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Demon Winter
   Matthew Jones
   Chris Sauerwald
     Shaun West

                              Table of Contents
Executive Summary:                                2

Product Specification                             3
       Target Audience                            3
       Gameplay                                   3
       System State Diagram                       4
       Game Inspirations                          6
       Development Specs                          7
       Production Tools                           9
       Production Team                            6
       Timeline                                   7

Game Specification                                10
      Interface Mockup                            10
      Sounds and Music                            11
      Story and Script                            12
      Character Bibles                            15
      Level descriptions                          17
      Concept Sketches                            25

Executive Summary

        “Fallen Angel Saga: Demon Winter” (Working title) is a 2D side scrolling
adventure game. The plot is a tale of a love gone wrong, and it follows the adventures of
our hero as he struggles to save the world. Along the way, he will meet up with a number
of different characters, obtain a wide range of magical abilities, and acquire more
powerful weapons and items. A large variety of evildoers will be out in full force to make
sure that the hero does not succeed in his quest, and they will all need to be fought off to
continue the game.

Product Specification
Target Audience:
       This game is going to have a mature theme and have ample dialog. It is targeted at
teenagers aged 13 and up. We hope that adults who grew up in the late 80s playing these
games will also enjoy our game. Animated violence will be no greater than in most of the
games already existing in this style. Our expected level of violence will match what is
defined for this rating by the ESRB as containing “violent content, mild or strong
language, and/or suggestive themes.” It has not been official rated because it has not been

Game play:
       The game play will be 2D side scrolling console style game play. The primary
goal will be for the character to advance the story by:

   •   Communicating with Non-Player Characters
   •   Defeating minor enemies
   •   Defeating bosses
   •   Buying weapons
   •   Solving puzzles

       The primary character, Jay, will have a variety of controls. He will be able to run,
jump, duck, duck crawl, swing his sword, use martial arts, and throw projectiles (time
permitting). Each of these will be fluidly animated and believable in the game

        As the game progresses, Jay will gain gold and experience and new abilities,
making him more powerful and harder to defeat. The character will also encounter new
areas and challenges.

       The player will be controllable by a keyboard or game pad. We would like to
make the control simple, so a 3 button system will be used for the main action.

        One of the buttons will do an attack, if you’re ducking, a different attack will
occur. If you do not have a weapon, you will have to fight with your fists.

       Another button will jump. After the character gains the levitation skill, they may
hold the button down to stay in the air longer.

       The final button will perform a magical attack. These attacks may include healing
and projectile attacks. New abilities will be gained as the game progresses.

This simple control system will allow players to have greater game immersion and make
learning the game very easy.

The system state diagram is pictured on the following page.

GamePlay State Diagram

Past Game Inspirations:
        All games are inspired by something and this game was primarily inspired by 8-
bit Nintendo games. We thank the developers of the following games specifically for
                                         their amazing work.

                                          Ninja Gaiden was developed by Tecmo in
                                          1989. This game inspired the main attack, as
                                          well as the skill of the main character. The first
                                          level boss is also how we envision one of our
                                          bosses to look like.

Ninja Gaiden(Tecmo)

                                          Castlevania 2 was developed in 1988 by
                                          Konami. It continued the gothic adventures of
                                          Simon Belmont which were established in the
                                          first game. The system it has of buying and
                                          selling weapon upgrades, some of the attack
                                          ideas and the inspiration for the AI models are
                                          used from this game. The bosses in the game
                                          are also a good example of how we’d like our
                                          flying boss to react.

Castlevania 2 (Konami)

Metroid was developed in 1986 by
Nintendo. Its overall sense of adventure and
exploration was nearly unmatched and we
would like our game to have the same feel.
Unfortunately, because of time
considerations, this may not happen in the
first release, but in future development, the
maps and story should be much more open
and free.


Development Specs:
         The system will be developed in C++ using the Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL)
library. A number of other libraries will be used for model loading, image loading, music
and sound effects and possibly collision detection. Our game will run in opengl and
require at minimum a Pentium III 600 (Or Athlon) with a modern video card (Geforce or
Radeon). A fast, modern video card is important because it uses a stencil buffer for
shadows, mirrors and particle effects, as well as a number of other graphical special
         Our primary development system is a Pentium 900 with a Geforce 2 Ultra, and we
hope to have the game running at 60fps with under 80% CPU load level on this system.
         There are a number of optimizations that can be made to improve performance,
but because of the limited development, some of these may not be made for the demo, so
we will not be able to guarantee good performance on anything lower than our
development system.

