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									            2009 Board of Directors
   Folk Heritage Association of Macon County

         Harold Corbin, Co-Vice Chairman
      Janet Jacobs Greene, Co-Vice Chairman
          Charlie Leatherman, Chair Elect
            Margaret Ramsey, Chairman
             Theresa Ramsey, Treasurer
              Sue Waldroop, Secretary

Betty Ann Bryant          Bob Moore
Betty Cabe                Bob Poindexter
Tex Corbin                Joann Poindexter
Lonnie Crawford           Ralph Preston
Marilyn Crawford          Jean Swafford
Wayne English             Wayne Swank
Henry Fichner             Kathy Tinsley
Reed Henson               Ben Utley
Emma Mathis               Mark West
Bobby McCollum            MCHS Rep-Vic Greene

                                                 “Heritage is a living part of us. More than just
                                                reading and learning, it is a part of who we are.”

  Heritage Village & Farm Advisory Committee
Dan Brigman
FP “Bodie” Bodenheimer
Harold Corbin
                          C. Lewis Penland
                          Joann Poindexter
                          Margaret Ramsey
Karl Gillespie
Janet Jacobs Greene
Cecil Groves
                          Theresa Ramsey
                          Hank Shuler
                          Larry Stenger
David Huskins
Susan McCaskill
                          Wayne Swank
                          Jim Vanderwoude       Village & Farm
Barbara McRae
Bob Moore
                          Mark West
                                                           Franklin, NC
Jack Patton               (FHAMC Board)
              Living Heritage Village and Farm                            A Heritage Planning Committee, working with the Board of Directors
                                                                          of the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County is actively
Everywhere we look in our mountains today, we see change: the             working toward this vision. This team is made up of leaders in
landscape is changing, life-styles are changing, population and           business, education, economic development and tourism, plus those
industry are changing. The only thing that cannot change is our           who have deep roots and love for the heritage of the county.
heritage---but, it can be lost, simply by our indifference and neglect.
We, who live here now, have a deep responsibility to future               Recognizing the value and potential of this project, our County
generations to protect this heritage before it is too late.               Commissioners have deeded 23.6 acres of land along the
                                                                          Cartoogechaye Creek and the Little Tennessee River, near the Library
In this world of instant gratification and communication, unique and      and the Southwestern Community College campus on Siler Road.
important lessons can be learned from the lives of those whose            The goal is to obtain grants, establishment memberships and
survival depended on ingenuity, hard work, and mutual help and            endowments, and generate on-site revenue. No county tax money
support from their neighbors.                                             will be involved.

Seven years ago, the Folk Heritage Association of Macon County            There are many excellent museums and historic sites in the region,
(FHAMC) was organized for the purpose of “providing living history        but few of them are designed to allow our residents and visitors to
experiences, and to preserve the folk heritage of Macon County for        become involved as participants, rather than just spectators. The
generations to come.” A long range goal was the creation of a             unique natural and historical significance of Macon County makes it
heritage center where folks can see life as it used to be lived.          an ideal location for such a center.

Historic buildings will be brought in, restored on site, and furnished    The people of Macon County have a very strong tradition of care and
appropriately. As the center develops, other important parts of our       preservation of our environment and culture, i.e. the preservation of
heritage will be added: grist mill, blacksmith shop, molasses mill,       the Nikwasi and Cowee mounds, the creation of the Cowee-West
sawmill, etc. Most importantly, there will be on-going activities         Mills Historic District, the protection of the Needmore Tract, and
where visitors can feel involved. There will be opportunities for         others. The Macon County Historical Museum does an excellent job
classes in various heritage skills and activities. A re-creation of a     of preserving our history: the records, photographs genealogies, and
Cherokee homestead will be a goal.                                        artifacts. This site would serve as an educational and promotional
                                                                          launching pad for these and the other historical and natural attractions
Recognizing the educational potential in this project, Southwestern       in our county.
Community College and the Macon County Schools are important
partners in developing plans. There will be opportunities for schools     In the construction of the Heritage Village, the recommended
through out the region to participate.                                    practices in the protection of the watershed will be followed.

Macon County, as well as the entire Western North Carolina region,        We encourage others to step forward and become a part of this effort,
is increasingly dependent on tourism as its major source of revenue.      for it is about each of us, both native and newly arrived; those who
This Living Heritage Village and Farm will provide Macon County           lived it, and those who wish to understand it.
with a needed “destination point”, and will also serve as a gateway to
the rest of the region.                                                   For more information, contact any member of the Board and Planning

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