Taking the Lead in Ocean Conservation on Monterey Bay by jianglifang


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mid-September 2011

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Fall 2011                                                   Vol. 28 No. 3
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Annual Coastal Cleanup Day 2011
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 Ecology Action
                                      The Clement Monterey                     Chie Kawahara                        Gregory Pepping                     O My Sole                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           4,584 Save Our Shores volunteers participated in the single-largest
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                                                                                                                    Pro Am Beach Soccer                 O’Neill Surf Shop                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   volunteer event on the planet — Annual Coastal Cleanup Day.
 Macy’s Inc.                                                                                                        Lauren Ross                         Outdoor World
                                      Roger Kasa                               Sonya Newlyn & Jeff Stock
 Judi & Dave Zaches
                                                                               Palo Alto Medical Foundation
                                                                                                                    Julia Sauer                         Pacific Cookie Company                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       At 81 different cleanup sites from Wadell Creek in the north to the Big Sur
                                                                                                                    Roger Smith                         Pacific Edge Indoor Climbing Gym
                                                                               San Lorenzo Valley High School ASB   SMT Parts, Inc                      Pacific Trading Co.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          coast in the south, and spanning over 157 miles of beach, river, creek, slough,
       Tribute Gifts                                                          Santa Cruz Montessori School          Sara Townsend                       Patagonia Inc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                lake, and even underwater — our volunteers were a force to be reckoned
                                                                              Patricia Schwartz
       Save Our Shores by honoring a friend or family member!                 Matt Spiegl
                                                                                                                    Mark L. Weber                       Penny Ice Creamery
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     with. The combined efforts in both counties cleaned up over 17,500 pounds
       Recent gifts made in honor of:                                                                               Bernice & John Woolf                Petroglyph
                                                                              Spitzer Woodworking                                                       Pizza My Heart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               of pollution, including over 23,000 cigarette butts and 4,300 plastic bags!
       Lisa Jensen — from Karen Hovekamp                                      David & Monica Terrazas               Harbor Seal Friends $50+            Portola Hotel & Spa                                                                                  Save Our Shores participates in a program to replant an equivalent number of trees to replace the
       Gary Livaich — from your daughter, Emily Livaich                       Jim Thoits                                                                                                                                                                     paper used in producing our newsletter. The trees are replanted in Central America and the Caribbean in
                                                                              Twin Lakes Baptist Church
                                                                                                                    Annette Cain-Rhines & Greg Rhines   Sanctuary Cruises                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In Santa Cruz County alone, nearly 3,000 volunteers banded together to
       Michelle McKinney — from your former student, Elise                                                          Michael & Dana Cannon               Santa Cruz DJ                                                                                        a program managed by the non-profit organization, Trees for the Future. For more information go to:
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     prevent over 12,400 pounds of pollution from entering the Monterey Bay
       Nicholas’ SW Bike Tour — from Gerry Barrett                            Haig & Sienna White                   Maree Creed                         Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing            using agri-based inks.                                                                                                                                                                                                                National Marine Sanctuary during the three-hour event.
                                                                              Connie & Tom Wilson                   Gail Cruse                          Shanda Schwind
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Volunteers were joined by United States Congressman Sam Farr at Carmel

                                                                                                                    Jennifer & Alan Deeter              Seahorse Swim School

  Your New Membership Gift Doubled!                                                                                 Sharon Evans                        Seascape Resort & Conference Center
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        anctuary Stewards are the                                                                                    Beach, California State Assemblymember Luis Alejo and Watsonville Mayor
  New Members of Save Our Shores who join before December 31 will
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                                                                                                                                                                                               Taking the Lead in Ocean Conservation                                                                                    volunteer leaders of Save
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Our Shores. They manage
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Daniel Dodge at Pajaro River Park, and Santa Cruz City Council Members
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     David Terazzas and Hilary Bryant at Cowell Beach — all showing their support
                                                                                                                                                                                               on Monterey Bay
  have their membership gift DOUBLED by the Sutherland Fund! All you                                                Brandon Moss                        Toadal Fitness
                                                                                                                    Richard Oettinger                   Trader Joes                                                                                                                                             beach cleanups, outreach efforts,                                                                                    for community action and the health of our ocean that day.
