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					                                          SOIL FERTILITY – SSC341
                                              PROBLEM SET #2
                                         Due September 2, 2011 (5:00 pm)

                                             SHOW ALL CALCULATIONS

1. 25g soil were extracted with NH4OAc (ammonium acetate) and the extract diluted to 0.5 L. The final solution
   contained:         50 ppm Ca+2        7.8 ppm K+           2.4 ppm Mg+2
   Express each nutrient as (hint: the 25 g soil and 0.5 L extract are important):
   a. mg/kg soil
   b. lbs/afs

2. A soil sample was collected (6 ft depth) from a loblolly pine field planted in a sandy soil. The soil test report
   showed 6 ppm NO3-N (this means 6 ppm N in the NO3- form). Calculate the following:
   a. mg/kg soil
   b. lbs N/afs
   c. lbs N / acre-6 ft.

3. 10g of soil contains: 800 lb Ca/afs, 130 lb K/afs, and 360 lb Mg/afs. Calculate the concentration of each
   nutrient as:
   a. mg/kg
   b. %

4. The bulk density of 3 soils is:            Organic soil                  0.5 g/cm3
                                              Clay soil                     1.0 g/cm3
                                              Sandy soil                    1.5 g/cm3.
   Calculate the following for each soil:
   a. g/L
   b. lbs/ft3
   c. lbs/afs
   d. Calculate the Bd (g/cm3) of a soil that weighs 2x106 lb soil/afs

5. Coastal Plain region in NC has a significant land area classified as organic soils (BD ≈ 0.5 g/cm3). If the
   organic soil contained 400 ppm Ca+2, calculate the difference (or error) in estimating lbs Ca/afs for the
   organic soil using 2x106 lbs soil/afs or its’ actual lbs/afs calculated in #4 above.

6. A golf course soil contains 12 ppm Mg+2. Calculate the Mg+2 needed to increase to 48 ppm expressed as:
   a. lbs Mg+2/afs.
   b. lbs Mg+2/1000 ft2 needed to increase Mg+2 to 48 ppm
   c. mg Mg+2/kg soil

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