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    The headline on the Philadelphia Inquirer             word, “Sanitarium,” was dropped in 1966 in
newspaper screamed, HOSPITAL WORKER’S                     acknowledgement of the fact that the institution had
CONFESSION JOLTS CALIFORNIA. All across the               totally severed connections with natural remedies.
nation, people were aghast. And the focus of
attention was a Seventh-day Adventist Hospi-                 ————————————————————
tal, where a worker said he had killed 40 or 50
people. It may be months before the final ver-                On Friday, March 28, 1998, a most terrible news
dict on this matter is made, but already, a size-         release traveled across America.
able number of basic facts are known. Because                   “A California health care worker has confessed
such a scandal affects our people so much, we                to killing 40 to 50 terminally ill patients over an
are here reporting on it.                                    eight-year period, but prosecutors said Friday
                                                             no action can be taken until after an extensive
    Its correct name is the Glendale Adventist Medi-         investigation.”—CNN Web Quicknews, March 28,
cal Center, but, since all the news reports refer to it      1998.
as “Hospital,” we will use that designation through-          We were relieved to learn that Glendale Adventist
out this report.                                          Hospital reported the matter to the police as soon
    Glendale Adventist Hospital is a large, 464-bed       as they learned about it.
facility, located in Glendale, California—so large that         “ ‘This has been an all-out search for the truth
it has 1,800 employees! The medical staff includes           for this hospital,’ hospital spokesman, Mark
500 physicians. Located on a 32-acre tract, it is the        Newmyer said at a news conference. ‘We do not
largest hospital in Adventist Health System/West.            know at this point if any wrongdong has been
Next to Loma Linda Medical Center, it is our largest         committed. We did bring this to the police im-
medical care facility in the western half of the United      mediately.’ ”—ABC Webnews, March 27, 1998.
States. It provides care for 15,000 admissions,               But, unfortunately, as we dug deeper into the
27,000 emergency room visits, and 30,000 home             facts, we learned this was not exactly true. Here is
health visits each year. It draws patients from all       the story:
over southern California, and elsewhere.                      Efren Saldivar attended Verdugo Hills High
    In 1904, Ellen White directed John Burden to          School in southern California, where he was a
search for a property outside of Los Angeles, and         straight-A student, and a member of the student
the quiet Glendale site was selected. Founded in Au-      government. He then attended Valley College Medi-
gust 1905 as Glendale Sanitarium, in the early            cal and Dental and graduated as a respiratory thera-
1920s in an enlarged building, it was advertised as       pist.
offering the famous “Battle Creek treatment” and
was filled to capacity with advance reservations.             As far as all his friends could tell, Efren was
Emphasis wa placed on the use of proper diet, physi-      always a cheerful person, and enjoyed outdoor rec-
cal therapy, and a balance of rest and exercise to        reation.
restore the body to normal functioning. But the                “An avid mountain biker and movie buff, Efren
2                                                                                      WAYMARKS
    Saldivar ‘is a constant joker always trying to            ‘failed to act’ to provide appropriate medical care
    make a point to put a smile on someone’s else’s           in certain instances, which also caused patient
    face,’ his brother said. ‘He’s never even had an          deaths.”—Houston Chronicle, March 28, 1998.
    enemy.’ ”—Los Angeles Times, March 29, 1998.                 In the early 1990s, three years after he began
     We do not know whether or not Efren is an              suffocating patients, he began eliminating them
Adventist; however, it is well known that the greater       more rapidly with poisonous injections. Apparently
majority of Adventist hospital workers (other than          Saldivar, who was “a movie buff,” also liked to watch
upper-level office staff) generally are not.                television.
     As a trained respiratory therapist, it was                   “Saldivar told police that he did not start the
Saldivar’s work to insert a variety of tubes into pa-          lethal injections until about three years after he
tients, and, at times, provide certain medications.            joined the hospital. He said he thought he got
      “As a respiratory care therapist, Saldivar was           the idea from a 20/20 news segment or a 60 Min-
   authorized to administer medication to help pa-             utes news report regarding a therapist in Chi-
   tients with breathing problems.”—ABC                        cago who was killing patients.”—Houston
   Webnews, March 27, 1998.                                    Chronicle, March 28, 1998.
