Finding Friends and Fans on Facebook

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					Finding Friends and Fans on Facebook

One of the single hardest aspects of maintaining a presence on Facebook is to find the friends and
fans. What’s the point of marketing yourself endlessly if you only have 200 friends and 42 fans on
your Profile and Page? Luckily for you, there are a number of useful tips and tricks I’ve developed
over the years that can not only draw people to your Fan Page and Profile, but ensure they interact
with the content you produce.

Tip #1 – Integrate Every Site

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube presence, along with a blog and a regular
website, link them all together and start cross promoting. It will save you a lot of work because when
you post on one profile, the content from there will appear on another. In fact, if you do it right, you
can get away with 2 weekly blog posts and 1-2 daily posts on Twitter for all of your content across
every social media site you use.

This won’t build your audience from scratch – you still must interact with them – but it will get the
content out there needed to draw attention.

Tip #2 – Find Creative Ways to Interact

For Facebook to work, you must interact with your followers in a way that they either enjoy or are
intrigued by (something creative and new). To do that, whip out your thinking cap and prepare to go
beyond simple blog posts or daily updates about your cat.

You can produce weekly shows on YouTube, write up content that will draw questions, or even go
the route of drumming up controversy to force people into conversations on Facebook. That’s a lot
of work, I know, but it will help you immensely in building trust by offering free content. Free
reports, eBooks, podcasts, YouTube webinars, and anything else you can think of will work here.

Tip #3 – Create a Funnel

If you get 1,000 hits a week on your blog, create a funnel that will send them to Facebook. Use the
Like Button widget to send people directly to your Facebook Page where they can sign up for more
regular updates. Additionally, make it clear that they will receive exclusive updates and content by
being your fan on Facebook.

The key here is to make sure you follow through on any promises you make regarding that Facebook
Page. If you say you will write a weekly update, make sure you are on there every week writing an
update that will drive people to learn more about you and your business.

Facebook is a powerful tool, but only when used correctly – and that means actually using it. A lot of
entrepreneurs think that if they produce a Facebook Page it will translate into traffic and income
immediately just because Facebook represents “the future”. But, like any marketing tool, it takes
hard work. Do the work and you’ll see results.

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