Shinju Matsuri – 4th September – 13th September 2009 by JarrellRoot


									             Shinju Matsuri – 4th September – 13th September 2009
                  Event Inclusion to the Program Application
Personal Information
Name of Event Coordinator               _____________________________________________

Business/Organisation Name (if applicable) _____________________________________________

Postal Address                          _____________________________________________

Email Address                           _____________________________________________

Phone                                   Work ________________ Home _________________

                                        Mobile _______________________________________

Event Information
Event Title                             _____________________________________________

Date                                    _____________________________________________

Time                                    _____________________________________________

Address                                 _____________________________________________

Entry Cost                              _____________________________________________

Event Description                       _____________________________________________



   1. The Shinju Matsuri Board ask that all event applications have a multicultural or strong
        community focus
   2. Shinju Matsuri Inc. does not provide any funding commitment towards individual events
        included or excluded from the official 2009 Shinju Matsuri program
   3. Shinju Matsuri Inc. takes no responsibility for any aspect of individual events included in
        the official Shinju program
   4. Individual events selected to become part of the official 2009 Shinju Matsuri program will
        receive free publicity through overall marketing and advertising of Shinju Matsuri 2009
        only which includes an event listing in the souvenir program. No commitment to individual
        event marketing will be made.

    1. All applications will be reviewed by the Shinju Matsuri Board for relevance to the Festival
    2. Once a decision has been made, your business will be notified and asked to send all
        required information for the Shinju Matsuri Program

Name                            ____________________________________________________

Signature                       ______________________________ Date _________________

Please return this form by17th July 2009 to Goolarri Media Enterprises at 7 Blackman Street
Broome, via fax to (08) 9195 5333 or by email to

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