      “Respiratory care practitioners help patients
   with breathing problems, including maintaining               About September, 1996, a fellow respiratory
   equipment to administer oxygen and adminis-              therapist inquired of another worker how it was that
   tering medications as ordered by physicians.”—           so many of Saldivar’s patients seemed to expire.
   Houston Chronicle, March 28, 1998.                             “Bob Baker told authorities that another em-
                                                               ployee, Elmer Diwa, informed him 1-1/2 years
    Saldivar obtained a job at Glendale Adventist              ago that Saldivar had a ‘magic syringe’ after a
Hospital close to 10 years ago (either in 1988 or              Saldivar patient died unexpectedly.”—Houston
1989). About 6 months later, in 1989, he killed his            Chronicle, March 28, 1998.
first patient.                                                  According to the Los Angeles Times, Diwa was
      “Saldivar told police that the killing began in       also a respiratory therapist.
   1989, six months after he started working at the             One cannot help but wonder how it was that the
   hospital, the state licensing documents state. He        workers knew Saldivar was losing so many pa-
   said he ‘basically suffocated’ an already dying          tients—while the administration was oblivious to the
   patient by putting tubes together that blocked           fact. If his associates were so concerned, this means
   the flow of air. It took the patient 15 minutes to       that patient records would also testify to what was
   die, the documents indicate.”—Houston                    happening.
   Chronicle, March 28, 1998.
    A Los Angeles Times article states it more force-            Finally, in April, 1997, administrators at Glen-
fully: Saldivar first took the patient off life supports,   dale Adventist Hospital were directly notified. They
and then, when he did not die fast enough, finished         received a tip that Saldivar had slain a patient. But,
the job an hour later.                                      checking into the matter, they did not find “conclu-
      “The affidavit said that in 1989, some six            sive evidence” that he had killed anyone. So, incred-
   months after joining the hospital, he ‘basically         ibly, they apparently dropped the matter entirely.
   suffocated’ a patient who was still breathing                  “Several officials versed in the case pointed
   about an hour after being taken off life sup-               out that Saldivar’s activities first drew suspicion
   port. Saldivar, according to the affidavit, said he         in April when the hospital received an anony-
   held the respirator ‘breathing tubes’ together to           mous tip about an alleged mercy killing by the
   block the flow of air and that the patient died             employee. At that time, the hospital conducted
   after about 15 minutes.”—Los Angeles Times,                 an internal investigation that failed to produce
   March 29, 1998 [italics mine].                              conclusive evidence of wrongdoing.”—Los Ange-
    —That patient was in pretty good health to be              les Times, March 29, 1998.
able to undergo all that torture and misery before               This investigation by hospital officials lasted two
finally dying!                                              months.
                                                                  “Hospital officials first got wind of the mur-
    From then on, from time to time, Saldivar con-             ders in April, 1997, but a two-month internal
tinued to suffocate patients by shutting off their air         robe found nothing, one of the [hospital] spokes-
supply, along with failing to provide needed help              men said. ‘We brought in outside medical experts
when they had a medical emergency,                             to review all policies and procedures,’ the spokes-
     “He admitted to investigators that he had                 man said.”—New York Post, March 29, 1998.
DEATH AT GLENDALE HOSPITAL                                                                                     3
   Found “nothing”?                                           Apparently, it was not until a little while later,
                                                          the third of March, that hospital officials finally con-
   About November, 1997, Baker found suspicious           tacted the police.
drugs in Saldivar’s locker.                                     “Glendale police said they launched a crimi-
    “Baker himself said approximately four                   nal investigation March 3 after meeting hosptial
  months ago that he had found morphine and a                officials about a caller who had alleged that a
  paralyzing drug in Saldivar’s locker.”—Houston             respiratory therapist ‘helped a patient die fast’
  Chronicle, March 28, 1998.                                 at Glendale Adventist.”—Los Angeles Times,
                                                             March 29, 1998.