Production Tools:
     Visual C++ 6.0              (
     Gcc                         (
     SDL                         (
     (SDLMixer module)
     MilkShape 3d                (
     Quake 2 Modeler
     Wings 3D                    (
     Adobe Photoshop             (

     Undetermined c++ Image Library
     ID Software, Quake 2 resources and tools

Production Team:
     Matthew Jones:       (
                          Project lead, timeline organization
                          Main engine code and optimization
                          Special Effects, Physics
                          Music and Sound
                          Model Loader

     Shaun West:          (
                          Character design
                          Character art/models/textures
                          General artwork
                          Character artificial intelligence

     Chris Sauerwald:     (
                          Background art/models/scenes
                          Level design, loading
                          Level layers and display
                          Foreground art/obstacles
                          Linux compatibility/port

Proposed Project TimeLine:
Due Date:
        December, 17
Official “Start Date”
        November, 11
 ID Task_Name                            Duration Start_Date Finish_Date Predecessors
    1Collision Detection                        15 11/11/2002 11/25/2002
    2Class framework for 'objects'               8 11/11/2002 11/18/2002
      Some background objects modeled
    3 for first level                            8 11/11/2002 11/18/2002
      Work on finishing level 1 (Outside
    4 and some of town)                         15 11/11/2002 11/25/2002
    5Text boxes and interface                    8 11/11/2002 11/18/2002
    6Work on finishing town interaction          8 11/26/2002    12/3/2002            4
      Remainder of Background objects
    7 modeled                                   15 11/18/2002    12/2/2002
    8Ego model finished                         15 11/11/2002 11/25/2002
    9Boss 1 model finished                       8 11/26/2002    12/3/2002            8
   10Boss 2 model finished                       8 12/4/2002 12/11/2002               9
   11Enemy AI and actions                       15 11/18/2002    12/2/2002
   12Level 2 (Roof) finished                    15 11/25/2002    12/9/2002
      Find good models to use as minor
   13 enemies                                   22 11/11/2002    12/2/2002
   14Intro Storyboard                            3 11/29/2002    12/1/2002
   15Find Testing                                8 12/10/2002 12/17/2002             12

Game Specification
Interface Mockup:
        Our interface will have representations for the current life (red bar) and magic
(blue bar) of the player, as well as the amount of gold they have gathered and the current
level. On the major fights with bosses, there may also be a health gauge for their life.
They will float over the action like pictured below, but may be arranged differently in the
final version. There will also be a main selection screen which will just have the basic
options of “New Game”, “Continue Game” and possibly “Mini Game”

Sounds and Music
       We are expecting to use public domain sound effect off of the internet for the
sound effects in this game. This will include environmental effects, sounds of swords
clashing, and some other atmospheric effects. As far as music, we are looking at getting
the permission of authors who created fan remixes of classic songs to be put to use in our
game. If this game was ever officially released, a professional musician would need to be

Storyline and Script

The crisp autumn breeze was slowly beginning to give away to the harsh cold of winter
when Paul walked the dark city street. Without warning, as if the gently falling snow had
coalesced and took form, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen appeared before him.
She said her name was Lisa and she sought only one thing: His love.

Paul could not resist the girl and the two quickly formed a relationship. Through the dark
of winter and the light of spring, they were always together and never grew tired of one
another. When summer came, they spent every moment together on the beach or at the
park. By the arrival of fall, the two were thinking about marriage. Paul bought Lisa a
ring and they made plans to marry on the anniversary of their first meeting.

Up until the wedding, everything was going well for the two. But only a few days before
the anticipated event, a secret from Paul’s past returned. Paul's old girlfriend, Jamie had
come back to him and his eyes fell away from Lisa. Lisa begged him to stay with her,
but Paul could not, for his heart still truly belonged to Jamie. Lisa, overcome with
sorrow and seething with anger, departed just as she arrived. It seemed to Paul as if she
faded into nothingness.

