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October 27, 200_

Mr. Charles S. Merrill, Chairperson
Spartanburg Business Leaders Group
2731 Western Drive
Spartanburg, IN 47906-1235

Dear Mr. Merrill:

Thank you for granting our organization a few minutes of your time to provide
further information about the Agricultural Issues Forum program. As we
discussed, the Agricultural Issues Forum is a program designed to help educate
our community on agricultural issues that may be of local, state, national or
international concern.

We’re enclosing several brochures which will provide additional information prior
to our meeting on Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. Please give the extra brochures to other
members of your group and invite them to attend our meeting. We plan to bring
(indicate number of presentation team members attending) members of our
presentation team.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and members of your group. If we can
provide further information prior to our meeting, please call us at 372-6758.

Best Regards,

Monte Jones                   Delores Sinclair
FFA Advisor                  Agricultural Issues
                            Forum Spokesperson


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