  have to do is become a Member of SOS today to see your efforts to                                                 Russ Oleyer                         Tricia Geistreiter                                                                                                                                      and environmental education
  Save Our Shores double in value by the year’s end.                                                                Vivian Rogers & Daniel Brumbaugh    Uncommon Brewers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             This year, nine classrooms managed their own cleanups, John Rible
                                                                                                                    Santa Cruz Shark                    True Olive Connection                                                                                                                                   programs throughout the year.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     celebrated his 18th year of being a Site Captain, a Proclamation declaring
  A special thank you to the Sutherland family for offering SOS this                                                Edward Spinardi                     Whole Foods Market                                                                                                                                      Each February, our new class of
                                                                                                                    Keith Stevenson                     Woodstock Pizza                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              September 17, 2011, as Save Our Shores Day in the City of Santa Cruz was
  wonderful opportunity and to all of our new Members who help us                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Stewards begins a dynamic spring
                                                                                                                    Joan Zimmerman                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   presented to SOS at Cowell Beach, and a heartfelt SCUBA cleanup took place
  take advantage of it.  saveourshores.org/Donate                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              training session that provides
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     with the friends and family of Aqua Safaris in honor of the Houghton family.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                them with the knowledge and
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                skills they need for an exciting                                                                                     A special thanks to the California Coastal Commission for managing the
Why I Save Our Shores by Justin Trinh-Halperin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  season of leadership on behalf
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                of our marine environment.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     statewide effort, where more than 63,000 volunteers removed nearly
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     600,000 pounds of pollution on this one day in ocean protection history.
As an educator, I am frequently posed with the question, “What is the most critical environmental
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     And congratulations to all of the volunteers, Members, local leaders, and
concern facing our planet?” A pretty tough question to discuss with middle school students, so in                                                                                                                                                                                                               We want you to join our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     supporters who worked together to make Annual Coastal Cleanup Day such
turn, I ask my students, “What connects us all on this planet?” Their response is almost always the                                                                                                                                                                                                             committed team of volunteer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     a huge success!
same: water and air.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            leaders.
Our oceans provide a tangible example of how our planet shares this valuable resource.                                                                                                                                                                Join the 2012 class of                                    For more information on the                                                                                         See our photo album:
And our children want to have a sense of belonging to this planet and feel they can have a                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sanctuary Steward program,                                                                                          http://on.fb.me/ACCD-pics
positive impact on the Earth. Save Our Shores’ educational program allows my students to take                                                                                                                                                         Sanctuary Stewards!                                       please visit http://saveourshores.
ownership in caring for our streams and oceans. Students see themselves as part of the solution                                                                                                                                                                                                                 org/stewards.
to healing our fragile watersheds.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                If you are interested in applying
From Camille Poritzky, one of Justin’s students at Tierra Pacific Charter School, “The beach is a                                                                                                                                                                                                               or have questions, contact
beautiful habitat, that is, if it’s clean. Careless people throw garbage and other things that don’t                                                                                                                                                                                                            Andrew Hoeksema, Coordinator
belong onto streets, which lead to storm drains, which then lead to the ocean. So why do we                                                                                                                                                                                                                     of Volunteer Programs, andrew@                         Top: Jannis Fullan combs the river mouth by the Santa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Bottom: SOS’ Laura Kasa, Carmel
Save Our Shores by doing street and beach clean ups? We do those clean ups for the benefit of                                                                                                                                                                                                                   saveourshores.org.                                     City Councilmember Jason Burnett, and Congressman
everyone and everything that loves and enjoys the beach.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Sam Farr (holding Sebastian, Burnett’s son) take to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Volunteers ages 16 and up are                          Carmel Beach on September 17.       Right: Family and
Justin Trinh-Halperin teaches 7th and 8th grade at Tierra Pacific Charter School                                                                                                                                                                                                                                encouraged to apply.                                   friends of the David Terrazas and Hilary Bryant clans join
Camille Poritzky is one of his students                    Top: Justin’s students get up close and personal with the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   us for Save Our Shores Day September 17! Far right: The
                                                                         marine environment while paddling Monterey Bay.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               JAMS group joined forces for Annual Coastal Cleanup Day
                                                                         Bottom: Justin teaches environmental education to his                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         on Cowell Beach.