Little did Paul know, Lisa, also had a secret. The winter before she appeared to him, she
was watching from the clouds, high above the world. The moment she saw him, she
knew that she had to be with him. So she took the fall. She gave up her Angelhood and
left the heavens forever. Now she was alone, without purpose. The only thing left was
vengeance. If she was to be without a home, then everyone would be without home! If
she was to be without Paul, then no one would have him!

With all of the power within her, she summoned the dark Minions of the Underworld.
They heeded her call and rose up from that place of fire and ash to the surface of the
Earth. Lisa commanded them to wreak havoc upon the city where Paul lived. And they
did as she said. Like a black cloud of evil they descended upon the city and infected
everyone and everything with the disease of chaos. Fire ravaged shops and homes. The
plague spread through the populace. Creatures of the Underworld stalked the streets and
the people fled in terror.

Paul was shocked by the sudden turn of events but did not realize that Lisa was behind it
until she once again appeared before him. She looked quite different now, no longer,
glowing with beauty, she was dark and twisted. She revealed to him that she was a
Fallen Angel and yelled, “Look what you have caused! You were a fool to leave me and
now you will pay!” And with that, she engulfed Jamie in a beam of light. “You’ll be
next, Paul!” she said and they both vanished.

Overwhelmed, Paul fell to the ground, helpless and distraught. He knew that this was
partly his fault but there was nothing he could do. He was too rich and too handsome for
fighting! How could he ever get Jamie back and save the city?

Far away from the city, deep in the wilderness at the Temple of the Dragon, Jay trained in
the ways of the world’s greatest warriors and most powerful wizards. He desired,
through his training to achieve peace and enlightenment. Everything else meant nothing
to him. Wealth, power, love. They were for the weak of mind. And he was well on his
way to achieving his goal when he received the call for help from his old friend, Paul.

Jay knew he still had a long way to go in his training when he exploded with anger at the
thought of having to leave the Temple. But his master convinced him that loyalty was a
virtue he could not be without and that getting out a little wasn’t a bad thing. So Jay
grabbed his sword and his fighting uniform and left the peaceful countryside for the
chaotic city.

The Mansion – Main Room

Jay walks into the room and sees Paul cowering in the corner. As he approaches his
friend, Paul sees him, gets up, runs over and hugs him. Jay pushes him away.

Jay: What have you done, Paul? This is a bigger mess than I expected…

Paul: It wasn’t entirely my fault! How was I supposed to know I was dating a fallen

Jay: Only you…

Paul: The angel – her name is Lisa – has my girlfriend!

Jay: Which one?

Paul: Jamie of course! From High School!

Jay: Oh, of course.

Paul: You’ve got to help me, Jay! I can’t fight an Angel! I can’t even fight a normal

Jay: (chuckles) Yeah I know… (Paul looks stern faced, Jay gets serious) Well, I’ll do
what I can but…

Suddenly, the room starts shaking and the roof caves in. A huge demon, B’Bazl, flies
down through the hole.

B’Bazl: Take him!

Two winged demons fly down and grab Paul. Jay lunges at them, but he is knocked back
by a blast of fire from B’Bazl. The winged demons fly away with a screaming Paul.

B’Bazl: He’s going to see Lisa. He’s been a naughty boy!

Jay shakes his head and gets up.

Jay: You’re gonna pay for that buddy! I’m gonna kick your…

The fight begins. B’Bazl taunts Jay saying things like, “You are too weak to beat me!”
and “You fool, how dare you challenge me!”

Finally, when the demon is beaten he says a few last words.

B’Bazl: I can’t believe I was beaten by a mere mortal! We’re not done with you! You
shall know pain!

The Courtyard

Suddenly the ground breaks apart and a huge stone monster emerges. He is called Gurog.

Gurog: You the one who beat B’Bazl! Lisa mad at you! She send Gurog. You not beat

Jay: Oh yeah? Me break Gurog into a thousand pieces!

The fight begins. Gurog taunts Jay with phrases such as, “Die human!”, “You suck!”,
“Gurog smash!” and “Gurog stomp!”

When Gurog is defeated, his head falls off. Jay picks up the head.

Jay: Where are Paul and Jamie?

Gurog: They in prison!

Jay: Prison? What prison?

Gurog: They in underground prison!

Jay: Where is this underground prison?

Gurog: Gurog never tell you it in sewer!