     According to Saldivar’s later confession, he
stopped killing patients in August, 1997, because              On Friday, March 7, the police interviewed Bob
he learned that Baker had found those drugs in his        Baker (mentioned earlier) who gave them more in-
locker.                                                   criminating information.
      “Saldivar said he stopped killing patients in             Four days later, according to the affidavit, po-
   August after he heard that one of his co-workers          lice spoke to respiratory therapist Bob Baker.
   saw morphine he was storing in his personal               Baker, the affidavit said, thold them that 18
   locker at work.”—Houston Chronicle, March 28,             months ago he had expressed surprise at the
   1998.                                                     dath of one of Saldivar’s patients and was told
     Two facts run counter to Saldivar’s claim that          by another respiratory therapist, Elmer Diwa,
he stopped his quick-death techniques of sending             that Saldivar had a ‘magic syringe.’ Diwa and
patients out of the hospital:                                Baker could not be reached for comment.”—Los
     1 - According to Baker, his discovery of the drugs      Angeles Times, March 29, 1998.
occurred three months after Saldivar said that dis-            In that same interview, Baker also told them how
covery caused him to stop killing people.                 he found those suspicious drugs in Saldivar’s locker.
     2 - We have a report of at least one later slaying         “In addition, Baker purportedly told police,
by Saldivar.                                                 he saw several vials of morphine and two vials
      “Glendale police said they launched a crimi-           of a paralyzing medication in Saldivar’s locker
   nal investigation March 3 after meeting hosptial          at Glendale Adventist. Baker, acording to the
   officials about a caller who had alleged that a           affidavit, said he did not bring the matter to the
   respiratory therapist ‘helped a patient die fast’         attention of authorites because he had made his
   at Glendale Adventist.”—Los Angeles Times,                discovery while playing a prank on Saldivar and
   March 29, 1998.                                           was in his locker without permission.”—Los
                                                             Angeles Times, March 29, 1998.
                                                               As we noted earlier, on March 29 the Los Ange-
    In February, 1998, hospital officials received a
                                                          les Times quoted Efren Saldivar’s brother, Eddie,
second tip that Saldivar was killing patients.
                                                          as saying that his brother was “a joker.” Baker was
    Keep in mind that hospital charts—dating back
                                                          probably giving him some pranks in return.
nearly 10 years—would reveal that patients Saldivar
                                                               Baker’s discovery occurred about November
had been caring for had a higher-than-average death
rate. The facts should have been quite obvious a
number of years earlier.                                        “Baker himself said approximately four
                                                             months ago that he had found morphine and a
    At last, really worried, they quietly called in the
                                                             paralyzing drug in Saldivar’s locker.”—Houston
Glendale Police which began investigating. It is ob-
                                                             Chronicle, March 28, 1998.
vious from later developments that they pled with
the police to keep the matter quiet.
                                                              On Tuesday evening, March 11, 1998, a major
      “In February, hospital officials received an-
                                                          breakthrough occurred in the case. Saldivar con-
   other tip that Saldivar was hastening the deaths
   of terminally ill patients.
                                                          fessed in surprising detail to the murders.
                                                              In that interview, Saldivar said it was not neces-
      “ ‘This time, [hospital officials] brought in the
                                                          sary for his attorney to be present.
   police,’ one law enforcement source said, sug-
   gesting that hospital officials were clearly con-           “Glendale police Officer William Currie de-
   cerned. They ‘are the ones who have patient               scribed a March 11 interview in which Saldivar
   charts. They know the death rates. So . . they            waived his Miranda rights and confessed.”—ABC
   must believe they have more’ evidence than be-            Webnews, March 27, 1998.
   fore.”—Los Angeles Times, March 29, 1998                    “During a taped polygraph examination,
   [brackets and elipsis theirs].                            Saldivar not only told the story about that al-
4                                                                                          WAYMARKS
    leged killing [the initial one in 1989 at the hos-        ued reading after being injected, Saldivar cut off his
    pital], but cited other incidents in which he had         oxygen—and it took 30 minutes after that before
    ‘failed to provide’ medical care for patients who         the patient expired! Really now, if the man was feel-
    then died, according to the affidavit.”—Los An-           ing well enough to read, was he really “ready to die”?