                                                                         students on the shorelines of our Marine Sanctuary.
345 Lake Avenue, Suite A
                                       The Endless Summer at Save Our Shores
                                       At-a-glance highlights from one of our busiest summers on record                                                                  How Santa Cruz County
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Our health, and the health of this beautiful
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    planet, hinges on our ability to kick the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    plastic bag habit.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       It Takes a Village                                         Growing young minds through the SOS Marine Education Program

                                                                                                                                                                         Banned the Bag                                                                                                                                                T
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
831-462-5660 • 831-462-6070 (fax)       • Pollution Prevention over the 4th of July weekend: 300 volunteers took                                                                                                                                                                                                                              he goal of Save Our Shores’ school program is to help children
http://saveourshores.org                  pollution prevention into their own hands and spread the Clean Beaches                                                                                                                                                                                                                              in the Monterey Bay area make the connection between
SOS Staff                                 message to nearly 5,000 beach-goers!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                their everyday lives on land and the expansive, vast life of
Laura Kasa, Executive Director          • The Toast to the Coast Beach Party on                                                                                          A letter from Mark Stone, Chair of the Santa Cruz County                                                                                                      our oceans. Through teaching students about this connection —
Michelle Hohensee, Operations             August 21: Beautiful weather, toes in the                                                                                      Board of Supervisors and California Coastal Commissioner                                                                                                      from the food web to the impacts of plastic pollution — students

   Manager                                sand, dolphins playing offshore, delicious                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   are educated about the greater picture and the role we all play
Emily Glanville, Program Manager
                                          food and drink, great company, outstanding                                                                                            couple of years ago, Laura Kasa and I were lamenting the                                                                                               in shaping the health of our planet. At EA Hall Middle School in
Lauren Gilligan, Program Coordinator
                                          raffle prizes, and incredible entertainment                                                                                           fact that the California Legislature, yet again, was failing                                                                                           Watsonville, CA, where 85% of students come from low-income
Colleen Bednarz, Communications
   & Outreach Coordinator                 from the Hula School of Santa Cruz, the Victor                                                                                        to move forward on a much-needed ban of plastic bags.                                                                                                  families, the SOS Marine Education Program is expanding young
Andrew Hoeksema, Volunteer                Ohana Band, and Santa Cruz DJ — what more                                                                                      I asked Save Our Shores to help draft the basic requirements that                                                                                             minds and offering a unique, hands-on experience that is in high
                                          can we say? The Toast went off with a bang!                                                                                    would go into a ban for the unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz                                                                                                demand. For the past two years, we have had the opportunity to
Vivian Rogers, Development
                                          Congratulations again to Dan Haifley, our 2011                                                                                 County — not necessarily an easy task.                                                                                                                        bring this program to all of the 6th grade students at EA Hall Middle
   Director Consultant
Marianne Wyllie, Graphic Design           Ocean Hero, Charlie Hong Kong, our Business                                                                                    Local bans had brought lawsuits from plastic proponents so we                                                                                                 School, but due to cuts from the Federal government, this funding
   Consultant                             of the Year, and Scott Malsom, our Volunteer                                                                                   needed a ban that would withstand judicial scrutiny and set the                                                                                               was recently suspended. This means that fewer low-income students
Board of Directors                        of the Year.                                                                                                                   stage for all of the cities in our county to follow suit. Our ban went                                                                                        will learn about the importance of our watershed and Marine
Sally Shepard, Chair                    • Citizen Action and grassroots organizing                                                                                       further than other bans by proposing that all retail stores prohibit                                                                                          Sanctuary in the coming years, and we don’t want this to happen.
