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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ARAB TIMES, SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2012
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  Brokered convention

 Weak field
 fuels ‘talk’
 Presidential       hopeful      Mitt
 Romney’s struggles in Michigan
 are fueling speculation that
 Republicans might have to resort
 to a doomsday scenario and
 launch a frantic search for a 2012
 savior at their nominating conven-
 tion in late August.
    Rare in the modern age of US
 politics, a “brokered convention”
 could result in Republicans ditch-
 ing their current crop of candidates
 and turning to someone else who
                       they      feel
                       would have a
                       better chance
                       of defeating
                       Obama in the
                       Nov 6 elec-
                          How did
                       get to this
 point? Romney’s failure to get
 conservatives fully behind him
 and put down yet another chal-
 lenger in the party - this time it’s
 Rick Santorum – is causing angst
 in the party.
    Many senior Republicans do not      In this Jan 15, 2008 file photo, Lincoln’s Cottage is seen in Washington. The house where President Abraham Lincoln drafted the Emancipation Proclamation some 150 years ago is confronting the
 think Santorum, a social conserva-                                                  reality that more people are held in modern-day slavery than at the height of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. (AP)
 tive caught up in the US culture
 wars over issues like abortion and
 contraception, has a chance to beat
 Obama if he wins the party’s pres-
 idential nomination.
    When he ran for re-election as a
 US senator from Pennsylvania in
 2006, Santorum lost by 18 percent-
 age points. But, nevertheless, he is                                                                                        Obama could benefit from something in similar vein
 exposing Romney’s weaknesses in
 Michigan, where Santorum leads
 polls ahead of the big Midwestern
 state’s Feb 28 primary.
    A Romney loss to Santorum in
 Michigan, the state where he was
                                                                                          ‘Hope & Change’ slogan being replaced
 born and where his father was                                                            WASHINGTON, Feb 18, (RTRS):                   end of the day to create the kind of         William Henry Harrison-John Tyler              Targeting a catchphrase to contrast
 governor, would only intensify the                                                       Winning The Future. Greater                   country we want is stick-to-it-ness. It’s    ticket rode to victory with the slogan         with Romney could be different
 talk about a weak Republican field                                                       Together. We Don’t Quit.                      determination. It’s saying, ‘We don’t        “Tippecanoe and Tyler too.”                    from aiming one at former
 and feed demands for someone                                                                They may not be official but those         quit.’”                                         Not all slogans clicked with voters.        Pennsylvania          Senator      Rick
 else as the party’s candidate to                                                         are all phrases that could in one form           In his State of the Union address            Former vice-president Al Gore, the          Santorum, for example. Santorum is
 challenge Obama.                                                                         or another be candidates to become            last month, the president also played        Democratic candidate who lost to               leading among Republicans in some
    “It’s hard for me to see how                                                          President Barack Obama’s re-election          up the issue of economic fairness,           George W. Bush in 2000, did not make           national polls.
 Romney rights the ship if he loses                                                       slogan.                                       which branding experts said could            waves with “People Not The                        Axelrod, who would not tip his
                                        Sean Phillips emerges from water as                  Advisers say a fresh slogan to             encapsulate his 2012 pitch.                  Powerful” or “I Will Fight For You.”           hand on what Obama’s slogan would
 Michigan,” said Republican strate-     he demonstrates the JetLev water                  replace the winning “Change we can                                                            Senator John McCain, Obama’s
                                                                                                                                           “Owning ‘fairness’ is a powerful                                                         be, said the message from all the
 gist Matt Mackowiak. “There is no      propelled jet pack that is strapped to            believe in” mantra of 2008, is unlikely       idea, but getting that idea communi-         Republican challenger in 2008, cap-            Republicans was different from that of
 level of spin that can overcome        his back at the Yacht & Brokerage                 to appear before Obama knows who              cated in a clear, sticky way is very         tured his personal story with “Country         the Democratic White House occu-
 that disaster.”                        Show, on Feb 17, in Miami Beach,                  his Republican opponent will be and           hard,” said Allen Adamson, managing          First” but did not touch the public in         pant.
