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					                                            Outline Rubric

  CATEGORY         3                        2                        1                       0
Title              Title is centered with Title is not centered      Title is not centered   No title.
                   appropriate            with capitalizations.      and not capitalized.

Thesis             Working thesis is a      Working thesis is a      Working thesis is       Working thesis is
Statement          specific statement       fairly specific          general and             missing.
                   that relates in a        statement that           somewhat related to
                   logical way to, and is   mostly relates in a      the topics, sub-
                   supported by the         logical way, and is      topics, and detailed
                   topics, sub-topics,      supported by the         evidence.
                   and the detailed         topics, sub-topics,
                   evidence.                and detailed
Roman              Main ideas are         Roman numerals are Roman Numerals are Roman numerals
Numerals           outlined properly with not outlined properly. incomplete and not are missing.
                   Roman numerals.                               outlined properly.

Subheadings        Capital letters and      There are some           There are many          Letters and numbers
and supporting     numbers are used         letters and numbers      missing letters and     are not used.
                   correctly to identify    missing in identifying   numbers in
details            subheadings and          subheadings and          identifying
                   supporting details.      supporting details.      subheadings and
                                                                     supporting details.

Indentation        Outline is properly      Outline is indented to   Outline lacks proper    Outline is not
                   indented to show         some extent;             indentation;            indented.
                   subordination of         subordination of         subordinatation of
                   ideas.                   ideas is unclear.        ideas is vague.

Submitted on       Submitted outline on                                                      Did not submit
time               time with the paper.                                                      outline on time with
                                                                                             the paper.
                                                                              

____/ 18 points possible for outline