Jay: Hah! Thanks!

Gurog: Oops.

Jay dropkicks the head and it flies out of view.

The Sewer – Final Battle

Paul and Jamie are imprisoned in a cell. Lisa is there.

Lisa: So you finally found me! Hey you’re pretty cute.

Jay: Yeah, but I’m not interested in a date right now. Let my friends go.

Lisa: Ha! I don’t think so. You’re too late anyway.

Suddenly Paul and Jamie fade away.

Lisa: I’ve been one step ahead of you. I took them away from here before you arrived.
You were fooled by a mere illusion.

Jay: All right, where are they?

Lisa: In my tower, but you won’t have any more chances to rescue them.

Character Bibles
Name: Jay
Age: 23
Occupation: Student of the lost Martial-Arts
Jay is the hero of the game. He and his old friend Paul attended high school together, but
while Paul and all of the other kids went off to find jobs, Jay sought something more. He
sought the skills of the world’s greatest warriors and the achievement of inner peace. To
reach his goal Jay earned his way into the Temple of the Dragon to learn from the
masters there. Jake cares nothing for power or wealth; he seeks only the betterment of

Name: Paul
Age: 23
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Paul is a lover of money and women. In high school he was always the opposite of his
good friend Jay. Which is part of the reason they drifted apart. After High School, Jay
left and Paul went on to make a large sum of money in business. For a long time Paul
was dating Jamie, until she went west in search of a career in acting.

Name: Jamie
Age: 22
Occupation: Waitress/Aspiring Actress
Jamie is a ditz. She’s thin and blonde, every man’s dream, but she hasn’t a shred of
brains in her body. She met Paul in High School and dated him for some time before the
acting bug bit her. Suddenly she dropped everything, including Paul and went out west
to seek employment.

Name: Lisa
Age: ??
Occupation: Fallen Angel
Lisa was an Angel who spent an eternity in the heavens doing good deeds and whatnot
until she grew tired of that life. Looking down from the clouds, she spotted Paul and
knew right then that she wanted the love of a mortal. So she fell from the heavens and in
no time at all she and Paul were together.

The health, armor and damage of the enemies are currently undetermined and are likely
to change. These statistics will need to be decided while doing game play balancing.

Name: B’Bazl
Exp: 500       Gold: 50      Health: 200 Armor: 3           Damage:
“B’Bazl” is a high-ranking demon of the vilest sort. He is called by and serves Evil Lisa.
He can fly and attacks by swooping down from above and launching balls of fire to attack
his enemies.

Name: Gurog
Exp: 750       Gold: 75       Health: 500 Armor: 5           Damage:
Gurog is a powerful demon with a mean hammer. Being so big, he's quite slow, and he's
not too smart. But he is incredibly strong and excellent at breaking stuff.

Name: Lesser Demon
Exp: 10         Gold: 1       Health: 5      Armor: 0       Damage:
Though not as strong as other demons, when unleashed upon the earth, Lessers can cause
a great deal of havoc and destruction. They cannot fly and attack with claws.

Name: Advanced Lesser Demon
Exp: 20        Gold: 2        Health: 10     Armor: 1        Damage:
Like their cousins, these demons aren't incredibly strong but are good at causing trouble.
These demons have the ability to blow fireballs from their mouths.

Name: Hell Rat
Exp: 15         Gold: 3        Health: 10    Armor: 1       Damage:
These rats are fast and deadly. They attack by slashing and biting victims.

Name: Winged Demon
Exp: 25       Gold: 4      Health: 25     Armor: 2      Damage:
These flying demons swoop down to attack with sharp claws.

Name: Fire Bat
Exp: 15          Gold: 5       Health: 20     Armor: 0          Damage:
Fire battles fly about in a bobbing fashion that is difficult to avoid. Touching one can
cause severe burns.

Game Levels

The following are tentative z coordinate positions in the world for different 'layers'
mentioned in this section of the document.
  • Third layer background: z=-6.5
  • Second layer background: z=-5.5
  • First layer background: z=-5.0
  • NPC Layer: -5.0<z<-4.5
  • Main Layer: -4
  • Foreground scenery Layer: -3.5<z<-3

First level
Our main character standing on a road near the town. Snow is falling and a bit of a wind
blowing from the east(stage right). As the character approaches the city he can hear a
commotion in the streets.

