you should move on to another product.

There are many factors that need to go into deciding which product you want to sell. Obviously, one
of the first factors is whether or not the product you are considering even has an affiliate program
associated with it.

Then, you need to carefully consider how much interest there is for that product. Many times you
will get the advice that you should promote a product or service that you know a lot about or have a
personal interest in. And while that isn't necessarily bad advice, it will only work if the product is
something that a lot of people are passionate enough about that they are wiling to pay for it. So
you need to carefully consider the demand for a product.

Once you've reached this stage, you should already have a product picked out that you know has an
affiliate program and that has a lot of demand for it. Now you need to see how many competitors
you'll have to face. A great way to find that out is to use Google Adwords free keyword tool. This
tool will show you how many people searched for a specific keyword and how much competition
there is.
You will be able to use this keyword list for your traffic generation methods too, so make sure you
keep it handy. Now, you should have a very good idea whether or not the product you want to
promote has a lot of potential customers and how much competition you'll face.

Look for a product that has a high search volume, at least 1,500 a month and low competition less
than 20,000 and you will have a really good shot at making some serious money with that product.

When you're an affiliate you don't have to really worry about refunds or anything like that. The
company you are an affiliate for will take care of all of that so you can concentrate on getting a
steady stream of highly qualified visitors to your website and converting them into paying

There are many more in depth things you can do to help you determine how well a certain product
will sell. For example, you can go to and look at the gravity rating for a certain

And remember that none of this is scientific or foolproof. There will be times when everything looks
like you should make a boatload of money off a particular product, but it doesn't happen. Your sales
just fizzle out. That is a hassle, but don't let it deter you. If you carefully look at the numbers
associated with a given product and only promote those that look like they'll make lots of money,
you'll be right more often than you are wrong, and that's all that matters!

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