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									Can You Really Make Money with Facebook?

One of the most common questions by marketers new to the Internet regarding social media is
whether they can actually make money through Facebook. It’s a good question, but a little
misguided. To start with, the goal of social media should not necessarily be to make money directly,
but to build a brand that allows you easier access to your target market. Whereas other marketers
are out there chasing blind prospects that have no idea who they are, you can build a reputation as
someone with a clear understanding of the niche and a desire to produce amazing content for the
people who follow you.

That’s what Facebook allows you to do, so if you’re interested in turning all that effort into a profit,
you must create a more powerful funnel that will take the goodwill and traffic you generate through
social media and convert it into email list subscribers and affiliate prospects.

How to Build Your Funnel

If you don’t yet have a website or a blog in place, you’re getting a little ahead of yourself by investing
in Facebook or other social media. Your personal profile should be plenty when you’re still getting
off to a good start. Think of it this way. Imagine there is a company that plans on producing fragrant
soaps and selling them at a kiosk in the mall. Now, imagine they don’t actually setup that kiosk and
start advertising.

Sure, people will be interested in their soaps – a lot of people like to smell nice. But, what happens
when they want to buy it? Where will they find the soap if not at the kiosk that was a major part of
their business plan? If you don’t have a website, a blog, and possibly even an email address to
further monetize your traffic, you risk wasting the traffic you’re striving to generate and take
advantage of from Facebook.

A good funnel should have a clear end goal. If you are an affiliate marketer, it should be the sales
page of your prospects. If you are a product vendor, it should be the checkout screen from
Clickbank. If you are a consultant, it should be your email list.

Generating Money through Leads on Facebook

Now, when you get that funnel built and have a clear route for someone on Facebook to follow,
that’s when you can start turning the traffic you’re about to generate into real income. That’s when
you can start making a profit from Facebook.

Here’s how it works. Instead of posting comments on your Page saying “buy this product”, you can
offer a free report or mention your most recent blog post. Most Facebook users are nowhere near a
buying frame of mind when they are on Facebook. However, the second they leave the site, they
know they’re fair game for marketers, including you.
Some gurus will try to tell you that Facebook can make you a fortune on the Internet. It can, but only
as a tool in a larger, more active sales funnel. Use all the parts of that funnel wisely and you will be
much more successful in your search for a profitable business model.

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