Proof of Funds Letter - Commodities Investments


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									This template serves as proof that an individual or entity has investor funds available for
the purchase of a specific commodity. A commodity is defined as a tangible item for
which there is demand. This template provides for customization by allowing the user to
input the specific type of commodity to be purchased. The borrower can purchase any
quantity of the commodity as long as the value does not exceed the amount stated in
the template, but the borrower cannot substitute a different commodity for the one
stated in the template. This template should be used by entities or individuals who want
to verify that an investor is providing funds for the purchase of a specific commodity.
                           [Instruction: Insert investor letterhead here.]

___ [Instruction: Insert date.]

_____ [Instruction: Insert addressee name.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert address.]
_____ [Instruction: Insert city, state, zip code.]

                Re: Proof of Funds Letter for ____ [Instruction: Insert name.]

Dear ____________________: [Instruction: Insert addressee name.]

This letter, drafted on behalf of _____ [Instruction: Insert investor name.], a ____
[Instruction: Insert investor entity formation information, including state where formed
and principal place of business, if any.] (“Investor”) shall serve to provide proof that _____
[Instruction: Insert borrower name.], a ____ [Instruction: Insert borrower’s pertinent
information, including entity formation information, if applicable and address.]
(“Borrower”) has the availability of funds from Investor for the purposes of purchasing the
following commodities, at the current valuation as of the date of purchase: _____ [Instruction:
Insert commodity to be purchased.] (the “Commodity”). The Borrower has an approved
availability of funds in the amount of $ _____ United States Dollars [Instruction: Insert dollar
amount.]. Borrower may purchase any quantity of the Commodity, so long as the value of same
shall not exceed the full dollar amount available as noted herein. Borrower does not have the
authority to substitute any other commodity in place of the Commodity.


[Instruction: Insert investor signature block.]

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