    geles Times, March 29, 1998.                              Should he have been killed? Which of us has the
       “Saldivar talked about his anger at seeing pa-         wisdom to know when it is time to kill the aged and
    tients kept alive as opposed to the grief he would        infirm?
    feel at the failure of providing life-saving care,’
    the affidavit said.”—ABC Webnews, March 27,                   That same Tuesday evening (March 11), the po-
                                                              lice placed Saldivar under arrest. But events fol-
       “Polygraph examiner Ervin Youngblood asked             lowed in rapid succession: The next day, Wednes-
    Saldivar if he considered himself an ‘angel of            day the 12th, the district attorney’s office was noti-
    death,’ and the hospital worker answered, ‘Yes,’
                                                              fied. The day after that (Thursday, March 13),
    according to the affidavit.
                                                              Saldivar was released for lack of evidence.
       During that interview, Saldivar also allegedly               “The same day, March 11, Saldivar was ar-
    recounted how he injected one patient in August              rested. The next day, Glendale police notifed the
    [probably 1997] with medication that led to pa-              district attorney’s office about a potential case.
    ralysis and then death.”—Los Angeles Times,                  But on the 13th, with no corroborating evidence
    March 29, 1998.                                              to support his alleged confession, police had no
    Later in this lengthy confession, Saldivar pro-              choice but to release Saldivar, officials said.”—
vided an estimate of the number he had killed. This              Los Angeles Times, March 29, 1998.
was a hazy recollection, and the actual number of
fatalities could be much higher.                                   Two days after Saldivar’s March 11 confession
      “Later that evening, according to the affidavit,        to the police and his arrest, and the same day he
   Saldivar ‘admitted’ that he caused 40 to 50                was released from jail,—Glendale Adventist Hospi-
   deaths at the hospital by lethal injections or by          tal finally decided it had better discharge him!
   cutting off the oxygen of patients who were on
                                                                    “The hospital fired Saldivar March 13, imme-
                                                                 diately after his alleged confession.”—Houston
      “Saldivar, the affidavit said, told authorities            Chronicle.
   he only picked patients who were unconscious,                   For some reason—not yet known—on or about
   had ‘do not resuscitate’ orders on their charts
                                                              March 14, the hospital suspended three of its work-
   and looked like they were ‘ready to die.’
      “Said the affidavit: ‘Saldivar said he prided
                                                                    “Three unidentified employees were sus-
   himself in having a very ethical criteria as to how
                                                                 pended two weeks ago on the advice of the Glen-
   he picked his victims.’ ”—Los Angeles Times,
                                                                 dale Police Department because ‘some red flags
   March 29, 1998.
                                                                 came up,’ [Police Sgt. Rick] Young said. He did
      “Saldivar told police he killed patients who               not elaborate.”—Houston Chronicle, March 28,
   were unconscious.”—Houston Chronicle, March                   1998.
   28, 1998.
                                                                    “The hospital fired Saldivar—without naming
      “He’d either kill by injections of Pavulon and             him. It also suspended with pay three colleagues
   succinylcholine chloride—both paralyzing medi-                at the urging of cops.”—New York Post, March
   cations—or by decreasing the oxygen to patients               29, 1998.
   on a ventilator . . cops said.”—New York Post,
   March 29, 1998.
                                                                  In his confession, Saldivar mentioned ominously
    Sounds pretty merciful, but do not forget how             that several other workers may have been impli-
much he had to do to kill off that first patient as-          cated—by telling him of patients whom it would be
signed to death. If Saldivar had to work that hard            good to eliminate. He would then go to their rooms
to kill the first one, he may have experienced even           and dispatch them.
