Affidavit of Truth

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									This Affidavit of Truth allows an individual to declare that he or she is a sovereign
individual, and therefore subject to common law principles. The affidavit represents a
declaration of the individual's political and legal beliefs and disavows the legal authority
of federal, state and municipal governments over him or her. This document allows the
individual to set forth his or her declaration of facts and can be customized to include
specific information.
                                        Affidavit of Truth

Whereas the everlasting and ageless principles of the Laws of Commerce are:

1. A matter must be expressed to be resolved.
2. Truth is sovereign and expressed in an affidavit.
3. An undisputed Affidavit stands as Truth in Commerce.
4. An undisputed Affidavit becomes the judgment in Commerce.
5. An Affidavit of Truth, under Commercial Law, can only be satisfied through a rebuttal
   Affidavit of Truth, by recompense, by contract, or by resolution by a jury by the rules of
   Common Law.
6. All are equal under the Common Law.

Know all persons, “governments,” “courts,” agents, and other parties, that I, ______________
[Instructions: Insert name of declarant], am a sovereign individual and the following facts in
this Affidavit of Truth are true, accurate and absolute:

1.   I have personal knowledge of the facts stated herein.
2.   I am of lawful age and am competent to make this Affidavit.
3.   I am not under the lawful guardianship of another.
4.   ____________________________________ [Instructions: set forth all additional facts]

The foregoing, to the best of my knowledge, is true, correct and complete.

______________ [Instructions: Print name]
______________ [Instructions: Insert signature]
______________ [Instructions: Insert date]

State of ____________________
County of ____________________

On ______________ [Instructions: Insert date], before me personally came ______________
[Instructions: Insert name], to me known to be the person described in and who executed the
foregoing instrument and acknowledged that he had executed the same.

                                    ___________________ [Instructions: Insert name]
                                       Notary Public


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