Sony Tablet launching by shiyamananda


Launching the Sony Tablet
Consumers don’t understand tablets

   2 out of 3 European consumers are unfamiliar
    with tablets

   Tablet traffic to websites typically accounts for
    less than 1% of total
It’s all about Apple anyway

                         Because if consumers
                          have a tablet it’s an
                          iPad, and if they
                          haven’t got an iPad
                          they want one
                             In May 2011 97% of all
                              tablet traffic in Europe
                              was iPad
                             47% of potential
                              European tablet users
                              want an iPad
But it’s not really about tablets...
But it’s not really about tablets...

   It’s about selling an entertainment ecosystem
    with a tablet at the centre
Once you have bought into an ecosystem it is
hard to move away
Ecosystem = screen + experience

   Apple owns the ecosystem currently but while Apple
    have a lot of screens (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Laptop) and
    have a chokehold on most peoples experiences (i.e.
    Apps, Itunes).....

   Sony potentially owns more screens (i.e. TV, Laptop,
    Bluray, Playstation, Phone, Tablet, Camera) and has the
    opportunity to unify more experiences (i.e. Apps,
    Movies, Gaming, Qrirocity)
Two key indicators

   Sony owns the living space and 82% of tablet
    use is at home
     77% living room
     69% on weekdays

   Apple is current top App store but android is
     ...And catching up
     ...And has more mobile phones
     ...And more development
Who are we selling to?
     Audience and markets are key
        Pick off likely early tablet adopters
           More   familiar with tablets if own a smart phone by
           Over 45s are 75% less likely to buy

        Talk to lifestyle entertainment junkies
           Because   we’re not just selling tablets

        Re-engage with those who like Sony
           More   existing Sony products and interest
Source: Comscore
Identifying and executing across
target audience is crucial

                                   Move from early
                                   tablet adopters to

           Geek Nowsumer

           Urban Socialites

          Vibrant Family Circles
      Not just about EU5
          Germany and Russia
            Sony          searches still outstrip Apple

          UK, Spain and Italy have highest smartphone
            UK        population is extremely active on mobile

          Exclude France as low Smart phone
           penetration and Sony brand saliency
Source: Using Google searches as a proxy for brand saliency, Comscore
   Harness existing Sony interest and likely tablet
     Search: Brand, Tablets, Entertainment
     DSPs: deliver targeted display, build segments,
      mine data
     Use existing database: email, owned social
      media, playstation network
     Mobile: mobile users likely to move sooner
   Sell innovation and reconnect emotionally with
     Make Sony famous again for entertainment
     Make the entertainment ecosystem and the
      premium connected experience real
When people think Sony they think
Sony have a heritage in big entertainment
Competitors are dormant in creating big
experiences integrated with online

   Reappraisal             Reinvent

    Heritage             Entertainment
Create new Sony entertainment moments
and use the content to fuel social

   Leverage wider
    Sony ecosystem
    to create events
    based on Sony
   Offered to early
    adopters, as
    competitions and
    blogged about
Use Mobile with OOH to demonstrate how
connected ecosystems work

   Use digital display interacting with Mobile phones to
    bring the tablet concept to life
   Allow people to own a space by putting their pictures on
    a board... Until someone else comes along and replaces
   Enable viewing of TV or Music Video content controlled
    by tablet interface on OOH

   Competition to own the complete ecosystem?
Get Geek Nowsumers and Vibrant Families
to experience the tablet ecosystem

   20 proactive trials each month:
     8 tech bloggers (they get the newest technology first)
     12 family bloggers with various passions (who have
      shown an interest in technology)

   Let consumers experience and explain the tablet
    and entertainment ecosystem for you

   Build relationships as a long-term investment and
    help them grow
The entertainment ecosystem

   Making real on unifying the consumers entertainment
    experience and creating a premium entertainment ecosystem
    is key
       Recover the cool factor through innovation leadership that is
        relevant to consumers, and market solutions, not products
       Sony need to prove that they actually UNDERSTAND people's lives,
        so communication needs to be more customer-centric, simplified,
        and impactful

   Sony are a heritage technology brand, they own
    entertainment, and the launch of the tablet is an opportunity
    for them to reconnect with consumers and reconnect with

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