   • Models
       o Third layer
       o Second layer
       o First layer
                 Street lamps
   • Models
       o NPC area – empty
       o Main area
       o Scenery area
                 Light posts
Street area:
As we enter town we see Non Player Characters (NPCs) running about, some injured,
others helping fallen NPC's. We can interact with some of them, in fact some might run
up to ask us for help. After talking to a few of them enemies will start to come from the
east. The direction of the house that 'Paul' is in, and the direction that the NPCs indicate
is where the trouble is coming from.
   • Models:
       o Third layer (maybe).

               Larger houses possibly 'manors' on the horizon, similar to the one we will
                      eventually end up walking into for the first boss.
               • First house: Three story, colonial
               • Second house: two stories, but wider than first house
               • Third house: mansion, very wide, several stories high
      Variations on these will carry on throughout the third layer background, texture
      changes, possibly scaling the models a bit.

      o   Second layer
               Downtown Buildings:
          with living quarters above, typical downtown area. The rooftops should look
          fairly flat so that the character gets the idea that if they could jump high
          enough they could easily walk on some of the rooftops. Basic style would be
          something like a 2 or three story building that is very thin. A shop on the
          bottom and apartment on the top, variation through different style storefronts.
               Interactive Store Fronts
               • General Store
                    o Can buy health,mana
               • Armory
                    o Buy weapons that replace current weapon entirely
                    o Buy armor
      o   First layer
               Some NPCs lying injured
               other NPCs running for help(ones we can't interact with)
               • Power ups
                    o Health
                    o Mana

  • Models:
     o NPC Layer
            Interactive NPC's
         We will be able to talk to them but they will not block our path.
     o Main layer
            Enemies(AI is simple run toward player, possibly jump back if struck by
            • Debris from damaged buildings
            • trash cans
            • vehicles

                • Power ups
                    o Health
                    o Mana
      o Scenery Layer
  Some sort of opening(manhole cover) that can't be opened just yet but there is
  definitely something down there. We will want some sort of visual/audio or dialog to
  make the player realize something important is below the street as foreshadowing.

Mansion Entrance -- outside
Not really another level but a marked scenery change. No NPCS in the area are alive.
We want a much higher density of enemies as we approach the mansion but not enough
to be frustrating.

 • Models:
     o Third Layer:
            tree models
            large house models from last area
     o Second Layer:
            Medium height wall
     o First Layer:
            Statues, bodies
            Open gate

  • Models:
     o NPC area -- empty
     o Main area
            Enemies -- larger than originals, guards

Mansion interior -- Main hallway – If time permits
Indoor setting, third layer background viewed through windows. Player enters and
begins walking to the right. The player will encounter several different types of enemies
while walking through this main hallway. The player will encounter flying enemies,
mutant animals, and various demon/mutant humanoids. There will be obstacles laying
in the way such as fallen pillars and crumbling walls from damage done to the house by
whatever event has befallen this town. The player will also possibly face falling hazards
because of damage. At the end of this walk through the hall there will be a grand door or
a staircase leading us to the main room where we will develop the plot and have our first
boss fight.


  •  Models:
     o Third layer
             large house models -- sparse
     o Second Layer
             Mansion wall
             Wall mounted decorations
     o First layer
             Support pillars
  • Models
     o NPC Layer
     o Main layer
             • Winged Demon
             • Lesser Demon
             • Hell Rat
             • Fallen pillars
             • crumbling walls
             • falling hazards
             • Power ups
                  o Health
                  o Mana
     o Scenery layer

Mansion -- Main room
This is the area where we will fight our first boss. Some sort of cut scene or story board
should play out here(max payne style). In the cut scene the character of 'Paul' will either
be nabbed by some sort of flying creature. We will have the boss talk to the player first
explaining a bit more of the plot and acting tough. Once this is done we will go into the
fight scene.

