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Animals walking together down conn ave with a go-go beat.

Both walk past a dc go-go white bucket drummer

CH stops to sniff the change in a bucket then gets bopped in the nose by the drummer
with his stick

SC jumps up on CH’s back and swats at the drummer

SC says “that banging is stirring in a way that I jus’ doan’ kno’ …so I doan kno wad to

CH says, ‘ johnnyrocket loves that beat, so, so do I’

(pov from behind)
they continue ahead to the next corner with SC atop CH

CH nearly crosses into street against light

SC digs his claws in to stop CH and scolds her for being so trusing of traffic

CH smiles and says, ‘ok I will listen to you”

CH continues on and finds an ant-ridden pizza crust in the gutter and snaps for it

SC scolds again and says ‘don’t eat EVERYTHING you see!’

As SC jumps down and claws it from her jaws

‘but why?” says CH, SC says, ‘I have to watch you like a hawk!”

They proceed side by side as SC walks ahead and jumps over CH and back as SC stops to
sniff at garbage and lick the hand holding a cup of change of a homeless guy with his
head down saying, “are you ok?”

He pats CH on the head and says ‘lassie, you have come to save me!”

SC hits CH in the side of CH’s nose with SC’s nose and says, “come on, you can’t save
the whole world…”

CH says, “why not?”

(pov shot from behind) The animals continue on, headed into dupont circle with SC
jumping atop CH.

The animals approach the Brass Band (ST: “BRASS 8” from SPIKE LEE’s film ) playing
on dupont circle.

CH approaches the Trombone case in front of the band and puts her nose down to the
ground and snags with her wet nose a bill that blows out in the wind and into a CCW
circle (to symbolize coming Katrina) and brings it to the bills and change in the case. CH
then leans down with the bill now lightly in her teeth and raise it to the case while SC is
atop CH. As CH leans in to replace the bill, a trombonist uses his trombone and nudges
SC away and SC almost falls off of CH. SC swats at the trombone and tells CH to back

CH raises the bill and opens her jaw and lets it the bill drop in. The trombonist sees this
gesture, and rewards her with a gentle ‘scratch’ of CH’s forehead with is trombone, that
SC reacts while still atop with a scardey cat ‘flinch’ then looks up and the trombonist
smiles knowing and SC winks at him to say he too now comprehends the goodness of CH
in her intentions and how it was infectious her good karma was to all of them.

As CH backs up, SC says to CH, ‘johnnyrocket’ loves this music, and where it comes
from; he is going to take us there soon.’
First class cabin of a commercial airliner:

(Background dialogue behind camera)

(POV shows the vehicle taking off.)

(ST: Cajun music played a waltz pace)

(Louie of “Life with Louie” is announcer:) “This is your captain

“Our flight from Washington, DC to New Orleans is approximate two hours. Weather is
typical for late, late, late August, as Its’ Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot”

(ST: “Hot-Hot-Hot” -Performed by: Poindexter)

JR: “hi, I’m johnnykrocket, and these are my companion travelers”

Steward: “yes, mr. rocket we’ve been expecting you three

CH strolls across the airliner door threshold, as SC appears behind CH from the jetway
and bounds in and jumps on CH’s back and lands in the window seat and peers out the
window, standing on his front paws.

CH follows SC and stops then jumps into the aisle seat, does a
360 on all fours in it then settles in and looks up and across the aisle.

(off camera) jr: “you two settled in?”

SC then moves away from the window and puts both front paws on to the center console
and says to CH, “1a and 1b, very nice, I feel like a rock star, and,

SC peers around CH who is focused across the aisle at JR

(POV camera then ‘peers’ back into the aisle and all people are fixated on the front)

as you can see, an-animal-friendly one, for sure.

Then SC hits the CALL button

As the steward approaches, “may I assist you? “

SC says, “why, yes, please bring me your freshest fish once we are airborne; and she’ll
enjoy pretty much anything you will bring her.”
(POV camera pans to CH and she is chewing on the pillow.)

Steward: “and for you?”

CH stops chewing and looks up slightly guilty, as in being caught in a conpulsive
behavior or act she just realizes is more enjoyed than others around her think is ok

CH says, “a, me, I’ll have a ‘beggin strip”

Steward: “I apologize, we do not have those today, I can offer you our 1st class cabin’s
choices of salmon, pasta or the chicken”

CH: “oh my, the chicken? Did you know her?

(tray gets swooped by a female flight attendant behind the steward that is loaded with
economy class sandwiches,

POV shot at level of buns of the sandwiches moving with them, zooms to CH

CH noses up then ears go up, then lunges around left side of steward

[who is facing away and subsequently flinches oppositely with each of the lunges at the
moving buns done by of CH]

CH then lunges to right side of him on the second of two swoops in to attempt to snag
one of the sandwiches with her jaws from the rapidly moving tray

(POV shot is from the back of her head and from the bun the gets snagged)

(POV changes to watching both of them from across the aisle)

SC: “steward, is this first class? Girl, you see, we are upfront, pa-leaze do NOT show me
you got no class in pullin’ a low class stunt like dat”

(POV to back of aisle)

An arrogant yuppie in first class pipes up saying, “this is a health hazard having loose
animals in the cabin.”

(POV to over the shoulder of the yuppie)

Immediately SC appears jumping atop the seat back in front of the yuppie and says,
“health hazard?”
Then SC takes a double pawed swat at the yuppie’s face “these could become a hazard to
YOUR health, Seats 1A and 1B are not via stand-by upgrades, so I implore you to please
cooperate with the rest of the first class cabin.”

(POV switches to JR across the aisle looking back)

(Off camera) JR says, “hey, come on up here, scratcher.”

(POV to back over yuppie’s shoulder)

Yuppie: “Ya, cat, you better scat”

SC: “SCAT? I won’t squat to show you that, I’ll instead you show you some
SCRAT-cher, mr. full of oneself”

SC then turns around atop the seat back and farts into the yuppie’s face, then jumps
forward and into his seat.

Yuppie: “I’m not the one all full of scat, you scardey cat.”

(POV pans left of yuppie to along aisle)

Yuppie: “I want them off this plane!”