              Jackpot                   Florida. The pack allows water sup-               starts big campaign travel swings,            director of marketing firm Landor            the way his better-branded opponent               “I listen to these Republicans speak
                                        plied via a tethered supply hose to               likely in the spring or summer.                                                            did.
    Michigan will set the table for     act as the jet propulsion system. The                                                           Associates.                                                                                 and they have such a dark, grinding
 “Super Tuesday,” the March 6                                                                His campaign posters now say sim-             “Telling that story is more difficult        Advertising      executives     cited       kind of view of this country,” he said.
                                        boat unit that it is tethered to delivers
                                        low pressure, high flow water                     ply, “Obama 2012.”                            than telling a ‘change’ story because        Republican       President      Ronald            “We have a lot of strengths in this
 jackpot when 10 states hold                                                                 But Obama’s surrogates have road-                                                       Reagan’s “Morning again in America”
 Republican nominating contests.        through the 33 ft hose to the jetpack                                                           you have to define fairness for who,                                                        country. We’ve got a lot of challenges,
                                        where thrust is generated by forcing              tested some slogans in recent months,         and what’s unfair, and why is fairness       message in 1984 as a brand that res-           but we’ve also got a lot of strengths,
 A loss for Romney in Michigan                                                            including “Winning The Future,”               important. Change was a brutally sim-        onated — and for an incumbent presi-           and we’re going to work our way
 would raise serious doubts over        the water through the nozzles locat-
                                        ed on either side of jetpack allowing             which the White House used to pro-            ple idea.”                                   dent, no less.                                 through this moment. But that will
 whether he can rally enough sup-                the rider to fly. (AFP)                  mote its budget, and “Greater                                                                 “(That) communicated this notion            require change, and those changes are
 port to have a big day on Super                                                          Together,” which the campaign has                            Promises                      that Reagan had declared success and           changes that we have to continue.”
 Tuesday and make a big move                                                              used to brand its youth outreach effort.         After three years of governing —          now it was time to celebrate a new day
 toward clinching the nomination.                                                            A new tagline will have to reflect a       fulfilling some promises and breaking        in America and give Reagan four more                        Also:
    The candidates are engaging in                                                        new reality.                                  others — the word “change” is a tricky       years to complete the task,” said Denis        SEATTLE: Billionaire philanthropist
 a state-by-state battle to become                                                           Obama is no longer a Washington            brand for the president to espouse.          Riney, a senior partner with                   Bill Gates attended a campaign
 the Republican nominee. The                                                              outsider, unemployment is falling but            But Obama’s advisers say his              Brandlogic, a firm that advises large          fundraiser for President Barack
 party will officially pick a nomi-                                                       still high, and economic insecurity for       philosophies are still the same, even if     corporations.                                  Obama on Friday, where the US
 nee at its August convention in                                                          many voters is a huge concern that a          the words associated with them from             “Obama could benefit from some-             leader cited his example to push for
 Tampa, Florida.                                                                          simple slogan cannot overcome.                2008 are not part of this year’s cam-        thing in a similar vein.”                      raising taxes on wealthy Americans.
    Romney is the best financed and                                                          Obama is aware of that difficulty.         paign tagline.                                  Republican candidates are trying to            At an event at the eastern Seattle
 organized of the Republican candi-                                                       He still refers to his old slogan at cam-        “This election is also about hope         go with simple branding ideas too, and         suburb home of Jeff Brotman,
 dates and long has been considered                                                       paign fundraisers, emphasizing the            and about change. That doesn’t neces-        most of them have adopted themes               founder of the low-cost supermarket
                                                                                          “change” he has achieved, while drop-         sarily mean they’re going to be in the       that suggest the United States under           chain Costco, Obama spoke before
 the likely nominee. But the former                                                                                                     slogan,” said David Axelrod, Obama’s                                                        some 65 people who each paid
 Massachusetts governor and pri-                                                          ping lines that could be test runs for a                                                   Obama is on the wrong track.