 • Models
     o Third layer -- viewed through windows
           Houses(see first section for description)
     o Second Layer
           Wall with windows
           wall mounted decorations

       o First layer
              broken statues
  • Models
     o NPC area – empty
     o Main area
              Sub-boss enemies
              Some sort of flying demons that the main boss controls(optional)
              1st Boss: B’Bazl the Demon Lord
         A large flying creature, ranged attacks as well as melee. The creature will
         start in a flying cycle with a swooping attack, if dodged correctly the player
         should be able to attack the boss as it passes by. Boss will retaliate with a
         ranged fireball of some kind which is also possible to avoid. Once injured
         significantly boss will stop flying and resort to ramming attacks and clawing.
         Once the boss is no longer airborne it will take no time at all for the player to
         destroy it.

At the end of the boss fight the boss will drop something or your player will have some
method/spell for absorbing abilities and will gain the ability to fly for short periods of
time. The player will have to figure out that they need to use that ability to escape to the
rooftops to continue the game. After jumping across several rooftops we will encounter
our first boss.

  • Models
     o Third layer
         Likely the same models that were used in the main town scene however they
         will be translated to re-enforce the effect of us being on the rooftops.
     o Second layer
              Other rooftops of buildings(possibly with details on them possibly not)
     o First layer
              Common rooftop objects
              • Air conditioners
              • Vents
              • Roof access doors
              • billboard posts
  • Models
     o NPC Layer -- empty
     o Main layer

            Most enemies will have some sort of flying ability, no real demons or walking
            demons, it is the roof after all.
                 • Roof holes/damage
                 • general debris from the mayhem
                 • Power ups
                     o Health
                     o Mana
Courtyard – battle may take place on
This is the introduction to our next battle. More of the plot will be developed here as the
next boss speaks to our player. Again the boss will of course be very boastful. After a
short cut scene our fight begins.

  • Models
     o Third layer
               Large houses as described in every previous section
     o Second layer
               Alley fence
     o First layer
  • Models
     o NPC layer – empty
     o Main layer
               2nd Boss: Gurog
     This boss will be a very large boss. So massive that it will possibly seem sluggish.
     It will have one ranged attack and possibly varying melee attacks. The range attack
     will be the boss pounding or jumping on the ground creating some sort of shock
     wave. This could affect the player in one or two ways. The first could be a direct
     effect, injuring the player if they are touching the ground during the effect. The
     second could be falling debris caused by such a shock wave. The melee attack
     will be a punch/swipe at the character, the character can attack the boss directly
     and a hit in almost any section will cause damage. Ranged attacks decrease as the
     boss takes more and more damage because hes getting worn out.

Sewers -- Final stage – if time permits
After the boss fight our player will absorb/acquire the boss's ability to shake the ground.
The player will then have to jump back across the roof tops and into the mansion then
back out onto the street to explore and eventually find that they should go into the sewer
using their new found ability. If time permits the sewer will consist of some walking

along a sort of hallway then climbing down ladders and then repeating that process. With
variations on background model textures to make things less boring.

  • Models
       o Second layer
                 Sewer walls
       o First layer
  • Models
       o NPC layer -- empty
       o Main layer
                 • Power ups
                      o Health
                      o Mana
                 • Lesser Demon
                 More powerful than the originals, likely just a variation in textures using
                 the same models as the first level demons
                 • Crawlers
                 These are enemies that crawl along the ground and attack requiring the
                 player to attack more than something right in front of him.
                 Ladders for climbing to next 'stage'
       o Scenery layer
  All this will repeat no more than three times with a varying length for each stage. Final
  ladder will lead us into a large room with our boss already there waiting for us.

Final battle

  • Models
     o Second layer
            Sewer walls
     o First layer
            elements of boss for ambiance
            more trash
  • Models

o   Player
o   Enemies
         Shooting 'thing'
    Something that has ranged attack abilities controlled by our boss
o Boss
 This boss is part of the room itself. Seemingly built into the room, its parts even
 exist in the background, surrounding us. Point of attack is at the left side of the
 room or maybe just left of center with some sort of being behind the point of
 attack appearing to control everything. Boss is mechanical and has melee
 attacks with large mechanical tentacles or arms coming from the walls. Ranged
 attack lasers which will help guard the point of attack. The player might be able
 to strike at/destroy the ranged attack launch points and the arms/tentacles to
 make their life easier however the launchers in the background cannot be
 destroyed. The player must strike at the point of attack, which will be some sort
 of glowing red eye. It will be able to close at random to protect from/reduce
 damage taken from player attacks.

Storyboards/Concept Sketches


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