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									  Residential Elevators - Quality Elevators at Attractive Prices

DAY Elevator and Lift offers residential elevators to a diverse spectrum of clients

DAY Elevator and Lift, an authorized mobility equipment dealer in the US, provides
quality residential elevators to a diverse spectrum of clients. The company is
committed to providing outstanding customer service and technical support to
homeowners, architects, builders, and contractors. Convenience and ease of use,
advanced safety features and durability make modern home elevator systems
increasingly popular.

DAY offers home elevators from leading manufacturers such as Thyssenkrupp
Access, Federal Elevator and Savaria. The various models available are:

   •   Savaria - Infinity Luxury, Eclipse, Telecab
   •   Federal Elevator – Renaissance, Panorama
   •   ThyssenKrupp Access – Rise, Volant, Destiny Gearless, Destiny Hydraulic,
       Destiny Winding Drum, LEV II, Evolution, LEV II Builder

                              A representative of DAY has this to say, “We value our
                              customers, and strive to set and maintain quality
                              relationships and deliver quality products that meet and
                              earn customer satisfaction.” DAY Elevator & Lift’s
                              residential elevators come equipped with advanced
                              safety features. These include emergency alarm and
                              light, cable safety devices, in-cab telephone system,
                              battery backup, fully automatic operating controls, over
                              speed governors, and elevator door interlocks.

                             Savaria’s Infinity Luxury home elevator is an ideal
                             solution for transporting people and goods; also from
                             this manufacturer is the innovative Telecab elevator – a
                             perfect elevator that is designed to maximize the living
                             space. When looking for energy-efficient models,
Destiny Gearless and Lev II from ThyssenKrupp Access are the ideal options.

DAY offers pre-owned, refurbished residential elevators at prices lower than new.
Professional installation, free assessment, on-call service, and timely support for
inspection, maintenance, testing and repair are other added advantages.
Special pricing is offered for home elevators installed out of medical necessity.

About DAY Elevator and Lift

Serving NY, NJ, & CT since 1992, DAY Elevator and Lift is a leading mobility
equipment supplier providing a complete range of mobility products. Besides home
elevators, DAY offers a wide range of safe and durable products including commercial
elevators, stairlifts, wheelchair platform lifts, inclined platform lifts, ceiling lifts, and

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Location and Contact Details

DAY Elevator and Lift
50 Hempstead Gardens Drive
West Hempstead, NY 11552
Phone: (800)758-5438

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