How to Write Tweets that Sell

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					How to Write Tweets that Sell

Twitter is one of the largest and most powerful social networks on the Internet – bar none. But, that
doesn’t mean you can simply post tweets every few hours saying “buy me” and expect to make a
massive pile of money. Almost no monetary tool works that well, especially a social tool. However,
unlike some other social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter can be used successfully
to generate sales if you are clever about how you promote your products and what you say to your

Building Trust through Tweets

The first thing you must ask yourself when posting tweets on Twitter is what you offer that makes
you trustworthy to other users. Do you have something that is unique to the site, or a voice that
makes you more entertaining than another profile? Do you regularly offer updates on a hot industry
topic, jokes about current events, blog links that are useful to industry followers?

Imagine you must tell someone in a conversation what makes your Twitter feed wholly unique – do
you have a good answer? If not, it might be time for an overhaul to your account.

That sense of unique value will be the immediate building block upon which your tweets can build.
It’s almost impossible to build trust if you don’t have a clear idea of what the people you’re talking
to want. So, take a closer look at the people your followers are following. What kinds of things do
they show interest in? What do they ask questions about? How do they interact? Take cues from
your followers for what they really want out of your interaction.

Turning it All Into Money

Eventually the time will come to take the efforts you make on Twitter and convert them into a viable
income stream. To do this, you must know what the followers on your list expect to hear. Most users
on the Internet generally expect at least a little bit of marketing to be thrown at them. They expect
to be pushed and prodded, though on a site like Twitter, the threshold for pushy salesmanship is a
lot lower than for a website they find in Google.

So, you must make it seem that you’re promoting a product in their best interest. Do that by
introducing products multiple times days before you actually provide a buying link. For example, you
might start a campaign for the presell of a new IM product on a Monday. Here’s how the progression
of tweets would look:

       Monday – “Received review copy of IM Secrets 2011 today – excited to take a look at what it
        has to offer.”
       Tuesday – “Finished first chapter of IM Secrets 2011 this morning. Very interesting take on
        some classic ideas. Motivation in bucket fulls.”
       Wednesday – “Finished IM Secrets 2011 today. Extremely good impression right now. Check
        back tomorrow for full review.”
       Thursday – “Read my full review of IM Secrets 2011, now live on my blog:”
       Friday (Launch) – “IM Secrets 2011 Live today. Check out my review again, or visit Bob’s site
        to get your copy.”

It’s a classic sales pitch, but it works because you’ve established a line to the sale, showing them that
you honestly care that it is a good product, providing an in-depth review and then promoting it.
Subtlety wins the race when trying to make a few bucks on Twitter.

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