Creating the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

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					Creating the Perfect Facebook Fan Page

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years, you probably have heard of Facebook’s Fan
Pages and how major corporations have been using them widely to improve their public image and
provide an interactive front for their operations.

You may not have realized, however, that these Pages can be used equally as effectively by just
about any business or entrepreneur, including you. But, what makes a good fan page? How should it
be formatted and what can it provide that varies from other fan pages enough to stand out in the

The Goal of a Fan Page

The first thing you should know is that the Facebook Fan page is a different beast from the profile
you’ve had since you were in college. A profile, while interesting and useful for engaging with people
on a personal basis, has many limits. First, you can only have 5,000 friends at any given time. That
may seem like a lot, but if you are successful in your endeavours, that number will skyrocket fast.

Groups and Pages don’t have such limits. Second, you can integrate your Page directly into a website
with a like button. You can also use Facebook Insights to track actions taken on your Page. This
allows you to see when people click on links, or simply just read your page. Tie it all together with
direct integration with Facebook’s advertising wing and you can easily pay for PPC or PPM ads that
will build your Fan count directly to the Page. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you use it properly.

How a Good Fan Page Should Look

But, at the end of the day, a good Page needs to be well produced and provide valuable information
if you want it to surpass that magic 5,000 mark and start generating real traffic that can convert to
income on your website. Here are some things to keep in mind:

       Value Added Content Works – Value sells your brand, so focus on ways to generate that
        value with notes, videos, or links that are useful to your fans.
       Integrate with a Blog – Maintain a blog and integrate the content you develop for your
        Facebook page directly with that blog whenever possible.
       It’s Not a Sales Page – A good sales page should be further down the funnel. A Facebook
        Page is an interactive forum where you build your brand and develop trust. Later, you can
        cash that trust in for sales, not now.
       Provide Discussion Points – Don’t just wait for people to show up and ask questions. Post
        questions on your feed, create a message board and draw people into conversations.
       Interact with Fans Regularly – Get on their and ask questions, answer questions and leave
        comments about other people’s content on a regular basis.
       Use Twitter for Speedy Discussions - Twitter is a good supplement to Facebook, providing
        you with an instant way to reach people with short, 140 character tweets. Integrate it with
        Facebook to hit both audiences at once.
Facebook Fan Pages are a powerful tool that will allow you to generate traffic, build trust, and grow
your business efforts immensely without spending a ton of money. Use them wisely and your
audience will soon start to help you in ways you never thought of to build your business.

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