Ginaia Kelly, Vice Chair
Percy Abram, Secretary
                                          lead to two major victories in the                                                                                             use of plastic bags, put a fee on paper bags, and encourage                                                                                                   Carol Cloud, a teacher at EA Hall Middle School says, “SOS provides
Paul Morris, Treasurer                    advocacy arena. Read all about Salinas                                                                                         reusable bags instead.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    data collection, data analysis, and numerous activities about the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       a very important component to the environmental science piece
Wallace “J” Nichols, Ph.D.                and Santa Cruz on the following pages.                                                                                         In 2010, Assemblywoman Julia Brownley introduced AB 1998.                                                                                                                                                                                 oceans and their importance to our world.” 
Mike Beck, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       in our classrooms. The activities are engaging and aligned to our
                                        • Annual Coastal Cleanup Day 2011                                                                                                The bill had an incredible level of energy behind it and was                                                                                                  grade level science standards. Students who have participated
Michael Shikora                                                                                                                                                                                                                               destroying our oceans, threatening marine life, and contaminating                                                                                                    Our new goal is to keep at least part of this program running
                                          removed over 17,000 pounds of                                                                                                  supported by such unlikely candidates as then-Governor Arnold                                                                                                 in the SOS program become more mindful of their actions and
Martel Anderson                                                                                                                                                                                                                               our food web, this relic of the past is a wasteful contributor to                                                                                                    without our regular source of funding, but we can’t do it
Scott Malsom                              pollution from 81 cleanup sites in three                                                                                       Schwarzenegger and the California Grocers Association. Just as it                                                                                             understand how this awareness can lead to healthier oceans. For
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              pollution.                                                                                                                                                           without YOU. Please help us educate the youth with our positive
Ronn Rygg                                 hours. Details and highlights are in our                                                                                       appeared that California was poised to become                                                                                                                 the past two years, Emily, SOS Program Manager, has provided
Board Member Emeritus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              environmental program. DONATE to our Education Fund at
   Fred Keeley
                                          cover story.                                                                                                                   the first state in the nation to ban single-use plastic Join the fight against The policy Santa Cruz County has enacted is a                                  dynamic and insightful lessons that include scientific inquiry,             saveourshores.org/donate.
                                                                                                                                                                         bags, AB 1998 suffered an astonishing defeat that                                   smart, pragmatic approach to a real and seemingly
Science Advisory Council
                                                                                                                                                                         shifted the campaign back to the local level.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   plastic pollution.        insurmountable problem. It’s an approach
Ken Baltz, M. Sc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Become a Member at shaped by diligent County staff, Save Our Shores,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The Story of Salinas                                                                     When grassroots organizing
Chris Coburn, M.Sc.                                                                                                                                                      On the legal front, a lawsuit filed by the Save the
Bruce Daniels, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         and a coalition of other environmental groups,
Gary B. Griggs, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                                                                         Plastic Bag Coalition against Manhattan Beach           saveourshores.org/ businesses, and individuals. Our health, and the                                                                                                                            took a city by storm
                                                                                                                                                                         asserted that Manhattan Beach failed to comply                                      health of this beautiful planet, hinges on our                            By Wallace J Nichols, PhD
George Leonard, Ph.D.
Steve Lonhart, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                     with the California Environmental Quality Act by not        donate today!           ability to kick the plastic bag habit.