As he states this, (CH turning to SC) “SC, JR says we’re gonna travel in a manner that is
the 5th GENERATION of travel, one that befits the 21st century age of Rocket Science,
not a bus that flies through the air like

(ST: Pigs with wings PINK FLOYD –Animals )

a pig with wings. this will be truly,

(ST: UP, UP and AWAY: 5th generation )
 up up and away”
(POV from ground looking up at jet)

(the three are shown walking down the external jetway stairs to a Virgin Galactic "Art
HoverCar" (using air pads like air hockey in reverse (air pushes out from feet onto the
ground) that arrives with that Jetson-signature “...bee, bee, bee, bee, boo, boo, bop” and
lightly stops then rests on the ground. It is a small 50's style flying saucer that is flat with
a glass Jetson's dome that retracts backward and they enter with CH jumping in, and SC
jumping over her on his way in, and dome closes,)

(ST: "I dream of jeannie" theme)

( its interior is styled as "I dream of jeannie's bottle's interior",

then the craft a low rider modelled as an oriental magic carpet rug with huge overstuffed
pillows that they sink into moves away and makes the Jetson's car sound outside. As it
does an exotic south asian girl and boy bring them a hooka and a woater pitcher to fill it
with. Sara instead reaches her nose into the pitcher and slobbers a drink out )

(POV: craft moving away then then switches to hovercraft interior, looking at animals)

(ST: "Steppenwolf: "Magic Carpet Ride")

(animals look up and behind them out of the dome toward the airliner as the craft rolls by
the airliner)

(POV: camera pans away from them up to the airliner, shows passengers are all looking
down longlingly at the animals through the airliner windows, camera pans back down
from within the inside of the craft to the animals )

(inside Elizabeth Hurley's voice from the craft states, "Greetings; and you are correct, in
an idea taken from New York taxis, I am, the voice of Elizabeth Hurley to welcome you
to Virgin Galactic."
Mike Myers as Austin Powers now states: "Ya, baby, oh i enjoyed the mile high club
back in the day, but now we're here in the future, so how about joining me on a journey to
the 100 mile high club, Ms. Shagadelic? "

Elizabeth Hurley: "Oh behave, now. Please let us on Virgin Galactic assist us in every
way we can make this experience, one you remember every second of, one you will never

(POV: interior camera pans away from animals to looking out the dome momentarily
backward as the airliner shrinks from their view then forward over toward the Spaceship
One ship as they approach it in their Easterly direction of travel, toward a sunrise
occuring behind the craft)
(Elizabeth Hurley background voice: "Your flight time today to NOLA will be 20
minutes, not 120 minutes like those stuck back in first class 90 miles below, )

(ST: John Maclaughlin: "(are your ready to be) A Planetary citizen")

(Elizabeth Hurley background voice continues: "You will see the Earth and its Man-
Made features, then geopolitical boundaries quickly become insignificant, as the sky you
are rushing up into goes from blue above to black all about, suddenly you will see the air
in the sky become a blanket below you, and you enter a vast clear universe where stars
don't tinkle, they glitter like a tapestry of so many Tiffany diamonds freed from their
robin egg blue boxes.
You will see the Earth not as a curve as you do 90 miles down, but as a big blue marble
below you, to behold it wrapped in a delicately thin layer, not unlike a delicate Robin Egg
blue shell that gingerly with solid strength protects its precious life inside.
 As your virgin Galctic ship takes you on that rarified path across that threshold that few
before have crossed and you become a member of that 100 mile high club, i believe you
too will now will see how insignificant our imaginary borders are and you too will realize
will how fragile our atmosphere is, and our Life is on Earth is. and what a miraculous
Mothership our Earth is as we rush to the edge of orbit and through our lives.")

(Mike Myers as Austin Powers states: "Ya baby, i just want you to float by me head-to-
tail my little pole cat, grrrowll! By the numbers, today's flight will cover 600 miles as the
crow flies from DC to NOLA, but our flight path will take us up to an altitude of 100
kilometers, giving a total distance of XYZ arc length miles. And we spend two and half
of a twenty minute flight at 16,000 miles per hour. As i calculate it, one plus you equals
(Elizabeth exclaims: "do the math, Austin")

(Mike Myers as Austin Powers states: "It is over YY miles along our flight path, now
that's the way to build frequent flyer miles. Now come swing up my pole when we get to
free float, my kitten")

(Elizabeth exclaims: 'Oh, Austin....:
 [They arrive at and are left off at the Virgin Galactic ship that is parked atop a huge red
Virgin Galactic logo space, with a sign "this red zone space is for space ships only - and
it should not take a rocket scientist to figure out which ship is that - thank you, the mgt @

They climb on it horizontal]

(POV: inside of the craft) they serve CH zero-G (as in grams of trans fat) "Float-ee

SC plays with a "badminton-birdee(with a VG logo on it) on a string" toy.

(Elizabeth Hurley background voice announces: "welcome to Virgin Galactic, do we
have any Galactic Virgins aboard?

CH says, "Yes, me...and He" and CH nose-nudges SC who turns briefly from battling at
the Badmitton Birdie on a String with both paws punching-bag style to give CH's nose a
soft swat as she nose him.

"Well, sweeties, this is WAY better than the Mile High Club!
(ST: "Eight Miles High" The Byrds)
Sit back and enjoy your ride to a 100 klicks up to an off-of-this-world experience.

(Announcer is "The Simpson's" Announcer voice of Hank Azaria): "Your flight time to
NOLA will be 20 minutes, not 120 minutes like those stuck back in 1st Class 50-some
miles below. Your free float time at the top will be 4 minutes

(ST: John MacLaughlin - "Planentary Citizen")

looking down, You will see the Earth surface get small. Looking up, the sky will go from
blue to black, then you will float back down like a badmitton birdie , as in more down
than forward, back to your destination. One can go anywhere on Earth in three hours,
whereever you are going, you would be there by now."

(POV: shifts from inside craft in general long shots showing various prep activities such
as people suiting up with bungee and velcro slings, it close in to show them on-board in
their seats):

[ SC settles into his seat contentedly “making biscuits” on his VG logo blanket as the
Steward delivers his WWF-safe tuna. CH look up from her bowl as the tuna goes by her
and SC says, “ Now this is for me , girl.” CH goes back to her bowl.]

(POV shows the vehicle taking off.)

(ST: Cajun music played a waltz pace)

(POV: outside the window looking in and forward to see some of the sky going from blue
to black)

[CH shown at the window and SC floating while rotating by the window, clutching the
badminton birdie with his front claws and every kick of his back claws makes him spin
more in impulsive bursts, as his swishing tail makes rotate axially, orthogonal to his
spinning motion.

(POV: Upon reaching orbit, camera is center aisle panning back)

The ‘birdie’ floats into view crossing the mid-horizontal camera field of view, then
camera pans as SC floats past. View is of him stretched out with front claws reaching for
the birdie and shows him twirling his tail opposite his body roll to rotate him axially to
align with the birdie. SC swats at it and it sends him tumbling in the opposite direction,
he spins his tail as the birdie bounces off the ceiling and aligns and then gets a good swat
at the birdie and sends it flying across the cabin.

(POV: camera follows the sudden swatted birdie to a long shot down the cabin to show
everyone floating and playing, some in harnesses fencing and some embracing in
groom/bride outfits made for zero-g.