                                             Clinton                 Christie             pitch to convince voters to give him          message guru and senior campaign                Former Massachusetts Governor               $17,900 to attend, and made a point of
 vate equity executive has failed so                                                      another term.                                 strategist.                                  Mitt Romney uses “Believe in                   referencing the Microsoft founder.
 far to take control of the race.                                                            “When you think about change that             “But the president has a very hope-       America,”      former      House      of          “If you agree with Mr Gates here,
    Rick Santorum might be about
 to feel what it was like to be Newt
                                                America                                   we can believe in, as hard as these last
                                                                                          three years have been, don’t underesti-
                                                                                                                                        ful, optimistic view about this country,
                                                                                                                                        even with all the challenges we have,
                                                                                                                                                                                     Representatives       Speaker
                                                                                                                                                                                     Gingrich has “Rebuilding the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Newt         that we have to have a balanced
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    approach... then all the marbles are
 Gingrich in Florida.                                                                     mate the changes we’ve made,”                 and is working toward that.”                 American Dream” plastered on his               right here,” said Obama, who has
    Restore Our Future, the inde-                                                         Obama said at a fundraiser in                    The importance of a crisp message         bus, and US Representative Ron Paul            pushed for Congress to reach a more
 pendent “Super PAC” that sup-          ‘Spend before 2012 polls’: The US                 California this week.                         is not lost on Obama’s team. Political       proposes to “Restore America Now.”             “fair” tax design for the country’s
 ports Mitt Romney for the              Supreme Court on Friday handed a victo-              “Inspiration is wonderful, nice            branding has been critical to defining          Branding experts said it was smart          most wealthy citizens pay more in
 Republican US presidential nomi-       ry to corporations and a political advocacy       speeches are wonderful, pretty posters,       and winning US presidential elections        for Obama to keep his slogan under             taxes and lift a burden on the middle
                                        group by allowing them to spend freely
 nation, appears to be ready to turn    before Montana’s 2012 elections, a fol-           that’s great. But what’s required at the      since as far back as 1840 when the           wraps until his opponent was clear.            or lower classes. (AFP)
 up the heat on Santorum,               low-up case to the court’s major campaign
 Romney’s suddenly surging rival.       finance ruling two years ago.                 as “cooperative but competitive.”               quickly vetoing the measure Friday and         nition of marriage in New Jersey. His veto       House members voted 72-67 to pass the
    The pro-Romney political               The justices granted a request from the       Locklear currently is chief of US naval      renewing his call for a ballot question to     also proposed creating an ombudsman to           bill. An initial vote count suggested the
 action committee has bought            three plaintiffs to put on hold a December    forces in Europe and Africa, and com-           decide the issue.                              oversee compliance with the state’s civil        measure passed with 71 votes, leaving out
 about $7.7 million in TV ad time       decision by the Montana Supreme Court         mander of Allied Joint Forces Command              The veto came a day after the state         union law, which same-sex couples have           an affirmative from Delegate John
 this week and the next two weeks,      that upheld a century-old state law ban-      in Naples, Italy. He commanded US and           Assembly passed the bill. The state Senate     said is flawed and promotes discrimina-          Bohanan.
 a period that includes a key contest   ning independent corporate campaign           NATO-led operations in Libya that even-         had passed it on Monday. Christie, a           tion. In Maryland, the state appeared               Next up is the Senate, which handily
 in Michigan (Feb 28) and the run-      spending.                                                                                     Republican who opposes same-sex mar-           ready to legalize gay marriage after the         passed a similar bill last year. Gov Martin
                                                                                      tually toppled Muammar Gaddafi. (AP)
 up to “Super Tuesday” on March            Lawyers for the plaintiffs said the                                                        riage, had vowed “very swift action” once      bill to allow it passed a long-standing hur-     O’Malley sponsored the bill and has
                                        Montana decision contradicted the US                      ❑         ❑       ❑
 6, when contests will be held in 10                                                                                                  the measure reached his desk.                  dle in the Maryland House of Delegates           pushed for gay marriage to be legalized.
                                        Supreme Court’s ruling two years ago that     Gov vetoes gay marriage bill: Gov                  In returning the bill to the Legislature,   on Friday.                                       Approval would make Maryland the
 states.                                gave corporations the constitutional free-
    During the state-by-state cam-                                                    Chris Christie rejected a bill allowing         Christie reaffirmed his view that voters          After courting the votes of a couple          eighth state to legalize the marriages,
                                        speech right to spend freely to support or    same-sex marriage in New Jersey by              should decide whether to change the defi-      delegates initially opposed to the measure,      although opponents have vowed to peti-
 paign, Restore Our Future has          oppose candidates for federal office.
 become known largely for running                                                                                                                                                                                                     tion the measure to referendum.