more drawn-out difficulties in finishing off some of               “In his confession, Saldivar said he ‘felt en-
the later ones. All the while, his jokes continued              couraged’ by the other therapists at the hospi-
and death records piled up in the hospital archives.            tal, who would sometimes give him room num-
    In one radio news report a couple days ago, the
present writer heard that, when one patient contin-
                                                                                                            Continued on the next tract
 More WAYMARKS - from ——————————                          PILGRIMS REST       HCR 77, BOX 38A - BEERSHEBA SPRINGS, TN 37305 USA
                         Continued from the preceding tract in this series      Why did the Glendale police release Saldivar two
                                                                             days after arresting him? State law required it.
  bers of patients who needed lethal injections.”—                               “Notwithstanding Saldivar’s purported state-
  Houston Chronicle, March 28, 1998.                                           ments, authorities have said, the case requires
    If true, this fact is dynamite!                                            prosecutors to produce evidence of a crime be-
    However, it should be kept in mind that Saldivar                           yond a defendant’s confession.
also, at times, worked at other area hospitals.                                  “As state Supreme Court Justice Stanley Mosk
      “Saldivar is known to have worked at least                               wrote in a January opinion: ‘The rule arose be-
   three other area hospitals.”—Houston Chronicle,                             cause of the law’s unease with inflicting punish-
   March 28, 1998.                                                             ment when a ‘confession may have been
    But Glendale Adventist Hospital officials were                             misreported or misconstrued, elicited by force
very worried that they might have more than one                                or coercion, based on mistaken perception of
assassin at the hospital.                                                      the facts or law, or falsely given by a mentally
                                                                               disturbed individual.’ ”—Los Angeles Times,
      “Meanwhile, [hospital] officials were consid-
                                                                               March 29, 1998.
   ering ‘the possibility that one or more employ-
   ees may have assisted in hastening’ the deaths
   of some patients, said another hospital spokes-                               As soon as the confession was extracted, police
   man, Mark Newmyer.”—New York Post, March                                  set to work to investigate the case. They are ran-
   29, 1998.                                                                 sacking the 72 months of records at Glendale
                                                                             Adventist Hospital.
     Indeed, hospital leaders were so frightened at                               “Six investigators have been assigned to the
the possibility that they placed all their respiratory                         case full time, including half of the department’s
therapists on paid leave! As of this writing, they are                         six-person homicide squad. The department has
still being paid to stay home.                                                 also received help from medical experts.”—Los
                                                                               Angeles Times, March 29, 1998.
       “A hospital spokesman said the entire respi-
   ratory nursing staff of about 40 workers was                                   “As the purported confession of Saldivar
   placed on paid leave pending an investigation.”—                            wrought panic in some quarters of Glendale,
   ABC Webnews, March 27, 1998.                                                police set up shop inside the 450-bed hospital
                                                                               for an investigation that, by all accounts, will be
       “ ‘The hospital also suspended so many
                                                                               daunting: A police affidavit said Saldivar con-
   people,’ the [police] source said, referring to the
                                                                               fessed to killing near-death patients—identities
   hospital’s decision to suspend its entire 44-per-
                                                                               undisclosed—over a six-year period.
   son respiratory care staff during the investiga-
   tion. ‘And I just don’t think officials would take                             “As one law enforcement official said: “We’re
   it so seriously unless they have some sort of body                          not negating the fact this guy confessed to 40 or
   of evidence.’ ”—Los Angeles Times, March 29,                                50 murders. But we gotta be able to prove it.
   1998.                                                                       And I have concerns about proving it.’ ”—Los
                                                                               Angeles Times, March 29, 1998.
6                                                                                   WAYMARKS
     Something in the above quotation does not ring         came public once an administrative law court
right. In his confession, Saldivar said he had been         suspended Saldivar’s license for 30 days. No
killing patients since 1989; that is 9 years, not 6. It     secrecy order was placed on the documents.”—
may be that he told them he slew the majority in            Philadelphia Inquirer, March 29, 1998.
more recent years, and they would rather limit the             “State officials said the administrative files
scope of their record search.                               were released only after their attorneys—and at-
                                                            torneys for the hospital—unsuccessfully sought
    Soon after their investigation began, Glendale          on two occasions before two judges to have the
police filed an affidavit with Respiratory Care Board,      records sealed in recent weeks.