(Simpson’s announcer:) “This is your captain, here we are.”

(ST: “I’m your captain” Grand Funk Railroad —“...We’re getting closer to our home...”)
(Simpson’s announcer:) “Our powered ascent time to (near-)orbit was a total of one
minute, ten seconds. You experienced 2.5 g’s of acceleration or two and one half times
your body weight on earth.

(ST: “Free Fallin’” Tom Petty)

This is now our time in ‘free-fall’ coast at the tip-top of your sub-orbital flight. This will
last approximately four minutes;

- these next four minutes you will remember forever.-


(ST: 2001-A Space Odyssey”)

Now we will begin our float back down to Earth. You float like a butterfly, actually more
like a “badminton birdie” you see being batted around the cabin.


Please return your zero-g hammocks to their stowed position as we assist you in your two
and four legs getting re-acquainted with 1g Terra Firma.

(POV: inside against window in animals’ seats: CH looks out the window and then
below, as SC jumps over a pokes his head into view also to strain to see.

POV: looking down at ground, Crescent City skyline in background, huge ‘eye’ on
ground gets bigger and bigger and it blinks once or twice as they approach it

We hope to see the sparkles of ‘so many stars’ in your eyes soon on Virgin Galactic.

POV: camera shot in center aisle looking backward to show crew readying animals and
people for landing)

Your total space flight time to New Orleans today was twenty minutes, the time it takes
to ride a cab on the I-10 from Louis Armstrong Spaceport to Louis Armstrong #1
Cemetery, near the birthplace of Jazz on Congo Square.

(Vehicle touches down.)
“Welcome to New Orleans, the birthplace of Jazz, Fats Domino [FILL IN MORE}

(All three arrive together in NOLA in the Qtr, and the three walk toward the Hotel they
will stay at.)

(POV: Long shot looking east on Bourbon in Marney section)

(Camera zooms in to show:
CH is walking with SC atop him.

CH stops at the curb and looks up and follows with his eyes and sniffs with his nose then
begins to travel up the cross street as the camera backs out to show an Ignatius J. Reilly
pushing a dog cart.

SC digs his claws in and says, "Whoa girl, I know you love those Hebrew Nationals but
we are on our way to meet back up with johnnyrocket and hear some music. JR went up
to Tipatina's to get us tix to the dr. john/Fats Domino show, we'll meet him back at the
House (of the Rising Sun).

(CH n SC go into a Voodoo shop while waiting for JR.and SC gets an Eagle talon potion,
freeze dried. Inside, a smiling coyote-like dog greets them, and takes through the feet of
many people in the store through a cat door that CH has to squeeze through slightly.
After the three are in a back room, the coyote slips out and a cat is shown on a velvet red
pillow in aboudiar setting.. The cat is a characture of Dr. John, named Dr. Jean-tom cat.
(Hopefully his voice too)

(Dr. Jean-tom cat:) “ You have been brought to me from a far off place, a place with an
ailing mindset.”

(SC:) “we were brought here

[As the camera shows the animals from behind walking on Bourbon st. toward the
Superdome, long shot with dark clouds gathering high above the Dome in the distance, in
the background and AM radio announcement is heard with crackles, "the Mayor of
NOLA is calling for an evacuation of the city as this hurricane is expected to be one of
the worst to ever make landfall on the Gulf coast..."]


(He leaves them at House of Rising Sun with his Girlfriend-GF, (role played by KC as a
 HOOKER, she also has a twin sister living in L.A. (cameo of KC as herself)). At this
  point is when CH/SC also meet MJK. JR states he will get the tix and come back for
     them later as he goes out to get tickets to Fats Domino/Dr. John show at Tip’s)

CANAL STREET, NOLA, at Bourbon street:
(On the eve of the hurricane, JR says “you two want to wait inside?” First they go in with
him the ladies dote on SC and CH and they get attention by all the ladies in the Lobby
who come running over gleefully then SC scratches at the door jestering to go outside

As the wind howls outside when the door opens and closes rapidly for more John’s and
SC first says to JR he wants to stay out.)
SC: “I get enuff of that staying inside malarchey @ home, I’m on Holiday and I wanna
see what passes by.”
CH says, “I’ll join SC.”

They wait for JR outside on the stoop as camera is looking at of the front door down
toward the stoop to where they settle down as the John’s gopast camera in and POV
switches to outside at their level looking at them as they look in, camera pans up as both
look up to see JR looking back at them as he is suddenly whisked from the door by the
ladies as they giggle and the John’s close the door behind them.

A huge gust blows and a sign goes flying by like in Wizard of Oz, a political sign, with
the statement ‘do you flip-flop like a stiff breeze, or do you stick to your guns and go
down with the ship?”

Sc jumps up atop CH’s head as the sign blows by then slams against a fence and rattles
like shivering bones in the now steady wind.

As Katrina is blowing street light sideways, one sees a CNN red jacket TV set up down
the street, Anderson Cooper getting blown (by gusts) sideways off his feet. Ch and SC
are soaked and hovering in the doorway.

SC is hovering under CH with his ears back as lightning booms and wind howls as CH is
on her back paws and standing on her front paws, shielding SC and licking him to
comfort him.

[Camera backs out to long shot showing water rising at the foot of Canal Street at
CH and SC are in a doorway

[Camera pans up to show sign above doorway that says “House of the Rising Sun”
[S/T]: House of the Rising Sun - The Animals
CH snaps then knawls on something in the gutter that floats by and she snaps into her
mouth as SC says “JR always wants to stay here. I wonder what he does inside.”

(Just then a huge wind and rain storm begins to occur, night falls)

SC says to CH: “Now this raining cats and dogs, I wish JR would hurry”

SC says, “let’s go back in CH.

(CH gets up and walks to door with SC atop his head, an SC scratches the door on his
back pawls with one paw then two paws just under two knockers on the door.
As SC is fully extended and scratching, the door opens and a lady answers, (she looks
out, then down to SC.

As the door opens he almost falls from his perch, then jumps with cat-like reflexes over
CH’s head and inside on to parlor floor and rubs up against the lady’s leg.)

(Easy Rider film is heard on a TV, with Peter Fonda’s character saying, “It’s grass man,”
then Jack Nicholson’s character saying, “you mean Marijuana?” )

(At that point a pretty female cat emerges around the woman’s other leg.)

[S/T] WAR: “Southern Part of Texas” “…She’s from the Southern part of Texas, she was
born in a hurricane…”

(Mary Jane-Kat-MJK): “I see you three made it here, I’m glad.”

(SC, not realizing she was talking of other reasons she meant in her statement, SC is
slightly flirty): “Yes, we are very charmed by your city’s delights.”

