Course Outline – Transition to TM1 Version 9.4

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					                 Course Outline – Transition to TM1 Version 9.4
This half-day course examines the enhancements in TM1 Version 9.4.
Its purpose is to assist existing TM1 users upgrade to the new version and in particular learn
how to create and use Active Forms which is one of the major enhancements in the latest
The course also provides the opportunity to refresh your TM1 skills.
Who should attend:
This course is intended for existing TM1 users upgrading from TM1 Version 9.0/9.1 to TM1
Version 9.4. Participants should have a sound knowledge of TM1, spreadsheet programs
(Microsoft Excel is used in this course) and the Microsoft Windows operating system.
What you will learn:

 1.   Overview of what is new                      3.   Administrator Security Groups
 •    New look and feel icons                      •    Group assignments
 •    Security Options
 •    Changes to reporting from TM1                4.   Active Forms
 •    Long string support                          •    Overview of this new function
 •    Compatibility with other operating systems   •    Create Active Forms
 •    Enhanced performance                         •    Format Active Forms
 •    Enhanced audit log                           •    Manipulate Active Forms
                                                   •    Active Forms with Dynamic Subsets
 2.   Changes to Icons and Toolbars                •    Add dependent sections
 •    New icons                                    •    Active Forms on TM1 Web
 •    New Excel toolbar for Active Forms

Participants will be supplied with a course manual that has been designed to be used after the
training as a valuable reference.

Morning or afternoon tea is provided.
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