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					Can You Really Make Money with Twitter?

It’s not every decade that so many new tools arrive that can help an entrepreneur make a name for
their business. But, the 2000s were just that. Sure, the commercial Internet was invented in the
1990s, but it didn’t really become the people’s platform until after the big dotcom bust of 2000,
when big time companies with limited profitability were buried and entrepreneurs with big dreams
and small scale operations moved in.

Since then we’ve been given Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, and now Twitter to help us make
money on the world’s largest marketplace. But, a lot of what you hear is full of hype and
overexcitement with a platform that very few people have actually mastered. Can you actually make
a profit on Twitter, or is it just hype?

Why Twitter is Profitable

At first glance Twitter doesn’t seem to offer the kind of long term profitability that we expect from
business platforms like eBay, Amazon, or even Google. However, Twitter is different for a lot of
reasons. First, it is incredibly easy to actively engage your audience.

While other tools like Facebook or a blog take hours out of every week to maintain, Twitter can be
maintained with 5-10 minutes a day if you’re in a bind, and it can be done easily from a mobile
phone with the plethora of apps and mobile tools that Twitter was built around.

More than that, Twitter users are actively seeking information. More so than Facebook or other
social media tools, Twitter’s users are trained to seek expertise from the people they follow, asking
questions of their followers when they have a problem and searching for hashes that relate to their
issues when they come up.

So, when you post a new eBook or blog post that relates to their problems, they are much more
likely to click the link than if you posted the same message on Facebook (though it certainly doesn’t
hurt to post on both).

How to Make Money on Twitter

So, how do you go about actually making a profit on Twitter? It starts with building a trust-based
relationship with your audience. You must write every day, getting your followers used to seeing
your posts on a recurring basis, when they are most likely to respond to them.

Second, you must interact with those other users. Don’t just write a tweet and post it at 3pm every
day. Instead, ask questions, look for questions you can answer, and send direct messages to new
followers to introduce yourself. These simple gestures are easy but they will translate to a more
active follower base. When people feel that their tweets are being read, they will actively engage
with them on a far more direct basis.
Don’t ask yourself whether you can make money with Twitter. You absolutely can. Instead, ask
yourself what it will take to make that money. Get in there, do the hard work that other marketers
are afraid of and chat with the people you are hoping to drive to your websites. You’ll be surprised
how well a little hard work will convert to traffic and ultimately income.

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