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How to Automate Your Tweets

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									How to Automate Your Tweets

One of the single most powerful ways to leverage your Twitter account and get more money for less
time is to automate your tweets. There are dozens of tools out there that will allow you to setup
your tweets well in advance for posting at a later date. How do you use these tools, and more
importantly how do you ensure you are getting a good return on any investment you make?

Tools to Use

Again, there are quite a few options out there, but I have a handful of favourites, depending on your
specific circumstances. Here are my selections based on their functionality and the ease with which
they work:

       Web Based – Web based tools provide an in-browser interface to schedule tweets in
        advance, making it easy for a team to work on a single Twitter profile from multiple
        locations. Of the many tools out there, HootSuite is the best in my opinion, providing
        Facebook and LinkedIn connectivity as well.

       Adobe Air – Most desktop applications run on the Adobe Air framework – a software
        infrastructure that allows for the direct integration of social media tools into your desktop.
        Seesmic is a good option here, as is Twhirl.

       Mobile – There are actually very few automated mobile apps, but having easy mobile access
        to your twitter account can help you post more readily from multiple locations. These days,
        the official Twitter app for iOS and Android is your best bet (there is one for BlackBerry too).

It doesn’t matter quite as much which of the many automation tools you use, so much as how you
use them. Creating a good schedule for writing, posting, and then checking in on your tweets will
help to optimize every aspect of your Twitter campaign.

Writing and Scheduling Tweets

Some users will schedule tweets for months in advance, others for only a day or two. What you do
depends largely on how much you currently use Twitter. If you normally write 10 tweets a day that
relate to current events, you may want to avoid scheduling too much. However, if you usually just
post quotes or questions, you can schedule your tweets well in advance.

I normally stick to a 1 month schedule of generic tweets, just to make sure I have at least one tweet
on my account every 24 hours. Then, I will sit down once a week and integrate new tweets into a
weekly schedule. I also have my Facebook account and blog hooked up to my Twitter profile so that
all content from there is syndicated. In the end, I only need to post a tweet once or twice a day now,
and those are usually replies to other tweets.

Does it Work?
Automation doesn’t work for everyone. Some users need the ability to sit down and interact with
people regularly and others simply cannot think that far in advance. But, if you are currently in need
of a few more hours in your week, consider sitting down to automate your Twitter account for a few
days out. If nothing else, the Twitter applications mentioned above will make updating your account

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