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									                     Buena Baseball Softball Association
                       General Membership Meeting
                               MINUTES OF SEPTEMBER 10, 2009

The meeting was called to order by President Jeff Pace.

Board of Directors Present According to Sign-In Sheet:

Jorge Alvarez                     Bob Miller                        Dave Romeo               
Jan Anderson                      Milina Miller                     Dan Santos
Dan Caregnato                    Ken Morgenweck                     Richard Shepherd
Sandi Caregnato                  John Olive                         Bob Teti
Dennis Cheli                     Jeff Pace                         Ed Torres
Dave Dormanen                    Joe Perella                        Tom West                 
Brittney Guglielmi               Charles Powers
Dave Krail                       Lou Rios                

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of August 24, 2009 were read. A motion was made by Dave Romeo and seconded
by Sandi Caregnato to approve the minutes.

Treasurer’s Report

President Pace gave the Treasurer’s Report in the absence of Dan Santos. The Treasurer’s
Report was approved on a motion by Sandi Caregnato seconded by Dave Romeo.

The following committees were discussed along with comments and concerns:

       Player Agent – President Pace recommended Jan Anderson for the position. Bobby
       Miller made a motion and Milina Miller seconded.

       Coaching Coordinator – Lou Rios advised the membership on the successful status of
       Fall Ball. Everyone was reminded to check the website for any cancellations.

       Buildings and Property/Grounds Committee – Brittney Guglielmi reported that various
       local businesses donated their time and supplies to support the continued renovations of
       the T-Ball fields. Painting and power washing were completed and trees were trimmed.
       Both the Major and Senior Fields have working sound systems. Current project includes
       sod and the delivery of dirt for the fields.

       President Pace advised that Dave Krail is contacting coaches regarding the return of

       Manager’s Committee – Lou Rios was nominated to the Manager’s Committee

       Minor League Committee – The following people were nominated to the Minor League
       Committee: Joe Perella, Joe Fabrizio, Brittney Guglielmi, Tara Ferrucci, and Anthony
       Ferrucci. A motion was made by Dave Romeo and seconded by Dave Krail to approve
       the members of the Manager’s and Minor League Committees.

       Protest Committee – On a motion by Sandi Caregnato and seconded by Milina Miller,
       Jeff Pace, Harry Callahan and Dennis Carolla were approved as members of the Protest

       Auxiliary Committee – Sandi Caregnato spoke on behalf of the Auxiliary Committee.
       Buena Day concessions were discussed.

       Vice President Caregnato reported on the Wiffle Ball Tournament. Brittney Guglielmi
       volunteered for the speed pitch and Liz Ralph for the Home Run Derby. Several
       businesses donated supplied to the event.

Old Business

President Pace advised that the telephone service is still in progress and the website has been
upgraded to the next level to allow for easier operation. The new domain name is

New Business

Big League Uniforms were discussed. A collection is in progress. Coach West is supporting our
Fall Ball efforts and plans to send members of the High School Team. The Mission Statement
was discussed and fine tuned.

The Little League Constitution was reviewed and discussed by all members. The proposed
changes were approved on a motion by Dave Romeo and seconded by Bobby Miller. The
Mission Statement was approved on a motion by Dan Caregnato and seconded by Ed Curcio.

Our next meeting is scheduled for September 24, 2009 at 7:00 pm and will be held at the Buena
Senior Center.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Marialina Miller, Secretary
Buena Baseball/Softball Association


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