in Sacramento, so Saldivar’s license could be sus-             “With those sealing requests denied, state of-
pended. But that action led to a serious problem            ficials said they had no choice but to turn over
for the police. Here is what happened.                      the relevant medical board case records when
    By court action, Saldivar’s license was revoked         they were requested by the media Friday. ‘I un-
on March 13. But subsequent legal action by the             derstand that the police have a different burden
board and the hospital to keep the matter confi-            of proof. But as a public agency, we release pub-
                                                            lic records,’ said Cathleen McCoy, head of the
dential (they demanded that the documents be
                                                            state Respiratory Care Board.”—Los Angeles
sealed) was rejected by the court.
                                                            Times, March 29, 1998.
    This resulted in all the documents (which had
earlier been sent by the police to the board) being
                                                               The same day that the mass-murder bombshell
made public property. Soon after, when the media
                                                          hit the media, Glendale Adventist Hospital released
learned about what had happened, they asked for
                                                          a statement to the press, and sent copies to all its
and received those documents.
                                                          patients. Citing the fact that it had gone to the ex-
    This produced stunning news releases through-
                                                          treme of suspending, with pay, its entire 44-mem-
out the nation on Friday, March 28, 1998.
                                                          ber respiratory-care staff, the statement said:
                                                                “ ‘We want to assure you that we firmly be-
    But this public notoriety of the case greatly hin-
                                                             lieve there is no reason for concern regarding
dered the work of the investigative unit in Glendale.
                                                             safety,’ it said. ‘We have taken every reasonable
A key affidavit had been released to the press, dis-
                                                             precaution to protect patients, and we are com-
closing Saldivar’s entire confession, along with cer-        mitted to doing whatever it takes to get to the
tain other facts in the case.                                truth in this investigation.’ ”—March 28 State-
      “At the Glendale Police Department, a spokes-          ment by Glendale Adventist Hospital, as quoted
   man said that the criminal investigation had been         in Philadelphia Inquirer, March 29, 1998.
   hobbled by state medical officials’ releasing de-
   tails about Saldivar’s case Friday. ’The release
   of this information in an untimely manner has
   destroyed the investigative process,’ said Glen-
                                                               Since thousands of hospital records must be
   dale Sgt. Rick Young.”—Los Angeles Times,
   March 29, 1998.
                                                          examined, and many workers and patients’ relatives
                                                          interviewed, the police investigation could last until
    Immediately, hospital employees became far
                                                          June 1998, or longer.
more reticient to talk to the police about what they
                                                                “[Police Sgt. Rick] Young said the investiga-
knew about the murders.
                                                             tion will take two months or longer to complete.
      “ ‘We were angry to begin with, and now we
                                                             He said it is difficult to prove patients who were
   are totally frustrated as it has hampered this
                                                             about to die have been murdered.”—Houston
   investigation 100 times-fold,’ said Young, who
                                                             Chronicle, March 28, 1998.
   noted that some hospital employees had become
   reluctant to cooperate for fear of publicity.”—
   Philadelphia Inquirer, March 29, 1998.                     Hoping against hope that nothing wrong ever
                                                          really happened, in an announcement to the public
    In response, the head of that state agency de-        at a press conference on Friday night, March 11
clared that, as soon as Saldivar’s license had been       (after sundown on the Sabbath), Newmyer an-
suspended, it was their legal duty to release that        nounced to a mob of reporters and microphones
information                                               that no induced deaths may have occurred.
                                                               “ ‘We don’t know that anything wrong hap-
      “Cathleen McCoy, executive officer of the Res-
                                                             pened,’ said Mark Newmyer, vice-president of
   piratory Care Board, which released the docu-
                                                             marketing at Adventist Health-Southern Califor-
   ments, responded that the papers officially be-
DEATH AT GLENDALE HOSPITAL                                                                                  7
  nia [Adventist Health Systems/West], at a news         alone, or had others at the hospital actively direct-
  conference hastily summoned by the hospital Fri-       ing him to patients whom, in their thinking, should
  day night. He suggested that anyone who made           die next?
  such a confession ‘could be crazy.’ ”—Houston                “Another question is whether Saldivar might
  Chronicle, March 28, 1998.                                have acted alone. In the statement to regulators,
     But the State Attorney General’s office thought        [Glendale Police Officer] Currie said, ‘Saldivar
different.                                                  said he felt encouraged by other therapists who
      “Gloria A. Barrios, a state deputy attorney gen-      would sometimes give him room numbers of
   eral, wrote in court papers seeking the license          patients who needed lethal injections.”—Phila-
   supension that ‘there is no reason to believe’ that      delphia Inquirer, March 29, 1998.
