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									Types Of Joints With Regard To Building Your Bookcase
This article supplies a quick run down upon common woodworking bones that you may come across
inside implementing a set of bookcase plans, or virtually any woodwork plan or perhaps project.
There are many different kinds of joints which differ in complexity, nonetheless you'll often find the
more complex the combined is, the more robust it is. So this is the basic run down:
• Butt - this is a easy joint which involves joining the two pieces of timber edge to edge. It is usually
  reinforced along with glue and/or anchoring screws.
• Lap - this joint supplies a modification on the rear end joint which involves making a rabbet in the
  overlapping piece of wood. This contributes to greater strength because there is more glueing area.
• Mitre - A mitre joint looks appealing but does require more accuracy inside cutting the pieces. In a
  mitre combined the two pieces of timber are cut from 45 degrees and also joined together to create
  a corner.
• Dado - This is where a single piece of wood had a rabbet cut and gets the other piece in to the
  rabbet. The dado joint is well-known for bookcase shelves.
• Dowel - this is a straightforward yet strong joint. It requires holes to be drilled and dowels glued into
  place to support the joint.
• Mortise and Tenon - this joint is really a strong joint. It will take a bit more effort to understand and
  involves reducing a hole in one piece of wood that will have the other piece of wood.
• Tongue and Groove - this combined is often used for surfaces and paneling. This allows for the
  timber to move with changes in temperature and entails cutting a groove in one piece of timber and
  a tongue alternatively piece that fits in to the first piece of wood.
• Dovetail - the dovetail is an aesthetically appealing joint. It's an interlocking look. It is quite strong
  however requires patience and also time to cut accurately.

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