The Twitter Marketing Strategies the Pros Use

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					The Twitter Marketing Strategies the Pros Use

Right now, there are more than 200 million people on Twitter, and a good percentage of them are
actively trying to sell, promote, or advertise something they have a vested interest in. It’s only
natural after all. But, the thing about Twitter that sets it apart from other classic advertising
platforms is that it will only support so much in-your-face marketing. To really drive a sale home, you
must develop a stronger sense of subtlety that will build trust and convert to sales in the future.

       Automation – The easiest way to get a jump start on Twitter is to start automating as much
        of the process as possible. Too many marketers come in thinking “this is only 140 characters
        – I can do that manually a few times a day”, but it ends up eating up at least 1-2 hours.
        However, an automated tool like HootSuite allows you to write as many tweets as you want
        in advance and schedule them for a week, a month or more in advance.

       Cross Promotion – Don’t rely on just one social media tool. Use Facebook, LinkedIn,
        YouTube, and your own blog in conjunction with Twitter. All of these tools have auto-posting
        features that allow you to instantly update content on each site with the press of only one
        button. It saves time and increases exposure.

       List Replacement – If you have an email list, Twitter can provide a similar feature for your
        followers. In fact, Aweber and MailPush among others allow you to post your most recent
        email newsletters to your twitter feed. Use them together to boost your exposure as many
        times over as possible.

       Interaction Quotas – Force yourself to interact with your followers for a set amount of time
        or number of tweets per day. Raw content will only get you so far. Actually interacting with
        people will boost your new followers many times over.

       Research Hot Terms – Check Twitter’s trending topics and review hot sites like TweetBeep to
        find out what keywords and hashtags are currently getting the most traffic. These will be
        good terms for you to target in your tweets.

       Get a Professional Background – Pay someone the $20 that most designers charge to create
        a custom Twitter background. You can place extra contact details and information about
        yourself and use up the massive chunk of screen real estate being wasted on the left side of
        the screen.

Twitter is a powerful tool with millions of users, but you don’t want to just dump time into it without
a carefully planned strategy. Spend some time generating ideas that will allow you to get the most
out of your Twitter account and you’ll never again need to worry about whether or not you are truly
getting something for all that time investment or only wasting more time.

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