Vehicle Affidavit of Ownership


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									This is a sworn statement made under the penalty of perjury by a party attempting to
sell a vehicle affirming that they are the true and valid owner of the vehicle. This
statement can be customized to include for the vehicle description and whether the
vehicle is subject to any obligations or encumbrances. In addition, this document must
be certified by a notary public to ensure the identification of the seller. This statement
can be used by parties seeking to buy a vehicle and want to affirm that the seller is the
true owner of the vehicle.
                                Affidavit of Ownership – Vehicle

_________________ [Instructions: Insert name of seller] (“Seller”) located at
_________________ [Instructions: Insert address of seller], being duly sworn, severally

1. The Seller is the sole owner of the vehicle described as _________________ [Instructions:
   Insert description of vehicle, including Vehicle Identification Number, Vehicle year,
   Vehicle make, Vehicle model, Vehicle type, Vehicle color, and license plate number] (the
   “Vehicle”), and has the full right to sell and transfer this Vehicle.

2. All the Vehicle is free and clear of all obligations and encumbrances, except for the security
   interests described as _________________ [Instructions: Insert description of security
   interests, if applicable].

3. The Seller is not indebted to anyone, except for the creditor identified as
   _________________ [Instructions: Insert identification of creditor].

4. No judgments exist against the Seller; no replevins, attachments, or executions are issued
   against the Seller; no petition in bankruptcy or arrangement proceedings have been filed by
   or against the Seller; and the Seller has not taken advantage of any insolvency law.

5. This affidavit is made to induce _________________ [Instructions: Insert name of buyer]
   to accept the transfer of the Vehicle and to pay consideration therefor.

State of ____________________
County of ____________________

On _________________ [Instructions: Insert date], before me personally came
_________________ [Instructions: Insert name of Seller], to me known to be the person
described in and who executed the foregoing instrument and acknowledged that he had executed
the same.

                                      Notary Public


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