                                           The Montana Supreme Court ruled the
 attack ads on Romney’s rivals - par-   US Supreme Court’s decision two years                                                                                                                                                            Proponents of the New Jersey bill said
 ticularly Gingrich, the former US      ago did not control the outcome because                                                                                                                                                       gay marriage is a civil right being denied
 House of Representatives speaker.      the Montana law was different and justi-                                                                                                             Restaurant visit                         to gay couples, while opponents said the
    Meanwhile, US presidential          fied by the state’s interest in preventing                                                                                                                                                    definition of marriage as a heterosexual
                                        corporate corruption and influence in poli-                                                                                                                                                   institution should not be expanded. The
 candidate Rick Santorum stole an
 endorsement from Mitt Romney           tics. (RTRS)                                                                                                                                    Obama in hot soup                             legislation contains a religious opt-out
 as the Republican primary cam-                     ❑          ❑        ❑                                                                                                               SAN FRANCISCO, Feb 18, (AFP):                 clause, meaning no church clergy would
                                                                                                                                                                                        It was the sort of visit made for             be required to perform gay marriages and
 paign entered the battleground         Locklear to lead Pacific Command:                                                                                                               cameras, but President Barack                 places of worship would not have to allow
 state of Ohio on Friday.               Navy Adm Samuel Locklear will be the                                                                                                            Obama’s stop at a Chinese restau-             same-sex weddings at their facilities.
    Ohio Attorney General Mike          US military’s next leader in the Asia-                                                                                                          rant came under scrutiny on Friday
                                        Pacific region.                                                                                                                                                                                  Another gay marriage supporter,
 DeWine announced his support of                                                                                                                                                        after the menu showed that it
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Washington state Democratic Gov Chris
 Santorum, the former Pennsylvania         US Pacific Command spokesman Lt                                                                                                              served shark fin.
                                        Cmdr Bill Clinton said Friday the US                                                                                                               Obama, in San Francisco for                Gregoire, also reached out to Christie, a
 senator who has toppled Romney, the                                                                                                                                                                                                  practicing Catholic. Gregoire sent the
                                        Senate had confirmed Locklear’s nomina-                                                                                                         fund-raisers, surprised and delight-
 former governor of Massachusetts, in   tion to head the command, which has its                                                                                                         ed lunch-time diners with a sur-              governor a letter last month offering to
 recent opinion polls.                  headquarters near Honolulu.                                                                                                                     prise stop at a restaurant in                 talk about gay marriage because, in her
    DeWine, Santorum’s former              In confirmation hearings earlier this                                                                                                        Chinatown. He posed for pictures              words, “while I am a Governor, I am also
 colleague in the US Senate, said       month, Locklear said he wants improved                                                                                                          and paid in cash for two bags of
                                                                                                                                                                                        take-out food.                                a Catholic.”
 he switched his support to             military ties with China but noted that                                                                                                                                                          The Roman Catholic Church opposes
 Santorum because he no longer                                                                                                                                                             But a look at the menu of the
                                        China must be committed to open                                                                                                                 restaurant, Great Eastern, showed             same-sex marriage. Gregoire signed a gay
 believed Romney was the                exchanges.                                                                                                                                      that it offered soup from shark fin, a        marriage measure into law in Washington
 strongest candidate to challenge          He told the Senate Armed Services                                                                                                            Chinese delicacy that environmen-             on Monday. Her spokeswoman, Karina
 Democratic President Barack            Committee that China’s military buildup                                                                                                         talists say is pushing the ancient
                                                                                      US President Barack Obama speaks during a Democratic campaign fundraiser                                                                        Shagren, said Christie hasn’t responded to
 Obama in November.                     is a source of strategic uncertainty. He                                                                                                        fish to the point of extinction.
                                        described the current military relationship                   in Bellevue, Washington, on Feb 17. (AFP)                                                                                       the letter. (AP)

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