(CH is shown starting to chew on a voodoo doll a woman puts in her mouth and play tugs
with as CH pulls back)

MJK: “I am glad you had your little visit with Dr. Jean tom cat, that’s the reason we
brought you.”

(SC:) “Brought us? I didn’t realize your charms could reach so far...but I don’t know
what you mean.”
(Easy Rider film is heard on a TV, with Jack Nicholson’s character talking about the
whorehouse in new orleans)

(MJK:) “ When the sitch presents itself, because we chatted here, you will remember why
you came, and what you will need to do...”

(SC looks into MJK’s eyes, then looks away and contemplates this, then returns gaze to
her eyes, and they have an unspoken moment, as Easy Rider portion of the film, “I’ve got
an idea, let’s go outside.”

SC: “Would you, please ask JR to come here and attend to his attending to...”

(At that moment, JR emerges from the door with two ladies they kiss him, and he goes

JR: “ Hello, animals, I am headed to get our tix at Tips”

SC responds to both with a resounding “IT LOOKS BAD OUT !”

 as JR starts to head out up Bourbon Street.
(POV is JR facing them walking backward looking behind to them as camera is from
CH/SC POV looking at him toward Superdome with ominous clouds above it)

(JR turns around and as he fades smaller on screen, the wind becomes more howling

scene where animals are separated from JR PRE-STORM at the House of rising Sun and
meet the STBs in the QTR where they meet Mr. E and the Cajun floating by in separate
canoes and the STB’s get in one and CH/SC get in another and then first float to
Euglisch’s in CBD where they get more food in their barrels and where the STBs give
CH an “HONORare-EE (like the general Honoraree) barrel then they continue to float on
canoes Uptown to TIP’s

(THEY first meet STB’s floating on Canoes’ as they stop at House of the Rising Sun as
they are travelling to Tip’s to find Fats Domino so the four START THEIR JOURNEY


NEXT MORNING: back at the House of rising sun gets GF gets a txt msg indicating JR
rode the storm out at Tip’s with Fats Domino but it was getting flooded so they didn’t
know how long they could stay.

The tearful and fearful SEPARATION scene is the canoes float up with Mr E and the
Cajun to House of the Rising Sun the next morning, then the GF has to LOAD them on
AND THE CAJUN’S CANOE that have the STB’s so CH/SC all head to Tip’s as a
QUEST find their respective Guardian at Mr. E’s restaurant after floating uptown then
the animals float together up thru St. Bernard parish to ARNO. )

Next morning:

POV: Animals in bedroom. It is quiet, early morning. The film Easy Rider is playing low
on the TV, during the scene where they go thru Jack Nicholson’s character’s belongings
and find the whore house card and decide to visit it.]

GF then emerges from the bathroom from a POV of the camera panning from TV as the
animals watch GF enter room, emerging from a steamy shower.

Her phone rings a Ringtone


She runs and reaches to get phone and POV is on at bed level looking at both animals as
she flashes by as her hands go up to reach for phone and towel falls off her and onto the
animals, flashing her nakedness but not in a way to see anything, out of focus in a
steamed mirror is her fuzzy reflection naked and backlit, where she states:

GF: “ I just got a txt msg from JR, it says, ‘I rode the storm out at Tip’s with Fats
Domino but it was getting flooded so we don’t know how long we can stay.” More

POV is close shot of her face as she looks at them and then POV shifts to the CH/SC’s
face), as camera pans back to both stirring and looking at GF, while Easy Rider on TV
states from background, “I’ve got an idea, let’s go outside.” They both look at each other
then back at her, as she says, “I don’t know what to do, should we go get him together, or
should we stay her and wait for him?”

(LATER in SEPARATION SCENE when she loads them, “She says, ‘You will be in
good hands with these guys in the Canoe, I will wait here for all of you to return here to

POV, Outside looking at front door. Door opens to see GF’s head emerge, and below
then CH’s then below as camera pans down, SC’s head emerges, and he looks out from
under CH’s fur haltingly awaiting more of the wind. It is completely quiet.

POV shifts to SC’s view looking out at water Then GF comes out at dawn, and the street
is enveloped in water.

(S/T): Jesus just left Chicago, and he’s bound for New Orleans (ZZ TOP)

(CAMERA POV: shows via reflections in puddles in street now clear skies)

CH n SC and GF slowly start to walk off the stoop and on to the curb, as SC says, “ I am
still groogy and soggy,”

CH says, “lets’ get some food”

SC says: “ For once, I am in agreement with you

GF says, as she stands in water in super high heels that keep her feet above the waterline
in the gutter “but Canal Street looks flooded”

(POV is from the puddles to a mirage-like mirror image showing a reflection of the
Superdome in black water pooled on Canal at Royal. As they watch, the water begins to
envelope the street corner they are on, they move into an elevated doorway. The water
rises to the animal’s tummy’s and SC jumps atop CH.)

(INTRO: Mr. Eulishech and THE CAJUN:
As the water continues to rise, now a foot deep in the street, too deep for the animals to
traverse, two canoes come along with Mr. Eulishech and THE CAJUN each in one with a
St. Bernard in each canoe.)

First CH/SC are introduced to the STB’s at the House of the Rising Sun by the Mary-
Jane-Kat(MJK), then they begin their travels together in the Qtr the morning after
because the STBs stop by on the two canoes to see MJK as the STBs are seeking their
guardian and instead hear CH/SC’s plight of their separation from JR on the night prior to
the storm and are starting their quest to find him by venturing to Tips’. At this point, the
STB’s instead discuss with MJK and the STBs offer to help CH/SC find JR instead and
all start to float to Tip’s.

[CH/SC are standing with MJK looking out the front Door of the House of the Rising
Sun, as the STB’s approach:]

MJK: “Hi boys, don’t see you here in the Qtr much”

STBs: “Yes, we have lost Fats and are seeking him to see if he sought solace from the
storm here, before or after his tip’s show. Prior to him headed to Tip’s to do his show
there, he went out in the backyard to close the shutters on our dual doghouses and then
the barge slammed the Industrial Canal with a low thud that you felt more than heard and
then water started pouring into the lower 9th, and he disappeared.”

We saw terrible sights in the Lower 9th, (image of the Spike Lee Requiem in four parts
dead dog hanging chained up)

MJK: “I am so sorry! Here are my friends from DC, the lost there Guardian JR who left
here for Tip’s show, all y’all oughta all float together to Tip’s.

MR. E: “ Hey, the flood’s a-lappin’ at your door.”

GF: Ya, it’s a not over our door, but it’s a-lappin’ for sure.”
(CH starts lapping at the water)

Mr. E.: “ Hey, Lassie, don’t’ ‘chu go an a doin’ that, cauz’ diz’ ziz a toxic gumbo true a -

SC: “told cha’ CH this wader got the funk of forty thousand people in it, so do chu do
that a no more...”

