Writing Content for a Facebook Page or Group

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					Writing Content for a Facebook Page or Group

The secret to writing good content for a Facebook Page or Group lies in understanding what your
fans and group members desire most. It will depend largely on your niche, the audience you’re
aiming to attract, and your own level of comfort in discussing something as an expert. Here’s how it
breaks down.

Finding Your Comfort Zone

Before you write a single post for Facebook, you must first determine where your comfort zone lies.
What do you feel most comfortable writing about and how much do you know about it. The key here
is to generate expertise in a field that you can cash in later to help you grow an email list and sell
products on an outside website.

So, if you don’t know a thing about women’s beauty products and don’t particularly care, it will be
very hard to maintain a Facebook Page that pretends you do. So, instead of aiming for the big
money, aim for something to which you can direct an honest passion. It must be something that you
feel strongly about in multiple ways. It must be something you can drive traffic to on a daily basis
and not worry about “getting it wrong”. Choose wrong and your fans will know they’re being duped.

Engaging in Conversation

If you currently run a blog, you probably have a good idea already of how this works. Instead of just
writing content that is interesting, you must write content with only enough interesting details to
stimulate a conversation. Ask questions, link to outside sources, and drive people to comment on
what you’ve posted.

The more you can draw out of people, the more invested they feel in your Page and the more often
they will return. I have seen Facebook Pages succeed in the past with the kitschiest of promotions,
but they work because they ask the reader questions. Do this through your wall posts and notes and
don’t apologize for being interested in what they have to say. And if someone asks you a question or
leaves an interesting comment, don’t be afraid to reply to it.

Knowing When to Call it a Day

Remember that if you run a Page or Group, people will receive newsfeed updates whenever you
post to your wall or add a new link. So, if you add new content to your Page 10 times a day, you will
inevitably inundate them with content that slowly starts to bury their other feed items. Avoid this by
watching for overuse.

If you have linked your Facebook Page to Twitter or a blog, remember that those posts will appear
automatically throughout the day. If you write content from your mobile phone while on the road,
keep track of your updates to avoid getting carried away.
Facebook is a powerful tool with a huge audience (more than 550 million as of fall 2010). If you write
regular, useful content that drives interaction and drums up new fans, you can be successful using
Facebook. Just remember what we’ve discussed here and it will soon enough work wonders for your

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