Project Closeout Report by HC120310053549


									                                             Project Closeout
A. General Information about the Project
    Gather relevant document related to the project (i.e. Project Charter, Project Reports, Project Deliverables,
    Project Final Signoff, etc.)

B. Project Evaluation
Evaluate each of the following elements:

                         Estimated Duration /         Actual Duration /      Implications / Lessons Learned
Project Schedule         Completion Date              Completion Date

                         Estimated Costs                Actual Costs         Implications / Lessons Learned
Project Budget

                         Original    Quality      Actual Quality Levels      Implications / Lessons Learned
Project Quality          Requirements

                         Original Scope                 Final Scope          Implications / Lessons Learned
Project Scope

C. Follow-up Items / Next Steps
Identify any remaining action items and next stpes.

    Action Items / Next Steps                   Due Date                      Responsible Person

D. Dates for Post Implementation Review and Report
Identify the date for conducting the post implementation review, completing the post implementation report, and
the person responsible for this action.

                Action                           Date                         Responsible Person
Post - Implementation Review
Post - Implementation Report

E. Approvals
Obtain final signoffs for the project.

          Position/Title                      Signature/Printed Name/Title                   Date
 Project Manager

 Executive Sponsor

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