Baldo Marinovic, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                   conducting a full Environmental Impact Report prior to adopting                                                                                                                             Four years ago,      A month prior, the meeting to hear this ordi-    voted 6 –1 to pass it and I’m still in shock.
John Pearse, Ph.D.
                                                                                                                                                                         the ban. Thankfully, on July 14, 2011, a unanimous California        Immense thanks to Laura Kasa and Save Our Shores for your                                                              I stood in line      nance had been postponed. It was rumored         It just goes to show you that sometimes a
Lisa C. Sloan, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          tremendous input and unfailing advocacy. By taking action now,
                                                                                                                                                                         Supreme Court decision ruled in favor of Manhattan Beach’s bag                                                                                                                              at a Capitola        that plastic industry lobbyists were trying to   grassroots effort is the only way to organize
Melissa Stevens, M.Sc.
                                                                                                                                                                         ban, and the path was made clear for us to proceed.                  we’re continuing our county’s leadership in sustainable living and                                                     City Council         get closed door meetings with the mayor of       a community into action,” said Kasa.
Education Advisory Council                                                                                                                                                                                                                    making an investment in our future.
Darrell Steely                           A 10-Year                                                                                                                       Then, on September 13, 2011, after receiving public testimony
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     meeting with
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     my friend Laura
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Salinas. And DART, one of the biggest manu-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          facturers of polystyrene take-out containers,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Salinas City Council meeting was an

                                         Success Story for MPAs
Heidi Moore                                                                                                                                                              overwhelmingly in support of the ordinance, the Santa Cruz                                                                                                                                                                                                        important tipping point in the fight to keep
Greg McBride                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Kasa, the brand      was trying to convince the council members
                                                                                                                                                                         County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve a ban        These beautiful, new educational panels were                                                                                                                                                plastic pollution out of the ocean. In a city

Tom LaHue                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            new Executive        to tour their recycling facility.
Dave Brodkey                                      recent study from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego, examined the Cabo Pulmo                       on single-use plastic bags in all unincorporated areas of Santa Cruz  recently installed on the Santa Cruz Wharf thanks                                                                                                                                           where jobs and budgets are tightly guarded,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Director of Save     That delay turned out to be just what Kasa
Andy Shapiro                                      National Park, a Marine Protected Area in Mexico. They saw a 463% increase in total fish biomass, the                  County.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           industry lobbyists’ voices are loud, issues
Bob Biegert                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           to a generous                                                                                                  Our Shores. We       and Save Our Shores needed. Through
                                                  largest measured increase in MPA history! This study provides evidence that Marine Protected Areas                     The detrimental impacts of single-use plastic bags are                                                                                                                                      were waiting our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           more urgent than Styrofoam abound, and
                                          truly work toward the goal of revitalizing ecosystems and replenishing depleted populations of marine life.                                                                                                 donation from Lisa                                                               turns to share our comments about why a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          serendipity, she met Matthew Spiegl at           environmentalists are few and far between,
                                                                                                                                                                         indisputable. From the oil needed to manufacture and transport                                                                                                                                                   a film screening, who introduced her to
                                          Here in California, 49 new Marine Protected Areas in Southern California will be implemented on January 1,                                                                                                  Orser, friend and                                                                                                                                                                    a clear decision was made to vote for health,
                                                                                                                                                                         bags around the planet to the massive amount of plastic trash                                                                                                 polystyrene (Styrofoam) ban made sense for         folks at the Chamber of Commerce, the
                                          2012. The area spans from Point Conception in Santa Barbara County down to the U.S./Mexico border, protects                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      community and a cleaner planet.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      supporter of Save Our                                                            the city, for our oceans, and for kids, parents,   Old Town Salinas Association and several
                                                                                                                                                                         upcoming events
