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									                                                                    Emiliano Burgos
                                                                                         U.S. natural-born citizen


             Co-founder/Lead Developer, EnjoyMondays (Feb. 2009 - Present)
             Web development rm providing integral service from client’s wireframes to nal product delivery.
             Clients include advertisement and marketing agencies, local brands and design studios.
             Services provided include:
               - Freelance team recruitment and management.
               - Project architecture and development.
               - Technological consultancy.

             Lead Flash Developer/Project Manager, Fat-Man Collective (Jun. 2007-Jan. 2009)
             Freelance Multimedia Collective. Clients ranged from international agencies to start ups.
               - Organized and managed teams of contractors for various projects.
               - Developed internal tools and frameworks to improve productivity, ie: project scafoldding
                 framework, internal project management system.
               - Developed the company website (v4, v3) front-end and back-end’s administration system.
               - PHP developer and Flash Lead on internal video questions and answers start up project qajack.

             Flash Developer/Technology Consultant, World News wn.com (Sep. 2006- Jun. 2007)
             Telecommuting for the global news network.
               - Developed various Flash applications and games such as a drawing pad, coloring book and
                 gra ti writer.
               - Optimized templating system to be SEO friendly.
               - Optimized HTML structure for faster page load

             Web Developer, Bibtic (Jan. 2004- Aug. 2006)
             Web design and development company, focused on local business.
               - Developed websites and custom CMS.
               - Developed custom Wordpress plugins and themes.
               - Integrated online stores and payment methods.

             Utilized PHP, MySQL, HTML,CSS, JavaScript. Flash ActionScript 2/3. Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator.

             Freelance Web Developer (2000- Present)
             Web design and development freelancing with strong focus on Flash and PHP.

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            Your Lost Memories, Boogaloo Films (Jan. 2011- Ongoing )
        Flash, PHP, MySQL, AFMPHP, Kohana, Facebook SDK (PHP, JS) GoogleMaps API
        Twitter, Red5,OpenGraph,Flex, Air.
        Key features:
          - Architecture enabling sharing individual content in social networks and providing
            alternative content for non ash enabled devices.
          - Server technology enabling video recording and format conversion.
          - CMS to manage user generated data (comments,clues) and video management.

        Vueling Airlines, Digital Seed (May. 2011 )
        Flash, PHP, MySQL, AFMPHP, Kohana, Facebook SDK (PHP, JS)
        Key features:
          - Real-time promotional game.
          - Managed and monitored user’s game data

            Custo Barcelona, Morrison Ave. (Oct. 2010- Nov. 2010)
        Flash, PHP, MySQL, AFMPHP, Kohana, Facebook SDK (PHP, JS)
        Generative art Facebook app with Flash front-end integrating pro le information to
        customize user experience and designs.
        Key features:
          - PHP backend to review and crunch app data
          - PHP promotion manager.
          - 200,000 registered users.

        Hermandad del Coco, Malibu Rum. (Feb. 2009 - Dec. 2009)
        Flash, JSFL, SmartFoxServer, PHP, MySQL, AFMPHP
        Planned, managed and developed a multi-user platform where users could interact in
        real-time and chat with avatar.
        Key features:
              - Built in system to manage real time on site promotions.
              - Designed and implemented an avatar skinning scheme that streamlined designers
                work ow. It provided JSFL scripts and worked on top of a custom skeleton framework.
              - Used custom built blit engine.
              - Max of 60,000 simultaneous users.

        Regicapital, Larsson-Duprez. (Oct. 2009-Nov. 2009)
        Flash, Wordpress, PHP, MySQL, AFMPHP
        Key features:
              - Built multilingual CMS on top of Wordpress for Flash front-end.
              - Entailed deep customization of Wordpress.

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          Telecommunications Engineering. (1999-2004)
          Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Spain.


              - OOP, MVC/HMVC, IOC
              - ActionScript (1, 2, and 3).
              - Flash, Flex and Air Applications.
              - LAMP Stack.
              - Kohana, CodeIgniter.
              - Facebook API, Google Maps API.
              - Facebook Connect, Twitter Login, OAuth.
              - Multiuser Applications (Red5, SmartFoxServer)
              - Wordpress/Drupal Flash integration.
              - HTML/jQuery/CSS Front end Development.
              - RESTful, XML-RPC, SOAP.
              - Java Services For Flash.
              - RobotLegs, SwiftSuspenders, PureMVC, Cairngorm, PV3D

              - Mccann Erickson, Grey, Ogilvy, WorkClub, Mother, Envy, MorrisonAve
              - Nokia, RedBull, Bacardi, Malibu Rum, Nestle, Roca, Vueling, Custo Barcelona.


              Actionscript 3 internalization and localization library.
              ActionScript 3 exible logging framework

              Kohana notices
              Kohana 3 PHP framework module to manage system wide user notices.

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