(GF has to place them on the canoe’s himself, as the script indicates Mr. E states You
must choose, them or you, as there is no room for both on this boat.”

GF then decides to put them on saying, “She says, ‘You will be in good hands with these
guys in the Canoe, I will wait here for all of you to return here to me.”)
watches them float away.)

Mr. E: ”well, miss lovely lucious, we’re at a crossroads…”(pause)

(S/T: “CROSSROADs – Robert Johnson)

“…here an now, n it don’t take no rocket scientist to see that I only got room in dis canoe
for you or the animals…”

(S/T: Elton John – “Rocket Man” lyrics, “I think its gonna be a long, long time”)

GF: “Well, by all means these animals come first, in this case, go first, and I’ll wait here
for all y’all to return.”

(Both CH n SC look at each other with alarm)

(As CH becomes pensive and starts to pace around, nosing both GF and SC in to keep
them penned in,
[POV: camera is swirling around circularly at a pace opposite to CH as she speeds up and
noses, camera speeds up it circling in opposite direction]

(CH stops and noses GF)

CH: “What are we going to do, GF?”

(CH looks at SC)

CH: “I’m scared SC, please let’s note lose each other, now!”

(At CH looks pensively back and forth at GF and SC, and noses them into the doorway,

SC looks at CH with a look of at first slight disdain of her vulnerability, then with
empathy in sibling love,

SC: “Oh, you will forever be my baby sis, you sis.

(CH still looks pensive and barks slightly.)

[POV: Camera is first at SC’s level, looking at him, then after he speaks at whom he is
talking to]

SC: “Come on, I’m s’posed to be the scaredy cat.”

(CH looks now and his gaze becomes one of strength)
SC: “Don’t you worry CH, if I have to ride atop your back, we will keep each other and,

(SC looking to GF who is weeping and then back to CH, SC raises his right paw and
reveals his claws)

“I will protect you with these talons.”

[POV: Camera is at CH’s level looking at SC then GF, then POV shifts to beside all

(SC then looks into JR's eyes and says, ) “One day I know I will need to conjure up the
strength of 50 Eagles (representing the US States) to watch over us, I will get us all back
together even if I have to travel to the gates of the Vet and back, I will. If I have to
descend beyond the granite gates that form the bonded union of this land and scratch out
like a soiled litter box every piece of shaky crumbling shifting clumping sandstone that is
hiding in the secret underbelly undermining the protection of this land, I will do it, I
know this now, and I accept my duty.

(Looking at CH, whom looks back with a pensive, panting smile)

“For you my baby sis, ...and

(Looking @ GF, whom looks back knowingly smiling with tears welled up)

“For all of us, I assure you this, cauz’ as quirky and non-conventional as we are, we is
who we are, we are first for all and for always and in all ways, a family, our family, this
is what I value.”

(The CAJUN starts to play “when johnnie comes marchin’ home” on his accordian, as
the canoe backs away with the animals aboard.

(POV: camera shows CH’s face face first, CH is standing on front paws and sitting on
back paws, looks back at GF and then moves his head upward, as SC climbs up CH’s
back and his heads ‘pops out’ above CH’s head and CH’s eyes close momentarily being
comforted and CH nudges SC’s head with her nose as SC’s eyes get big for a second
thinking he is slipping off then his gaze relxes as SC turns to one of strength then comfort
to CH as SC gazes down then to GF to show and re-assure CH will protect her).

(POV: view stays as GF's POV until the canoe stops backing and starts to turn to head
forward; then
POV becomes on-board the canoe with the animals looking back over the Cajun (playing
accordian)'s left shoulder back toward GF)
(GF watches them with the water at mid-shins, with POV rolling back as they leave to
show her min-dress hem still above the water as she stands in the doorway of the House
of the Rising Sun)

(GF calls out to them in the canoe) "You’all headed straight to Tip’s?"

(Mr. E replies back): "We’ll go first to my restaurant to get some fuel for this double
barrel ..."

(POV goes back to show Mr. E patting on CH's barrels then her head as she smiles and
puts her head up to lick his hand)

(They float thru CBD past Clio and the 3-Ring Circus then stop at Eulisch’s and get more

[CH n SC shown in long shot from behind outside canoe that is stopped at Eulisch’s.
Long shot shows view of CBD and I-10 columns near Clio street. In the forground, water
is shown moving along the ground, as a fire engine goes by on the road under the freeway
churning up water in the street. As it goes by, its PA system makes announcements that
echo under the freeway announcing “Prepare to evacuate, the Levee Broke,

(S/T: instrumental part of “when the Levee Breaks” Led Zeppelin)

seek Higher Ground immediately…”

As the fire engine drives on and the echo’ed PA system announcement fades, return to
close shot.

SC gets atop CH to avoid the water now rushing in and up St. Charles Street and lapping
at CH’s paws. The water continues to flow and picks up CH and CH now begins to dog
paddle in it with SC atop him, as the water carries them past debris, downed trees, wires
sparking, fires burning.

(After getting more food and in their barrels and where the STBs give CH an
“HONORare-EE (like the general Honoraree) barrel then they continue to float on canoes
Uptown to TIP’s.)
(They float thru Garden District up St. Charles Ave, as they go by the houses on fire
there, and the road is flooded but the middle ground with street car tracks are not under

(They arrive at Tip’s in both canoes.

As they get out of the canoe at Tip’s, CH saves SC from the water as CH went under the
water because SC momentarily pauses before jumping off the canoe with SC atop her and
SC flies off paws down, claws out and goes into the water , and CH saves SC from the
water that SC goes under momentarily and CH noses under the water and flicks SC out
up in the air and back onto her back where a soggy SC does a back-flip with water flying
off rooster tail like, and coughs and sneezes and catches his claws down into CH as they
dig into CH’s back as SC involuntarily claws CH to hang on.

CH: “You on OK?”

SC: “thx, liddle sista, that was close

(S/T: U2, Rattle and Hum, “Oh sista, …”)

CH smiles and thinks to herself, (CH: “ I can go under that water and come up, I CAN

THIS is written about in SCENE XI as a FLASHBACK and reminds SC to support
CH in her decision and then SC supports her as CH convinces SC not to fight the
US Govt employees but instead listens to CH as she says she wants to follow the
requests of the displaced animals that ask CH/SC become their leader to save, when
the elders say, “CH-n-SC, “it is your destiny, the book will be written how it was
when it happened when that instant in time defined when it became known as what
was the beginning of when “CH-n-SC Save New Orleans”)

Upon getting out of the canoes and up to Tip’s door, there is a note on the door that water
is Rising here in the boiling Sun, so they are headed back to the House of the Rising

(POV shifts to this TIP’s scene being displayed on a crystal ball inside the House of the
Rising Sun that shows GF and MJK watching this as GF is sobbing with her head in her
hand, and one hand lowered holding a phone. As MJK rubs GF’s leg with her face, GF
reaches down to pet MJK with hand holding phone and phone drops to floor. MJK sniffs
at it, and Camera POV shows screen of phone that displays msg: another txt msg on-
screen on her phone that is from JR: “Have left Tip’s, water too high, National Guard
forcing us to go to Airport on a bus at gunpoint, keep animals there, I will bring help once
I am at Airport …”
MJK sees this msg, then looks back into crystal ball at SC who is still at Tip’s, but is
getting back into canoe.