                                          354 square miles of state waters, and accounts for about 15% of the waters in that region.                                                                                                                                                                                                   restaurateurs, marine biologists, and ocean                                                         In the future, when your grandkids ask you:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Shores for many years.                                                           advocates alike. The Capitola City Council
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Councilmembers. A letter writing campaign,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          non-stop grassroots organizing, and a flood      “What was Styrofoam?” Tell them about
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       then voted to make its 18-year-old voluntary                                                        how plastic used to pollute the ocean and
                                            Welcoming Ronn Rygg to the SOS Board of Directors                                                                            November 12                           December 17                           JaNuary 28                                                                        ban mandatory.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          of media attention followed.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           wind up in the stomachs of baby albatross
                                                                                                                                                                         10am – NooN                           10am – NooN                           10am – NooN                                                                                                                          At the Salinas City Council meeting on           and sea turtles. Then tell them how people
                                            Ronn first came to the Monterey Bay while touring California during his college years, later settling                                                                                                                                                                                      Four years later, Laura Kasa stood in front of
                                                                                                                                                                         Monterey Monthly Beach Cleanup,       Santa Cruz Monthly Beach Cleanup,     Winter Soquel Creek Cleanup                                                                                                          August 16, 2011, 22 people spoke in support      got organized to clean up our planet, how
                                            in Monterey to teach at the Naval Postgraduate School. Ronn began a second career in non-profits                                                                                                                                                                                           the Salinas City Council as they considered
                                                                                                                                                                         Fort Ord Dunes State Park             Twin Lakes State Beach
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     February 11
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          of the ban. The mayor was surprised — he         scientists and engineers figured out how to
                                            when he became the founding Executive Director of a homeless veterans program at the former                                                                                                                                                                                                their own ban on polystyrene take-out
                                                                                                                                                                         November 19                           JaNuary 21                            10am – NooN                                                                                                                          had rarely seen the council chambers so full     make biodegradable containers. Tell them
                                            Fort Ord. Ronn is currently the Director of 2-1-1, a program of United Way Monterey County.                                                                                                                                                                                                containers. And while most would have
                                                                                                                                                                         10am – NooN                           10am – NooN                           Monterey Monthly Beach Cleanup,                                                                                                      with members of the public.                      about fearless and tireless advocates for our
                                            A relationship and access to the sea has always been important to Ronn, and Save Our Shores                                                                                                                                                                                                said that the inland, agricultural community
                                                                                                                                                                         Santa Cruz Monthly Beach Cleanup,     Monterey Monthly Beach Cleanup,       Monterey State Beach (North of Best                                                                                                  “For the first time in five years of attending   environment. And show them by example
                                            allows him to become much more active in promoting its welfare for the benefit of all. Prior to                              Cowell and Main Beach                 Del Monte/ Monterey Municipal Beach   Western)                                  February 25                             of Salinas would be one of the last places
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       to adopt such a ban, Save Our Shores was           these meetings, the American Chemistry           how to support the advocates, activists and
                                            joining the Board he began his service with SOS as a Sanctuary Steward in 2011. His teenage son                                                                                                                                                    10am – NooN
                                                                                                                                                                         December 10                           JaNuary 21                            February 18                               San Lorenzo River Cleanup at Hwy 1,     determined to make that happen.                    Council and the California Restaurant            decision-makers who lead us in the right
                                            Travis, who also loves the oceans and its inhabitants, joins him in many SOS activities.                                     10am – NooN                           10am – NooN                           10am - NooN                               End of Felker Street off Ocean Street                                                      Association did not show up. The council         direction.
                                              Ronn is truly one of a kind. He has already been a huge help to SOS, be it through advocating for a bag ban in Monterey,   Monterey Monthly Beach Cleanup,       Santa Cruz Monthly Beach Cleanup,     Santa Cruz Monthly Beach Cleanup,         Extension
                                              sharing his photography skills, or helping out at our two largest beach cleanups of the year in Monterey County! Ronn is   Moss Landing State Beach              Seacliff State Beach                  Seabright State Beach
                                              pictured with Laura Kasa, Executive Director of Save Our Shores.

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