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									PPC Advertising on Facebook for Affiliate Marketers

If there’s one thing that affiliate marketers hear conflicting information about, it is PPC advertising.
This long time stalwart of Internet marketing has been around since the beginning of the last decade
and yet many marketers still cannot agree whether it is an effective way to make money on the

So, when Facebook grew into the monolith website that it has become (surpassing Google’s monthly
traffic count for the first time in October, 2010), it is understandable that new questions about PPC
on the premiere social network would soon follow.

How Facebook PPC Works

The PPC advertising in Google is based entirely on keywords and content matching (for the content
network). Facebook, however, uses a variety of demographics, defined by the advertiser, to
determine where an ad will appear. For example, you can choose to target an ad for wedding
albums to 20-35 year old women who are engaged or mention the world “engaged” on their profile.

You can choose to market a video game guide to 18-30 year old males who mention World of
Warcraft on their profiles. Other demographic factors you control include location, language,
workplace, and education among other things. So, instead of researching the keywords that a
potential customer searches for, you must research the actual potential customer. It’s a little harder,
but only because we’re accustomed to a different frame of mind in approaching our ads.

A Successful Facebook Ad

So, what makes a Facebook PPC ad successful? It starts with understanding the medium. While
Google has long been and will likely remain text based, Facebook is very much about multimedia and
people. Every profile has a picture and every person is represented by an icon or an image. So, ads
need to fit that mould. You will not stand out unless you can successfully imitate the standard
display of a profile or page link.

Facebook provides an easy to use image uploader for these very purposes, and you can enhance the
effect by integrating a selection of keywords that relate to hot Facebook topics, like wall posts, fan
counts, or apps.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most Facebook ads are shorter than they are allowed. Why?
Because Facebook gives advertisers far more text space than Google – almost twice as much. But,
you don’t need those 135 characters. Instead, keep it short and to the point, using only 50-75
characters to describe your ad, plus a short, three or four word headline.

Testing Your Ads

Facebook advertising is a new frontier, but it is a profitable one if you know how to use it properly.
You won’t make money right away when using Facebook PPC, but if you start small and spend
wisely, then split test your ads effectively for weeks or even months, you will definitely start to see

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security just because these are cheaper ads than you are used to,
however, and keep in mind that some topics just don’t work as well on Facebook as they do in
Google. But, with the right data in hand, you can make a pretty penny on Facebook PPC.

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