Camera POV shifts to SC who above him, POV sees an image in the crystal ball (like in
the Wizard of Oz) of the crystal ball with GF crying and and MJK looking back at SC
and conveying telepathically, “JR is being forced to go to Airport”

So at this point the water is shallow, SC communicates this to CH that they should walk
to the Airport, because maybe its not as bad.

The STB’s then convince them it is much more worse than feared so they will stay with
them to go to St. Bernard Parish and on to the Airport.
MR. E and the Cajun them state they will float back to the House and get GF and bring
her to the Airport.

The animals continue on walking to St. Bernard Parish with the STBs and then to ARNO
and then out to the airport."

(Long shot from behind of the four of them walking at dog butt level with music playing

(S/T: “Walking to New Orleans” Fats Domino)

Where SC jumps across the three of their backs in time to song)

They walk thru Mid-City on Carroltown Ave. past that famous diner spot , then
Carrollton Station, then Mid-City Rock-n-Bowl, then travel thru Metrarie past the
cemetaries in St. Bernard Parish to ARNO then go on to the Airport to head back to DC
before being convinced to go to L.A. instead)
                            XI. (Los Angeles)
(Synopsis: CH and SC get taken to the airport to go on a plane to Los Angeles.

The animals at first resist being put in the displaced line and forced to L.A. when
confronted with being forced to do by the FEMAs. While SC is resisting, STB and STC
convince CH to accept going to L.A. and connecting with KCS because the STB’s tell
CH that KCS can speak in tongues to communicate with the animals, because they have
seen her on her reality TV show.)

As SC is resisting, Virgin comes up to whisk them away in luxury back to DC, but as
Virgin arrives, CH in making new NOLA animal friends with the fellow animals being
displaced and is sad to leave them, they change and accepting going to Santa Monica to
stay with an actor "KC sunshine (KCS)".

They get into a huge revolt on the plane about cargo hold transporting, hold the plane in
control, and only allow KCS to rescue them. This brings National acclaim to them with
National news at LAX. It is here that the animals use their “speaking in scratches”
language to begin alert the pets across the nation of the need for action. They eventually
are all released to KCS’s shelter reality TV show set, and the National media begins to
camp there as people begin to notice their pets across the nation suddenly bolt up when a
national piece comes on and they are in it.

NOLA animals are being placed into a line with a sign

‘DISPLACED, Can’t ever go home again...”

[S/T: ”Can’t find my way back home” Blind Faith]

 (As Virgin steps in to take them away to fly them to home to DC to re-connect with JR,
The POV of camera pans from them to the line of displaced animals. The NOLA animals
in the displaced line that CH and SC have met look happy for their new friends while
looking at CH-n-SC but then look back at each other in the line and are sad, lonely and
abandoned )

[Homage to Wizard of Oz scene with balloon leaving]
CH: “And you (nosing toward STB and STC), I’m gonna miss you two most of all”

(STB and STC then look at each other and back at CH who is tearry eyed, and they say in
unison), “Oh child, don’t you fret none, (gesturing to CH and over farther away to focus
wide to SC, who is scratching the airport carpeting to rip it up in protest to their
y’all (then STB and STC turn and begin looking to crowd of animals in line) n all y’all
are gonna meet up on the street together and soon, I promise all y’all here zactly ‘dat.”
National Humane Society person at airport to an airline rep: “Here are two headed back
to their guardian”

Virgin Flight Attendant (played by Elizabeth Hurley): “OK, you two, I am to escort to the
first class cabin for your flight direct to DC/National airport.”

(POV: Animals in left side of screen, FLT attendant in right, as attendat starts to lead
them right to ward the gate from the curbside where CH pees on the red zone and the
white zone and the intercom says the white zone is loading and (pauses as CH squats then
smiles as she pees) a...unloading only” camera pans right past her and zooms to a FEMA
employee in a FEMA blue tarp soaked

FEMA employee says to another one, “I am pulling rank priority on this little party, I
have had enough of this hard labor, I need to spread the message to ensure the company
line is held from the dikes of truth ready to roll out of here.”

(Other employee) “I want second ticket”

(First employee) “You use that unregistered FEMA card and you can have that extra seat
for $100,000.”

(Other employee) “Since the limit is $200,000, I pay you 200k for it, if you give me
$100k back from as a travel expense reimburshment budget line item.”

(First FEMA): “Done deal, let’s roll”

(POV: Long shot of FEMA employees intercepting attendant, becomes tight shot of flight
attendant and FEMA employee arguing)
FEMA: “In the interest of National Security I am confiscating those tickets.”

FLT: “I beg your pardon, those were issued personally by Sir Richard Branson himself
for these two on behalf of their guardian who is rocket scientist that helped design the
ship they are flying home in”

FEMA: “well, tell Sir Gallahad he’s been had by that upstart smart aleck teenager
country across the pond, and these animals are property of the US Government now.”

FEMA: “Security, bring these two animals to the displaced transfer lot out on the tarmac
with all those sickly people”

(A guy with growling German Shepards, tkaes the animals away, as the FEMA guys both
grab the wrestling and struggling FLT attendant and drag her away)

(Guard leaves them with a show with an uncaring bureaucrat who says): “OK, you two,
you are headed to Los Angeles with this group of displaced animals”
(SC): “But we are from DC, we should be headed back to DC”

(Then CH comes over and nose nudges SC)

(CH): “I want to stay here and be with my friends here in NOLA and help them.”