   Saldivar would concoct the story, adding that his
   ‘statements cannot simply be discounted as the             It appears that already the investigation is wid-
   rantings of a person seeking attention.’ ”—Phila-     ening to still more workers at the hospital.
   delphia Inquirer, March 29, 1998.                            “Although it was evident from court records
                                                            that Saldivar was the focus of the criminal in-
    Throughout the Los Angeles basin, many people           vestigation, one law enforcement source said a
are distraught. for they know relatives or acquain-         search warrant names two other respiratory
tances who died at Glendale Adventist Hospital—             therapists at the hospital as part of the in-
and could it be they had been murdered?                     quiry.”—Los Angeles Times, March 29, 1998.
     “The allegations of a hospital worker turned             Should hundreds of bodies be dug up from
  killer rocked many at Glendale Adventist, and          graves throughout the area? The investigators are
  [also] families with loved ones there.”—Los An-        not certain yet as to what they will do. Large num-
  geles Times, March 29, 1998.                           bers of people have died at Glendale Adventist Hos-
    Within 24 hours after the news broke, hospital       pital over the past 6 to 10 years.
phone lines were already jammed—and they had to                 “Young acknowledged the possibility that pa-
install a special line to handle the calls.                 tients’ bodies might have to be exhumed, and
     “Hospital officials said a telephone hotline was       said ‘all deaths’ at the hospital would be
  jammed by more than 230 calls, many of them               probed.”—Houston Chronicle, March 28, 1998.
  from the media.”—Los Angeles Times, March
  29, 1998.                                                 ————————————————————
    Saldivar may have been responsible for the
deaths of 40 or 50; but who can know, from among             We are truly sorry for the crisis at Glendale
the thousands who have passed away, which ones           Adventist Medical Center. Is there not some way this
he poisoned or suffocated.                               terrible situation might have been averted?
    Indeed, perhaps he was responsible for the
                                                             Our hospitals were established by the God of
death of hundreds of people!
                                                         heaven to be training schools, teaching the people
     “As police tried to determine whether a self-
                                                         who came to them how to care for their bodies in
  proclaimed mercy killer was a mass murderer
                                                         sickness and in health. The remedies, in which they
  or a fraud, people came forward yesterday to tell
                                                         were to be instructed, were not only for the healing
  police that their relatives died mysteriously at a
  hospital that employed him.                            the body but for maintaining it in health.
                                                             Only simple, natural remedies were to be used.
     “Their loved ones seemed to be okay one day
                                                         An overview of what is comprised by such remedies
  and gone the next,’ said Rick Young, spokesman
  for the Glendale Police Department, which is
                                                         was given to the people of God in the Spirit of Proph-
  heading the investigation into the claims by the       ecy writings. A very brief overview will be found in
  former respiratory therapist at Glendale               Ministry of Healing 126-128. (My book, The Eight
  Adventist Medical Center.”—Philadelphia In-            Laws of Health details many aspects of this; also
  quirer, March 29, 1998.                                see my Water Therapy Manual, and my not-yet-re-
     “Worried-sick relatives of patients who died        leased Natural Remedies Encyclopeda, covering
  at a California hospital asked cops yesterday to       over 500 disorders.)
