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Student’s children K-12 Christian Education Tuition Fund

Some of our students have school-aged children who may be best educated if enrolled, depending on
the specific needs of the children, in Reformed Christian Day School or Reformed Home School
curricula approved by the Christian education tuition fund committee. The seminary scholarship fund
does not permit financing this part of a student’s costs. There is no provision in the seminary
operating budget for this contingency.

The Board of Trustees at its August, 2009 meeting requested the establishment of a tuition
assistance fund to be used for the Christian Education of seminary students’ children.

This fund is available and open as of January 12, 2010. Gifts received into this fund will be used
exclusively for tuition payments for committee approved kindergarten through twelfth grade Reformed
Christian education. Gifts may be sent to Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary 2965 leonard
Street NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525. Please indicate on the check memo line that the gift is for the K-
12 Christian education tuition fund.

Students needing this assistance will need to apply using the attached form. The decisions for
allocating these funds will be made by a Board Appointed committee of three.
Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary
Christian School/Home School K-12 Tuition Assistance Fund                         Application Form

Date _______________________________

Names of Parents ________________________________________________

Local Address _____________________________________________________


Phone number _________________           E-Mail ____________________________________

Children for whom assistance is needed:

Name & grade __________________________________________________________

Name & grade __________________________________________________________

Name & grade __________________________________________________________

Name & grade __________________________________________________________

Total tuition assistance requested __________________________________ (attach the tuition
statement from the school)

Name, phone number, and address of school in which children will be enrolled:




Note: This assistance fund may only be used by on campus seminary students who have
demonstrated this financial need. Please include with this application financial statements of your
current financial situation and of your income. Also include a letter from the church which holds your
membership explaining their awareness of this request and their inability to finance the full tuition for
the K-12 Christian education of your children. The Committee overseeing this fund emphasizes that
Christian Education is first of all a family’s responsibility and secondly, in covenant with the church
which holds the applicant’s membership, a diaconal responsibility. Please be aware that Puritan
Reformed Theological Seminary does not assume responsibility for these Christian education costs.
The administration of this fund is a courtesy of PRTS staff. The resources of this fund come entirely
from outside of the PRTS budget.

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