(SC then remembers CH saving him in SCENE X and reminds SC to support CH in her
decision and SC supports her to convince SC not to fight the US Govt employees but
instead listens to CH as she says she wants to follow the insistance of the displaced
animals that save, when the eldrs say, “CH-n-SC, it is your destiny, the book will be
written how it was when happened when that instant ime defined when it became known
that it was the beginning of when “CH-n-SC Save New Orleans”)

(CH says): “I want to stay and help all (then pauses and, turning to the many animals and
they turn at look back together) y’all” of my friends”

(However the triumpherate elders “St. Bernard(STB)” and “St. CharlesSTC)” and the
lady cat from the brothel “Friscella(FRS)” recognize the strength of the CH-n-SC and
instead urge them to go on the Los Angeles)

(In a quiet space off to the side of the line STB and STC and FRS are joined by St.
Peter(STP), an unfixed dog with big bullocks)

(STP): “Why does the decision requires two of you but only one of her/”

(FRS): “Honie, if y’all can’t see these that these feline charms, are much greater than the
sum of this equation, that then I don’ kno’ what those bullocks a slunken low are all

(STB and STC): “OK, enough of this banter between you two”

(STB and STC step forward to CH and SC as the entire line of animals get quiet and look
at the four of them (CH-n-SC and STB and STC) both facing each in pairs)

(STB and STC);” We have come forward to announce that we ask you to go forward for
us to that far away coast, that golden shining sea, and you two gather all of us displaced,
and all of our fellow pets in their homes across this land and band together , and after you
do this act in faith for us, by having the faith in yourselves and in your fellow animal,
lambs will now lie down with lions, Nature will then naturally help you to accomplish
deed that nature and destiny has predetermined you will complete with your will to find
your way back home.”.

(After this speech by the Three ELDER NOLA ‘Saint’ Dogs(3SD), CH and SC look at
each other and CH nods to SC, then SC steps forward, (as the 3SD and all the NOLA
animals that are being sent away are gathered behind them);
SC: “ To all our new neaux orlunz’ friends, we will join all y’all on this flight to the
other coast, because we are going to gather all of you and your fellow displaced NOLA
animals throughout this land and we are going to bring it all back together, with you and
ALL of this great land’s animals, fierce and meek, ferious and sleek, jock and freak, and
we are all going to march and prance and growl and shriek to return and descend, back to
our home, to return to the home of our lost guardian. Then we’re all gonna roll as one, to
boldly go jus’ down the street way downtown and take back our place, and we’re gonna
sit right down on both sides of the aisle and take our place, at the foot of every column
there in the seat.

we will demand they stop the greed over people, greedy ole politics party that is going on
there and we-together are all going to Save New Orleans for all of us, and for all your
guardians that their guardian government forgot to guard
(Images of dead bodies, the image of the dead dog in Spike Lee’s movie “requim in four
parts” , paint marks on houses, the HSUS marks also, FEMA lines, Superdome and
Convention Center lines, the kids on the rooftop with the sign, “WE NEED HELP”

Then CH and SC turn to the 3SDs, then the animals in line boarding the plane, then each
other, then they say:

SC: “Let’s go Chewer, we have a Mission to accomplish, that we have decided to accept,
let’s get on-board.”
(As animals board, they get whisked past first class to the cargo hold. After they are put
in, CH and SC convince the other caged animals they will get them all out, then SC starts
to pick the lock then CH blows hot dog breath on the lock like a dragon and it pops open
and they release all the animals and they take over the plane and put the rude flt
attendants and mean passengers in the cargo hold, with CH nosing them in while gently
smiling, saying: “You must learn to be kind”

Some republicans who are nice to the animals as they cradle their little white poodles that
are released in the melee are allowed to stay in the passenger compartment.

SC: (as he closes the cargo door on the rude people clawing at it, as they slow down and
shiver in the freezing cold of the cargo hold air) “We are non-partisan to people partisan
to with real compassion for life”

They get to LAX and a have a stand-off on the tarmac where authorities surround the
airport. CH and SC demand that only people they trust actors/activists like KC (they
communicate to the actors thru KCS, the onl one who understands them, they gather
Belleafonte, Clooney, are allowed to visit and commune with the animals. Birds surround
the airliner protected by a ring of bird spirits of ones that were sucked into airliners’
engines. The birds calmly part for only certain people. Mostly it is dirty pigeons who fly
up in their slow, lumbering, sloppy manner not with any aggression, just more an
indifferent ignorance in their motion


then when SC opens the lower cargo hold door and all the rude people fall out, they state,
“that is a such a horrible experience in the cargo hold, we never knew what we put them

S/T: While walking along river toward ARNO: “Travelling Riverside Blues”


Start 4-14 on page -6-


CH n SC go into a Voodoo shop

               10-18-2006 Dismembered victim found in apartment
By             Walt            Philbin             and            Laura             Maggi
Staff writer
“...Directed by a spray-painted note on the wall, police found the victim’s head burned
beyond recognition in a pot on top of the stove. Her legs and arms were in the same
condition in pans inside the oven, police said. In his note, Bowen wrote that he put her
feet and hands in pots of water on the stove burners.
Bowen hailed from Los Angeles, police said, but apparently had lived in the New Orleans
area for some time. He registered to vote in Louisiana in August 1996. Friends said he
claimed to have served in the military in Iraq and Bosnia, and displayed both pride and
angst over that experience.

Hall, too, was not a New Orleans native, although police said only that they believed she
originally came from Pennsylvania. She registered to vote at a New Orleans address in

As of Wednesday, police had found no other evidence of domestic violence in Hall and
Bowen’s relationship, said Cannatella at a New Orleans Police Department press

After being tossed out of their apartment on Gov. Nicholls Street in the French Quarter at
the end of September, the couple rented an apartment together at 826 N. Rampart
Street, above a voodoo shop, said their landlord, Leo Watermeier, who recently ran
for mayor.

“He may have in retrospect seemed a little troubled,” Watermeier said early Wednesday
morning, hours after he led investigators to the gruesome scene inside the apartment.

Though they appeared happy when they rented the Rampart Street apartment — telling
Watermeier they had fallen in love on the night Hurricane Katrina struck, when Hall gave
Bowen shelter — they soon had a bitter falling out, Watermeier said. After the storm, the
couple lived a vagabond existence in the shattered city, becoming feature fodder for the
swarm of national media eager to profile post-flood diehards.

But on Oct. 5, during a dispute over which of their names would appear on the lease, Hall
told Watermeier she intended to kick Bowen out of the apartment, after finding out that
he had cheated on her, Watermeier said. ...”