  see if a self-proclaimed ‘angel of death’ armed            Not only the remedies, but the operational prin-
  with a ‘magic syringe’ was responsible.”—New           ciples were clearly outlined in the Spirit of Proph-
  York Post, March 29, 1998.                             ecy. My Medical Missionary Manual outlines the
                                                         Spirit of Prophecy procedures for establishing and
   And who can know whether Saldivar worked              operating our medical institutions. You may wish to
8                                                                                        WAYMARKS
obtain a copy. No other single book covers the same        deed, at the present time nearly every Adventist in-
material.                                                  stitution, entity, or headquarters in North America
     You see, we were to have only small medical in-       is located inside a city!
stitutions. In these family-atmosphere facilities,              Our medical facilities are almost wholly staffed
there would be little likelihood that serial killers       by non-Adventists, with but a minor “Adventist pres-
would gain a foothood. Only our own, dedicated             ence” in some of the departments.
people were to be employed.                                     The care and treatments given are nearly indis-
     Back then, everyone was busy helping people           tinguishable from those found in city, county, cor-
improve their health. Workers were praying with and        porate, and private hospitals.
for the patients. They were also giving them Bible              The medicines are identical.
studies.                                                        The food given to the patients is identical.
     Our recovery institutions, called “sanitariums,”           The charges are the same; however, strangely
were always to be located in the country; never, never     enough, the debts are higher.
in the cities. Indeed, no Adventist facility (other than        Beginning in the early 1980s, the debt-to-asset
very small “treatment rooms,” and small restau-            hanging over our medical establishments has be-
rants) were ever to be in the cities.                      come greater than that found in the world. In order
     Our health work and our medical work were to          to help “solve the problem,” Adventist Health Sys-
be essentially the same in their objectives. —In brief,    tems, with the approval of the General Conference,
we were to use both of them to teach obedience to          voted themselves sky-high salary increases to
the Law of God! Proclaiming Revelation 14:12, and          $75,000 to $150,000, with regular increases since
all that it involves, is the work to which God called      then (the highest job positions are now paid over
Seventh-day Adventists into existence.                     $200,000 a year).
     Our health/medical work was to be the “right               We are now the tail and no longer the head. We
arm of the message” and its “entering wedge.” It was       have abandoned the leading position we held at the
to be the vanguard, in the forefront of our advances,      turn of the century. We were then the world leader
breaking down barriers, making friends, teaching           in teaching and administering natural remedies.
obedience, and leading people into a full acceptance       Now we are just another fleet of community acute
of God’s truth for these last days.                        care hospitals. And, as a result we are experiencing
                                                           problems of almost every imaginable kind in our
    That is “what might have been.” The situation          medical institutions.
now confronting us is totally different.                        “And when He was come near, He beheld the
    We were told that our medical institutions were        city, and wept over it, saying, If thou hadst
established to “reform the practices of the medical        known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the
association.” Nowadays we are dedicated to aping           things which belong unto thy peace! but now
the practices of the world.                                they are hid from thine eyes.” —Luke 19:42
    We have mammoth hospitals in the cities; in-

      “The Lord desires, through His people, to an-        we are now entering.”—Great Controversy, 582.
  swer Satan’s charges by showing the result of obe-            “The transgression of physical law is the trans-
  dience to right principles. He desires our health        gression of God’s law. Our Creator is Jesus Christ.
  institutions to stand as witnesses for truth. They       He is the author of our being.”—Counsels on Diet
  are to give character to the work which must be          and Foods, 43.
  carried forward in these last days in restoring man           “Upon those who keep the Sabbath of the Lord
  through a reformation of the habits, appetite, and       is laid the responsibility of doing a work of mercy
  passions. Seventh-day Adventists are to be repre-        and benevolence. Medical missionary work is to be
  sented to the world by the advanced principles of        bound up with the message, and sealed with the
  health reform which God has given us.”—Manu-             seal of God.”—Evangelism, 516-517.
  script, “God’s Design in Establishinig Sanitari-              “To make plain natural law, and urge the obedi-
  ums,” December 22, 1899.                                 ence of it, is the work that accompanies the third
      “The last great conflict between truth and error     angel’s message to prepare a people for the coming
  is but the final struggle of the long-standing contro-   of the Lord.”—3 Testimonies, 161.
  versy concerning the law of God. Upon this battle

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