Bowen did not take the news well, Watermeier said.


while waiting for JR.and SC gets an Eagle talon potion, freeze dried. -

LATER when, after the first surge of the physical animals is pushed back by Man/DoD,
SC pulls it out of CH saddlebags, and along with the Gumbo in the barrel around CH’s
neck it gets mixed with gumbo in DC while SC says:
“As I said on that horrible day, I will conjure up the strength of 50 Eagles (representing
the States) to get us through this. This will launch the spiritual animal second wave,
consisting of:
dolphins with device implanted by the DoD leaving their posts along the coasts
the spirits of beached whales come up the Potomac to create a Tsunami to flood the
Pentagon basement computers
50 Eagle Spirits that help aid in the overtaking of DC by making a radar signature on the
Marine 2's heads up display that is is first 50 stars, then a missile then, 50 doves, then 50
demons circurling while background voice is talking about repentance and redemption
and turning from self to help others)

NOT SURE where this goes:
and SC smiles (start back at page 6)

Add-in “A”:

(The food in the Barrel (Logo on Barrel: “The BoTtoM - a Barrel of a Thousand
Monkeys - “this stuff is the debris of a life where obsession becomes burden) worn on
CH’s back, communicates non-verbally to other animals to show CH and SC have come
from NOLA under the Shepardship of St. Charles and St. Bernard),
upon greeting a displaced NOLA hounddog, CH and SC ask for its services in sniffing
their way around electronic sensing dog fences to get into drive-thru safaris in Texas and
release the big cats to enlist their help, and again they call for him when getting to DC
and finding additional security to get by ),
CAGIN DAWG: (a character modelled after General Honore, honest but forceful in
being common sensical about what’s appropriate behavior for CH and SC in their plans
to takeove)
 “Now how do I know all y’all from Who Dat where say you came from, n you aint jus’
some Framers from FEMA tryin to stir some sorta hassle for my stickin my nose into all
this?” (SC gets atop CH’s back and opens the lid of the barrel and the hounddog then
sniffs the Barrel:
“(pause in speech after the sniff ) ...and , mmm, hey that’s none other than (“the deah-
bree” drippings from Mother’s) Mother’s Milk itself, and the (other tub is ‘da day-
grease” from Eulegsich’s) “You two have come (hounddog’s dogs eyes light up and go
wide open) from the land of my home. Now that’s a roll of a different flavor!” How can I
 #1 add-in:
(Prior to descent on DC itself, the lead animals get ‘done up’ by the wildlife who state,


 “Richard the LION-hearted a ferocious looking but gentle LION (played by RICHARD
BRANSON) who provides master leadership in manner of gaining consensus as the soft-
spoken leader/orchestrator

”TONY soprano le TIGRE:” who is the master schemer with SC /

 “BooBoo the BEAR (from Yogi bear) , grown up and sweet but now nerdy smart, he
engineers the schemes dreamed up by TIGER, who relies on Yogi, who is now a guru
bear and provides sage wisdom to all three)

“thank you for getting us here, now to re-pay you, we are going to make you one with us

(S/T: “wizard of OZ, fluff, fluff, fluff there ho,ho, ho, that how we laugh the day away)

They make CH and SC up into these costumes / makeup that allows them to assume huge
roles for their lead on the descent onto Washington

(and that later shows in add-in #2 CH as a lion laying with a lamb)
#2 add-in:
(soft-spoken Christian Janitor [Played by Harry Belafonte] in the Rotunda of Congress
who, when the animals speak in tongues and the Congressperson doesn’t understand so
the Janitor translates to their speaking to the Congressperson ) :”…sure, we animals are
acting in roles that humans have had to box us into so we could be understood by us and
comprehend what thee are trying to convey to all y’all.

These animals amassed here, that now you notice and hopefully respect now, are the
angels everyone prays to,

(CONGRESSperson): “That’s preposterous
[PRODUCT PLACEMENT] (as he takes the calcium brand tablet Osteo Bi Flex)

(soft-spoken Christian Janitor): OK, let’s check the boxes:

   A. Have hyper sensitive senses to work well beyond our normal ranges
   B. Can find where you wherever you go without ever having been there
   C. Always gives love unconditionally

   D. always will, as Matthew wrote (in Matthew 5:38-42, NIV), that I am sure you, like
      any God-fearing “Merican does know, but maybe even more Mexican-Merican’s
      know, what the Republican President with a Conservation mindset who saw early
      the need to start the National Parks to preserve the real world from the woes of the
      obsessive compulsion and the selling of souls to the Industrial Revolution would
      cauz’ - it was Harvard-educated Teddy Roosevelt said, "a thorough knowledge of
      the Bible is worth more than a college education” turn the other cheek toward
      even inhumane treatment

(soft-spoken Christian Janitor): now um no rocket scientist but even this i see, this is
your chance

[POV: slowly panning and tilting shot of West Capitol steps at a sunset, showing animals
in every portion of the view, they open to reveal Lincoln and Jefferson statues in their

to have your ‘Sermon on the Mount’ here, this gathering of these gaggles of even herded
cats and lions laying down with lambs

[POV: (CH done up as Lion with a lamb on a manger bed]
 shows you it is these animals who are the angels among us living among us, they live
MUCH closer to God than we are right now, and sometimes good must confront evil, and
even if it isn’t a malicious evil, the evil that rises out of a malease from not having the
spiritual clarity to see the injustices as they truly are, as this is not about you protecting
your TSP bottom line for your future, this is about the Spirtiual bankrupty that is a chasm
that separates you from your God as God must turn away in revulsion from the
heartbreak you cause by your sinful ways. It is these animals sent to deliver this message
to you, here and now, this is your moment, this is the time Saint Peter pulls out the quill
for the book of Life, but you must see by now, that it is you that chooses by your actions
alone, not anyone else’s influence matters at this moment, it is you who writes your name
in the Book of Life, to stand on the right hand of God, it is your choice. Like Steinbeck
showed in “East of Eden” that all religions call for you to use your ‘free will’ your ‘Tim
shea” (thou mayest)

where either you will choose to live in the house of the Lord, or you will live as
Steinbeck in the novel he stated , ‘everything else I have written has been, in a sense,
practice for this’, East of Eden, was chosen by Steinbeck from Genesis, Chapter 4, verse
16: "And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on
the east of eden”

um sure you can see what is now stretched out in front of you

[POV: slowly panning and tilting shot of West Capitol steps at a sunset, showing animals
in every portion of the view, they open to reveal Lincoln and Jefferson statues in their

This is your moment…

Will you continue to drink that kool aid of ignorance or indifference you show us and
allow the world to disappear along with your soul, or will your will

(S/T: “anna Natick: “drink me”
Drink Me" is inspired by the character of Cathy Ames, where she explains: I was inspired to
write that song after I read the book East of Eden and there is a character in there who was
beautiful her whole life, but [...] she gets old, realizes that her looks are gone and that she's ready
to go, she drinks a bottle of poison and she imagines that she's like Alice in Wonderland, slowly
getting smaller and smaller and smaller until she finally fades away.

(S/T: Matt Costa Ballad of Miss Kate" is based on Cathy Ames from “East of Eden’

(S/T: Meg & Dia's "Monster" is about East of Eden)

(S/T: when the animals emrge from Rock creek Park into DC after getting the spirit
squirrel to come along, then play “youre outta the woods, your outta the dark…this might
instead be played at the end when the congressperson makes the right decision and then a
flasfwd occurs and shows obama as president everything is starting to get fixed in

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